Kitchen Refuge

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Showstopper, Surge and Mirage

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Kitchen - Xavier's Mansion

Dani, Richenda and Surge all seek refuge from the busy Xavier's Mansion

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==[ Kitchen - Xavier Mansion ]==

The kitchen of the Xavier Mansion is reflective of a professional restaurant kitchen. Large stainless steel fixtures and appliances line the walls with a central stainless steel work table down the center running the length of the room. There is a walk-in freezer and a separate walk-in refrigerator.

Here, one can make food enough to serve an army if need be. The appliances, portable and fixed, are all modern and highly maintained.

There are three exits from this room. The south exit leads to the dining hall while there is a northern exit to the outside. The third exit is a dumb waiter (industrial sized) that descends into the lower level for storage and shipment of foodstuffs and items.


It's Saturday morning, the first day of the winter break and it is a busy one. In the main part of the mansion students are running back and forth, either remembering things that they forgot to pack, saying goodbye to friends or actually leaving to go elsewhere for the brief vacation.

It's because of this that Dani has seeked refuge in the kitchen and because that is where the coffee is. She sits on the island counter, her own overstuffed dufflebag on the floor, below her feet and Peanut, chewing on a small rod of titanium, laying in his basket beside her on the counter.

The door opens and shuts quickly and loudly, the sound replaced by soft gasping as Chenda leans up against the door. Her hair is mussed and she's clad in purple and white sweatpants and a black tee, both mussed and pulled awry. "Dani..? Of course, that's the way my luck runs," the gypsy girl murmurs with self-deprecating humor. "Um, might want to stay away from the student laundry room for at least a half hour."

Sipping from her steaming mug Dani arches a brow at the state the girl enters the room "Duly noted." she asks her tone tinged with curiousty, "You might not want to tell me. I would hate to have to give out detentions on the first day of holiday vacation.

"Duly noted. I wouldn't want you to stress when you're off the clock," Chenda agrees, turning and making sure the door is firmly shut behind her. "But for the record, it wasn't me."

From her expression it seems that Dani isn't buying it, "Sure, I've heard that one before." she turns and leans toward the dog in the basket "You heard her, you don't beleive it either, do you?" the dog stops chewing on its metal rod and just eyes her as if he can't be bothered with such things, he has a rod to chew. Laughing at the look she turns back to Chenda "Was someone at least cleaning up?

"Dani, have I ever been less than honest with you?" Chenda asks seriously. She casts her eyes to the dog for moral support, and stifles a giggle at the look on Peanut's face. "He has the right idea, I think. Just let it roll by and be forgotten. And yes, several someones were cleaning up." She turns her attention to her semblance of an outfit, frowning at the disarray. "That's the last time I duck through a crowd that fast in sweats."

"Yes, but just that one time, and you were only doing what you were supposed to." Dani nods in agreement to the letting this one slide, especially since it is being cleaned up without her interference "It wasn't so bad when I was a student here. There were a lot less students for one.

"I don't know if I'd call it /bad/, really," Chenda murmurs, trying to pull forth a drawstring that's been pulled back through its hole. "But it's definitely crowded. I would've sworn there were enough clothes dryers, though. I guess it's the pre-vacation rush."

She glances up. "What time was that, anyway? I guess it's been long enough I've forgotten it."

Another sip of coffee is taken as Chenda speaks, the mug is then set on the counter "When we first met. You weren't exactly honest about where you went to school. But as I said, you were just doing as you were told." Dani gives a partial grin at the memory "It was a surprise to me how much the place had changed in the two years I was gone.

"Wow. That /was/ a long time ago. Okay, correction: Have I ever been less than honest with you, aside from when I was supposed to?" Chenda asks, stifling a smile.

She gives one last tug, then shakes her head at her progress with that uncooperative drawstring. "I'm gonna need both hands for this." She steps around the counter, so she's not right in front of Dani and Peanut, and slips off her sweats, laying them on the counter to work. Today's undies are white briefs with tiny red hearts, like something from a cartoon. "Don't laugh? Please? Maybe tell me how things are so different now instead?"

"Not that I know of, no." Dani states twisting so she is seated on the counter at more of an angle, so she isn't having to crane her neck to have a conversation with the girl "More students for one and the place acting like an actual school. I mean we had the usual classes back then too, but there was only a handful of us, along with the X-Men, not near the numbers of students we have now.

"It must've been like rattling peas in a cigar box," Chenda observes, slipping a fork from a drawer and sliding two of its tines into the drawstring hole, working with great care. "This place is /huge/, and with only a few students and a few more people around... wow. Just /wow/. I guess there'd be a lot of personal attention, though." She hesitates. "Was there anyone who... wasn't so good at school stuff? I mean /really/ not so good?"

"It was more like the mansion we had before the Sentinels took it out this summer." Dani gestures to indicate the mansion before picking the mug back up "This is a lot bigger and nicer than how it was before." she brings the mug to her lips but then brings it back down at the question, "I was only so-so at academic stuff. I wasn't a regular school goer before coming here. Sam had dropped out ot school, if I remember right, because he had to provide for his family." she thinks a few seconds "And Rahne was another story altogether. The others were average to above average."

"Sounds like I would've been in good company," Chenda murmurs, blushing a little. Her own academic performance is a trial, mostly because she can't do any better, even with maximum effort. Her previous schooling is a hodgepodge mess, according to her file. "Even so, the old mansion was still pretty big. Did everybody have their own rooms, then?"

Dani nods at the question "But the bathroom situation was worse. There were fewer of them for one. Thankfully there were only three of us girls, well at first, two more came later, but by then we had a system down and had learned to share easily enough. Bathroom sharing seems easier for girls than for guys. Unless it is the guys we have to share with." she pulls a face at having to share a bathroom with a guy.

Chenda giggles at that. "Depends on which guy it is," she replies at last. "I shared bathrooms with a guy roomie in New York for a while, and he was really great about it. And some... I don't wanna talk about it. The memory is bad enough." She pulls on the fork, slowly, snarls when she feels it slip, then begins working it into position again.

Being Saturday morning and the first day of winter vacation, the kitchen is much less busy then the rest of the mansion. While students run around making preparations to go home for the holidays, Richenda, Dani and her pet mini poodle Peanut (in his basket gnawing on a titanium rod) have sought refuge in the kitchen.

A thoughtful hmmming noise comes from Dani "I suppose there is a guy or two I wouldn't mind sharing a bathroom with..among other things." she sits on the island counter, the basket beside her and a overstuffed duffle bag on the floor below her feet.

"None of your business, Chenda Gray," Chenda tells herself, stifling giggles. On this busy Saturday, she's got a pair of purple and white sweatpants laid out on the kitchen counter on the opposite side of Dani from Peanut's basket, and she's using a fork to try and work the right-side part of the drawstring out of its hole. Since they're her own pants, it's probably a good thing nobody's come in. Failing that, at least she's on the opposite side of the counter from any of the doors. "Getting your dental hygiene in, pooch?" she asks the cute dog, reaching over to gently scratch him behind the ears.

Surge comes into the kitchen humming to herself. The girl is one of those that doesn't have anywhere to go for the vacation so will probably be spending it here or at the Tower. She looks up and then dips her head, "Hello." she says and then her face goes red as she realizes that the sweats are what Chenda was wearing when the left the room earlier.

"There really isn't much business to tell," Dani gives a brief pause, "/yet./" she stresses. Obviously something is going on but she isn't sharing for a variety of reasons most likely. Upon hearing the door swing open she turns away from the conversation to see who else has sought haven in the kitchen "Noriko, good morning." she takes a sip of her coffee to cover a chuckle at the girl's embarassment to Chenda's state of undress.

Peanut stops chewing on the much abused metal rod long enough to enjoy the scratches.

"I think I'm going to enjoy hearing about this later," Chenda muses teasingly. "Unless you'd rather say who it is now? Strictly up to you, Danikins, but you've /really/ got me curious."

She looks up at the sound of the door, smiling at the sight of her roommate. "Ohayo, Nori-chan! 'Sup?" she asks, having made some effort at learning Japanese words and phrases. So far, she doesn't know more than twenty, but they're fun to say. The sight of that blush has her giggling as well. "Um, sorry... small problem in the laundry room. I wouldn't go down there for a while."

Surge smiles and shakes her head, "That's okay." she says and relaxes a bit, "Was just coming for a bite to eat." she looks at the two, "Whatcha talking about?" she asks curiously. She then looks at Chenda and smiles a bit, "What are your plans later?" she does inch around the counter, maybe to sneak a peak at Chenda.

"Well I was telling Chenda about how the school was when I was a student here." Dani answers "But then it devolved into sharing bathrooms with boys." she shrugs as if she has no clue as to how it got there "Stay curious." she says to Chenda with some finality.

Chenda sighs dramatically. "Stay curious... I do that a lot," she replies, playing up her disappointment vastly.

Fortunately, Noriko's there with a question. "Today? I'm not sure. I was thinking of taking a walk in the woods after things quieted down, so I wouldn't walk back into a madhouse. Want to come?"

Noticing Nori's efforts to inch around the counter, she gives a mock-startled squeal and pulls down the hem of her tee in a useless effort to preserve modesty. "Miss Moonstar, she's looking at my panties! Make her stop!" she shrieks playfully, rather like a little kid telling on a sibling.

Dani drains the rest of the coffee from the mug and slides of the counter, and states drolly, "I'd be much more concerned if it weren't for the fact that everyone has seen your panties." she doesn't state the fact that the girls are room mates so have probably seen each other in less. She heads to the other counter, where she starts the process to brew another cup of coffee. Thank goodness for the k-cup coffee brewers.

Surge giggles a little and smiles a bit, "Hey." she teases and then looks over at Dani for a moment and then blows a kiss at Chenda when Dani turns to get the coffee. She shrugs a bit and then nods, "Well just for a walk? I don't know, maybe we can go shopping?" she asks, which is rare for her, she hates shopping.

"Hey, not /everyone/," Chenda protests teasingly. "Janie Wu... oh, right. Maybe is /is/ everyone by now." She blows a raspberry at Dani and tickles Peanut on the tummy, then looks back to Nori with a smile. "Have something in mind, Nori-chan? Christmas shopping or just getting out of the house?"

As Dani makes her coffee the dog in the basket gives a whine after getting his tummy rubbed. Turning the woman stares at the dogg a long moment "Okay Peanut, let's go outside." she moves to heft the dog from his basket and sets him down. "You girls enjoy whatever you decide to do...and stay out of trouble." she then leads the dog outside leaving the girls to plan their afternoon.

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