Kings of Pain Reunion

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Kings of Pain

Shatterstar, Night Thrasher

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09/19/12 14:52

Bowery and Lower East Side - New York (outside of First National Bank)

Shatterstar and Night Thrasher help catch some super-crook bank robbers

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You go to Bowery and Lower East Side - New York.
-----==[ Bowery and Lower East Side - New York ]==----------------------------

At its best, this section of New York is working-class residential; at its worst, it degenerates into a slum. The Lower East Side once housed the sweatshops of the New York garment industry, and not all of it has come very far. (One part that hasn't is the Lower East Side Tenement Museum - yes, a historic tenement turned into a museum on the history of tenements.) The streets are lined by several-story buildings, many with ground-level storefronts - corner markets, coffee shops, bars, secondhand stores. Blank walls are adorned with murals in the better areas, graffiti in the worse. The streets and sidewalks are busy with traffic, vehicle and pedestrian, till several hours after dark.
Past that time, of course - and anytime in the worst sections - an unwary visitor is liable to be separated promptly from his or her wallet. And that's after several years of improvement in the area's crime rate, starting with extensive video surveillance by the NYPD. In the Lower East Side, Big Brother really *is* watching.

Night Thrasher
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-----==[ At a glance around Bowery and Lower East Side - New York ]==---------

Shatterstar moves along one of the sidewalks that makes the border between lower and middle class areas. A long leather jacket obscuring the more outlandish aspects of his costume and a beanie pulled over his hair. He takes in buildings and stores as he walks, attention more on the surroundings than on his path.


The loud police-car siren jerks him back to the present, and Shatterstar crouches reflexively, hands snaking under his coat. But the police cars race right by him, heading in the direction of First National Bank a half mile away.

It wasn't the whoop whoop of police sirens that gained Night Thrasher's attention. The Founder of the New Warriors caught wind of what was going on at the bank through various police frequencies that he keeps loaded back at HQ and in his armor. When something was announced about the First National Bank, Thrasher stopped what he was doing to head towards the scene. So, as the police whoop whoop past the leather-clad Shatterstar, Night Thrasher is on the rooftops, skateboarding from roof to roof on his way to what's gaining NYPD attention.

Shatterstar takes off in a sprint after the police cars, quickly outdistanced despite his seemingly faster-than-average foot speed. He slows to a stop once the actual bank is in sight.

The two police cars he'd been chasing have stopped after arriving, and their occupants join those of three other cars already on the scene. Together the five cars and ten officers are positioning themselves in the classic police perimeter. They block off cars (or criminals on foot) from leaving the area while also preventing civilians from approaching.

But Shatterstar's attention is drawn to something above. Night Thrasher would no doubt see it as well - three figures leaping off of the rooftop of the bank, vaulting across the open air and over the police barricade, to land on the building across the street. The officers below don't seem to notice.

Thrasher certainly notices the figures vaulting across the street from roof to roof. Thrasher twists his skateboard around and skids to a hault. He kicks the back of the board and grabs it. He attaches it to a couple of clasps on his gauntlet's forearm. He grimaces, "Impressive jumping ability..." He murmers outloud to himself. Thrasher starts up running, attempting to intercept the three of them. As he runs, he's grabbing something out of a reinforced satchel along his belt.

Shatterstar watches the roof of the building the bank robbers landed on as he climbs a similar one, still a few blocks down. When he reaches the top he frowns. Peering in the direction he expected the robbers to be, he sees only an empty rooftop.

Or so it would appear. Night Thrasher knows why, of course - he was watching them the entire time and would have seen them run across the roof and jump again, and then one more time, crossing another street. They move so fast that in the time it took Shatterstar to climb to the roof of his building, the robbers have traversed several blocks in another direction. Now they are huddled motionless, watching the bank and the activity around it. One of them produces a small blocky detonator, holding it ready...

Thrasher's Heads-Up display plots the course the trio seem to be taking. He tries to correct his own course, to attempt to intercept. However, it appears that these guys are incredibly fast. He doesn't intercept them fast enough, but when they stop to handle the blocky device that they pull out, he tries something. Thrasher pulled out a small grouping of spherical objects from his belt. As he runs, he rears an arm back and hurls the small spheres into the air towards the trio that escaped the bank. The objects are small gas pellets filled with concentrated pepper spray. Hopefully enough to slow them down for Thrasher to close the distance between them and himself.

SYS: Night Thrasher rolls an agility FEAT. Result: 56 -- Green

SYS: Shatterstar rolls for Incredible: 28 (White)

SYS: Shatterstar rolls for Incredible: 16 (White)

SYS: Shatterstar rolls for Incredible: 25 (White)

The pellets land in the midst of the three figures, an excellent 'spread' that immediately results in coughing, wheezing, eyes watering, stumbling in various directions - clearly each of them has been subjcted to the full affects of the pepper spray. The detonator clatters to the floor as the robber holding it loses his grip.

The noise draws Shatterstar's attention. He turns to look, noticing one of the robbers as he stands up straight. Shatterstar turns to look back in the direction he was watching, then looks at the robber, then back and forth a few times. Then he takes a running start and leaps across an alleyway, landing on the next building over on his way to the trio of robbers.

Perfecto! The cloud of pepperspray envelopes all three of the robbers, which gives Dwayne the time he needs to cover the distance between them. His free hand, not the arm that has the skateboard attached at the forearm, reaches up to his backpack assembly as he runs. He pulls free an escrima. He calls out to the hacking trio of robbers, "Alright; Broad daylight attempt on the bank? You guys newbies, or what?" A breathmask slides into place, clasping to the visor and sealing off Thrasher's helmet from the cloud of pepper spray. He leaps into the cloud and lashes out with the escrima in an attempt to slug one of the three while he's incapacitated.

SYS: Night Thrasher rolls a fighting FEAT. Result: 28 -- White

The plan is sound, but unfortunately no plan is guaranteed to work. Just before Night Thrasher's blow connects, a sudden stumble sends the bank robber to his knees, and the escrima stick lashes through the air a few inches above his head. The hapless robber can't do anything but widen his eyes and gasp, which of course only makes things worse.

One of the other robbers has by now dragged himself to the edge of the rooftop, out of the range of the pepper spray, although he's still coughing up a storm. The third one stays in the affected are and tries to pick up the detonator that was dropped earlier, but his eyes are tearing up so bad he has to stop and rub at them.

By now Scattershot has crossed the rooftop he was on and leaped again, and is now running across that building's roof as well. Just one more building to go now.

There isn't a satisfying thump or cracking noise when Thrasher swung his escrima. Instead, he hit nothing by intangible air and that is certainly not the feeling he wanted. The HUD of his helmet is noting to him that the cloud of pepper spray is beginning to disperse. This causes Thrasher to redouble his efforts, as he doesn't want to find out how strong these guys are. The guy who stumbled out of the path of his escrima continues to be Thrasher's target. The New Warrior steps to one side and lashes outward with a side-kick towards the offending individual's midsection.

SYS: Night Thrasher rolls a fighting FEAT. Result: 55 -- Green

SYS: Shatterstar rolls a fighting FEAT. Result: 68 -- Yellow

SYS: Shatterstar rolls for Incredible: 97 (Red)

This time the blow does's a solid hit, but Thrasher discovers he's struck an equally solid target. The bank robber collapses from the force of the impact on an already-unbalanced opponent. But he's still coughing and moving, and now cursing - if left to his own devices, he'll be back on his feet again once he recovers from the pepperspray.

The crook at the rooftop seems to have regained his strength already, probably because he had the sense to get himself away from the chemicals first. He clambers to his feet using the edge of the roof for balance and then prepares to charge at the New Warrior - only to take a similar escrima stick-type baton to the back, courtesy of Shatterstar who's just made the last jump to their rooftop. A normal person may have been sent flying by the sheer force of the blow, but this one seems to absorb the impact and then turns slowly to face the new hero.

Seemingly unnoticed by everyone else, the third robber finally manages to collect the detonator.

With the individual he struck staggering and falling backward, Dwayne spare a quick moment to scope out the other two-thirds of the trio. He spies the guy by the edge of the roof and Shatterstar. His head turns and he spies the third guy with the detonator. His eyes go wide, "What's that? Oh no you don't." The Escrima is raised up and held at his side. He thrusts his arm forward and hurls the blunt weapon towards the man with the detonator. His intent? Either hit the object or the guy holding the object. It's meant to disorient and distract more than hurt.

SYS: Night Thrasher rolls an agility FEAT. Result: 49 -- Green

The robber takes a stinging hit to the wrist, which simultaneously knocks the detonator out of his hand and out of reach. The robber clutches at his hand and shouts a choice curses or two as well. All that effort and braving the brunt of the pepper-spray, and for nothing.

The thug that Night Thrasher knocked down earlier has finally managed to clamber back to his feet, murder in his eyes as he faces Night Thrasher with fists raised. Almost simultaneously the crook Shatterstar attacked stops trying to clutch at his back and turns to face the warrior. There's one of those odd moments in a hero fight when everyone is still, poised to burst into action. And then it's over, and the fight begins in earnest.

SYS: Shatterstar rolls initiative: 1d10 (+0) = 9

SYS: Night Thrasher rolls initiative: 1d10 (+0) = 10

SYS: Shatterstar rolls 1d10: 4

SYS: Shatterstar rolls 1d10: 3

SYS: Shatterstar rolls 1d10: 8

The pepperspray has pretty much cleared out by now, either settling on the rooftop or being taken away via the natural flow of the air of the area. Thrasher, while everything seems to stop still, gets into a defensive fighting posture. He rests his weight against his back foot and holds up the arm with his skateboard attached as if it were a shield. He turns his head to face the enraged thug that's starting to charge him. A compartment in the gauntlet of his non-skateboard holding arm opens up and a series of small ball bearings slip out and discretely scatter across the rooftop in front of the New Warrior.

SYS: Shatterstar rolls for Good: 88 (Yellow)

SYS: Shatterstar rolls for Remarkable: 81 (Yellow)

SYS: Shatterstar rolls for Good: 53 (Green)

When the next flurry of action starts, everything seems to happen at once. The criminal lunging for Dwayne nearly falls, feet kicking up one at a time like he's log-rolling as he tries to keep his feet despite the ball bearings. It works, but barely - he manages to stay standing but doesn't get any closer to Dwayne.

At the same time Shatterstar lunges forward, paired batons darting out one after the other. His opponent ducks the first blow but gets tapped in the head by the second, rocking backwards but not falling at the shot that would surely knock a common enemy senseless.

The third bank robber turns and springs off the edge of the rooftop. He clears the alley and lands on the next street over. Judging by the distance he manages to travel (and without a running start), he's got some degree of superhuman strength. And durability as well, judging by the way he lands, rolls and then springs to his feet without pause.

The ballbearings do what Thrasher, sort of, intended to do. They keep the lunging, enraged robber off balance. He would have preferred the guy fall on his rearend, but this will do. It appears that Thrasher intends to use the robber's lack of balance as a setup. The New Warrior shifts his footing and his weight, turns around and performs a roundhouse kick towards the poor, hapless bank robber. His intention is to slam the heel of his armored boot against the side of the other man's head or neck in an effort to KO one-third of the bank robbing trio.

SYS: Night Thrasher rolls for Incredible: 51 (Green)

Night Thrasher lands another picture-perfect kick, this one connecting with the side of the man's head and sending him sprawling sideways. But in a flash he scrambles to his feet, careful now after his earlier experience with the ball-bearings. While a normal opponent would be hurting from the punishment Night Thrasher is dealing with his kicks, these robbers are clearly tougher than average. "Hey, hey!" The first crook shouts, as he prepares for another round with the New Warrior. "What's this all about! Who the hell are you guys?!"

The question makes Shatterstar pause in his own fight, shoot a glance at Night Thrasher, then back at crook number two. "I'm Shatterstar," he supplies helpfully, tone as casual as if they'd run across each other at a grocery store. "I'm just here for the fighting," he adds.

SYS: Night Thrasher rolls initiative: 1d10 (+0) = 4

SYS: Shatterstar rolls initiative: 1d10 (+0) = 4

SYS: Shatterstar rolls 1d10: 2

SYS: Shatterstar rolls 1d10: 1

The New Warrior arches an eyebrow at the response to the kick as well as how quickly the guy sprang up. He answers the question with, "Man, I've clocked you good two times, now. Why don't you flop to the ground like a good crook?" He briefly turns his head to regard Shatterstar after his introduction, "Night Thrasher; And you were running from the scene of police activity. I'm stopping you." The second of Thrasher's two escrima is produced from the backpack assembly on his back, "So, I can to this all day. Mind dropping to your knees and putting your hands on your head?"

Crook Number One seems surprised. "What, that? I've been hit harder than that. You just caught me by surprise...but now I seen all your tricks, and just wait until I get my hands on -you-!" He begins carefully, cautiously edging his way forward, each step kind of a sliding shuffle that sends ball-bearings rolling out of his way.

Number Two eyes Shatterstar (and his batons) uneasily, then casts about for a weapon of his own. His eyes land on Night Thrasher's escrima stick from where it was thrown earlier to disarm (or dis-detonator) the third crook, who's still watching from the neighbooring rooftop...and edging towards a fire escape by now.

Shatterstar follows Number Two's gaze towards the stick and then nods slightly in approval. "Yes, arm yourself...clearly you could use any advantage you can get." This makes Two stiffen and his face actually reddens, but he hurries over towards the stick.

The New Warrior humphs in response to Crook Number One, "And I've taken down people far harder to hurt than you. You can't imagine all my tricks." The escrima is spun in his hand idlly as he watches and waits to see what the big man will do. He continues to goad, "Come on, guy. Come and get me. I can't wait to see you get your mitts on me." He remains in his defensive posture.

Just as Night Thrasher's opponent edges into swinging range, just as Shatterstar raises his batons against his now similarly-armed foe, just as the cowardly Number Three makes his getaway on the fire escape...there's the sound of rotor blades as a police helicopter drops down to hover over the rooftop. From street level comes the sound of sirens and amplified voices announcing the arrival of the police.

Shatterstar looks surprised, then casts a quick glance at Night Thrasher. Finally he gives an apologetic shrug to the person he'd been fighting. And turns and leaps off of the rooftop, headed for the next building. The crook drops Night Thrasher's escrima stick and heads for the fire escape for this building, but stops as he spots armed police climbing up from the street.

Number One halts and looks at Night Thrasher accusingly, then turns and runs for a different side of the building. Before he can get there a second chopper appears, this one closing off that avenue of escape as well. The injured crooks, flash each other glances and then raise their hands to surrender.

Dwayne has to make his own choice now - stay and talk with the police, or try and escape himself...?

Night Thrasher has any number of defensive counter-measures to any attack that the crook can swing at him. Fortunately for the crook, he doesn't get the chance to choose which to use. The police arrive in the helicoptors and Dwayne exhales slowly, "About time." He grumbles and looks up towards the NYPD's VTOLs. He does not take this cue to leave, but decides to stay and collaborate with the police and describe what happened up here on the rooftops.

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