King of the Fishes

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Amusing Assumptions

Namor and Sandman

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09/01/12 00:00

Patio - Avengers Mansion

Sandman and Namor chat

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Late Friday night in New York City in the warm summer. Most people are out and about. However, the life of an Avenger, in particular, a former villain, makes it odd to go out and have fun. So, Sandman has opted to stay in tonight. But since it is summer and warm out, Bill Baker stands by a grill and has opted to use it. The scent of salmon and other seafood being prepared and cooked up wafts through the air.

Namor steps onto the patio, on his way to the pool but pausing and sniffing at the smell of seafood. His expression is unreadable. "Sandman," he remarks, in that way he has of greeting, judging and dismissing all in a single word. "I'm surprised the smell of your grill hasn't attracted Hercules."

His body turns completely pssamic when the Submariner approaches. Confused a moment as some salmon starts to burn. “Oh crap.” Quickly removing it from the grill and placing it on a plate, he realizes he has gotten some sand on it and grimaces as he turns back human, “Er. . .sorry, yer highness.”

Namor quirks an eyebrow. "Sorry for what? This?" His hand makes a regal sweeping gesture, indicating the food. "If you surface-dwellers choose to burn your food before eating it, the Sub-Mariner will not stop you." He walks to the edge of the pool now and sits, feet and lower legs lowering into the water. "The years have made me more...accepting of your kind's oddities."

The apologetic expression on his face seems to shift a moment, “Well, I wasn’t apologizing for burning the food. I was sorry for. . .” Sandman takes a big bite out of the salmon “. . .eating your kind. . .” He smirks and takes a seat on a chair on the patio as he starts to devour the fish, “Your kind sure tastes good.”

Namor's brows draw together momentarily, but then just as quickly his expression eases and he chuckles. Using his hands to push off he lowers himself fully into the water, until only his head remains above the surface. You can barely make out through the distortions cast by the liquid that his arms and legs are not moving at all, yet Namor barely bobs as he holds himself in place. "All life in the sea serves a purpose, Sandman. Not unlike the cows and chickens raised on dry land," he adds after a bit. Then he barks another laugh. "But enough philosophy. How have you been?"

As he finishes the salmon, his expression shifts to one of confusion. But the saying that laughter is contagious is true. Sandman finds himself joining the Submariner in haughty laughter, “I gotta hand it to ya, King. . .I was insultin’ ya, but you turned it around and made the best of it.” His stands up and his body suddenly contorts as his arms go sandy and the plate which held the fish is placed on the side by his elongated arms, but he remains and walks to the edge of the pool, “Things are alright. . .I guess.” He hesitates.

Namor's eyebrow goes up again, but this time he seems to accept the answer. "Have you given thought to this newest Initiative of Ms Marvel's? It seems we will be...mentoring the children of Xavier's school. Teaching them to use their powers, and to live and fight with honor and dignity no doubt."

“Yeah, I gave my vote to do it. It’s kinda cool to make it not just mutant, but inclusive. I mean don’t get me wrong. I’ve met the X-Men and even led some of their students against one of dem robots in France. They seem good and so. It’ll be good. Make ‘em more like us. I mean look the team has humans, mutant, Asgardian, and Fish. . .er I mean Atlanteans.” Sandman smirks, “I even offered to teach, if they’ll have me.”

Namor shoots Sandman a warning glance at the word 'Fish'. Namor's in a good mood but there's only so far he can be pushed...he is Namor after all. "Indeed. I wonder if they have any students who's powers rival your own."

Reading the look from the monarch, Sandman holds out his arms peacefully, “My bad, Namor. I was just kiddin’.” He sheepishly smiles and then hmmmns, “Well, Ive encountered three of the kids from there and they were all pretty powerful. One girl, Blindfold, was blind, but she can see the future and read minds. There was this kid, Radiance, a bit of a hothead and he didn’t like to follow orders and he got nearly killed. he fires off some kind of energy. And then there was Sir Newton (Stupid codename), he had gravity powers. Working together we all took down the robot with help.”

Namor nods in recognition. "Blindfold...I've met her as well." He pauses and then muses, "Several times. She sees the future and...reads minds? Interesting." Then he shakes his head. "I suppose you could also give them practice in facing one who can transform his body."

His expression turns quizzical, “You didn’t know she was a telepath, huh. . .” He hehs, “Yeah, I have met her a few times as well and didn’t know either. But she is not so good with that. She’s not at the level of say Moondragon or Xavier.” He goes back to taking a seat by a table as his sandy arm brings him another piece of salmon, “Yeah, well you could teach underwater combat. . .do you have somethin’ like that for the kids in Atlantis?”

"In Atlantis all are taught to fight," Namor agrees. "All able-bodied Atlanteans are expected to serve in the navies when called. But my instincts tell me Xavier's school encourages a different sort of curriculum."

“What does your instinct tell you specifically about Xavier. . .Oh and, so Atlantis is a lot like Israel. They make all their kids join the army when they reach a certain age.” Sandman nods and tilts his head to the side as he is about to partake of the salmon, “Uh, wait. . .so I still don’t get it. You’re a king, but like just Atlantis or to like all fish and squids and octopi and stuff?”

Before the question can be answered. Sandman’s alarm goes off as Jarvis rings through the com, “Master Baker, please report the monitor room.” Sandman hears this and sighs to Namor, “The life of an Avenger.” He shrugs and moves back into the mansion.

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