Kicking Sand in the Face

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Sandman and Firebrand

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12/11/12 22:14

The Bar With No Name

Firebrand kicks Sandman's ass

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-----==[ The Bar With No Name - Hell's Kitchen ]==----------------------------

A dark, dank, and dingy place. This isn't a place for the uppity-up's to come for a brew and a laugh. The air is musty and the stench of cheap cigars loom in the air that resembles a foggy haze on the bay. The far left wall of the room is a large fake wood bar with many tattered bar stools always occupied by the mercenary and bounty hunters that fill up his place. In the center of the room large tattered pool tables cover up most of the rotted out wooden floor.

Over to the right of the room, several old tables wobble around as chipped wooden chairs seat men and woman alike of the crooked kind. The very back of the room hosts a large caged area. Within the cage a phone, fax machine, and computer are constantly on the go as jobs for the Mercs come pouring in. There is a small window on the front side, and this is where Patch hands out the assignements and snatches his cut.

The atmosphere is low and grim, shouting continues through the day and night as 'naughty' words splash against your ear drums. Large amounts of people come and go here daily, large and small, skinny and fat. Dressed in dingy and grungy clothing, packing large weapons and looking grim and gritty. This isn't a place for the weak of heart or the good of soul. If you don't fit NOW!

'Places' are in effect.


Straight and to the point; The 'Bar With No Name' is a villain hangout. It is rarely ever in the same place for over a month and found through various codes and word on the street. Many costumed villains lurk in this location and spend many an evening drinking and talking about their next big score or how the 'hero' needs to take a fall. Sandman has been here before, years ago (when he was true to his nature). And tonight, he accidently stumbles upon it once again. Down a blind alleyway, an iron door, and let in by Sal (the doorman who is unaware of Sandman's heroic moniker).

Within the bar, the costumed villains are scattered around - at the bar, in a booth, at tables, or playing pool. The bar itself is smoky and smells of stale beer.

Firebrand is seated at the bar and getting razzed by nearby patrons about how he's now the lackey of Ares. Firebrand denies the inquiries about him being a convert and is not really a hero, just doing his time and merc'ing it up.

When Sandman steps in, he becomes the focal point of most in the bar. Sneers, jeers, and grumblings are heard throughout and they all wonder what's about to go down.

Having been in the bar before, Sandman may be a hero, but commands enough respect to enter without anyone picking a fight (or so he thinks, anyway. He is not the brightest bulb in the pack). He goes straight to the bar, "Hey, Harry, my usual. . ." As he orders, he eyes everyone in the bar, just in case, since the jeers and grumblings can be heard.

Rumblings continue, some even get up and leave. But for the most part, the villains watch on as Sandman makes no hostile moves toward them.

However, Firebrand has a reputation to uphold. He's been hazed since his arrival earlier this evening and now with the attention on Sandman, he sees his opening.

Firerand simply asks, "Sup, turncoat?" indicating that Sandman is a traitor to the cause.

Turning to look over at Firebrand. He gives the two-bit hero. From the costume, he can pretty much tell the villain works with fire. Bad for Sandman. But Sandman has a reputation to uphold as well. So he laughs as he looks over the costume, "Sup, flamer." Letting the double meaning of the name ring out.

Annoyed at the rebuttle, Firebrand hears the chuckles in the audience. That spurns him to stand and challenge, "Listen up, Hero, we don't like your kind round here and it'd be my pleasure to show you out."

"Hey, generic fire guy. I've been coming here since before you even got in that get-up. I've been here longer than anyone else. Stop put your balls back in your pants." Sandman looks over Firebrand again and shakes his head, "And a tip. The problem with skintight costumes is that it shows what you don't have. . .so I misspoke. We can see you don't got any balls."

Firebrand is a hothead. In this sense, he is always the one to want to throw the first punch. Swinging for the bleachers, he clearly fails to make good on his contact (or such that he doesn't do damage). Perhaps Sandman rolled with it, perhaps Firebrand just missed, either way, fail.

Laughing as Firebrand clearly misses with his swing. Sandman simply shakes his head and attempts to reach out to snare Firebrand and pin him down, when suddenly he lets out a cry of pain. He completely misses with trying to grapple the man down and instead hurts himself. Must be getting old.

The bartender yells, "TAKE IT OUTSIDE!" as he pulls a BFG from underneath the bar and points to the sign that reads, "NO FIGHTING". He means it, as does everyone else in the bar who will jump into the combat and pull the two apart if it continues.

Firebrand stops his assault and after glancing to the bartender, he walks straight to the door and will exit into the alleyway.

One would think that Sandman after failing with his grapple would not follow the villain out. Sandman is a hero. An Avenger. He should know better. Too bad he does not and he follows the villain out.

In the alleyway, Firebrand is found at the terminal end (opposite the street end) where he's clearly seen hovering inches off the ground and surrounded by a fiery aura.

He intones, "You and I, we got weird allegiances and messed up ties. If this goes sideways, it was just a bar fight. Neither of us reports this back to our superiors - cause both of us got lots to loose. We clear?"

"Sure. . ." Sandman shrugs as if he is really paying attention. . .though in the back of his mind he does wonder who Firebrand√Ęs superiors are, but for now, he readies to teach this punk a lesson.

Hearing the affirmation, Firebrand has no inclination of hesitation. He jets into the air reaching a height of 40 feet (still no higher than the buildings that frame the alleyway). His hands come together in a clasp fist and he blasts Sandman with a significant flaming assault.

Sandman lets out a loud howl. He should have know better as the fire strikes him causing significant damage. Attempting, but unable to dodge, he attempts to blindly fire off a sand blast at Firebrand and misses. He curses under his breath as part of his body has crystallized.

Firebrand sees that he's about to take out the Sandman and smiles, "You're pathetic. No wonder Spider-man kicked your ass all those years."

he rises another 20 feet and blasts again from both arms. Missing, he realizes he moved too much and struck the asphalt next to Sandman causing it to melt, instead of his intended target. He tries to save face, "Consider that a warning shot? you'd better run, Sandy."

Thankful that Firebrand missed his last blast. Sandman decides to try a different tactic and creates duplicates from his own sand mass and so, he shrinks down, creating six other duplicates. His and their heights a sixth of his usual form and power.

Firebrand watches the multiplication of Sandmen and smirks, "Oh look-at-ya, you had babies. More for me ta kill?" then he looks at the individual that shrunk and decides that it's the real Sandman. He focuses and blasts, again missing and striking the asphalt nearby.

Sandman's duplicates are created in hopes of distracting and hoping to snare Firebrand. Unfortunately, this is not helpful as the duplicates miss and have not affected the fight yet.

Sandman's duplicate each fire off sandblasts at FIrebrand.

Struck by Sandmen's blast, Firebrand laughs as tiny little crystals of glass fall off his suit. "Oy vey, really? You got any ideas who you're up against? Here, lemmie remind ya!" and with that, Firebrand blasts Sandman with such fervor, that he exceeds Sandman's damage potential. Dropping the sandy /hero/.

Sandman is unconscious and a pile of sand and crystal scattered throughout the ground.

Seeing the body of Sandman, Firebrand smirks then rises higher into the air to leave the fallen traitor to die.

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