Kelda's Grand Entrance at Avengers Mansion

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Avengers fight a Frost Giant

Kelda (Emitter), Hercules, Namor, Scarlet Witch, Ultragirl, Sandman

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09/02/12 22:15

Just Outside Avengers Mansion

Kelda has a hiccup in her transport to Midgard. Brings a giant with her. Big fight.

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A quiet Sunday evening at Avengers Mansion. But as all quiet times are wont to do, things can change rather abruptly. A little background narration... sitting in a room in her tower, Kelda was performing a ritual that she'd prepared for hours. The goat's blood was used to inscribe the runes, and the right sorts of gems were used to focus the energy just so. But, there are always sinister forces out there willing to go to great lengths to make simple things even more complicated, and complex things... well let's just say that -someone- was taking advantage of Kelda's ritual. She finished it and stood at the center of the rune-inscribed circle as a green-glowing portal began to open.
Of course, she stepped in through the portal to be whisked to Midgard. Here's the rub... it didn't work quite right since someone else fiddled with the magic. Someone far more skilled with magic who could use it without all the ritual that Kelda required. Hijinx ensued, and the end result is as follows.
A blue glowing portal opens nearest to where Thor spends a lot of time. After all, Kelda used one of his favorite drinking horns to get a link to the god of thunder.... but as the alarms sound, and the portal opens... mind you, the portal is a good thirty feet tall on this end... nothing comes out just yet. No Kelda, no nothing but ice and snow...
This of course, sets off just about every alarm known to the Avengers, and maybe a few some of them were unaware of. It's also easily visible from above or the nearby streets.

"Well, Wanda. I don't skulk about the vents like that. But I wonder what exactly, I did wander into. I hope I didn't ruin anything for you. But Steve outright hates me. . . but I am glad I annoyed Steve." Sandman speaks with a genuine hurt in his voice with regard to Captain America's opinion of him. And then the alarm goes off. There is a loud exhale, "I bet he sleeps right through it!" Taking his own form of transportation, Bill turns to sand and travels through the vents and is outside in seconds, sand flying out of a vent and piling up and high ready to face whatever is causing the alarms.

Wanda looks a bit defensive of Steve, "It's complicated, and he'll head down to the monitor room to get the backups." She also blushes a bit when Bill asks her what he did wander into, instead saying, "I don't have time to get my costume, come on, we should get out..." Then she blinks as Sandman takes the /very/ direct route, and shrugs a little, smiling sheepishly, "There." That said, she moves rather quickly, only taking time to get some shoes from her room.

Ultragirl's flying about the city, doing what's become a 'usual patrol' for her -- and she just happens to be flying in the general area. She doesn't hear any alarms from the Avengers Mansion, but she cannot miss the big, blue-glowing disc of energy that's opened up /right there/. She comes to a hovering stop along her flight-path and, for now at least, watches as there seems to be something *Totally Kewl* (as she might put it) seems to be happening where that group of heroes can so often be found... maybe she'll catch a glimpse of her favorites in action, too!
Then she sees something else happening, and her eyes widen... then her expression shows a /little/ disappointment, when it's 'just Sandman' making an appearance so quickly.

A window on the bottom floor of the mansion slides open, and a bare foot (with tiny wings in the ankle) is planted on the window sill. Namor's hands hold the window frame and then he pulls with the muscles on his back and arms, launching himself out of the window with his foot used to make sure he clears the opening. The motion causes him to take off into the air as if shot from a cannon, and before the momentum can bleed off his wings take over, sending him flying above the Mansion. He turns in mid-air as he rises, scanning the grounds for any signs of trouble beyond the portal - something that large and clearly unearthly must have been the cause for the alarm, he surmises, but in a rare display of prudence he checks to make sure it's not a distraction. Then Namor leans forward and flies in the direction of the portal.

Hercules was in the guest room when he hears the alarm, he quickly rushes out of the room then runs to the parking lot to deal with what ever trouble might be about.

All that initially seems to be coming through that portal is a biting wind. It is like the other end is linked to the subarctic. Ice and snow are billowing out of it and gathering on the grass of the lawn. No doubt this is confusing the grass that is trying to wind down into autumn... and suddenly. HOLY MARY MOTHER OF GOD IT'S COLD!... as if grass could talk. But I digress. There is a sound that carries over the howling wind though, and that sound is brief but also easily recognized by those who make combat a way of life. There is a dull thud, much like something large just smacked into flesh, and a female clad in white (and very wet) robes, comes flying backwards through the portal, a hunk of ice in her hand that was a spear until recently. The pieces of that ice spear are flying along with her until she hits the ground and bounces once or twice.
Following her out.. is a creature out of myth. Well, myth for some. Then again, Hercules is also such a creature. This is a blue-white giant with a beard made of ice and a -huge- club of the same material. He steps through the portal and even as Kelda struggles to rise, the creature's club is raised to follow up its intial assault.

"Holy crap! Dammit is this one of Thor's kin again?" Sandman's encounters with Asgardians haven't been the most pleasant. While he does enjoy their tenacity, he finds himself facing otherworldly enemies. So when Kelda falls from the portal engaged in battle against the giant. His body distorts and take on the form of a small sandstorm, which is incredibly weakened due to the bitter biting cold. His storm form moves towards the giant sand blowing to and fro hoping to obscure the giant's vision, "Namor, let's one two punch the giant. I'll block his vision, you beat him down low."

Scarlet Witch rushes in, glancing over her shoulder at Hercules, "I know you want to beat on the giant too, but we need to get her out of the immediate area first." She looks down at Kelda, "Are you alright? Can you understand me?" Then she murmurs a few arcane words, a golden field surrounding the Witch that seems to protect from the worst of the cold and biting winds.

The flying teen heroine's eyes widen as an 'oooh! aaaah!' sort of look comes to her face as Namor comes into view, even as Hercules and a woman in civilian clothes (Oh! That's Scarlet Witch!) come out into the parking lot, as well.
Then the girl's expression changes to a sort of frown as another thought comes to her as she sees how the older heroes are acting. "... they're not doing that. They're acting like they're under attack or something!", she thinks to herself... and flits over towards where Namor's now flying more in her direction. "I'll watch your back, sir!", she says, for the moment blanking on the flying Atlantean's name. Hey... he's not one of the ultra-famous Avengers, after all, or one of her favorites... like Captain America or American Dream.
Then activity at the big, glowy, blue thingie catches her attention. ... and there's suddenly a blue-skinned /giant/ coming out of it, all but face-level to her and Namor. "Holy cow!", Ultragirl comments, her eyes wide in surprise. She's seen /robots/ that big... but not /people/. Well, she's seen people who can grow almost that big, but this big, blue guy with the ice-club looks like trouble, too!
Still, it's obvious that the club-wielding giant's about to try and squish that woman, and this brings back memories of when she saw her parents about to get squished by a giant robot... and this spurs her to action. She gives up on 'watching your back' for Namor and dives down out of the air to land with her feet shoulder-width apart over the fallen Kelda, landing hard enough to leave indentations with her feet on the asphalt. Rising from the half-crouch of having landed, she brings her arms up over her head -- clearly intending to take the blow from the giant's weapon, shielding the fallen woman, and now also Scarlet Witch, with her own body. "Get her out of here!", she says as she braces for the impact she's expecting to come her way.

Namor descends until he's a dozen feet or so above the ground, roughly between the portal and Avengers HQ. Accustomed to the coldest ocean depths, he seems to be handling the cold better than Sandman. He spares Sandman a glance, then launches himself towards the giant. "Yes - but then you must protect the woman...women." He adds after Ultragirl's appearance. "Hercules and I will handle this creature!" At the last instant Namor shifts his approach so that he's going to fly by above the giant's head. And Namor swings a fist to strike not at the creature, but at the club, aiming to smash it before it can be properly brought into play.

Hercules looks upon the Ice Giant and smiles "At long last a being worthy of the gift!" He then hears the words of the Scarlet Witch and then notices Ultragirl looking to shield Kelda from the attack of the Ice Giant. Hercules launches himself towards Kelda and Ultragirl, his right hand grabs Ultragirl his left grabs Kelda when he lands all three of them are safely out of the reach of the Ice Giant.

Okay, lots of things going on at once. Kelda almost gets to her feet, but her left ankle gives out and she goes to one knee just as Ultragirl lands over her and Scarlet Witch is speaking to her. She looks up at Wanda and blinks a bit, a bruise forming about her left eye already. "I.. yes, I understand." And then she notices what Ultragirl intends to do and her eyes widen, "No, that is Sterumgevehr... he.." and she's suddenly yoinked by hands far stronger than she is used to. Words now fail the goddess as she's hoisted away by Hercules.
Meanwhile, up above, the club is being brought down and Namor's fist punches a chunk out of the ice, but it is -very- dense ice and might even sting the Avanging Son's fist a little bit. He does send it off course though, and it slams into the ground mere feet from the Scarlet Witch. Now, it should be mentioned that the club itself is a good eight feet -thick-, and four feet of it embed in the ground. However, he lets go of the club there to start waving his hands before his face as the sandstorm affects him. He's very articulate for a Frost Giant though as he says, "Sand sting eyes!!!" in a voice that rattles windows.

Able to hurt the giant, Sandman will not be able to keep up this attack much longer due to the biting stinging cold. His disembodied voice rings out, "Sorry, giant. But this hurts me too!" He then shouts out, "Herc, those girls can defend themselves. Help Namor with the giant. Wanda, take out this cold now before I end up a goner. Blond girl, protect the new arrival." Orders given, his storm attack begins to slow down to the point when frozen chunks of sand begin to drop from the sky and onto the ground crumbling below.

Scarlet Witch rises, taking a step back as she gestures, chanting as she tries to radically change the local temperature. Instead of a blizzard for Labor Day, she tries to bring in the hottest heat wave that you could imagine, localized for this area. She closes her eyes, hands and fingers rapidly moving in complicated gestures as she raises the temperature as best as she can.

Ultragirl is braced for impact... from above. She was totally NOT expecting to get grabbed from the side and pulled out of harm's way, right when she was trying to protect someone by putting herself between them and danger. Yanked off her feet by Hercules, she gets pulled along as she voices, "Hey!", in a compaining tone of voice, even as she's carried out of harm's way. "Hercky!", she says to the demigod. "Why'd you *do* that?!"
Pulling away from Hercules, Ultragirl gets herself out of his grasp (but probably only because he didn't try to keep a hold on her), and turns to face towards and look up at the giant, her hands balled into fists -- as if she has every intent of leaping back up into the fight that's just starting.
Then Sandman calls out orders. "Blonde girl! I'm *ULTRA*-girl!", she says, with a bit of a pout. Just the same, she glances back at Kelda... and takes a step closer to the woman. It seems she intends to do what she's been told to do, even if it's clear she'd rather go up there and fight.

Namor pulls back in mid-air, one hand raised in front of him like a fighter ready to block, the other held up and chambered for another punch - but he quickly opens and closes the fist, shaking the hand the way people do after they've bruised their own knuckles hitting a particularly strong jaw. But now that their opponent has proven capable of communicating, somewhat, Namor decides to give it one shot. "Beware, giant!" he says in a tone of warning, never taking his eyes off of the huge creature. "The Avengers have defeated enemies larger than yourself...cease your attack and return to your world, before your way is blocked and we are forced to deal with you as we do all invaders to ours!"

Hercules responds back to Ultragirl, "Rule number four for you, while sacrificing one life for another is noble, it should not be the first option when there are other ways, better ways of defending someone that will not possibly cost you your life." Hercules ignores Sandman's orders and ask Kelda, "Sterumgevehr? He is what?" Also a victim and is confused, or some one she has a blood oath against so she and she alone must get the killing blow, Hercules wants to find out.

"He is one of Ymir's Lieutenants. He has fought Thor before." Kelda says this and she manages to stand favoring one leg, but as she sees what Wanda is trying to do, she inclines her head and nods to herself. So one hand suddenly sprouts a large spear made of ice which is held out, "If you wish a weapon..." she offers before gesturing towards the portal and causing a sudden wind to blow out of nowhere, trying to force the chill back through the portal and if she can... the giant.
Oh yes, the Giant. The giant's eyes are starting to clear a bit as the Sandman's assault weakens. He waves a hand before his face and then does it again. "Puny mortal." he mutters. Funny, the word puny comes up with big strong guys a lot. Mostly with the big green one though. Anyhow, he moves a lot faster than most might expect, and he brings his hands together in a clap that is attempting to catch Namor between them. Either way, it'll be a HELL of an impact, and might break windows in the mansion behind you all.

"Herc! Pay attention, man! I told you. Take out the giant!" Sandman yells at the godling as he recovers. The frozen chunks of sand hat had splattered against the floor begin to fly through the air and towards a humanoid pssamic form. "Ultragirl, the cold lady can protect herself. So you want to fight . . .ignore Hercules and help take down the monster! All of you push the thing back through the portal!"

"Who was sacrificing? I coulda taken that hit... easy-peasy! I batcha that Red Robin robot in Washington could hit WAY harder", Ultragirl says to Hercules, with a gesture at the big ice-club that's buried in the ground -- and getting the name of the robot wrong, unintentionally. "You /know/ I coulda taken that hit!", she adds, pouting again as she keeps her attention on the giant... just in case she has to act to protect Kelda as she's been told to do. "Uh-oh...! Watch out!", she then calls out, as the giant moves to clap its hands together, moving to stand between Kelda and whatever shockwave is coming their way -- bracing for the impact she's expecting. The shockwaves hits her... and she stands firmly against it... then hears Sandman's next words. "All right!", she says, with a smile... and launches herself up into the air, right at the giant's face. Pulling back one fist as she flies up at the big, blue enemy, she's clearly intending to punch him right in the chin, or somesuch!

Hercules smiles to Kelda, "No worries there are very few who have taken down more Giants this side of Asgard then myself." Hercules braces himself for the Thunderclap then looks briefly to Sandman, "Dirtman after this is done me and you shall need to have a chat." Hercules now charges the Ice Giant.

Namor gets caught between the giant's hands, managing to hold his own palm out to reduce the impact of one and shift his elbow to apply pressure against the other...but for all his efforts the sheer strength of the blow overwhelm's Namor's resistance and results in his own arms being driven back into his body. "Ugh!" he grunts in pain, wiggling legs and hands that are just visible beneath the giant's lowest fingers. "You are only..." he glares daggers at the giant. "Making this harder on yourself!"

Okay, everyone is charging into battle. Kelda nods at that... it is as it should be. She lifts her head and calls out to the giant, "If you remain... surely Thor will show up. Do you truly wish to feel the might of Mjolnir?" And overhead, thunderclouds start to gather. Sure, she's running a bluff... Thor's not here, but he's not the only one who can summon the storm. She's filled in for him enough in the past to know his -style-.. and the clouds begin to swirl, sparking energy cascading between them. The giant is focused though but he hears the rumbling. One might see his head cock to one side, but his hands are trying to crush the life out of the Avenging Son right now.
"Oh look, be that a storm brewing in the distance? Mayhap the Thunderer doth know what happens here." Even as Ultragirl and Herc impact the guy... yeah, they impart some minor amount of knockback to his large form. He takes a step backwards with each blow... but lightning shoots down out of the sky to strike the creature on his bald skull... the giant yelps and releases Namor, growling in fury as he looks up to try to find Thor.

"Hey don"t be mad, Weaker version of Thor, it worked didn't. Now all you super strong types are charging the thing.â While the three engage the giant directly and Wanda continues to work her magic on warming things up. Sandman makes his way towards Kelda, "So from what I can figure. . .you are doing this. . .and you are an Asgardian." He says that low enough so only she can hear him. He then takes the proffered spear and looking at the giant, "Well, I am not hurler, but the thing is big enough." He winks to Kelda, "How you doin'?" He takes the spear and hurls it forward hoping to pull off a David versus Goliath type move. Hit the thing right in the middle of its forehead and knock it into the portal.

Ultragirl's fist connects... and even that, combined with Hercules' attack, only staggers the giant back a step. Frowning, she pulls back a bit, shaking her fist after the impact against such a solid foe... and then calls down, "Herc! Back of the knee, on three! ... One! Two! Three!"
After her count, the teen heroine launches herself towards the giant's chest, pulling back her fist for yet another punch, as strong as she can manage, right to the middle of the big guy's torso. She didn't intentionally time this to work with Sandman's attack, but as it turns out, the timing's /almost/ spot-on... assuming things work out the way she hopes they will!

Namor falls nearly to the ground when Sterumgevehr releases him, but his tiny wings flutter to life and he catches himself just before crashing. He looks up with murder in his eyes. Then he seems to calm down ever so slightly, as the giant is driven back by the efforts of Hercules and Ultragirl. Hovering backwards, Namor returns to where the giant planted his ice club in the ground earlier, digs his hands into the ice and begins worrying it back and forth to pull it free of the ground.

Hercules does as Ultragirl ask and rams the back of knee of the Giant. The impact from the spear from Sandman throw plus the punch from Ultragirl unbalances the Giant. With the Giant unbalanced Hercules grabs it then throws it into the portal.

The portal... yes, the portal. Kelda eyes it and with a gesture, she brings down another stroke of lightning. "Aye." she says to Sandman, "T'was me. I am in battle, and thus, I am as well as I can be." Great, all Asgardians really -are- nuts. The new lightning strike hits the portal.. arcs around it and the roar of the thrown giant cuts off as the portal collapses.
Kelda gestures again, another spear of ice forming in her hand. This time for use as a walking stick. There's some snow and ice on the grounds, and a GIANT CLUB OF ICE! Talk about a trophy! "That will melt soon enough nearly naked one. You all fought very well today. Tell me though, is Thor in residence? I brought him his favorite drinking horn." she adds as she reaches into a pouch at her side and pulls out a gem encrusted, gold enlaid gigantic flippin' horn from what could only be some humongous verion of a bull.

With the giant defeated, "Well, Thor is not here. But who are you?" He looks over and begins to shiver. And already on the scene the authorities and the Avengers crew start to clean-up. He looks over at the gathered heroes and nods his thanks to all of them, "Ultragirl, sorry I called you blond girl. I didn't know your name, but you did great out there. You were ready to defend somebody, but you did as you were told. You're like a young Ms. Marvel." He smiles then looks to Hercules, "Sorry for upsetting you. I figured the whole rage thing would make you move quicker, which it did." He then looks to Wanda. The two exchange a look and their conversation had been interrupted. "Excuse me folks, I need to talk to the witch." With that Sandman and Wanda head back into the mansion.

Namor has just managed to wrestle the club into the air, hoisted overhead as if to hurl it at the giant...when the portal collapses. He wavers slightly under the weight of the giant shard of ice and then tosses it to the side - well away from any of the Avengers, Ultragirl or Kelda - with a loud 'HMPH!'. Then he floats down to set down next to Kelda. "Thor? I haven't seen him for days...weeks perhaps. But when he returns to the city, he will be sure to come here." Namor half-turns and holds out a hand at the Mansion behind him, then holds out the same hand towards Kelda to accept the horn. "But who are you?"

Namor glares at Sandman as he realizes he more or less repeated what the other said, and as if it's Sandman's fault.

Ultragirl smiles broadly, beaming happily that her plan to topple the giant over and back through the portal worked out so well! She even claps her hands together, as if dusting them off, as she hovers, watching lightning play about the periphery of the big, blue, glowy portal... and collapse it.
With a whooping, happy sort of cry, she flies in a loop-de-loop in the air, and pumps her fists up and down over her head a few times... then drops down to the ground, to land near the others who are already there. "It's okay...", she says to Sandman, in reply to his comment. "... and I guess I kinda /am/ a lot like Miss Marvel... even if our powers aren't exactly the same...", she adds, a bit more quietly, hands falling to her hips as a thoughtful expression comes to her face.

While Hercules is a womanizer and Kelda is just his type Hercules is a hero first. Hercules talks to Ultragirl, while Namor and Sandman question Ultragirl. He says to Ultragirl, "You have only been at this for months, you still do not know your limits yet, you might be willing to needlessly risk you life, I am not."

"She is a warrior born. No warrior would stand by while battle raged. You have my thanks young one." says Kelda towards Ultragirl. "As do you all." Then she thinks and smiles to you all. It's -that- smile, the one that has made the Warriors Three say her name as 'Keeellllllda'.
"I am Kelda Stormrider, goddess of the winter storm, I was born of the sky and the sun.. I have come to Midgard to seek out and share in adventures. Surely there be epic quests to partake of." She nods her head to emphasize that statement.. and even though her thin white robes are wet... they are still -barely- concealing enough. Duh, it's a comic book.

Hand still on her hips, Ultragirl looks up and over at Hercules. "Well, I know I can take a really good hit, and it didn't look like they could", she says, with a gesture at Kelda. "... at least not right then. I was trying to keep 'em safe, just like anyone else who's as tough as I am would've done. I didn't think I was 'needlessly risking my life'", she adds, even lifting her hands from her hips to make air-quotes around the last words as she speaks them. Then Kelda praises her for having fought the way she did, and she beams another smile, hands going back to her hips as she sort of 'puffs out' her chest a bit. She's young, and hasn't 'fully developed', yet... and she's not wearing wet and all but see-through clothes... so she really doesn't 'compete' with the Asgardian woman in that way - not that this even appears to be here intent, because she's clearly just feeling happy with herself and the praise she just received.

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