Keeping your head down

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Brief Title:
Keeping your head down

Deadpool, Headpool, Lady Deadpool, Wanda

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IC Date:
04/09/13 17:00

Deadpool's Palace of Funk

Deadool and some alternate universe shenanigans

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The place seems to be seems to be abandoned, and was apparently abandoned in a rush. There is broken glass and spilled drinks all over the place, and and the DJ skipped out, so the stereo is currently playing, "Never going to Give you up" on loop. A voice calls out from under the table with the gold name plate. "HEEEEEEEEEEELP!"

anda was, in point of fact, walking by outside. But at the cry of help, she pokes her head in, wrinkling her nose, "Er, hello?" She tilts her head, "Is there someone... here?"

"Yes! Everyone ran away when they saw me!" Calls the voice from under the table. "I seem to have fallen and can't get up."

Wanda steps carefully into the decrepit building, "In this place, I wouldn't be terribly surprised." She looks around, "What precisely happened?"

"Well," the voice replies. "I was sitting down in my chair over here, enjoying a chimichunga, and all of a sudden I fell down on my chair and rolled beneath the table. Seriously, what the hell."

Wanda is nice enough not to laugh openly, instead she moves around, brushing her scarlet hair back a bit as she looks down on where the voice was coming from, "Mexican food can be quite hazardous."

"Oh hey! I remember you from the protest!" Says the severed head. "Hey gorgeous."

Scarlet Witch looks at Headpool, "Oh for the love of..." She narrows her eyes at the talking severed head, "Is there a reason I shouln't incinerate you?"

"My charm and wit?" Headpool suggests. "That, and I'm mostly harmless. I haven't been able to even roll out from under the table. Don't get too close. I bite."

Wanda smirks, "I bet. Since you're a disembodied head that bears a remarkable resemblance to that one mercenary opponent of... what, X-Force? You're a zombie, I'm guessing. Or some other kind of undead." With that, she gestures and levitates the head up and around to the top of the table, looking a bit curious.

"Yep. Zombie. This is perhaps the fourth weirdest thing that's ever happened to to me. I remember being very hungry. And I ALSO remember eating a chimichunga, but I no longer have a stomach."

Wanda narrows her eyes, "So, I heard about some of these... fluctuations. Haven't encountered one directly, however." A faint smirk, "I can /try/ to fix it, if you want. Though there might be a risk."

"Wait, you don't think it'll go away on it's own?" Headpool asks. "I don't want to spend the rest of my unlife as a nobody!"

Wanda smiles faintly, "Tell that to Jean's hairdo. Now, just hold still..." A faint chuckle, then she unleashes a hex at the Headpool, trying to knock it back to normal reality. As much as it gets, anyway...

Headpool disappears and is replaced by a much larger form. She looks down and examines her breasts. "Somehow I don't think this was the intended effect."

Wanda smiles wryly, "At least you're not a zombie." She pauses, then narrows her eyes, "Are you?"

Lady Deadpool nods. "Yeah. I'm no longer a severed head. And I have tits. That's a plus." Suddenly, there's another fluctuation and Deadpool returns to his normal form. "Nooooooooooooooo! My tits!"

Wanda just shakes her head, walking out of the building as she murmurs, "Maybe I should have stayed a super-villain..."

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