Just Friends

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Havok and Mirage

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01/30/2013 12:30

Mirage's Office - Xavier's Mansion

Havok and Mirage go back to being just friends

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Since it is the middle of a school day and there are no emergencies, Dani can be found in her office doing whatever it is that Deans of an elite mutant school do. It seems to consist of a lot of paperwork and intensive staring at a computer monitor with the occasional typing of stuff, since that is what she is doing as she sits behind her desk with a look og concentraion on her face. During her office hours, the door usually stands open.

A light knock on the door reveals Alex wearing hiking boots, jeans, a long sleeved buttoned flannel shirt and a jacket of leather over it.

Looking up from the computer monitor Dani fully expects it to be some student coming to her with a problem, so when she sees that it is not, there is obviously a bit of surprise. "This is a surprise." it has yet to be determined if it is a good one or not. "What brought this visit on?

Moving inside, Alex closes the door behind him and says, "Hey. I was just in the neighborhood." is his answer for being in the area, he expounds after taking a seat across from her, "I wanted to visit with Emma, so I cornered her.

There is no immediate reaction, except maybe a stiffining of the spine, which could be a good thing, considering how she could be taking that statement, "You don't corner people you /want/ to visit." she points out before she asks the obvious next question "How did that work out for you?"

"Pretty good, actually. We had a nice talk. She and I came to an understanding that the past is the past and even though I still don't trust her, I trust her in this teaching thing."

"You do realize that you don't teach here, right?" Dani questions (rhetorically) not getting the significance of Alex being okay with it when he does't have anything to do with the school. She pushes herself away from her desk, leaning back in her chair giving the impression that she can't wait to hear this explanation.

"Yeah, but I went here just as you did. And I know I normally don't give a rats ass about interacting with the kids, but they still have a right to be safe."

Dani gives a shake of her head as she stands "Safety is not the issue here. I know Emma wouldn't hurt a hair on any of these kids' heads." this of course she knows from personal experience "It's her connections to the Hellfire Club and what she can turn these kids into that's a problem.

"Isnt' that kid safety, too?" asked Alex regarding the potential outcome of the children if they fall prey to the nefarious schemes of the HFC.

"In the long run, yes. But by the time it would be noticed it would probably be to late to do anything about it." Dani moves around the desk and drops into the other chair "Unless Jean is monitering the students for her brand of manipulation." which Dani would assume she would be at least for a while.

"Anyway." Alex notes as he tries to move on, "That's really not why I'm here. I figure we should talk after my running off on hoilday."

Any irritation Dani felt over the conversation regarding the newest teacher is forgotten at the new topic "Holiday? Is that what they are calling it these days?" and beleive it or not there is no sarcasm in the tone. Perhaps a bit of levity since she knows this could be a heavy subject.

"That's what Brian called it. Turn's out he's a really level headed guy who puts a lot into perspective." Alex states, probably regarding the middle of the topic, but fixes it by regressing.

"So Lorna called because she wanted to /talk/. I really figured it was going to be another psychodrama and that she had something to tell me or maybe she was captured again and I had to mount a rescue... In retrospect, it was none of that. Lorna really did want to talk. Apparently Liz and being in Excalibur is really good for her." he gives pause before continuing.

It's an effort to remain objective, but Dani does so admirably as she listens to the reason for the long absence. A nod is given at what has been said so far "I'm glad that she has found a place where her past doesn't haunt her." it is a sincere comment, with no implications, hidden or otherwise.

"Yeah, so I hung out with them for a bit, visited with my neice, Rachel, and Liz. But really, Brian helped get me back into focus and see the bigger picture. That is where I'm going, what I'm doing, and a whole lot of thing's that I've been doing that maybe I shouldn't be."

Instead of being too esoteric for much longer, Alex just tosses the point out there, "In regards to you and I... I think that we've got a great friendship and excellent team dynamic going on. We've been intimate for a little while now and I think it's out of place. Meaning, we're doing this friends with benefits thing and to me it's going a little too far. I'm becoming more emotional when it comes to you and that's really not what we planned - if we planned at all. And I think that we should stop, put the intimacy aside and just remain with the foundation."

Considering there was only two ways the conversation could go there is no surprise, shock or outburst at his conclusion. "You are assuming emotions can be planned, they can't, unless you are an empath." and only one person in the room falls under that category, and she isn't the right kind for that. She waves off the point as irrelvant in the larger context, but can't get over the feeling that this is just another it's not you, it's me speech though put in different words "Backstepping, but not rebooting?" she asks for clarification, not being the type to pretend nothing happened.

He nods, "Yeah. just saying that we should step away from that part of our lives before it becomes something it isn't." Overall, Alex has regret in his tone and demeanor. He's somewhat sad that things have come to where they are now. But he totally blames himself.

"Just friends then." Dani doesn't seem to have any regrets, in her tone its just acceptance. Maybe she just thought of herself as the rebound girl which could be why she hasn't stated what she wants or feels about the situation at all. Of course witnessing first hand how intimate interpersonal relationships can't screw up a team probably helps in that regard. We all can't be Scott and Jean.

"Thanks." Alex says quietly and then stands. He's said what he came to say, got it out there and will take a few days for his mind to reset. He starts to move away and adds, "I'll see you back at the base."

Dani remains in her chair, but her gaze follows him to the door "I'll be around." she tries to sound assuring, but it doesn't quite get there, there is no doubt that she means it.

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