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Mirage, Nightcrawler and Havok

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07/11/12 00:01

Sublevel - Xavier Mansion

Havok, Kurt, and Dani talk about things.

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-----==[ Ready Room - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion ]==---------------------------

This room is a testament to the amazing technology appropriated by the X-Men. Within this circular room, banks of sleek consoles line the walls, with a couple of dozen flat displays continuously updating statuses from worldwide locations. Many of those screens, where they meet, can be made into one picture, offering a larger screen image. The center of the room is focused on a massive round table, surrounded by an even dozen seats. On the ceiling over the table is a tiny holographic projector that serves to create any visuals needed. There is a constant undercurrent of humming energy in here.

A side door off this room leads into a private office for X-Men team leaders. The office resembles this room strongly - metallic walls, workstations, and holographic projectors, all drawn off Shi'ar technology.

OOC: Like the Danger Room, students do not have access to this room without a faculty member present. If you're a student and want to be in here on your own, please contact an IC staff member to negotiate thieving a keycard for the occasion... and the cameras watching you.


Its late at night, things lately causing even the jovial Kurt to loose sleep perhaps. Still, presently dressed in typical super suit but all black now, he makes his way to the Ready Room, peaking his head in curiously. With his natural shadow blending ability because of indigo fur, and now all in black, he's even more difficult to detect under the circumstances. But with door opening, if there is no light on outside, the light from the hall will outline him. He scans as if looking for someone in particular.

Where he always is, Havok is found in the ready room. He's seated in one of the chairs of the circular table with his head down - asleep. Costume is on. Monitor in front of him gives detailed information about Emma Frost - cerebro scans, telepathic information, abilities. The lights are dim. Alex does not wake with the swish noise of the door.

Well, that's not a good sign, that is sleeping Alex. Still, Kurt coughs and makes his way over, intending to use a hand to nestle the other's shoulder if the cough doesn't get a rise from him. After either the cough or the jostling, he'll launch into his bit. "I need a moment Alex," by the tone, its a serious, personal matter. No indication yet if it involves their recent disagreement or if this could be a new one.

Waking from his slumber, Alex says, "Kurt?" in a curious tone, almost welcoming. That's before he realizes the given situation of the moment. He sits up and back in the chair, then with a darker or more professional tone, "What's up?"

"I finished my vigil at St. John's," he says, as if the small chapel in a community outside Salem's Center might ring a bell. Kurt doesn't leave that hanging for rhetorical debate, "I had a visitor this evening. Victor Creed, you know, our buddy in X-Factor." He says as if he doesn't know how much Alex knows about that situation, but some sarcasm in his own voice - suggesting who's the hippocrit now (even though, in fairness, Kurt has swum in the deeper, more deadlier pool of evil predators himself). "While you've benched me, Val doesn't see that connection and Victor's calling me to his little Spec-Op team for some field work. Its a go in about 6 hours here." He lets that ride to see Alex's reactions.

Perhaps he think's he's still dreaming or his mind hasn't caught up with the moment, Alex asks, "Wait, what? Sabretooth?" His right palm rubs heavy over his right eye and he says, "What do you mean, Victor Creed is in X-Factor. What does Val have to do with anything?"

Letting the questions come out, Kurt explains, "Ja, Sabretooth. He's in X-Factor. He got Val on the horn, she confirmed it. She's sending him down south to retrieve a captured CIA operative. Some how he knew I was benched and he wants to call me off the farm to his roster for this little operation of his. Val's vouching, its a legit paycheck if I go." That's about as blunt as he can be.

Perhaps unexpected, Alex has a single chuckle followed by a pause and then another set as he looks down to the floor before standing up. "Guess you got your wish. Maybe every day should be 'invite a villain to the team day'." and then he starts to walk toward the exit.

Moving to let him pass, Kurt shakes his head, "Alex, I don't think you know or appreciate my wishes. I understand you feel hurt or betrayed with some things I have done lately. This is different than the schools. As the Hellfire villains well know, my first obligation is always to X-Factor and Charles. I need to know what's happening with X-Factor and what you know about these Special Operations. I have no indication to join some government hit squad, I've told Sabes as much." Moving to pace the man to his side as he walks, "I've agreed to go, but even this one has me worried, Victor's been given a dimensional anchor by someone, I could literally be trapped in this situation. I go with him by choice, but if he can stop me from teleporting, what's to stop the yoke from falling on my shoulders?"

Walking through the swish (automatic) door, Alex turns to the right and continues down the hall. He doesn't seem to object to Kurt joining him as he answers, "You seem to know more than me. But if Sabes is on the team. I'm out. It's bad enough having to deal with one potential threat. But now you're saying that Val is behind this; then I'm thinking it's standard government procedure. "

As both seem to be exiting the Ready Room, Kurt is on Alex's heels, figuratively and literally. He is giving the other man some room, but is following just the same. "If you walk that easily, it really is setting up the government team to be full of all those mutants we've caught that Val deems worthy enough to operate as mutant police force." It doesn't need to be said, but he says it anyways, "Public image or no, this reeks of both making mutants look bad as well as worsening relations between humans and mutants."

Having had some trouble getting and staying asleep Dani has decided to work off some of her recent worries about stuff with a late night swim. Having done numerous laps she feels adequately relaxed and is headed back upstairs and steps out of the gym area robe open over her one piece swimming suit and running a towel through her damp unrestrained, yes crazy long, hair.

Alex notes Dani's emerging from the Gym as he continues walking. "Lemmie guess, you wouldn't mind Sabretooth moving in with these kids?" That should catch Dani's attention, along with his annoyed tone.

"You'd like me to say that, to justify you thinking I'm a traitor to your ideology," responds Kurt, "I'd like him moving in as much as I'd like Selene, Emma, or any of them over here." Just because Alex has been assuming a lot lately, he corrects the rhetoric, "That's affirming - no, I do not want them near these students. Hellfire Club is sponsoring a school again Alex, even if you save a student today, it doesn't stop them from recruiting more." He leaves it at that, getting back to actual topic. "The difference is, I believed in your idea of this team, upholding the Dream by having a government entity responsible for showing mutants that we're willing to work with the humans, that we can trust humanity and, in turn, only trying to stop those mutants that pose a direct threat to that Dream. If you're giving up on that, I have no problems walking as well, I have no desire to accompany Sabes to rescue some CIA operative that we have no idea what he or she has really been doing in the first place."

Dani was just going to give a polite greeting in passing so as not to bother the two guys as they seem to be talking and not yelling at each other. The question /does/ catch her attention and causes her to pause a moment to throw in her opinion, though it wasn't asked of her, "Over my dead body." she quips without having to even think about it and then continues away as Kurt says his piece, until he gets to the bit about helping Sabertooth which causes her to pause and turn back quick enough to cause her loose robe to catch air, "Wait back that train up. Why in hell would we help Sabertooth rescue anyone? Knowing full well that anyone that /he/ is wanting to rescue is probably because they are either a corrupt SOB or he wants to kill them personally?

Turning, Alex pushes open a swinging door and enters the Men's restroom. Like in any professional building, the restroom is deeper than wide, with urinals, then stalls on the left and a battery of sink/basin's on the right. There are also dryer blowers nearest the door for after hand washing goes on.

Entering, Alex continues to talk, "Apparently Val invited him to the team. Kurt tells me that Sabes approached him and wants to go on a mission together. If anything, that sounds like suicide."

All of the other commentary is for later discussion or maybe he was just ignoring Kurt's comments because he's still not sure what to trust is true or programmed.

With a nod, Kurt confirms what Alex just said. He stands near the door, not sure of Alex really needs a restroom or if he wants to get out of the main hall as paranoia could be taking over. It also serves as a link between the man in the men's room and the lady outside, in case she doesn't outright follow him in. Though, if she does, Kurt will step in and let the door close. Regardless, he explains to Dani, "Sabes apparently did some research, he knows which Parish I belong to and even which vigil I tend to take on a regular basis. He visited me tonight, displaying a device he has that anchors me to this dimension." Suggesting if he goes with Sabes, no telling where he could even end up. "He said he was X-Factor, pulled out one of our com devices and called up Val to prove it. She's sending him to retrieve a CIA operative, he wants to pull me along - probably because he knows I've been sent to the farm and he wants to pull me up to his Special Ops team - to teleport him in and out for this mission that Val gave him."

"Fuck Sabertooth." yes, Dani just swore, in English, which could only indicate that she really means it "Unless this so called 'sigil' prevents you from teleporting as you normally do, I say to hell with Sabertooth and Val. Helping bad guys (and Val) out with their personal vendettas is not part of our job description." she will stay on this side of the restroom door as long as Kurt does, but if he follows Alex in while she is saying her piece a door with a picture of a little stick figure guy on it isn't going to stop her.

Shaking his head, Kurt responds, "No, I took the whole benching thing seriously, I'm not sneaking around with an X-Factor comsys and I'm wearing an old super suit to honor your request that I sit out for now." Then a shrug, "But if you're good with it, I'll get on the horn with Val to try and clear it up, just trying to respect chain-of-command."

With her part of the conversation concluded and knowing that Kurt is going to investigate first Dani decides that she is better off leaving the two men alone to settle it between them, "Night guys." she glances around "And someone really needs to do a better job cleaning in here." with that she departs the men's room, leaving the door swinging behind her.

A moment passes, a flush, then the noise of him exiting the stall and moving to the sink, "It's not that at all, Kurt. I'm not against it because I think you're compromised, hell, you being compromised may be the cure to our Sabretooth problem - if you teleport his head off like you did the Sentinel. It's that you're putting yourself in unnecessary danger - with the Hellions and now with Sabretooth. Have you always been this reckless? Did working with Excalibur make you stupid?" Water runs.

"Night Dani," says Kurt as she makes to leave, turning his attention back to Alex. Door is left open, its midnight at the sublevels, only a few X-Men and such about at this hour anyways. "There are students in that school, whether we get them all out now or later, that's just an invitation for Hellfire Club to recruit more. And you know what, even if that team leaves or is killed off, they'll do it again. That's what this reopening of Massachusetts Academy is telling us. I'd rather be there with the potential to save the lives of children than avoiding the monsters in the dark by turning my back to their school. Selene knows I'm not joining without Charles knowing I'm doing this. I'm having faith that, at the least, they're not going to mind puppet me because she knows Charles could return at any time to check what's been done to my mind. If you want to assume its reckless or stupidity, be my guest."

"Then something needs to change." he says as he washes his hands. He really has no clue what needs to change, but something. And he's on the verge of going up there himself and nuking the school, burn it to the ground and say fuck all of them. Who ever is left can come home with him or remain there and be dinner for Selene.

Kurt ponders a moment, "Maybe that change is accepting the Dream isn't the only political solution on the table and like politics, instead of hitting each other in the head with bats, we simply offer ideas and solutions for others to make up their own minds."

"You're speaking English, but I really have no idea what you just said as it applies to our current situation." Alex states, trying to move it from theory to application.

Trying to explain it better, Kurt offers, "Instead of trying to stop the message from the Hellfire Club, we offer our own message to the students. We simply try to assure there is no mind puppeting and let them make up their own mind."

"That's the problem Kurt. We can't present anything to those students without repercussions. Either they come when we approach them, or we have a war. If they go back, they're brain zotted. Just like anyone who sets foot on that property that doesn't have mental screens or the same opinion and goals as Selene, Emma or Amora. Essentially, they become the bitch's bitch."

"And that is a problem as well, more fighting, more war, it will lead to lost lives. Maybe on some level you're glad the Hellions mostly died because you think they were all rotten apples. I think some of them may have been reformed in time and a lost life is tragic regardless of the intentions at its core," responds Kurt.

Moving to the dryer, Alex dries his hands and raises his voice over the noise, "Again, you support the whole 'I can change' hippy love crap of nurture over nature. Honestly dude, you know that Selene is thousands of years old and she's been evil since day one... right? That Apocalypse and Sinister are in that same boat. Anything they touch is corrupted, diseased, and spoiled. Sinister's clones, Apoclypse's horsemen, Selene's cult and Emma's former hellions. They were already evil to begin with. And cleansing with fire was what they needed. It's a tragic loss of life. But it's a shame that Empath didn't go with them." the dryer cuts off and he continues, "Fuck, it's too bad Emma wasn't taken out too. Honestly Kurt, I believe in you.. straight up. I believe the taint you suffer can be removed, purged. And I have a feeling that this new batch of Hellions are just a bunch of lost and confused kids that have no idea what snake pit they've fallen into. Which is why I still cannot believe you've not gotten them out of there. Nor can I understand why Scott hasn't moved forward with the assault on the school that Xavier ordered."

"Scott knows I'm there," says Kurt, "And I'm keeping an eye on the kids. He's taking precautions against mind alterations. Charles didn't order a frontal assault, he ordered an inquiry into the determination of what plot the Hellfire Club was up to by reopening the school. They're claim is that they believe students should at least be given another choice, not just Charles' Dream, so that they can live their own lives - not necessarily as super villains that feed on humanity. They are implying they simply wish to teach the kids to be mutants in a world were mutants aren't always welcome. We're determining the validity of that claim before becoming the aggressors in yet another war."

Kurt shakes his head, "Let me rephrase that. I'm not saying Selene is advocating peace. I'm saying that between Charles and Scott, the mission doesn't seem to be to stop the school, but help the students to avoid more death. Perhaps frontal assault was ruled out because of student risks, I don't know. There are students being watched as you heard Scott say himself."

Alex walks out of the bathroom into the hallway. "Yeah... let's just sit on our asses and watch it all blow up in our faces. Oh even better, let's give it time for more of us to be lured over to their side. Listen, Kurt. I'm done with this. You can do what ever you want. I'm tired of arguing with you about things we cannot prove either way. I really think that if you're with them, then you should be /with/ them and not try walking the fence. I love you like a brother. Let me rephrase, You've been a really good friend. But honestly, you've betrayed that friendship - I understand your good intentions. But the road to hell is paved with them. And you've clearly walked right into it. I don't know at this point if I can trust anything you're saying. I'd really like to... but there are forces out there that we cannot stand against without Xavier. And you've aligned yourself with an evil that needs to be eradicated, not joined... so honestly. You need to choose a side and act on it."

Alex is done talking, he's done with the whole argument. He walks off.

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