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Cyclops, Nightcrawler & Havok

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08/29/12 09:00

X-Factor Tower/Ship

Kurt tells of his sighting of Spiral

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-----==[ Lobby - X-Factor Tower/Ship ]==--------------------------------------

Rising magestically into the sky, X-Factor Tower is an eye-catching skyscraper. Dominating the area around it, it is seemingly made of nothing but glass, reflecting the surrounding landscape with surprising clarity. The lobby of the building is positively immense, boasting a five-story waterfall. At the base of the waterfall is a clear pool filled with fish of every hue, their colors dazzling the eye. Near the front doors is a very large, semi-circular mahogany security desk, usually staffed by four holographic/hard light guards watching over monitors that are tied to cameras on every floor. The floor is seemingly made out of one large piece of marble, light in color with veins of violet and emerald running through it.

Elevators line the wall opposite the front doors, leading to almost every floor. Near the elevators on each floor is a receptionist's desk, where the holographic/hard light employees on duty are very helpful and polite and fields questions, though almost all have been 'trained' to be very firm and check to make sure that no one from the media goes where they aren't supposed to be.

The lobby also offers doors to various offices, a security hub, and public restrooms.

The X-Factor Tower is the same structure that dominated Midtown several years ago when the original X-Factor claimed the Celestial Ship (AKA: Ship) as their own. Now, the Celestial Ship has returned to once again take the role of X-Factor's Headquarters.

The building/ship is 1,880 feet in length by 630 feet across, and contains multiple levels, access ways, and portals. 900 feet of its length is burried into the ground and the ship now rises approximately 1000 feet into the sky. The ship reconfigured itself to match the needs of the team and offers many levels and areas. The external structure is mostly metallic with various window accents and the top 10 floors are dominated by a large X on two of the four sides. The top floor appears as transparent metal.


OOC NOTE: If you are not a mutant, force walls prevent your entry. This cannot be overridden.


Standing in the lobby, Havok (wearing his black and gold costume) can be found interacting with the holographic receptionist named Betty. He will take note of the new arrival into the massive area and will push away from the desk and say, "Kurtis" in a familiar, welcoming greeting.

Pausing and blinking, Kurt grins a little, "You know, I'm sure there are plenty of real hotties you could find just outside to sit at the desk so you don't have to pretend with her?" A chuckle just the same, "No offense Betty," he says to Ship's projection of a receptionist. "So, good news or bad news first?"

"None taken, sir." - Betty answers.

"Bro, it ain't even like that.. I was getting to know the staff because it's like they're real... real personalities, memories of childhood... but they still know they're artificial. It's a very weird paradox. Anyway.. what's up?"

"So, Spider Man came knocking aroud Mutant Town for us, obviously can't get in here, but word is a stranger was looking for Longshot," says Kurt, letting that sink in, "Kitty and I went out to see what this was about. Met someone with six arms holed up in a hotel with one of the kids from the Massachuesettes Academy." Then he shakes his head, that later relation not of importance. "Took me time to place the two together, I know, slow - six arms right. But I'm almost certain its Spiral - just no samuri/pilot helmet thing and no swords ... She's wandering around Manhattan."

"Wandering around Manhattan?!" is asked with some heightened alertness. "Dude, you ran into her and didn't take her down or call for backup? She's dangerous... as hell. She's taken down Avengers and Magneto with his Brotherhood so Freedom Force could mop them up."

Nodding in complete agreement, Kurt says, "There you have it, take her down or call for back up. She was acting confused, if she'd of come to, I'd be in Mojoverse with three new tails and coming her to assassinate you right now. It was Kitty and I, alone with her and she wasn't trying to kill Magneto at the moment. I'm coming now to find backup so the situation can be dealt with, minus anyone loosing their lives hopefully."

Havok will ask, "Do you know where she is presently?"

A hologram pops up with Scott Summers in his Cyclops uniform appears standing arms crossed as he stares through his visor at the two X-Factor members. Not waiting for an introduction, Scott blurts out, "Alex, you left Spiral out wandering alone with a Hellion who has a predilection for associating with insanely powerful mages?"

Seeing the arrival of his brother's holographic image, "Well good fucking day to you, too." is said in a sarcastic tone. "But no, I didn't leave her ass to wander around the city.. she elluded capture."

"I can say were we left her," informs Kurt, "But can't we get ..." Scott beams in then, Kurt turns to regard him. Alex responds, the elf shakes his head after Havok's "That was me Scott. Not so much elluded, even though that sounds nice. She's suffering amnesia or pretending too. She's still with Armand, I felt it best to arrange back up to really confront her, whether or not it really is brain pain she's suffering, I didn't think it best for Kitty and I to handle the situation alone.

Shaking his head disapprovingly, "She is amnesiac? And with that kid with the hair, Armand St. Pierre. She may end up in Hellfire Club hands. With Amora and Selene already there, they don't need yet another insane witch working for them. . ." When Kurt offers his interpretation of what happened, Scott nods in agreement, "Good thinking, Kurt. Alex, can you team handle this? If you can detain her, we can hold her here. Though, I will contact Reed or Carol to see if they can hold her. With the new school just built, I don't want it destroyed." He hmmmns loudly and speaks to Ship, "Ship, is there any way your field can be lowered to allow for capture and restraint of Spiral?" He shakes his head, "Negate inquiry, Ship. I already know the answer." He frowns

"I'm on it. We'll drop her off on your doorstep with a pretty red bow in her hair." Havok notes regarding the 'handling' of the situation and the irony of the word hand - being that she has six. "If you find out that Carol or Reed can handle her, then let us know." he then reflects and comments, "Heck, tossing her into the Negative Zone would rock..."

Grinning, Kurt ponders, "One step at a time, detain her yes, jump to conclusions I'm not wholly comfortable with. What if there really is something we don't know going on here." Letting that sit a moment, "I mean, how long has it been since we've had contact from Longshot and Dazzler? What if there are developments we don't know about just yet?"

Quirking his brow at that last comment that Alex makes, Scott tries hide his thoughts on agreement, though Alex will be able to pick up from his big brother that he ultimately does agree with him. "Alright. Kurt, your ideas on this Armand kid? You've dealt with him. Should he be recruited to the school? Anything odd about him other than his choice of friends?" Scott's expression to Kurt reads as one that shows he trusts Kurt's input especially when he asks about Longshot and Alison.

"I know where Alison is." Havok intones, but not to interrupt as Cyclops just tossed the conversation in a whole new direction.

"I think the kid means well," offers Kurt, "I've seen him before when I met some of the students over at Mass. Academy. I think he's part of the conversion program, doesn't know yet that he's being trained to join the HFC or be their unwitting pawn yet. Its just hard to get anything out of him, a lean towards shy at times. He's view of good vs. bad seems complicated, I would venture to say brainwashed enough to think the X-men are evil."

"Alright, then. I'll see if Jean wants to approach him. I encountered the kid once and he called me demon eyes and was referring to some Mike (whatever his last name is) as Mr. Milkshake. I woud prefer not to know what that means. But he seems to prefer contact with people with typical looks. My glasses and Kurt's appearance may freak him out. Alex, can you approach him?" Scott then looks to his baby brother, "This may be moreup your alley."

"Yeah, when we take down Spiral while you sit on your ass in the luxury mutant hotel." Havok states with a dull tone and rolls his eyes.

"Kitty seemed to get along with Armand," offers Kurt nonchalantly, "If you want him approached for the school, maybe ask her to see if she's willing." Then a shrug, "And no, he was keen to point out how much the smell of my teleporting was a nuisance, probably picked it up from Empath. He's got that old world arrogance or charm, which is probably another reason the like him." They being HFC. Then a grin to Alex, about who's comfy but knowing if there is really a bit of conflict involved in taking down Spiral, he'll be happy just the same.

Shaking his head disapprovingly and not engaging the juvenile deliquent like behavior of his baby brother, Scott nods his head as Alex's 'yeah' pretty much confirms that he will do it. "Fine. Alright then. Contact me with this has been done."

"Gotcha, thanks for calling. Have a great day, somewhere else." Havok states as he starts walking toward the elevators and says to Kurt, "So details..."

Following right along the moment Alex is moving, Kurt offers up, "Well, still has six arms, wasn't running around with swords, helmet and armor. Talking sort of normal. She says she's looking for Longshot, she was recently with him and trying to teleport home. She thinks Earth is her home. I don't know if they were together in Mojoworld, or if that's something Mojo planted in her. As we became more certain it was her, we continued to say we'd help with her search for Longshot. Its enough to get us here alive to decide what to really do."

"It's easy, we take her out before she takes us out..." Havok states in his aggressive tone. "But if she's amnesiatic, well, it's a hard call. Cause she's just fucking psycho insane and can't be controlled - even by Freedom Force or Mystique - we saw how that turned out."

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