Just a Little Snack

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Just a Little Snack

Carol Danvers, Steve Rogers

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08/15/12 17:00

Kitchen, Avengers' Mansion

Steve is back to the mansion, and checks in with Carol to see what's going on with the team.

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The is a rustling around in the large kitchen of the Avenger's mansion, coming mostly from the refridgerator. After a few long moments a head leans back as Steve stands up and uses his knee to close the door before sitting a variety of food out on the counter in front of him. He studies it thoughtfully, almost like he wasn't sure what all he grabbed, before starting to assort and assemble them into some kind of snack or quite possibly dinner.

The civvies-clad figure of Carol Danvers wanders into the kitchen and eyes Steve somewhat curiously, before making her way to the counter where the coffee awaits, mug in hand as she prepares her own refill. "Living dangerously, Steve, trying to make your own food in Jarvis' kitchen. Then again, you always were a brave soldier." she teases lightly, with a smirk on her lips as she turns around, resting her hips against the counter to watch him, not really conscious of the view she presents like that.

Steve quickly looks over his shoulder before returning his gaze to Carol, "Don't say his name. It's like he knows when he's being talked about and I just wanted a snack, no need to have him waiting on me hand and foot -- Even if his food does always taste better." he says smiling as he finishing his prepwork on what looks like a plate consisting of helpings of various meats, cheeses, bread and quite possibly undefinable leftovers of some kind.

He quickly polices his mess and puts it back into the fridge. "So how have you been? I guess you probably heard I got back in last night from my leave." he adds, sitting on one of the barstools.

Carol smiles at Steve's respectful, yet playful reply regarding Jarvis. And she /doesn't/ say the wonder-butler's name aloud again. She knows better than to tempt fate. And at least Steve cleans up after himself, unlike some guys would. "I've been alright. Pretty stressful, getting through, but that's why they pay us the tiny bucks." she comments wryly, typical military snark. "I heard you got in late. Fury and the crew don't need you anymore?" That's where she assumed Steve was off to, though of course it could have been anything or anywhere. She just knows Steve is rarely far from action that needs doing.

Steve smiles sheepishly, pausing from his chowdown to scratch the back of his head and once the food is swallowed he finally speaks, "Well... I actually took a vacation..." he says, trailing off and studying Carol almost like he expects her to faint for some reason.

He quickly starts back in on his food, polishing off the first half of the plate before leaning back in his seat again.

Carol can't help it. She laughs. It's a brief but full-throated laugh. "Seriously? Steve Rogers, hero to the world, took a /vacation/?" What's scary is that he thought he had to just disappear in order to do it. But she can't blame him for that. It's not like the trouble, the need, ever stops. Carol can't remember the last time she took a vacation, nor has she any plans to manage one in the near future. She's Ms. Marvel, and that's just how the universe rolls. "Well. Tell me you at least had fun and relaxed, while on tis mythical 'vacation' thing I've only heard civilians speak of?"

Steve finishes the other half of his plate off, nodding to Carol as he makes his way to the dishwasher to put the dirty bits away. "Yeah, I just hopped on my bike and started driving west. It was nice, I think I needed it." he admits, smiling as he sits back on the stool, "I was about to cut it short when the Sentinels and Robots started to make their move but it looked like you guys might not need me as much as the world might think." he says, a bit of a joke and tease mixed in to one as he takes a drink from a glass of water.

Carol shrugs her shoulders a bit. "Yeah. We muddled through." Which is her way of teasing back. She's the Chairwoman, and their field leader. That doesn't mean she didn't miss having Steve there. He's Captain Freaking America, there's no better inspiration to heroes in the field. And they needed all the inspiration they could get on this one. "It still bugs me. Especially Tony's coma. But we did the best we could do. That's all we can ever do."

Steve's expression goes more somber and he nods to Carol, "Yea, but Mr. Stark is stubborn enough to pull through." he says reassuringly, sitting the glass on the bar in front of him, "Is there anything I need to be brought up to speed on? I want to get back in to things as soon as possible." he adds.

Carol nods, accepting that truth, if grudgingly. "He went down under my watch." And Steve knows how much that can affect a commander. Carol may be a hardass, but she takes good care of her people. Tony going down as he did under her watch makes it twice as hard. "Nothing major. Our roster is a lot shorter than it was for active duty. Vision is cleared for duty and is doing our communications hub and team assignment work, until he feels ready for the field. You'll want to check your email. Lots of messages on who has been pulled in from Reserve to Active, and others going the other direction."

Steve nods once to Carol, "I'll make sure to do that and get up-to-date on who we have for field duty. If anything comes up I'm at your disposal." he says with a dutiful tone as he stands, finishing his glass of water and then puts the empty glass in to the dishwasher as well, "I'm gonna go get up to date on that list and check on things out in the city." he says, moving towards the doorway to the gallery only to pause before passing through it, "It's good to be back." he adds.

"It's good to have you back, Steve. And damned nice to see you." Carol offers. She means it in so many ways. But the simplest is best, and no need to complicate matters with any of the rest. "Comm me if you need anything." With that, Carol watches Steve depart and lifts her mug, sipping her coffee. So, the Captain is back. Maybe things are really starting to look up a bit around here.

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