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Gambit Thimble Mercury Finesse

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Danger Room

Gambit leads a course of "Athletics 101"

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It's just another day of classes in the lives of the young mutants. A small group is assembled in the Danger Room for Mr. LeBeau's Acrobatics 101 class. The room has already been set up with an elaborate obstacle course. Holographic emitters mask the usual appearance of the room to look like a New York city alleyway, complete with the horrific stenchl of garbage and urine. Brick walls reach up towards the ceiling, littered here and there with ledges, fire escapes, flag poles, and the like. Since this is an introductory course, the obstacles don't seem overly daunting.

Gambit stands at the base of a wall, hands behind his back as he waits for all of the students to fall in line. He grows impatient with a few stragglers and clears his throat loudly. "Dis be Acrobatics 101," he says in his best teacher voice, though it's fairly obvious that he's still not adjusted to the role of educator. "The purpose o' dis class is simple. Get to tha top o' that tower wit'out any use o' powers," he continues. His black eyes move from pupil to pupil, knowing that this is more than some of them are likely capable of. "Easy, non," he questions jovially as with great ease and grace he launches himself from the ground. With a series of lavish flips, wall bounces, swinging that would rival that of Spider-Man he makes his way in mere seconds to perch on the top of the wall. "Now is your turn, tous," he says proudly.

Mercury yuck's softly as she covers her nose, "Ugh, I wish I could turn off my sense of smell, sometimes... yuck!" she makes a face, frowning as she looks around the area, but then Gambit starts talking and explaining the exercise. "What?!" she asks, eyes widening, "No powers?" she then looks up, and frowns. She used to to gymnastics and acrobatics, but she's out of practice, for that... "All of us at the same time?!"

“I agree with Mercury, was it really necessary to replicate the stench?" Finesse asks, though she doesn't seem to make as much of a fuss despite voicing displeasure. When Gambit explains the exercise and then performs an impressive feat of acrobatics to give an example for a solution, Finesse grins impishly, "I was on the Gymnastics Olympic team, I think I can manage." But Finesse doesn't just do well, she performs with exact precision the very same set of moves Gambit did. The aunch, the flips, the wall bounces and swinging, all in such a manner she may as well been Gambit's clone. Once at the top of the wall next to Gambit, Finesse looks at him with a big smile, "thank you for the lesson, Monsieur, I enjoyed it."

Thimble seems not to be bothered by the smell, baving had dwelled in such a place for some nights once. "no powers on the course," she mutters as she eyes the obstacle course. Can't be too hard, if Gambit can do it within seconds. Stretching herself once and getting her arms a bit loosened. And doing a last second shift of her suit to allow just a very little bit more movement with a thinned material along the shoulders. "When do we start?" she asks up to Gambit.

Gambit shakes his head, and clicks his tongue. "Oui. One at a time," he calls down to Mercury adding, "You may be begin as soon as you're ready." He watches as Finesse makes her way up the walls, mimicking his exact path that he had just taken. "Bravo, Mademoiselle Foucault," he says to her as she reaches the top, "Mais, je pense que you din' follow da rules I set, non?" Crossing his arms over his chest. "I read yo' file, you're a mimick. Back to da bottom, an find your own way dis time."

"J'ai fait trop," Finesse snaps back at Gambit, sounding offended at the accusation, "wrong. If you read my file you know it is not a power, I've been tested time and again. This is why I wasn't disqualified from the Olympic team." She seems quite adamant on her take, "if you're asking me to do it without using skills I learned, I cannot do it. So, there's no point."

Mercury sighs and rubs the back of her head as she looks up at the top, thinking for a moment before she looks back down at the walls around her, and she then goes for the closest thing: a dumpster, and uses it as a stepping stone to jump and reach a water pipe, and she can't help it'd be much easier if she just melted and flowed up the water pipe, but... no powers! She climbs the water pipe before she has to move to hold herself at a windowsill, climbing slowly up and to the next windowsill... then to the water pipe again...

Thimble has to go it the hard way in any way - unless she would try to fly in some way. No, she searches herself a nice, high spot she can reach and pulls herself onto the dumpster, then the window. 15 feet done. Tons to go. Trying to reach for the water pipe Mercury had used, she frowns as her arms prove to be just a bit too short. Again she tries, but as she can't reach it she just jumps down to the ground again, searching through the dumpster for some piece of metal or long cord before she gets back to the window board.

Remy smiles deviously at Finesse. "If'n thaa be tha case, den you 'ave no problem findin' yo' own way? Non," he asks with a challenging tone. "Back to da bottom," he orders. He looks down watching the others try. "Bon spectacle, Mademoiselle Kincaid. Keep it up," he encourages. Thimble on the other hand seems to be having more difficult. "Quelle est le probleme, Mademoiselle Wu," he calls down to the girl.

Finesse crosses her arms with distinct displeasure, "so you do not accept use of skill, that means I cannot use tumbling, I cannot use gymnastics, so what then? Bring a ladder?" Finesse shakes her head, but she does go about climbing down the building, going from window to window in a Spider-Man like fashion, albeit using actual climbing skills to find the spot to dig her toe, rest a heel and grasp with her fingers. "I'm done with this exercise, since I can't complete it sans skills. It's stupid to discount my natural capabilities, Monsieur LeBeau."

"Can't reach the damned pipe." Thimble claims as she pulls some metal strap that once closed a box. Triumphant she slings it around her hip before she climbs back up to the window she had managed to reach. With a bent in the metal piece she pushes it through behind the pipe to hold both ends, using it to enlength her arms over the inches she was not able to grip with her hands. Even as the thin metal cuts into her hands, but she bites her teeth together. Landing at the pipe she winds the metal piece around her arm twice so it does not fall down when she should need it.

Mercury should not use her powers. And, as far as she knows, she hasn't. And that's true, for the most part. However, she always seem to reach the fire staircase, or the water pipe, or the windowsill, whenever she needed to reach an inch farther. Unconscious use? Whichever the case, she doesn't notice that, and even a trained eye may have trouble noticing her legs or arms stretching half an inch to an inch longer to reach those places! But, struggling, the metallic girl eventually reaches the top, while Gambit and Finesse still arguing, "I am pretty sure I'd be panting hard, if I wasn't made of metal..." she comments as she climbs up and stands up.

"Can't reach the damned pipe." Thimble claims as she pulls some metal strap that once closed a box. Triumphant she slings it around her hip before she climbs back up to the window she had managed to reach. With a bent in the metal piece she pushes it through behind the pipe to hold both ends, using it to enlength her arms over the inches she was not able to grip with her hands. Even as the thin metal cuts into her hands, but she bites her teeth together. Landing at the pipe she winds the metal piece around her arm twice so it does not fall down when she should need it.

Instantaneously, Gambit readies a card, charging the kinetic energy within in. He launches it in the direction of Jeanne. While the girl is never in any danger of being struck by the card, it is meant to get her attention. "Non," he says tersely. "You are not dismissed until I say you're dismissed," he calls out doing his best to keep an even tone. "Da issue is not doing it wit'out skill. But de path you took, is most identical ta my own. Now if'n you're as skilled as you claim, you can do it again. Mais, you walk out dat door, an you can count on an incomplete on your report." As Cessily reaches the top he smiles to her, as if he hadn't just seconds ago been chewing out another student. "Good job, Mercury. Back to da bottom. Soon as Mademoiselle Wu reaches da top, we be ready for round deux" He looks back down to Thimble who while not quite being acrobatic, is being clever. Clever is always worth bonus points in Mr. LeBeau's class. "See, Mademoiselle Foucault. Look at Thimble, dere. She's not as skilled as you, but is usin' her wits to solve the puzzle."

Mercury blinks as she is told to go back down, "Down?" she asks, and then she looks down, over the edge, at the ground, "I'm guessing there's no elevator, is there?" she asks, chuckling, before just shrugging gently, "Alright, Mr. LeBeau." she says as she jumps off the ledge. Hey, the rules are, no powers while climbing UP! Nothing was mentioned about climbing DOWN! Mercury hits the ground and while she does try to break the fall with her landing, her legs end up splatting, up to almost her hips, but she has no trouble pulling herself back together.

With a charged card thrown in her direction, Finesse disregards what Gambit told her about not using skills and thrusts herself with her legs towards the building on the other side of the alley, latching to a pipe and whirling into a window sill to rest against it. "Were you trying to hurt me, Monsieur LeBeau? You're more challenging than Ms. Braddock to be sure, I was not expecting that." With the compliment given to Thimble, Jeanne claps her hands, "well done, she must be superior to my level of intellect." Finesse still doesn't look too pleased about proceeding with the exercise, as she believes she's done nothing wrong. "I would contest such an assessment."

Thimble bites her teeth together as she stays at the pipe as long as she can, using the metal piece to swing towards a ledge. Again the sharp edge bites in her hands, but she does neither give it up, nor stop her ascension. For sure she is the slowest to reach the top - considering she had to go back after just the first passage to get a mean ot go further it is not too bad. Eventually she pulls herself over the border, panting some, but not fully out of order.

"Congratulations, Thimble," Remy praises the young girl. "Maintenant, back to the bottom, aussi," he orders geanially. Gambit himself launches himself down the length of the course with the same grace that he used to reach the top. Once at the bottom, he looks to Finesse. "Child, if'n I wanted to 'urt you, you'd already be on da ground," he scolds. "Acrobatics is less about your 'bility to flip an bounce around, fille. Is 'bout your 'bility to solve a puzzle. You 'ave to be aware o your surroundin's dat could change up at anytime. By using mah example as more'n a template you 'ave failed to unda'stand da purpose o' da exercise," he continues. When Janie reaches the bottom, Gambit pulls a small remote device from his pocket. He pushes a series of buttons and the cityscape disappears. Now the group is standing on top of a train speeding through what appears to be the Swiss Alps. "Round two is as follows. Make your way to the Engine," he says as he points off in the distance. The Engine is some 30 cars away. Looking along the track ahead of them, a series of tunnels cutting through the mountain side can be seen. "An just for you, Mademoiselle Foucault, le's make this a lil' more interesting, non," he teases as he pulls a deck of cards from somewhere within his coat.
Remy adds, "An remember, no powers."

Finesse takes the lecturing in stride, not showing any reaction to it, other than just staring blankly at Gambit. Once he changes the scenario, Finesse takes a deep breath, looking aside at Gambit, and then she just starts running on atop the train cars, eyes ever alert for the coming of tunnels so she can hit the deck.

Mercury hmmms softly, "Reach the engine, no powers, hm?" she asks, and she looks up, nodding softly as she starts moving at a fast pace toward the next car. Not running, just moving at a faster pace, since she's fighting the wind, and she has to keep herself almost crouched, too. She attempts to jump to the next car and almost does not make it, but she manages to recover. "Wow, that was close..." and so she keeps moving fast toward the next car, again.

Thimble frowns as she eyes the puzzle in front of her, having lost her climbing help in the restructuring. First action however is going down to her knees to have less wind resistance and an easier position to eye the problem. The cars rumble from side to side, the gaps are quite far, the wind pushes and there are obstacles coming from the front. With little other possibilities she stands up again to balance forward - here her small frame is a slight advantage, but not too much - until she reaches the step to the next cart. But here the problem starts. 6 feet gap, and no chance to speed up with some steps. But the ladders to the roof are closer and a jump down. Carefully she jumps to them when no change in direction is in sight. And back up to the roof to pass the next car. Her progression is surely slower than jumping, but steady and safe.

Gambit "lights up" a batch of cards. The first batch is thrown at the couplings linking the two cars directly in front of him. He leaps forward with ease to the next car. Charging up another set of cards with a minimal dose, he flings one in the direction of Finesse. Again, there is no danger of the girl actually being hit. He continues to move forward, blowing away the couplings of each car as he passes. This train is getting much shorter. A few more cards fly in Finesses' direction. He watches the other two, observing their progress.

Mercury hears the explosions and winces a bit, figuring she better not reach Finesse, at all, so she keeps running at her own pace, going from car by car, sometimes barely making her jumps. She isn't moving much faster than Thimble, too.

Thimble turns her head back as she hears a rumbling noise behind her and tries to speed up a bit as she notices she actually is last again. But then again, she has to rely on the ladders. Her jumps for the ladders cost her time, but on the time between she does not lose too much distance to Mercury. It's hard, but she might make it - if Gambit does not pass her.

Finesse continues in her rush, grimacing as she fights against the rushing wind, but never slowing down. She doesn't seem to be intimidated by making the leap from car to car atop a moving train, and she makes the first leap flawlessly, landing in a crouched position. It is when Gambit starts throwing cards, however, that she starts slipping up. At first she rolls to duck away from a charged card flung her way, and then she gets up to continue. But the combination of an approaching tunnel with the onslaught of more charged cards thrown her way finally gets her to make a mistake. She leaps well out of the way of the cards taking a horizontal leap in the air, but she measured just a bit off the rate of descend, and instead of just clearing the tunnel's gap within a hair, she winds up getting hit hard and getting knocked off the train. Luckily, this is only a danger room simulation, so she'll be okay when she recovers from the shock.

As Finesse falls off the train, Remy snorts derisively to himself, and an ever so slight grin crosses his lips. Perhaps this will teach Finesse a thing or two about humility. He reaches into his pocket and retrieves the remote control for the Danger Room again. As the other two continue to make their way across the train, he pushes a series of commands, and slowly the train dissolves and is replaced by the barren walls of the Danger Room. "Good job, tous," he praises. "As I was sayin' 'fore. Da 'blility ta flip an jump from one obstacle ta 'notha is only 'alf da equation, as Mademoiselle Foucault 'as just learned," he brashly announces.

Mercury witnesses Finesse slipping and falling off the train, and she cries out for her, "NO!!" but it takes a moment to register in Mercury's mind that this is just a simulation, not the real deal, so the simulation just dissipates as per Gambit's commands, "Oh..." she says just as Gambit starts lecturing, and she nods, "I can see that. I forgot it was just training, for a moment." she says, a bit embarrassed, as she rubs the back of her head.

Thimble just stays silent. The crashing of Finesse was surely noticed by the girl, and so was the reaction of Mercury. Which was another point for herself prefering to not let people too close to her. Evetually she looks up to Gambit, giving a nod. "Are there grades for the class?"

Gambit looks between the two girls still standing. "Dere are grades, yes. I will post dem wit' Headmistress Gray later dis week," he says, "I will tell you both dat you passed, and but dere is still plenty more for you to learn."

- - - Fade to black - - -

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