Jocks Versus Nerds

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Avengers Viewpoint Versus X Viewpoint

Havok, Iceman, Nightcrawler, and Sandman

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11/09/12 14:38

Patio - Xavier Mansion

Sandman meets some of the X-Men and shares his view on Avengers versus X-Men status

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The patio has been arranged into an obstacle course, Kurt is running around doing flips off and on chairs, railings, the edge of the jacuzzi and whatever else is at hand. Its like lately he's been away from Ship as if he missed the Mansion. Even though its not the old mansion cause that blew up and it was rebuilt. Still, its sort of like home. So he's doing routine exercises - not in the gym or the danger room, but in the real world.

Alex is found seated in one of those many chairs watching the flipping flipper flip around. He is dressed in normal clothing on a normal day with a leather jacket. He also holds a beer in his left hand and mostly clear of Kurt's shenanigans.

Watching the obstacle course from a distance, Lazer and Aquatica walk onto the patio whispering to each other about the ‘non-mutant’ acting like a teacher at the school. “Wasn’t he a bad guy?” “Well, I guess the Avengers would accept anyone then. . .” Making his way onto the patio, the topic of their conversation, Sandman decked out in his usual green and black sweater with dark trousers walks forward as he eyes the students. They look back, keep whispering and then rush off. Shaking his head disappointedly, he ponders different ways to punk these brats, but quickly dismisses those thoughts when he remembers where he is, ‘The telepath capital of the world’, he mumbles as he makes his way to a table. When he finally acknowledges the obstacle course. “Oh, so he is the elf everyone keeps talking about....he looks more like a devil.”

One more "adult" (if you can actually call Bobby that), joins the crowd on the Terrace. He's in Jeans and a T-shirt. Not exactly dressed for fall weather in New York, but then again, it's not like he's concerned with being cold. He walks out onto the terrace, and pretty much immediately ends up ducking under one of Kurt's flips across his impromptu obstacle course. Scarcastically, he states, "Why do we even bother having a Danger Room. I mean, where is there NOT danger around here."

As a gathering is happening, not including students, Kurt finishes a few more flips then lands striking dramatic pose on a chair, foot on the back, until it topples over and he walks off to bow. "What, you're right, this isn't dangerous enough, we need lazers." To Havok he ponders, "Did we borrow any from Arcades murder island?" He lets his tail strike devilish, either not having heard the comment or simply playing up the part with blue imp pride.

Watching the kids scramble off and then notices the Sandman, Alex Summers gives the new guy the once over while answering Kurt, "Nah, it sank fast and we were too busy trying to escape."

Bobby chuckles, "Careful Kurt, if the bad guys know you find their traps fun to play with, they might stop." He pauses for a moment, considers and then says, "On second thought, let's hold a press conference."

Laughing lightly at what Bobby said, Kurt offers "If only, ja? We should just go public, admit defeat, the bad guys have won, if it were that easy." Then another ponderance, "Maybe Bishop or Forge have some lazers lying around? This could get interesting. We could put the party into patio." Not that its in any way part of the word.

Looking at everyone present, Sandman shrugs unimpressed as he starts to mentally compare this lesser team to the Avengers. Looking from Kurt to Alex to Bobby. He hmmmns as he ponders who to talk to first. The blue imp freaks him out, so he gets up to approach the more human looking mutants, “Hey, you’re the tighty whitey guy from the youtube video that Wanda pantsed.” He says to Bobby and then looks to Alex, “You must be the leader. Why do they call you Cyclops?”

Furrowing his brow, Alex offers a half smirk before noting, "You got the wrong Summers. I'm Alex, that's Bobby and he's Kurt. I lead X-Factor. You should pay more attention to the news."

Bobby winces and facepalms, "Yeah, yeah.... never ever pull a power based practical joke on Wanda. Just... bad idea, all I'm saying." He sighs, "Someone must have sent that video out on some kind of superhero email chain. I swear, everyone's seen it."

"Oh," ponders the elf, looking between Alex and Bobby, "This is like a recurring theme. I'll make a note, don't drop my draws where someone might capture it on a recording device." Grinning warmly then to the newcomer, that being the one he doesn't recognize, Kurt smiles warmly, as warm as a blue fuzzy with yellow eyes and canines can at least. "I'm the non-permanent resident ceiling elf. I take engagements, kids parties and bacherlorette parites ... two totally different shows, I assure you, before CPS shows up, right?"

“X-Men, X-Factor. There are alot of you guys. You should get some X-Women, that would be fun to see.” He laughs as he is aware of the costumes some of the X-Women wear. . .like Psylocke. Bill offers to Bobby, “Hey no biggie. It was funny as hell, but even heroes get caught with their pants down. Plus we all laugh about you at the Fantastic Four/Avengers pokers games.” With Kurt’s introduction and knowing everyone’s names. “I’m Sandman. But I guess you all can call me Bill.”

Alex says nothing in regards to Sandy's remarks and introduction, he simply head-raises in a greeting. After that he takes a drink and watches the pending exchanges.

Bobby chuckles, "Totally on board with you on the X-Women thing. It'd make a hell of a calendar, if nothing else." He extends a hand to Sandman at the introduction, and teases, "Hey, if we can talk some of the girls into that, you could supply the beach for the backdrop, rigbt?"

"But," interjects Kurt as if raining on the parade. "If we do it, there has to be one winter girl ... I'll play santa's helper ... it'll be a smash hit." Then he does get serious, "Karma, if I joke about this too much, it'll come back to haunt me. Bishop is probably recording this now and he'll show it to Kitty."

"We could totally get the Winter guard chicks to pose wearing bikinis in the snow." Alex states as he daydreams about Darkstar and Starlight.

Laughing at the beach comment, “Sure. But that Danger Room of yours is pretty cool too. You guys can create anything.” As Sandman hears all the name being mentioned, he makes note of Bishop, Forge, and Kitty. He’ll have to do some homework on who they are and what they can do. “Maybe we can get some of the Avengers lady in it too.” He starts to think of his teammates and then shakes his head.

Iceman nods at the comment about the danger room, "Yup, that room can create anything. Too bad that generally it's "anything that can make a concerted effort to kill us." He shrugs, , and his attention goes back to the more interesting part of the conversation, "You know, the only problem with this convesrsation... is how many of the women involved can literally read our minds." He shakes his head sadly.

Grinning just the same, Kurt nods. "Either they don't mind this ponderance, or they'll slap you all later." He discludes himself from any slapping. "I guess, they already know whats on most of your minds already, they have no desire to ponder what we're talking about now. They're thinking of serious things you know, like putting us on a calendar, but they're so far ahead of us, they've figured out how to make a profit off of it already while were stuck on bikinis."

Alex states something which could seem random, but fits his personal disposition, "I'm just glad that Betsy and Liz are off in England and not here. Cause they're the worst when it came to casually reading minds."

“Well, thankfully other than Moondragon popping up every now and then, we got no telepaths on the Avengers, so we are a bit more free to think what we like.” BIll grins wickedly at one thought and then continues, “So you all teach here too or just hang out and save the world every now and then?”

"Speaking for myself, just hang out," says Kurt, "Teaching would just take time away from hanging out, drinking beer, and spending time with the ladies." Then he looks innnocently, "Why's that, you up hear teaching for the Avengers?"

Alex has a hell no look on his face when asked if he's a teacher, but he lets Kurt do the driving with the conversation. Alex sits quietly and will just listen.

“Teaching’s a bit of a stretch. Just helping out. Mockingbird, Scarlet Witch, and I are up here helping out with what we can. I don’t teach, but I worked with Mercury. Good kid. She can do what I can do, but better with her liquid metal thing.” He laughs when he catches Alex’s expression not needing to be a telepath to read it. “I kinda feel the same way.”

"So, basically," ponders Kurt, "This mix-match school teaching thing ... Its more like the Avenger's are watching what happens up here, then you'll go back and recreate it or something? I thought the idea was joint school, but I don't read all the e-mails on this."

Curious about the re-creation idea, Alex asks, "Recreate?" just in a casual curious tone, not knowing what they're talking about.

“Nah, it’s a joint school. You guys really run it and we help out. No need to copy something that works. I met some of your students and some of them fought by my side when Ultron went nutso on the world with robots. You, guys, do work with these kids. Just thought it would be good to open it up to non-mutants.” Sandman adds in response, “You or those who teach are the educators. Shit, I didn’t make it through school, so I leave that stuff in yer hands.”

Pondering just that, Kurt doesn't really know what went into the allowing non-mutants into the school. "I guess, but the school is based on mutant abilities and, its grounded in learning control of those abilities. I mean, I don't think we have rocket powered armor class, or super science shrinking classes or something. I guess in the case of mutates, it would be good to help some learn how to control their new powers, but we don't have the science genius gone wild classes to help self-powered individuals with high tech I don't think."

Alex smirks as Kurt puts it into perspective. He thinks he wants to add something, but chooses not to. There's no reason to clutter up the conversation.

"Well, yeah. So I guess Iron Man or Pym will be down here for that. I get the whole mutants need teaching with their powers and stuff, but so do the non-mutants. They may not be born with their powers, but they still deserve to be taught too." Sandman shrugs, "They can't be like me and self-taught." He grins and then asks, "So what's the difference between X-Men and X-Factor? You guys get all the publicity, but the X-Men do all the work or what? Or you do all the non-mutant stuff and they fight like Magneto and stuff?"

Alex notes with a hint of aggrivated disappointment, "See, this is the sort of BS that I was talking about months ago. The Avengers get all the credit, everyone knows who they are. And even though we live in a huge sky scraper slash space ship in the middle of Mutant Town, that we've saved the world a few times, kicked robot and shadow demon ass, and were even government backed with commercials, and advertisements in the media - X-Factor is still unknown, even to the Avengers. Son of a bitch..."

Kurt is about to continue with the school premise stuff, the difference between teaching co-existence by helping mutants unable to control dangerous powers control them as opposed to teaching non-mutants how to acquire and then utilize great powers doesn't quite go hand in hand. Instead he nods to Alex, "Its cause we're mutants. But at least they acknowledge we can train people to use powers.

Shrugging his shoulders, “Don’t base the Avengers idea of you on me. I don’t know too many in the hero world of mutants. But, dude, we are the Avengers. I mean come on.” Sandman smirks, “But I am sure you do good work too. I have heard of you guys. I just don’t pay too much attention and stuff. And heck, aren’t we in this to help people and not to be famous? Plus what you do is really important helping all these kids and stuff. It’s like you guys are nerds who are all smart and help people. the Avengers are the popular kids who get more famous, but you know. . .you are cool too. I mean, I know who Cyclops is. I heard he was the one who nailed the shot that took down Ultron. It wasn’t Thor or Captain America or Iron Man. It was Cyclops. He’s your brother, right? So it’s gotta be cool being related to him,”

Standing sharply, Alex looks irritated and states with a sarcastic tone, "OH yeah, it's as much fun as Disneyworld.". He then tosses his bottle into the trash while walking by and states, "I need another beer." thus departing the conversation.

Kurt was ready to grab Alex's shoulder to prevent any unwarranted FOOM'ing action. At the point of jawdropping, he's perhaps thankful that Alex didn't do anything. Instead the blue elf shakes his head as he regains his senses. "Either that's overly sarcastic or completely ignorant. Either case, I don't think its wise to enter another's house and insult them. If we look at the profiles, its actually the Avengers who have more nerds on the roster. Brilliant scientists, world famous engineers, that sort of thing. Popular kids is a default, perhaps you don't understand the mutant condition. If it helps, what you're saying to us as mutants, this is akin to going to the projects and saying 'Well, its evident the white kids are cool when all the african-american kids choose to live in a dumps like this, no one would want to come to such a house.'

Blinking at Alex’s reaction and at Kurt’s response, “I didn’t mean anything by it. It just seems he wants to be famous and stuff.” Bill shrugs, “I mean no insult or anything. Like I said you guys are good and stuff. I mean I mean Beast. He’s cool and he started out as one of you guys on the X-Men.” He offers an apologetic and ignorant smile as he really does not see the harm in what he said, “And I guess you are right. We do have a lot of brilliant and world famous people on our team.” He shows agreement with Kurt, “But yeah. I meant no harm. Should I go to apologize or just let him blow it off?”

Shaking his head, Kurt says, "Just let him blow it off. Its not about popularity, its about recognition. It makes it difficult to do our job when were looked at the trouble causing mutants even after we help save the world. I mean, I wasn't there for Ultron, I was too busy severing Red Ronin's head in DC. But, when I show up to help someone, I'm just a freaky blue devil that puts people off. Also, the popular kid versus nerd comment, I don't think that's a good analogy. A lot of these kids were popular in school until their powers manifested and it became known they were mutants. Not really a choice in the matter for them, they were shunned because of their genetics."

Understanding a bit more of what was implied by what he said, Sandman scratches the back of his head like a little kid. Grains of sand fall onto the patio floor, “Yeah, I get it. I’m really sorry. Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth. My bad, Kurt.” Sandman looks truly by what he said.

"As you say here, no harm no foul," grins Kurt then. "Just that, if the school is to take on non-mutants, I imagine the non-mutant peers should understand the mutant condition, it will help with the transition. That and I'm still curious how this is justified, but its not a question for here and now and when I really think about it, I don't care. I'm not faculty, I'm just here to prank my old friends mostly. I should go find Kitty, I promised her we'd try some more chapsticks." As if that explains it, "Take care Bill, best of luck to you," he says, waving and bamfing into a cloud of purple smoke.

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