Jocasta Unleashed. . .

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Beta Ray Bill, Firestar, the Phantasm, Sandman, and Jocasta

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07/06/12 19:36

Upper East Side - New York

Jocasta, inexplicably appears and beats the crap out of Sandman. She is stopped by Beta Ray Bill with a lil assist from Phantasm and FIrestar

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All apparently is quiet and peaceful this Friday evening on the Upper East Side. A relatively quiet area surrounding the Avengers Mansion, only a few passers-by can be seen strolling around the gates of the mansion. The evening sky is dark aside from the light of the full moon and some street lamps. Quiet and Peaceful, indeed.

Silence Shattered.

A window explodes from the top floor of the mansion and the hardened pssamic form of Sandman is tossed from the shattered remnants of glass. The toss so strong that he lands beyond the gate and into the concrete sidewalk, spilling into a small dust cloud. From the window a form remains hidden by the dark sky.

Any Avengers in the area will suddenly hear an alarm go off on their Avengers ID Card receiving an immediate call from Jarvis, the Avengers manservant.

Recently Chelsea's been quiet whenever Phantasm's been out and so, he wandered outside of his usual turf to do a bit of observing. Just, hang outside the museum and get a bird's eye view of the latest going ons around the museum. With it being after hours, it seemed like it'd be a quiet night. Seemed. The loud crash from the direction of the Avenger's mansion is enough of a disruption as the bird tilts his head, looking in the direction of the commotion, "What the f-" Shaking his head, the bird hops off of his perch and starts to fly towards the mansion.

Bill was in the neighborhood, he had thought to see the Avengers again, to speak to them about the MGH case...what a surprise...trouble finds them. Alright, it isn't surprising. The alien warrior runs towards the spreading cloud of sand , his walking stick held tightly in his right hand...he does not yet call down the thunder.

The noise from the Avengers Mansion is enough to cause the few people are were nearby to flee and get the hell out of dodge.

Leaping from the window on the ground and hitting it hard is a large metallic female form, who is suddenly charging at an increased speed and smashes through the gates and straight towards the piles of sand on the ground outside and the alien running towards it, “Be gone. This is Avengers matter only!” The voice from the robot female sounds like a unearthly version of the Wasp’s as Jocasta makes her presence known, ready to slam into the sand.

As the raven comes close, the sight of the metalic woman trying to punch sand gives him a momentary bit of pause. Halting in flight, the bird literally stands in mid-air as he tries to make sense of the scene before Jocasta gives a good explanation. Avengers matters are very weird indeed. Giving a shrug, Phantasm starts flying again, still guaging just what the hell is going on and just what the hell Bill did this time to encourage the wrath of the crimson wave in metal form.

The words coming from the machine-woman are not what Bill expects from an Avenger. Pity, he doesn't know these two well enough to tell which is friend and which might be enemy by sight. Thor never did tell Bill about either Jocasta or Sandman.

He ignores the warning words and comes to a halt, standing off from the two combatants, his wooden walking stick whipping upwards in his right hand, "Speak! What transpires here?" he demands in a commanding voice that will not be ignored.

Firestar is not an Avenger, she's a New Warrior, but she happened to be flying nearby when the commotion drew her attention, flying in with a streak of flame, she just catches the exchange between the robotic woman and Sandman. Not well versed with Avengers politics, she descends closer and keeps an eye, not directly intervening, offering instead, "is my help needed here?"

The raven gets no attention just yet and while Bill’s voice commands attention, it does not warrant it from Jocasta as she continues her charge. For his part, Sandman is beginning to reform, a head and torso begin rising up, but Jocasta slams into it. Placing her hands on the pssamic shoulders, she rips the sand body in half, warranting a loud scream of anguish from Sandman. Two chunky blocks of sand in her hand, she tosses one large chunk up towards Firestar and the other towards Bill, “I warned you. . .This is Avengers business!”

Ok, even IF Baker probably started it, that's a bit much. Bird's eyes narrowing, Phantasm doesn't say anything as he silently but quickly adjusts his flight path with the intent of slamming full on into the back of Jocasta's legs, ideally where the knees would bend.

His hand turns, pointing the tip of the stick downwards, "Know who you face, machine-" his words are subsumed in a blast of thunder and flare of golden lightning as the stick's tip strikes the it clears, there stands a figure out of some strange fantasy...clad like an alien version of Thor with a terrible, monstrous head - "BETA RAY BILL!"

Firestar is taken back by Beta Ray Bill's sudden transformation, and decides for now to keep on the perimeter, able to jump in if she's needed. Looks like none of those involved cares to clue her in for the moment, but she'll have to assume this has something to do with someone wanting to attack the Avengers.

As the raven flies down, it aims for her leg joint and as it hits nothing happens. Jocasta simply ignores the attack as the melodramatic revelation of Beta Ray Bill draws her attention. The halves of Sandman that was tossed towards the alien Asgardian and towards Firestar seem to shift themselves and explode before hitting Beta and Firestar.

Sandman’s voice disembodied voice lets out a pained murmur as he attempts another chance at reassembling himself, it makes utterances as if trying to say something, but Jocasta’s attacks have left it difficult for the moment to speak.

Jocasta stands face to face with Beta Ray Bill and stares and examines the alien before her. In a cold robotic voice, “You appear as Thor, but you are not the god of Thunder. As I have warned. . .This is Avengers business.” Looking from Firestar and Beta Ray Bill, “Move aside!” The Avengers card that Beta Ray Bill was given starts to beep. Jarvis’ voice rings out, “Something is wrong with Jocasta. A former teammate.” The robot tilts her head, “You have a communicard!” Her eyes grow red and an almost sinister grin forms on her face. She fires off a beam at Beta Ray Bill. She makes no move against Firestar or Phantasm.

As the figure doesn't even move as the raven slams into the back of the legs, Phantasm doesn't go through her, but instead finds himself bouncing off. Rolling away like a feathered tumbleweed, he doesn't come to a stop for a few seconds. When he does, the talons stick up in the air before kicking out. Ugh. Arg. Likely not necessary but hey, the stuff of dreams.

The alien thunder god raises his golden hammer reflexively as the beams lance out, but it only partially successful in his defense, the call from Jarvis distracting him for a moment. Little matter...he is a child of the Burning Galaxy, he battled the Thunderer himself among the lava flows of Skartheim. The red beams lash against and past Stormbreaker, and where they strike his orange hide, the air protests, shimmering and boiling away around him, but doing no harm.

"An ally suborned." he notes over the sizzling air and cracking pavement, "That complicates matters, but I know something of the ways of sapient AIs. Is this a physical mechanism or purely software?" The terminology is a bit at odds with his demi-Asgardian look.

Firestar realizes she has happened across something bigger than what she thought it must be at first, having gods or would be gods involved, and as Jocasta put it, something that's strictly Avengers' Business, might make this seem like a dance she should sit out. "If you guys got some computer / robot problems, we have an expert with the New Warriors for just this sort of thing..." she offers without joining the battle yet.

As the beams are fired off, Jocasta continues, “Mutants, leave! I have no quarrel with either of you or your kind aside from those who are Avengers!” That statement is directed at Phantasm and Firestar. Her metallic nude body reflecting a bit in the street lamp light, “Then you are no concern of mine, alien.” Jocasta charges forward straight for Beta Ray Bill, “I have fought the likes of Thor and I shall toss you aside to get to the Avenger.” She looks as if she is about to run right through Bill to get to the other Bill.
For his part, he is starting to reform as he pulls more and more sand into his body that has been dispersed across the street, “Bill, she ain’t kiddin’. She’s fought the entire team to a standstill. She wants me. Stay outta this.” Sandman’s disembodied voice warns the alien Asgardian as he pulls the last bits of sand to form a full human shape.

There are little stars and birds circling around the raven's head as he sits up. Giving a shake, he shifts onto his talons again and looks over at Jocasta once more. Flicking out his wings, the bird flies towards Jocasta once more, focusing on making it towards her once more. "Let's try this again..." Phantasm's approach, although quick, is not quite ramming speed, nor does it look like he's planning to slam into her this time.

Flying a bit closer to Jocasta, Firestar asks with a firm tone, "I don't want to get involved in Avengers affairs, but it doesn't look like you've come here with good intentions. What is going on? Maybe we can talk it over...?"

While charging towards Beta Ray Bill, She leaps over him and slams down into Sandman who once again disperses as she ignores Bill and Phantasm leaving herself open to whatever Phantasm plans on doing. With yet another sand cloud forming around her from flecks of sand from Sandman’s body. Jocasta speaks out to Firestar, “Firestar, there will not be much time for talking. It’s the Avengers now, but be sure. . .The New Warriors have something coming their way as well.”

Bill turns, his cape sweeping out in an arc behind him as Jocasta simply avoids him. "Very well..." he says grimly, "I must try to end this quickly. You are powerful, machine, but metal-skinned, and thus-" he raises his golden hammer and it sparks to life, raw electricity lashing out in a triple-forked bolt towards Jocasta's back, "-vulnerable to electricity."

"I pray only that it it enough to stop you without damaging you." He's guessing here, he'll either be unable to overcome her shielding, or he'll just overtop it...he hasn't put nearly enough into it to fry her."

Without any interference from Jocasta as the bird approaches, and her likely going to be distracted with the electric storm a coming. Phantasm actually lands on her shoulder, giving a beakish smile, "Hi." He then promptly dives into the body and starts rifling around, and becoming tangible at points as he just works on tugging out what random stuff he can. They can always repair her later if they need to, right? If not... well, his bad. Oh it's good not having to worry about electrocution at times like this.

Firestar had no mind to really get involved in Avengers affairs while at least Bill seems to be there to handle this on their behalf, and if she recalls correctly, Sandman is with them for the time being. But then Jocasta goes and mentions something about the New Warriors, "wait up! Wait a moment! What's this about the New Warriors? What's going on? What's coming for us?"

As sand the sand cloud begins to become solid as Sandman attempts yet another try at reforming, Jocasta grabs onto the forming body and then gets struck by the thunder and lightning generated by Beta Ray Bill’s attack. She starts to laugh as the electricity courses through her, “It is happening. . .It has already started and the Avengers will be among the first to fall.” Sandman continues reforming despite the strength placed on his form from Jocasta. When Phantasm enters her form, she laughs, “If the Vision cannot harm me, Mutant, what chance do you have?” Her field forms around her body, but the electricity continues to pour through and finally her body overwhelmed with the multiple attacks simply shuts down. Sandman falls to the ground, in a human form but smoke emitting from his body as he seems burnt from the lightning of Beta Ray Bill’s attack.

As Jocasta falls down and quits moving, The raven's head pokes out of her stomach a la alien but with less gore, more feathers, and a sardonic laugh. "Enough of one it seems." The laugh continues a bit more before he turns, looking around to find Sandman. "Baker!" He hops out, gliding over to the charred Avenger.

Bill makes a soft, huffing sound after the battle proper has ended and strides over to where the Sandman lies, smoldering, "I had assumed your form would survive my assault relatively unscathed. Sand is a notoriously poor conductor, only the points of contact should be damaged at all." he croushes down slightly, one hand resting on Jocasta's shoulder while he looks to Baker, "Are you alright?"

Firestar comes to land besides the defeated Jocasta, not looking too pleased, but also looking very concerned, "she was about to say there's a threat to the New Warriors as well, any idea what she was talking about?"

Jarvis and the Avengers Ground crew are already on the scene as Jocasta is being taken into the mansion, but placed in an area to avoid what happened last time she was held at the mansion. And some move to attend to Sandman. As Sandman is helped by the crew, he nods to Bill, “Yeah, I am.” Jarvis stands by Bill, “Excuse me, Master Beta, I need to report what has happened to the Avengers.” With that, Jarvis attends to his duties.

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