Jocasta Aftermath

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Jocasta Aftermath

Beta Ray Bill, Firestar, and Phantasm

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07/06/12 20:00

Upper East Side

As the Avengers ground crew takes care of stuff, Beta Ray, Firestar, and Phantasm chat.

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-----==[ Upper East Side - New York ]==---------------------------------------

The Upper East Side is one of the most expensive residential areas in the entire United States. Here you will find high rise apartments, overpriced high rise condos and the occasional mansion - though most are no longer private residences, occupied instead by exclusive clubs for the immensely wealthy, or embassies such as Latveria's taking advantage of the proximity to the UN. The businesses in the area are suited to that clientele - elite boutiques, expensive restaurants, art galleries, and so on. Most buildings in the area reach 20 to 40 floors, and the more expensive boast views of Central Park or of the river. Limousines are regularly seen among the taxis that crowd the streets - as, closer to the park, are horse-drawn carriages.


As the ground crew kicks in, doing their clean up and ushering Sandman off to do whatever it is they need to do to calm things down, the raven shakes his birdy head, glancing about before he looks over to Beta Ray Bill and Firestar. "If it's not one thing, it's something else entirely." Phantasm comments, strutting over to come somewhat conversationally near them. The beak upturns in acknowledgement of the two.

Approaching Beta Ray Bill and Phantasm, Firestar shrugs, "so...I take it nobody knows what she meant by the threat to the New Warriors? We're kinda interested in that..."

Bill's equine death's-head turns down towards the talking bird with quite the lack of surprise, "I am afraid not..." his jaw curles up near the back in his equivalent of a smile, "You remind me rather of another few birds I have met. I am Beta Ray Bill."

The bird turns his head giving a shrug, "Nope. No clue what she meant." As Bill makes his own observation, the beak snaps shut. Head shaking as he turns around seemingly biting back an immediate response that likely consisted of some obscenities before Phantasm glances back to Bill. "Yeah. Uh, I've heard something similar to that before." A wing reaches up to rub the back of his head as the next part comes out a bit quick, quite possibly a bit practiced sounding in nature, "But to be clear, my name doesn't end in 'inn' nor is it 'Messenger'. It's Phantasm. I get the raven thing. But it's JUST a coincidence."

Looking from Bill to Phantasm, Firestar rubs the back of her head, "well, I guess that's that, any idea what was wrong with the robot lady? I'm not sure I follow what just happened, sorry I didn't get involved, I didn't know who was in the right and who was in the wrong."

"Understandable, young lady." Bill says gallantly, turning to address Firestar, "I was also unable to tell until the she attacked bystanders who were no threat. Poor behavior for an Avenger, but understandable in light of her systems apparently being compromised." he then adds, "I am afraid I do not know you either, my contact with the champions of Earth came at a time of great strife and introductions were deemed unimportant."

"Yeah, I kind of held back too considering Baker has a tendency to say the wrong things." Phantasm admits, glancing down a bit as he ruffles his feathers, "But when she was actively trying to rip him in half, that's kind of a bit beyond the 'maybe it's a simple argument' possibility." He pauses, eyes fixated to a spot away from the other two before he starts to shift, growing larger. Considering he's starting from the size of a 2 foot tall bird, he's not outgrowing anyone just yet.

"So you think that the robot woman has been hacked?" Firestar asks Bill, before turning to look at Phantasm, "if you guys want help, Telemetry with the New Warriors is an expert with computers, machines and the likes. I bet she can help you find the source of all of this."

"It is likely, considering what their manservant, Jarvis, stated." Bill replies, "It is also not unlike the many foes of these stalwarts to strike at them in such a fashion." He asks, curiously, "I assume they are familiar with these 'New Warriors'?" then adds, with what seems to be genuine approval "A fine name, I think."

Upon the bird getting to around the three and a half foot range, the plumpness of the body collapses inwards, the talons fuse and darken, and the feathers shift, becoming purplish feather no more but reminscent of black cloth as a hooded figure takes the place of the bird. The growth in height stops just under six foot. Devoid of any recognizeable features, fixated shadow exists underneath the hood instead as Phantasm stretches his arms unecessarily. "You got any robots working with you?"

Firestar shakes her head, "We're not working with any robots, well, there was the Super-Adaptoid, that Telemetry brought back to commission, but I do believe he's with the Avengers..." smiling faintly at Bill, Firestar nods, "I am a New Warrior, there's also Night Thrasher, Telemetry, Darklight, Yishi, and others."

Bill nods to the young redhead, taking the names in, filing them away in case he may need them later, "The threats the machine made, they specifically referenced you and your team, as well as the Avengers. It is likely that she was only the first, then, and some foe of both is behind this...perhaps..." he considers, glancing skyward for a moment, "No. I am sure they do not require my or my ship's aid in this, much as she would be eager to volunteer. But perhaps I should have her link up with the Avengers' systems later, to see what they have gleaned."

He doesn't seem surprised or weirded out by Phantasm's shape-changing, "I hope I did not damger her too much, but it seemed the quickest way to end this." he does add to the hooded figure, "I see you weathered it as well as I surmised, considering your intangibility."

"I am sure my team would like to get more information, do you think something can be worked out for Telemetry to have a look at the downed robot? It is really important we work together," Firestar says, trying not to sound too demanding, but she is very much concerned for her teammates.

The arms lower as the hood turns, looking over to Beta Ray, "It's a perk of not having an actual body when out like this." The head nods, "At least we didn't have any guns go off this time. Although, Baker's probably feeling a bit toasty right now." He looks over to Firestar as she asks the question and then looks back to Beta Ray, waiting to see his response.

"A most unusual power. One I had ne'er encountered before...although Thor did speak of one called 'Quicksand' who gave him some trouble a time or two. Thus I figured he would weather the storm well enough." Bill notes evenly, "If you know him, do convey my apologies to him, in any case." To Firestar he says, "It is my understanding that the robot is a former Avenger herself. They may be...protective of her. Though I am certain should you ask, they would convey what they learn, considering you and yours were directly threatened."

He pauses, then adds, "You must understand, I have only recently begun working with that august group and am not a member, though the offer was extended. I am...considering it."

Firestar looks a bit stressed as she nods at Bill, "fine, I'll talk to Night Thrasher, I'm sure he can reason with the Avengers...thank you guys for helping me understand all this. I should go."

"Never encountered before?" Phantasm repeats, tone of voice a bit skeptical. Shaking his head, he looks over to Firestar, lifting a hand up in a bit of a wave, "See you around."

Bill hmmms softly at Phantasm's question, "Ah...I correct myself. I -had- met that individual, in passing, though I was far more occupied with Loki at the time."

Beta Ray's excuse is rewarded with a nod from Phantasm, "Well, in that case it's understandable. Loki is a handful and then some." The hooded figure pauses, shaking his head, "Even when he's not actively trying to cause problems."

The Korbinite cyborg shrugs his massive shoulders, "Indeed." as Firestar departs he calls after her, "I hope you gain the answers you seek." thoughtfully, and more quietly he says, "At least there is this as well to occupy my efforts, hm?"

Firestar takes to the skies again, flying away in a streak of flame.

"New York is rarely boring." Phantasm murmurs back, starting to glance in the general direction of the museum. "Always something to keep an eye out for."

With that, Phantasm vanishes.

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