Job Interview

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Job Interview

Satana, Topaz

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Voodoo Lounge

Satana asks Topaz about a legit job

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Voodoo Lounge - Greenwich Village
One must descend a flight of black slate stairs flanked by walls papered in rock concert programs before discovering...
This is no ordinary urban mecca. This is no sports bar, no yuppie hipster watering hole. This... is the famed Voodoo Lounge. The lights are recessed into the wall, and of a golden hue, dimmed low enough that one can see where one is going, but still be able to consider the atmosphere intimate. People more than a dozen feet away will appear as mere shadows until one is right up on them. The walls are paneled in mahogany wood. The bar, that travels down the left side of the room is teak with a black marble top, polished to a fare-thee-well. Taps are visible just past the lip of the countertop. There's a recess in it so that a bartender can slide drinks to the waiting patrons. Behind the bar, the expected mirror -- this one beveled on the edges. Glasses and more elaborate drinkware hangs upside down from a wooden rack above.
The barstools appear to be leather and wood, but they are reinforced to handle patrons of superhuman size. The floor is carpeted in plush brown carpet, thick enough to sink into, though nothing seems to ever reach it if anything is spilled. There are cozy tables and booths clustered at the front and back of the room. A long, thickly stuffed leather sofa, also in brown, is along the entire front wall and side wall. A hidden moving light casts random shapes and sigils around the room in muted hues -- slowly enough so it's ambience-enhancing rather than disorienting. Potted palms flank the door and stand in the corners. There are hanging plants above the tables, leaves dripping lazily down toward the floor, but not enough to impede anyone there. Carefully hidden speakers pipe music into the room that varies from the contemporary to the exotic. There is no television behind the bar. The back wall has a floor-to-ceiling fountain that trickles away serenely. A few feet in front of the back wall is a modest stage, also set with small tables if there's no one performing.The entire vibe is like someone set a bar in a cozy little alcove in some exotic place far removed from New York City.

Just recently advertisements have been popping up in certain occult themed mags and papers. It was basically four words, "Staff Wanted: Voodoo Lounge." Since then applicants have come and gone, none deemed worthy enough of the bar owner for serious consideration, though some have come close, but after the liln attack, close isn't good enough.

Now: It's early afternoon, still an hour or so before the lounge opens for business, though the door is wide open, allowing a the cool autumn air to filter through the large below ground room. Several people have entered and quickly left, one apparently didn't even get to the bottom of the stairs before they were sent away.

It's a familiar face that slips into the Lounge, a redhead wearing black leather. Satana certainly knows the way, although her last time in the Lounge was quite a bit more exciting than this one. So far, at least. Rapping knuckles on the open door at the bottom of the stairs, she saunters in and looks around. "Helloooooo." she calls, peering about.

The lounge is empty of both custom and staff and is remarkably quiet. There is no music playing so the soft flow of water from the fountain is easily heard. Chairs are still upside down on tables, put there at closing time to make sweeping the floor much easier. There is little sign of the owner at first. The only evidence that she was recently around is a cup of what smells like chai tea, still steaming, sitting on the bar and a local paper, open to the entertainment section. "I'll be right up," a familiar accented voice calls from below, there is the briefest of pauses, "Satana." of course she would know who it was, her empathic abilities giving her the clue since to her no one feels exactly the same.

Satana sniffs briefly in the direction of the tea, then she pulls down a chair and settles on it. Backwards, with knees parted and hands resting upon the back. She grins at the recognition, but isn't surprised in the least. Stretching her legs out, she arches her back like a cat and then waits. Amusement lights her green eyes.

It's only a few moments later when Topaz comes up the stairs, carrying a crate of assorted bottle of alcohol.It is obvious its a bit heavy for her, but as she was the only one here, she has little choice in the matter if she wants to have the upstairs ready for opening. "Khush Aamdeed, priya." she says, which loosely translated is Welcome dear. She has no qualms using terms of endearment, no matter the status of relationship. She gives a glance around the room quickly before giving her full attention to the woman.

Satana watches Topaz with the heavy crate, and slips off of the chair to approach. "Thanks." she replies. Leaning her butt against the table, she folds her arms beneath her bosom and asks. "You still looking for help around here, then? I was thinking about applying, if it's something we can work out between us."

The crate is hefted onto the bar with a grunt "Yes." Topaz says with an exhale of breath "After the liln attack my bouncer decided he wasn't cut out for the task." she gestures to the crate before the starts to unpack it "He also did my heavy lifting." a couple of the bottles are put away and in the process she pours a drink for Satana. She is the type of bartender that can pretty much quess with amazing accuracy what a person wants to drink at any given time. "By working out, you mean that you seek other forms of compensation besides the monetary?

Satana saunters over to the bar, giving Topaz a look that is somewhere between 'playful' and 'mischevious'. "I suppose that all depends. What'd you have in mind?" Picking up the glass of whiskey, she adds "I'm not a trained fighter, by any means. But I can take care of myself and keep order in the place. And I don't mind heavy lifting."

"Usually the presence of a bouncer is enough around here to prevent all but the major problems." in this case problem being a drunk beligerent SOB. "I use my other tricks for the larger ones." Topaz reaches for her tea and takes a sip. She has nothing against drinking and does when occasion warrants it, but not right before she opens for the day. "I can't assume that this latest attack on the bar will be the last. And I can't have my customers being dismembered on a regular basis..." another sip of tea is taken as she pauses for thought "As for what I can give you in return." she reaches out to take Satana's hand "My power is your power," her eyes begin to glow faintly as a mental link is activated and briefly a magical one, which gives an indication of her familiar like abilities, "If you should ever need it just think /at/ me and it is yours." the glow then fades and she pulls her hand away.

Satana doesn't pull away from the contact, but her breath catches and she shivers with the rush. Holding the glass poised just shy of her lips, the redhead's eyes slip color to fully red and her nostrils twitch like a drug addict who's just taken a hit. And when the contact fades, she offers a silky smile and even makes a small -purring- sound. Leaning in, she kisses Topaz lightly on the cheek. "Thanks. I'll keep the assholes in line and the collateral damage to a minimum, then." Jerking her head towards the stairs, she asks. "Got anymore crates you need brought up?"

Topaz smiles at the reaction she has caused, her hand lifting to the kissed cheek "Hopefully you will not have cause to need it, but with what is coming our way, I am not holding on to that hope tightly." the question asked leads to a nod "Yes, there are two more crates at the bottom of the stairs." strange that she doesn't just use her TK to bring them up, but then again, it's using magic power for manual labor like that, that leads to portly mages.

Satana just nods to that, quaffing her scotch and turning towards the stairs. "I'll be right back, then." she replies. There's a strut to her walk, but she makes it look quite natural. A few moments later she's walking up the stairs with a crate balanced on the crook of each arm. Muscles ripple along her bare arms, but the weight doesn't seem to bother her in the slightest. Setting one and then the other carefully onto the bar, she refills her glass. "So, then. Bouncing and heavy lifting. Anything else, or should we discuss wages? Since you can probably guess where I came from, I don't have a lot. Then again, I'm crashing at my brother's place so I really don't -need- a lot."

Topaz nods at Satana's discourse as she begins to unpack the next crate "My previous bouncer was paid $350 a night, cash, under the table. He had a day job, so just wanted a bit of extra income. I can pay you that way, or a percentage of the night's profits. Which depending on the crowd could be virtually nil one evening or quite a lot the next." she gives a shrug and leaves it up to the woman on how she wants her wages to go.

Satana helps with the unpacking while she considers. "Well like I said, my needs are pretty simple. I'll take the percentage, I guess. It's the gambler in me. Also gives me an incentive to keep the place customer-friendly." Giving her new boss a looking-over, she asks. "So how'd you ever end up with this place, Topaz?"

"You have seen what I am, what I can do for both demon kind and any true magiker." a sigh comes from Topaz, My previous lifestyle brought me to the attention of powerful demons and magikers alike. I've been used, abused and broken by there powerful creatures. I'm finally whole again, but no longer wish to draw attention to myself." she puts bottles on shelves as she explains "The owner of this place was selling and I needed a change of lifestyle and quieter one. So I bought it, remodeled, changed the name.

The redhead hands bottles over while Topaz talks and puts them away. Satana nods in understanding, and then offers. "I've spent some time doing unpleasant things for other people, myself. So I can relate." Giving a pause, she tilts her head and asks. "Does Daimon know about your... party trick?"

Taking a pair of bottles, Topaz stops shelving for a moment as she answers "I am unsure of what Hellstorm knows or does not know." a shrug goes along with the comment "Though given the last conversation I had with him I would not be surprised if he did. He certainly alluded to it.

Satana doesn't look especially pleased with this news, but she purses her lips and nods all the same. "He probably does, but either way he will not learn it from me." She pauses a moment, then clarifies. "My brother likes to wear a white hat, but his heart is gray at best." Of course she doesn't comment on her -own- moral compass.

"It is much the same with most humans I fear. Most often they mean well and have good intentions." Topaz finally puts the bottles in her hands on the shelf "There is a saying 'the path to hell is paved with good intentions." she puts a hand to her chest "And I include myself with that lot, as much I am do not like to admit it.

Satana laughs at that, leaning an elbow on the bar with a wry smile. "I've been to Hell, actually, and I didn't notice many good intentions along the way. No internet connection, either. I don't pretend to be pure of heart or even right of mind all the time, but you'll always know where you stand with me."

"I have as well," for Topaz though it wasn't a laughing matter as she wasn't there by choice "My route was a bit different than yours. You are right though, not a good intention to be found. Especially when it came to me."

With the bottles being put away, Satana starts taking down the chairs to prepare for incoming customers. "I think we'll get along just fine, Topaz." she offers, with a wry grin. "So let's talk any specific rules you want enforced, now. I can make some assumptions on my own, of course. No fighting. Keep guns and knives put away. No major summonings or blood sacrifices in the main room. The basic stuff."

The list is followed by a nods and chuckle from Topaz "Well given that most of my customers idea of magic is what they see on a stage in Las Vegas, that last bit shouldn't be happening very often." tossing the noew empty crates down the stairs she goes to the other side of the room and begins setting the chairs up "My staff is the exception, though they have no true gift for magik, though the other bartender is a practicing Wiccan.

Satana laughs at that, nodding as she helps to prep the room. "A Wiccan? I'll be gentle with him, then." she replies with a wink. "And if I do my job right, none of the customers will ever know what magic really goes on here." Glancing down the stairs, she adds. "That's a nice setup you have downstairs, by the way. I don't like to summon things unless I really have to, though; too many strings attached. But I'm also pretty good at keeping things away, if I have time to prepare."

"Yes, please don't laugh at him to his face. He's a good guy and doesn't bat an eyelash at some of the customers we get or stunts I have to pull." she leans against one of the chairs she pulls down "Plus he brings in the ladies, and without the ladies we can't get the guys." the bartender in question is quite attractive if you like the slightly gothy look.

Satana nods sagely, looking from Topaz to the empty bar with a thoughtful expression. "Duly noted, on both counts. I'll have to be -extra- nice to him, then. Well, without being -too- extra nice to him, I mean." The conversation continues, and the Voodoo Lounge is ready to open on time. With a leather-clad redhead as the new bouncer.

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