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Welcome to Xavier's Seth

Cyclops, Rogue, and Seth

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06/15/12 19:16

Mutant Diner - Mutant Town

Cyclops accepts Seth into the Xavier Institute and goes with Rogue to announce the news.

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Early Friday evening, most people are out and about, but oddly enough Mutant Town remains rather empty. Thus the perfect place for this meeting, Scott Summers and Rogue appear at the Mutant Diner where they had previously met with Seth. After some discussion with the other X-Men and faculty members, Scott has officially decided to accept Seth to the Xavier Institute. So he has arranged to meet with the lad to extend the offer. Dressed in all black, black shirt and black pants with a black jacket emblazoned with various X’s, Scott orders himself a cup of coffee.

Rogue got the call that Scott was offically inducting Seth in and came down to Mutant Town where he wasnted to meet, happy for Seth but wondering what Scott would do about his family. She changed her usual hoodie for her jacket and a long sleeved shirt as she comes into the diner and looks for Scott and heads over to him.

Not long after, Seth walks in, his mutation showing. At least here he can try to be himself. Casually, he looks around, scanning the patrons there, but in reality looking for Scott and Rogue. After spotting the two, he heads over to them.

Waving Rogue over, Scott smiles,”Thank you for meeting with me. You seem to be friendly with Seth so it might be nice for you to be here for us to officially accept him to the program.” When she joins them a mutant waitress a woman with a head made completely of water comes forward to take her order. When Seth enters, Scott gestures for him to join them as well.

Rogue nods and sits down "Thanks Scott, Seth is a good kid and Ah'm glad ya are accepting him into the school, what are we going to tell about his family though?" and places an order for some coffee.

Seth takes a seat at the table the two X-Men are sitting on, and he orders a cup of coffee, black, no sugar. "Hello, Scott... Rogue..." He leans against the chair to make himself more comfortable. "What's new?"

Sighing loudly at the question about Seth’s family, Scott genuinely feels bad about not being able to provide overt protection for them, unfortunately as vast as the resources are for the X-Men, some things are just out of their reach. When Seth joins them Scott nods, “Thanks for joining us, Seth. Please order whatever you want. It’s covered.” The mutant waitress with a head made completely of water nods and holds out her pad and pencil ready to take order from Seth as she writes Rogue’s order for coffee.

Rogue frowns slightly at the sigh before turning to Seth "Hey Seth, nothin' much new with me. How ya doin? How's Julie?"
Coffee already ordered, he thanks Scott. Then, he replies to Rogue. "Lil sis is okay, all things considered. She's been through a lot, y'know? I really didn't need for Loki to mess her up like the next time, even if it was something harmless in the end."

“Loki?” Scott furrows his brow, “You have encountered the Asgardian god?” Scott had heard rumblings of Loki’s presence in New York and the X-Men have encountered and defeated him multiple times, but he hopes an encounter is not soon coming. With that he hmmmns, “Well, Seth, I wanted to officially extend an offer to for you to Xavier Institute” He smiles.

Rogue turns to Scott "Yeah, he thought it would be funny to have a dinosaur made of popcorn attack him when he and his sister went out to the movies, all it did though scare the little girl and annoy us." She waits for what Seth has to say for saying anything else.

Seth nods some to Scott, "Yep. He's not exactly making himself scarce, which is kinda worrying." Then, he nods slowly some. "Okay, thanks, I guess... So, do I get a guided tour?", he asks.

“Yes, you do.” Scott smiles. The waitress brings their orders. Scott sips his coffee, “Danielle Moonstar gave you the pamphlet with the information. Someone will meet with your family and we shall work out the logistics. I also understand there is the issue of the Russian mob after your family.” Scott frowns a bit, “We cannot provide overt protection to your family. However, you have my word, should anything happen to your family. We will do all in your power to make sure they are of.”

Rogue nods "Yeah we will keep on ya family and if anything happens, they are certainly gonna regret ever hearing about ya family." she says as she tries to be convincing and supportive.

"I wonder if they don't already", Seth replies. "I may well be the reason why they didn't repeat the deed from last time; they're either licking their wounds, or bit more than they could chew when they faced me." He shrugs. "Pardon my bravado." He taps a finger on the table, showing he's thinking. "Whatever the case, it makes me think they're trying to feel the ground around me and my family", he explains.

“Well at the school you are protected. . .and as Rogue says we will do our best with your family.” Scott ahems and sips his coffee, “So the school has regular courses. You will get a regular education with regular high school courses. The only addition is there will also be courses regarding your mutant powers and training. We have a very unique room capable of dealing with any danger that could arouse.” Scott winks as he looks to Rogue. He remembers his first time in the Danger Room and how most of the X-men have handled it.

Rogue sips her coffee and groans slightly at Scott's bad joke "Yeah, ya will the same education ya getting now, but ya won't have worry about standing none, plus folks like Scott can show ya how to control those energy blasts ya got."

Seth nods in turn to what everyone says, sipping his coffee. "I do hope you can endure a little bit of sound every now and then, more especially on the weekends..." He chuckles a little, maybe the hint of loosening up a bit.

Smiling, Scott smirks, “We can definitely handle and endure that and much much more. So we will arrange to have your stuff brought to the Institute. You will have a room there that you will share with another student and your classes will begin right away. I understand it is summer soon, but still education is important. Also, you may or may not have noticed. . .but your teachers, myself, included will be made up primarily of the X-Men.”

One has to admit, Seth often looks like he's hard to surprise, but this time, he is. He doesn't know what to say for a few seconds.
"Well, I'm... I guess I'm... Okay, I dunno how I feel..." He sighs, and looks outside for a moment. "I guess I feel kinda like small, now... and lucky, too." He blinks a couple times in introspection. "Yes, I'm definetely lucky." He looks at Scott's jacket, and grins a bit. "Hey-hey! I see what you did there...!"

Rogue listens for a bit before speaking "We are also lucky to have ya at the school, but don't ya worry none, we will help fit right in, besides where else can ya say your teachers help save the world?" She smiles at the last part.

Continuing to have a smirk on his face, Scott was not completely sure how Seth would react. The X-Men despite their heroic deeds and numerous times they have saved the world and even the universe from destruction are still considered a terrorist group. “It can all be overwhelming, but you will do fine. She is right, we are lucky to have you as well.”

Seth hmms at the smirk. "It's true, though, the world doesn't know where to put you guys. But news can be... one-sided. It's a fact." He finishes his coffee. "But my dad, bless his soul, always told me to judge someone by watching their deeds first hand, and until then keep an open mind. No one is guilty until irrefutable evidence turn up. And so far..." He shakes his head. "Words in the wind." He changes subject. "Anyways, I'm in. What now?"

Rogue smiles at Seth accepts "Well Ah assume ya want to go home and tell ya family, and probably start doing some packing."

Nodding in agreement, Scott finishes his coffee. “Yes, that is correct. I, myself, should head back to the mansion. Seth, we will contact you for your move-in and arrange stuff for you.” With that Scott loosk to Rogue, “You two can finish up, here if you like.” With that he bows and makes his exit paying for the bill before he goes.

And I'll have to throw in an affordable place where they can live that's relatively close by...", Seth adds. "And the price of the therapy sessions..." He sighs. "Ah, decisions, decisions..."

Rogue sips her coffee as she listens "Don't worry none, we could help cover that. Sorry Ah couldn't tell about it earlier, but we gots to keep some secrets, ya understand right?"

And with that Scott heads out, but gestures for Rogue and Seth to follow him. Which they do and they all head to the Institute together.

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