It's Just A Stepping Disc To The Left

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Magik, Showstopper, Mercury

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01/01/13 15:45

Xavier Mansion

After one wrong jump left her at Daimon Hellstrom's Mansion, Magik gets closer on the next jump, actually winding up at the Girls' Dorm at Xavier Mansion. She meets Showstopper and Mercury.

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The game room isn't crowded today, with only two girls using the room. A silver-skinned, red-haired girl in shorts and a tee stands in front of the TV, watching her friend pick a song. The friend, a tanned, dark-haired girl in lavender athletic bra and briefs, and white socks, moves her hand, highlighting songs on the TV screen. Apparently the GameBox they're using has a motion sensor.

"Okay... I just hope you like the song," Chenda says to Cessily, stifling giggles as she cycles through the menu selections. "This one's catchy enough, and quick enough to keep us both awake." She closes her hands and nods to her friend. "Okay... here we go!"

Moments later, the sounds of Pat Benatar fill the room, and the fun begins!

Mercury smiles, "'Catchy'... as long it's not 'bubblegum-in-the-hair' kind of catchy, I think it's ok." she giggles softly as she rubs her hands together and gets in position to start. "Alright." she says, nodding, and when th emusic starts, she does her best to follow the instructions presented on the screen, but she fumbles around... half of the instructions.

It is about that moment when the song kicks in that an unlikely interloper barges into the game room in a rather unusual manner. A flash of light seeps into the room from a vertical cut in the air infront of the television screen, and then the light spreads into a round disc-like shape, before a young girl dressed in red mage robes steps outside and the disc disappears behind her as if it was never there. Aside from the fact she seemingly came out of nowhere, she's in perfect position to block the view of the game for both Richenda and Mercury. At first she ignores the two girls, looking around the room, musing to herself, "much closer, but not dere yet."

Chenda follows the first onscreen instruction... and blinks, her attempted dance move grinding to a halt as a light flashes in front of the TV! "Wha..?"

It doesn't stop there, either. The light traces down into a line, which then expands into a circle! And then someone steps out of it!

Chenda takes a startled step back. "Whoa... Where'd /you/ come from?!" she asks, quite understandably. It's not every day that someone appears out of thin air in the middle of your rec room!

Mercury's reactions are pretty much like Richenda's. She stops when the beam of light comes to life, and she takes a few cautious steps back when she notices SOMETHING is coming out of the beam of light. When it reforms into a girl... "Who are you?" she asks one of the must-ask questions when meeting someone in such a fashion. Richenda asked the other one.

"I come from Limbo, of course," Magik answers as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, not yet looking at Richenda or Mercury as she keeps studying the room, "Illyana," she answers Mercury's question, before musing to herself "dis room definitely looks different." Now she finally turns to look at the other girls, "Xavier Mansion? Girls Dorm? Mmmm....Rec Room?" If her assumption holds, then she really only needs a minor fine tune and she'd hit the right place.

"Where's that?" Chenda asks, not being a scholar of things magical. She blinks as the stranger not only seems to know where she is, but mentions the place. "Wait... you know the mansion? Yes, this is the Rec Room of the Girls' Dorm, um, Illyana... I guess it's kind of obvious," she finishes more quietly, blushing. "But why are you here?"

She looks uncertainly at Mercury. This has certainly been an eventful day, and it's not even late morning yet!

Mercury is not sure who this girl is. Actually, she does NOT know who this girl is, to go barging in uninvited and unannounced like that, "Your name don't ring any bells, and I don't know who you are, you can't come to the X-mansion like that without being invited or announced like that! You're invading!" she says, the girl ready to fight if needed be.

Magik looks at Richenda a bit incredulously, as if she was asking the most trivial of questions, before answering plainly, "why in Otherplace, of course." Looking surprised at Mercury, Magik tries, "chow about Magik? More familiar?" When Mercury responds aggressively, Magik just laughs dismissively and heads towards one of the bean bag chairs, crashing into it, clearly making herself right at home as she answers Richenda first, "I know it vell, dis iz vhere I vent to school. I shoult know!" Amused, Magik waves a finger in a 'no-no' gesture at Mercury, "you don't vant to pick a fight vith me, girl, besides, I'm pretty sure I'm velcome chere."

"Oh. But..." Chenda cuts herself off in mid-sentence, deciding not to ask where Otherplace is. She'd probably get an answer that's of just as much help as that last one.

She blinks at the name, then reaches over, catching Mercury's hands with her own. "Cess, wait... she's one of us. I've heard the name Magik from Kitty."

Mercury frowns "Never heard of it." she replies, and was about to advance toward Magik for being dismissed to lightly, when Richenda stops her. "Huh? You have?" she asks, blinking as she looks at Richenda, then frowns as she looks at Magik. "And how do we know it's the same person? She doesn't exactly look like someone trustworthy." she points out.

"Bingo!" Magik says to Richenda's mentioning of Kitty, "Girls Dorm Rec Room, I close enough, right?" Rolling her eyes, which might be a slight immature gesture for her apparent age, Magik leans back in her bean bag seat and makes herself more comfortable, the hood falling off her head revealing her gorgeous golden hair, as she yawns, "I never cheart of you either, that makes us even." Having made her point, Magik quips, "I already introduce myself, vhy be rude? I am Illyana Rasputin, vho are you?" Magik looks expectantly at the other girls.

"Cess, seriously, you can't just blast someone because they look untrustworthy. And she does look like Kitty said," Chenda replies, not letting go of Cess's hands. "Please, just calm down. Let's at least /talk/ to our guest. Or I can talk to her and you can watch. But no blasting 'til there's a reason!"

She glances over her shoulder. "I'm sorry. We've had one house blown out from under us, and that was just this year. I'm Richenda Gray... just Chenda is fine." She gives the lovely blonde woman a rather sheepish smile. "And yes, normally I wear more than this. This is Cessily. Sorry we didn't have a warmer welcome prepared, but you didn't call ahead."

Mercury makes no motion to attack Magik again, and she gently pulls her wrists free of Chenda's grip, "Well, what did you expect? She simply teleported in, no invitation, no announcement, and acted very 'high-and-mighty', like all the villains we see out there." she points out and looks at Magik. "My name is Cessily." she says, arching one eyebrow, being very wary of the spellcaster.

"You think I look untrustworthy now?" Magik snickers a little as if that was somehow funny, "you're really wound up tight, girl," she quips at Mercury before adding, "tell me chow you like me look, I make it better for you." Magik looks surprised to hear the Mansion has been destroyed, smacking her forehead, "again!? Vhat is wrong vith security chere? I thought Gambit do great jop upgradink system, no?" Illyana giggles at the proposition she may be bothered by Richenda's relatively state of undress, as she's essentially in her underwear, waving her hand dismissively, "I'm not one to say anythink, but don't try dis in ze boys dorm, you get in trouble." Looking from Richnda to Mercury, Magik kicks off her boots as she murmurs, "I never pother vith cheralds, I just come and go as I please." She looks directly at Mercury when she mentions how villain-like she behaved and smiles a surprisingly sinister smile, considering how friendly she generally is, "I seem like villain to you, Cessily? Dat's not a nice think to say about someone else. Besides, you don't expect a Queen to be humble, do you?"

"I know. I was here, too. But you've seen how Logan comes and goes. This really isn't any different," Chenda points out reasonably. "Come on, Cess, give her a chance. For me? Please?"

She turns her attention back to Magik "I never go into the Boys' Dorm. It's not allowed, and I get into enough trouble when I'm /not/ here. I'd rather not invite more at home," Chenda replies, with a grin for the scantily-dressed sorceress. Not that she can criticize, really. Magik might be essentially in her underwear, but the dark-haired waif is literally in hers. "But it's nice to meet you, Illyana." Now she can risk turning her back on Cessily, trusting the silver girl's own self-control, and she does, stepping over to offer her hand to Magik. "The house is kind of a long story. The security really was better, but it's not made to keep out giant robots."

Mercury looks at Richenda and was about to say something, when Magik interjects, and the metallic girl frowns, "You? A 'queen'? If you're a queen, I'm the elven ruler of the kingdom of Quel'Talas!" she says, glaring at Magik again, "The only 'queen'-like thing you have is the snobbish attitude!"

"Not allowet? Please..." Magik seems highly amused by the prospect of not being allowed near the boys dorms, "faculty is lucky I graduated, they couldn't chandle me." Magik perks up as 'Chenda relates what happened to the school and she sits up straight, shifting a bit to make the bean bag chair more comfy. "Sentinels?" She asks Richenda curiously, before looking over at Mercury, "you don't look much elven, but I give benefit of doubt. Can you show me kingdom of Quel'Talas? Because I can show you my kingdom," Illyana smiles maliciously at Mercury, looking as if she's just waiting for Cessily to walk into the trap of asking to be shown Illyana's kingdom.

"Sentinels." Chenda's voice is flat. "One of them almost killed me. If it hadn't been for Kurt, it would've. That was back this summer. But we did get a new house. Maybe that's why you popped up in the wrong place, coming back?"

She looks over at Cessily, then at Magik again. Brr, that smile... It's like centipedes wearing ice cubes are going up and down her back. "Cess, going to Limbo, in Otherplace, sounds like a distinctly bad idea. Totally."

Mercury's frown toward Magik does not lessen one bit. "Like I'm going to fall for that." she says, "And you better get moving. You don't belong here. You graduated, and you're not faculty, so get your fat ass out of here." she says, making shoo'ing motions.

Magik looks quite displeased to hear Richenda's affirmation that Sentinels destroyed the Mansion, the girl's nearly angelic features twist easily into a nefarious visage as Magik becomes furious at the news. "I'm in moot to truly torment someone deservink." Mercury just picked a perfectly wrong moment to get in Illyana's face, particularly with her choice of words. "Shlyukha!" Magik hisses at Mercury in Russian as an initial reaction, "vy zhirov!" Magik is no longer where she was, she disappeared in a flash of light much like the one through which she came. A second stepping disc appears right behind Mercury, as Magik steps out from behind her, she makes some weird motions in the air and speaks an archiac language, then grins venomously at Mercury, "maybe next time you think more before talkink trash." Then there's another flash of light and Magik is simply gone. While Mercury isn't going to feel any different, nor has any changes taken place, she'll soon find out from others reactions that something is wrong. Illyana decided to torment her with an illusion spell. The purpose of the spell is to make any who look at Mercury perceive her as being obese for the next 24 hours. Not being familiar with Mercury's nature, Magik is not yet familiar with her natural resistance to magic, and so doesn't even consider a chance of her spell to fail. She doesn't linger behind long enough to find out, she just casts her spell, and disappears in another flash of light.

Mercury was about to say more when the woman just curses in demon's tongue (at least she's sure that's what Magik did) and then the girl disappears, "Huh. That was easy. If I knew I only had to call her ass--" but then another flash of light behind her, "What the--?" and she turns around, just in time to be hit by Magik's spell. The spell, whichever it was, seems to simply not stick on Mercury, and the girl blinks softly. "What did she do?" she asks, after the woman has departed. Mercury blinks and looks at herself, then at Chenda, "Did she do anything?" she asks, as the metallic girl looks just like normal.

Chenda takes another involuntary step back. "I don't know what that word means, but I think it's something bad," she says uncertainly...

And then Mercury gets a surprise visit from Magik, from behind! With a yelp, Chenda points... and then Magik is gone!

Chenda lowers her hand, feeling sheepish. "I think she /tried/ to do something... but I don't see anything different. You look just like normal."

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