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Richenda Gray and Arachne

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Foyer - Avenger's Mansion

Richenda comes to the Avenger's residence to return something

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==[ Foyer - Avengers Mansion ]==

Now stepping inside the mansion you find yourself situated in the comfortable and roomy Foyer. This is the axis point of the Mansion and every place branches off from here. While this room is only a starting point of what is to come, the luxurious manner of its looks give the feel of elegance and the upper class. Truly this is a stately manor which the Avenger's reside in.

Around the side of the room several rather large coat racks stand tall along with several oil paintings adorning the walls of the room. The carpet laid out is a lush shag brown color and flows throughout the mansion. Also the high ceiling has a small number of lights hanging from it illuminating the area. Towards the back of the room a spiraling grand stair case ascends upwards to the second level.


Even if you're going to one of the fanciest schools in the country, the foyer of the Avengers Mansion still has the power to impress. Chenda Gray managed to keep from staring when the nice attendant guy let her in, but once he was gone she got up to look around a bit. Her sock-clad feet, bare of shoes since she rollerbladed here and had to leave the 'blades themselves outside, make little noise on the floor as she makes a slow round, looking over the oil paintings curiously. Feeling the bright purple bundle under her arm slip, she shifts it into a more secure position. With her hand-embroidered cargo jeans, longsleeved tee, and denim jacket, she looks almost as out of place here as a crash dummy walking through the door.

Having been informed of the young visitor and being releived of duty for the day to recover from injuries, Julia makes her way quickly to the foyer and down the stairs at the end of the large room. If clothing were any indication of belonging, she probably wouldn't either since she wears jeans, an Avenger's tee and canvas flats. She makes no effort to be silent but it just comes naturally to her "May I help you?" she asks the young lady as she approaches.

At the sound of the voice, Chenda quickly withdraws the finger she'd been using to oh-so-tentatively touch a small, strange-looking object on the mantle. Blushing, she turns to face the taller woman. How embarrassing; someone snuck up on her! "Oh, hi! I'm sorry to bother you... I just needed to return something I borrowed," she says, bowing her head politely. "Is She-Hulk home?"

Julia gives a shake of her head, her light auburn ponytail swinging with the movement "I'm sorry, but no. She was called away this morning to deal with a situation in Philadelphia." she glances at the package under the girl's arm and getures to it, "Is that it? I can put it in her quarters if you like." she smiles with reassurance.

"Oh... maybe that's for the best. I'd wanted to say hi, but we didn't really part company on the best terms," Chenda says, shaking her head. "Oh, yes, this is it. It's a sweatshirt I had to wear home from work once. I'd had a problem... oh, I shouldn't bore you with it. Here you go." She offers it to the redhead with a slightly embarrassed smile.

"If She-Hulk was involved I doubt it is anything but boring." Julia says with a grin as she takes the shirt. She sizes up Richenda then glances down at the shirt "This must have been a dress on you. A nice belt and the right accessories and you could have been stylin.

"Well, I did have a scarf to gather it in with, so it was 'til I got home," Chenda replies, smiling in response. "And the length was a good thing, considering the circumstances..."

She interrupts herself. "Manners, girl. Sorry, I should've introduced myself." She offers a callused hand. "Chenda Gray. Well, Richenda Gray, actually, but everybody drops the first part within a week, so I guess I'm saving you a little time," she says with good-natured self-deprecation.

Shaking the offered hand politely with her free hand, "Julia Carpenter." she replies "Richenda. An unsual name. Why would you want to shorten it? It's bold and strong. I can easily imagine some ancient queen who led armies of thousands to victory having a name like that.
Chenda giggles as she shakes the taller woman's hand. "It's a Spanish gypsy name. No queens, I'm afraid, but a lot of witches and dancers. And Chenda's easier to say." She has a strong grip for her size. "Great to meet you, Julia. Do you live here?"

Julia nods, "A lot of strong women in those classes to." she then goes on to answer the question, "Yes, for the moment. When I moved in it was a temporary thing, for the safety of my daughter during the Ultron robot situation." she gestures with a hand wave "I mean who wouldn't move in if it was offered?"

"It /is/ a lovely house," Chenda agrees, looking around the room again. "Kind of big, but that just means going to the bathroom'd be great exercise, right?" She grins and nods to Julia's mention of her daughter. "I don't blame you at all. Kind of makes me wish Jennifer'd invited me to live here when I was working for her."

A fair eyebrow arches upward at that information, "Interesting. What did you do for her? Legal assistant of some sort?" Julia knows very little of She-Hulk's work situation, only that she is/was an attorney of some sort.

Chenda giggles. "Nothing /that/ complicated, thank goodness. I'd be totally lost in the world of law. Actually, I was a wardrobe assistant. You'd be amazed how hard it is to find things that fit someone her size and still look good with green skin." She's actually blushing a little. Of all the jobs to have for a superheroine! Still, it was a paying job at the time...

Julia laughs as well "As would I." she nods at the employment explanation "I don't know. Sometimes it is hard for me to find things that look good with my skintone." it tends toward pale and with the strawberry blonde/light auburn (however you call it) it can cause complcations "I can very well imagine how it would be for her.

"You don't need an assistant, do you?" Chenda asks, stifling giggles. "I'd be happy to help. You'd definitely be easier than Jennifer. The only thing I worry about is her finding out I'm working for you." After all, she and the not-always-jolly green giantess didn't part on fantastic terms.

"If I were to ever need an assistant it would be for much more then picking out my wardrobe." her tone is almost of warning, "There would be reports to type up and file, errands to run a pre-teen to bab..." she starts to say babysit but decides against the word "supervise." she gives a shrug "As for Jennifer, I doubt she would mind one way or the other.

"Can't be any worse than trying to be a scholar," Chenda says optimistically. "So if you do ever need one, I hope you'll keep me in mind!" She looks at the sweatshirt. "Still, if you've got a pre-teen to supervise and raise, I'd better not take up any more of your time. Thank you so much for coming out to greet me. I was beginning to think the nice guy who opened the door'd forgotten me!"

She gives a nod of her head "I will call you first." Julia gestures to the door and begins to walk the young girl out, even opens the door for her "I will make sure Jennifer gets this." she holds up the shirt "It was nice to meet you Richenda, feel free to stop by anytime for a visit." once goodbyes are said she will close the door and go about the task of returning the peice of clothing.

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