It's Been a Slow Night

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Slow Night

Spider Man and Arachne

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Rooftops of Manhattan

Spider-Man and Arachne have had a slow evening, short conversation ensues.

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[Rooftops of Manhattan]

It's been a busy last few days, and for once things seem to finally be getting back to normal. The world is partially back on an even keel, there are no evil robots or creatures looking to destroy humanity at the moment, and for once a sweep of the city didn't turn up any petty crime for the Spectacular Spider-Man to pounce upon. It's almost as if the world's taking a breather.

So when the wallcrawler swings past the chrysler building, flipping into the air and dropping down into the chasms between skyscrapers, he has nothing to draw his attention save the rumbling in his belly.

"Ugh, so hungry." There's a twist in the air as he falls, webline darting out to snare his descent and shift it into a leisurely swing. He arcs up, twisting and turning, then lands with a light thip-thap upon the edge of a giant billboard that proclaims something positive about AXE body spray. "And dinner is like a million years away." He sighs and looks around, perhaps futilely, for a street vendor. Yet even should he lay eyes on one he checks the small place in his belt where he carries a few bills now and again and it's... surprise, empty.

Yes its a boring evening all around, Arachne wonders why she even bothered to don her costume and come out on patrol. She certainly could have come up with better things to do then wander around the crime free streets on a lovely but warm and humid night. Maybe its the humid weather keeping all the ne'er do wells off the street. Even they want to stay someplace cool.

The woman in question, sits on a balcony rail of a tall office building nearby, keeping cool via the AC draft that leaks out of the large french doors of some over paid CEO's posh office.

There's a glance to the side and across the way he catches sight of her. That black and white uniform giving him a momentary start since naturally his first association is Venom. But then Venom doesn't quite have the same silhouette, so the start is gone almost instantly.

A smirk slides over his features behind the mask, and then in the next instant he's off. There's a /thwip/, a twist, a swing, a launch into the air and a silent drop that has the young vigilante land behind the other. He lifts his voice and says loudly, "Ohmigod look out, Sentinel!"

It's only her near perfect balance, and the ability to cling to stuff that keeps Arachene from falling off the railing. As it is there is a gasp at the sudden yelling behind her, though thankfully she recognizes the voice so she doesn't react violently. "What did I do to deserve that?" she questions as she looks over her shoulder, a slight scowl crossing her face.

"You're a victim of boredom and a stunted development cycle that leads to immature pranks. Tragic really." Spider-Man hops over to perch there beside Arachne as he looks around the area, "Anything up today? Or things dead on this end too?" He balances there precisely on the balls of his feet, resting his arms on his knees and interlacing his fingers.

"Oh hey, by the bye, saw the thing in DC. Good work and all. That Red Ronin guy always gave me the willies. Totally knew it was going to go out of control some day."

Arachne shakes her head "Nothing, not even in Chinatown where it is rumoured some new gang from China is trying to take over the territory." she swings her feet, tapping her heels on the balcony railings "Oh thanks, though I can't take all the credit, team effort and all. I'm just glad it is over." she stares at the streets below "We have enough gangs and villians to deal with here on earth, I hate having to deal with cosmic ones.

"Yah, it's kinda why I keep up with the patrols." Spider-Man shifts his balance to one foot, then the other. It's clear he's antsy, clear he's looking for trouble but has nothing to take out his energy on at the moment. "It's too easy to get lost in the big picture world shattering craziness and miss out on the whole reason why we do this stuff." He gestures with one hand openly, towards the city as a whole as he murmurs. "S'why I dunno if I could ever be an Avenger. Unless it's something involving aliens, or monsters, or gods, you don't see them that often really."

"Maybe you don't." she lets an amused grin slip onto her face "But we have them coming and going in the Avenger's Mansion occasionally. Thor, Hercules..." she pauses "Well Hercules is more of a demi-god?" shrugs "So I suppose he counts." she doesn't mention any other gods/demi-gods/or former gods/etc she may or may not be seeing.

"What's really the difference between a god and a demi-god?" Spider-Man shifts back to a standing posture, his gaze distancing from behind those mirrored lenses. He tilts his head to the side, as if trying to hear a distant sound and failing. Nope, no twinge of spider-sense, not even a tickle.

He looks back towards Arachne and then adds, "They seem like okay guys mostly, just their families tend to cause a lot of trouble." He crinkles his nose a bit then drops back down.

She lifts a shoulder in a shrug at the question "Your guess is as good as mine. Parentage maybe. I think one parent is human for demigods...or goats or cows..or something." she takes a moment to ponder and shakes her head "Well giving them in benefit of the doubt an all, it's not like you can pick your family. I mean we all have some crazies hidden in the attic somewhere, that come out at the worst possible time and try to cause trouble.

"Very true," That having been said, Spider-Man shakes his head and gives Arachne a small wave. "In any case, off to finish the rounds. Try not to strain yourself what with all this strenuous activity." He drops off the side of the building, falling away quickly. There's a /thwip!/ and he's suddenly swinging again. "Ciao!"

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