Is It All You Imagined

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Rush, Wolfsbane and Mirage

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XF HQ --> Xavier's Mansion

Rush gets to visit Xavier's and meets Wolfsbane

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==[ Penthouse Level - X-Factor Tower/Ship ]==

Rush heads up to the X-Factor kitchen for a late breakfast. As usual he piles the calories on his plate, careful to balance protein and carbs in an athlete's mix. If the team's not careful he might clean out the kitchen one of these days. Once he's got his foor he sits and tries to puzzle his way into logging onto a laptop.

It's a few minutes later that the elevator swishes open with its customary ding and Dani strides out. She doesn't notice the breakfasting Andre right away, her focus being on fastening a watch around her wrist. She must be heading to the school soon as she is dressed in more professional attire as opposed to her team uniform or her usual casual clothing. As she passes through to the kitchen, her path taking her past the table, she sees the young man "Morning Andre.

"Morning," Rush returns, closing the laptop with what might be relief. It doesn't seem like he ever got logged in. He shovels down some more food and then watches Dani, taking in her clothes. Finally he ventures, "You headed to the Xavier's?"

"Yes, classes are back in session so most of my days will be spent there until the next break." Dani wanders into the kitchen and goes though the process of making a cup of coffee, "Now that you have been on your first official mission with X-Factor, what do you think?

Rush leans back in his seat, thinking about his answer. "It was so fast," he finally admits. "I mean, I knew it would be, just...I dunno, it was like everything was happening at once. Everybody was handling their own business, and before I knew it it was all over. I didn't even see half of those guys getting taken down." He peers at Dani for signs of how she's taking his description of the action.

Dani leans a hip against the counter near where the coffee pod machine thing sits and gives a nod at his thoughts "That comes from working and training together. You'll get there. Honestly though, it's usually more chaotic. That group was actually the good guys so we wanted to take them down fast and not so much hard.

"Huh." That's X-Factor taking it easy on someone? Rush wonders. But all he says is, "That's messed up. Good guys going bad. That kind of thing happen a lot?" He shakes his head. "And this time it was just temporary - something was controlling them, right?"

"Not to often no." Dani grabs her now full coffee mug and begins to add some sugar "Yes, the robot woman got some bad programming from somewhere and was somehow controlling the rest." she takes a sip of her coffee as she wanders over to the table "It's not the strangest thing we have had to deal with either.

Rush grins crookedly. "I bet." Growing serious once more, he finishes off his food. "If you're headed out to the school, maybe I could tag along?" He lowers his voice slightly. "I kinda want to check that place out."

Dani takes a moment of thought, then nods "That shouldn't be a problem." there is a glance at her watch "Class will have started by now, so you should be able to get a chance to look around without having to deal with the other students. At least until first period is over."

Rush stands up and puts his dishes away, then nods. "First, that takes me back." It takes him back about two years, but Rush doesn't mention that part. "How you get back and forth? SHIP-slide?"

"Not usually. There is a shuttle, not quite as fast, but it keeps school security happy, so the slide is used for emergencies." she gestures toward the elevator "It isn't from here though. We'll have to grab a cab or take the subway to the Upper East Side. It's at the Avenger's Mansion." she says it as if taking a visit to the Avenger's is an everyday occurance, like stopping by the corner store to get milk.

Rush's eyebrows go up, but after a bit he just nods. "Okay." He tries to play it cool. But fails. "You, uh...think they mind if I take pictures?"

A puzzled look comes to Dani's face for a moment "The Avenger's?" there is a shrug "We won't be going in, not this time at least. The shuttle entrance is in the basement of one the other buildings on the property. I can and probably should arrange a meeting. We don't often work with them, but on the occasions we do there usually isn't time for introductions.

Rush nods in understanding. "Got it. Sorry, just thought for a second...uh, my brother's a big fan." Then he looks around at the kitchen. "Okay, ready when you are." He pauses and then asks, "You think I should change too?"

"I'm sure that's all it was." Dani chuckles as she speaks, and is probably not buying that for a second. Giving Andre a once over, and assuming he isn't in sweats or pjs she gives a shrug "It's up to you. You will be a guest, no one is really going to mind you wearing jeans. You'll probably even fit in better

Rush picks up a jacket from where he had left it slung over the back of a couch, then straightens up his shirt before following Dani out.


==[ Grand Foyer - Xavier Mansion ]==

Manhattan traffic being what it is, the taxi ride to the Avenger's Mansion, walk through the grounds and journey through the outbuildings basement took longer then the actual shuttle ride to Xavier's.

The actual shuttles themselves have the latest in technology, but the security to get to them and the one person pod like shuttle themselves. They were designed to be able to fit comfortably people of all shapes and sizes, and to get thier passenger from point A to point B in minutes.

The shuttles let out in an underground statation and after a short elevator ride the immaculate grounds are accessed and it is another short walk to the front courtyard and into the main building.

Dani is pretty much silent, unless given specific instuctions, pointing out this or that feature or answering a question. She just lets Andre take it all in.

Rush watches everything at first, but seems to lose interest. After the futuristic alien environment that is SHIP, some of the surroundings here seem a touch ordinary. But once they get close he perks up a bit, peering out the windows to keep an eye out for any particularly interesting looking mutants.

With it being winter and classes in session, there are few people, students or other wise out and about. The grounds are surrounded by forest on two sides a lake on the third, obviously there is a road on the fourth, since the long driveway has to connect to something. There are possibly more buildings on the ground but the huge main mansion blocks a lot of the view.

Once the two are inside though its a different matter. They have arrived apparently at class change. Because of the largeness of the school, the students get more time than in public schools. Students ranging from 10 - 19, pass by in the way that only they can, noisly. A majority are perfectly normal looking, but occasionally a girl with aqua colored skin, or a boy with reptilian features, and other wide range of obvious mutations. "Oh, perfect timing."

Rush grins, looking around. He stands head and shoulders above most kids here, with the occasional exception of course. "This is awesome," he remarks, eyes drawn to the more outlandish looking. "Some of 'em are a little young, aren't they?" He follows one boy who can't be older than 10.

"The youngest student we have is 10. She is one of the few non-mutant students we have here. She and the other two are part of the Avenger's Academy. Two are children of active Avenger's and one is training to be an Avenger." she stays in place, waiting for the students to get to class before continuing with the tour. "We don't usually take students younger than 12 but in those cases and in cases of dangerous mutant gifts awakening early, we do make exceptions.

Rush listens thoughtfully, now focusing on a few of the more normal looking kids. Finally he shrugs. "So all these kids stay here? At the mansion?" His gaze shifts to take in the mansion and surroundings."

Despite that it's a school for mutants, teenagers will still be teenagers and act accordingly, though as soon as some see that Dani is around they go from acting up to behaving in seconds. Andre isn't the only one of course giving curious looks, he is getting a fair share. There will be much speculation at lunch about whether he is a new student or not.

It doesn't take long for everyone to find there classes and soom enough the foyer is empty.

Rush listens thoughtfully, now focusing on a few of the more normal looking kids. Finally he shrugs. "So all these kids stay here? At the mansion?" His gaze shifts to take in the mansion and surroundings.

"Yes," Dani answers "this is a boarding school. To some of the students this is the only home they know, to others it's just where they live to go to school and have a home somewhere else.

Rush looks around at the room once more, now that it's empty. "So how many kids would you say study here? Total?" He tries to peek down halls and through doors and windows to get a better idea for where they all went.

The Cheyenne might pick up on the presence of another in the mansion, someone that either was out of range before or suddenly 'showed up.' Indeed, that particular person is moving within the building, toward them.

After taking a moment to take a mental count, or remember the number from her large amounts of paperwork, Dani finally answers and she begins to pass through the foyer "We have about 35 students at the moment." she makes a gesture to indicate the groups that just went through "It seems like more when they are in one area. We also have the staff and former students who..." she pauses a moment and glances across the room to one of the hallways coming into the foyer "Speaking off former students....

Rush turns to follow Dani's gaze over to that hallway. Then he glances back at Dani to make sure he's looking the right way. Doesn't see anything there. "Hold it...'former' student?" He queries.

That person is getting closer, though not yet in view. Might be a few more seconds.

"Yes, former students or trainees in some cases, like myself and the rest of X-Factor. Like I said, to some this is the closest thing to a home and family some of the students ever have or had after manifesting thier powers. If a particular student has no place to go, we allow them to stay. Most become teachers to the new students or take on other responsibilties around the place." her gaze moves back and forth between Andre and the hallway, "Like Rahne here." she of course will time if perfectly and gesture appriopiately.

And that's when the one in question steps in, though she's not dressed like the students seen earlier. She's in costume, her transitional form - which is why she and Dani were aware of each other. Features skew more toward human than wolf, except for the telltale signs. "Hullo Dani. Who's yuir friend?"

Rush looks over at Wolfsbane, then gives Dani a quick look before answering the question. "I'm Andre. Andre Jefferson. I'm the newest member of X-Factor." He adds the last part after thinking about it. Then he gestures at Dani. "Dani's been giving me a tour of the school..."

"He joined the team a few weeks ago. The results of that ardous audition process." Dani replies after the young man introduces himself "This is Rahne, a former student too. We were both brought in as students at the same time. We were the second group Xavier brought in." she goes go ahead and finishs the introduction "Did you want to join us? In case I forget something?

"Nice tae meet ye, Andre," the wolfen mutant says, raising a hand in greeting before asking Dani, "What audition process? Is it something like ye're in if ye dinna want tae smack Alex a' least once?" She half-smiles but shakes her head. "For a few minutes, but I've got some training I need tae do soon. It's why I'm in muh costume."

Rush wrinkles his forehead, looking from Dani to Rahne a few times. "Uh...yeah, something like that. I guess." Then he shrugs it off. "Training? What kind of training - I thought you graduated already...?" He looks at Dani again. "Or you were a 'former' student." Then he falls silent, realizing the two aren't necessarily the same thing.

Dani chuckles at Rahne's comment her amusement obvious in the link they share, "More like if you did." she is silent a few moments at Rush's confusion as if trying to decide what to say, "She trains for the same reason we do. She's a former student and was in X-Factor for quite awhile. We tried to get her back," she gives the wolfgirl a playful nudge "But she went with the X-Men instead." she then spills the final secret "Xavier's is a school, but also home to the X-Men." Rush was bound to find out sooner or later..why not sooner and in a controlled fashion.

Wolfsbane hmfs at the mention of trying to get her back to X-Factor, but it may have more to do with Alex himself. She gives Dani enough of a smile to suggest it's all in good humor but nothing's said about it except, "I felt like I belonged doing something else, an' when th' X-Men offer came it was hard tae turn it doon. Sometimes it's still hard tae believe, though. But..aye, I train for tha', tae keep muh skills sharp."

Rush purses his lips. "Huh. Never thought about it, but I guess the X-Men have to have a place to stay." He looks at Rahne, apparently in a new light. "So you go out and fight bad guys, protect mutants and stuff? But not publicly...?" He glances at Dani now to see if he's got it right.

"The X-Men were the first group of students Charles Xavier brought here, and many are still here in some capacity. Kurt and Kitty were part of the group, they can give you more details about that if you ask." Dani doesn't presume to answer the question meant for Rahne, just says her bit and lets Rahne do her own talking.

"We do what we can," Wolfsbane answers, fingers rubbing behind one of her pointed ears. "But we're na verra public about it. I like it better tha' way compared tae how X-Factor's been. We're just trying tae make things safer for everybody without drawing a bunch o' attention tae ourselves."

Rush chuckles. "Nothing wrong with a little attention," he notes. Then he looks around. "But I guess you guys got plenty of secrets to keep." He seems to think of something. "You know, one thing I was asking about is if the X-Men have any...I dunno, film of mutants and villains and heroes. Something that shows them in action, or like bios." He shrugs. "I've only been on one mission with X-Factor, but there's so many names and powers I never heard of before."

"In action, out in public, just what has been captured by the news and witnesses. There are plenty of training session videos though that you will be able to access once Bishop adds you to the system." she begins to lead the way through the foyer and to where the access to the lower levels are, also the route that Rahne would be taking to get to the danger room, "Most of the above ground is pretty standard stuff." she explains "We'll start in the sub-basement, where the training rooms and such are."

Wolfsbane confirms, "There's a lot we have tae be careful tae safeguard." As she walks along with them, barefoot, she continues, "We have things we can study, which is verra important for knowing what tae expect if we go up against someone. It puts someone a' a disadvantage if they dinna know how tae attack someone like Sinister." However, she has to excuse herself moments later with the excuse of needing to get over to her training session, noting to Dani that she'd understand the importance of the times reserved.

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