Ironing Out the Past

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Psylocke & Havok

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12/04/12 08:00

X-Factor Tower, Havok's Office

Psylocke comes by and talks with Havok about the past.

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-----==[ Lobby - X-Factor Tower/Ship ]==--------------------------------------

Rising magestically into the sky, X-Factor Tower is an eye-catching skyscraper. Dominating the area around it, it is seemingly made of nothing but glass, reflecting the surrounding landscape with surprising clarity. The lobby of the building is positively immense, boasting a five-story waterfall. At the base of the waterfall is a clear pool filled with fish of every hue, their colors dazzling the eye. Near the front doors is a very large, semi-circular mahogany security desk, usually staffed by four holographic/hard light guards watching over monitors that are tied to cameras on every floor. The floor is seemingly made out of one large piece of marble, light in color with veins of violet and emerald running through it.

Elevators line the wall opposite the front doors, leading to almost every floor. Near the elevators on each floor is a receptionist's desk, where the holographic/hard light employees on duty are very helpful and polite and fields questions, though almost all have been 'trained' to be very firm and check to make sure that no one from the media goes where they aren't supposed to be.

The lobby also offers doors to various offices, a security hub, and public restrooms.

The X-Factor Tower is the same structure that dominated Midtown several years ago when the original X-Factor claimed the Celestial Ship (AKA: Ship) as their own. Now, the Celestial Ship has returned to once again take the role of X-Factor's Headquarters.

The building/ship is 1,880 feet in length by 630 feet across, and contains multiple levels, access ways, and portals. 900 feet of its length is burried into the ground and the ship now rises approximately 1000 feet into the sky. The ship reconfigured itself to match the needs of the team and offers many levels and areas. The external structure is mostly metallic with various window accents and the top 10 floors are dominated by a large X on two of the four sides. The top floor appears as transparent metal.

OOC NOTE: If you are not a mutant, force walls prevent your entry. This cannot be overridden.


Psylocke learned of the status of X-Factor and Havok many months before her return to the States. Now that she's on this side of the Pond, she has the opportunity to meet with him face to face and see the expansive SHIP.

Passing through Mutant Town to get to the location, she will have noticed the area has grown up with many of her kind and will easily detect those with psychic abilities as they are uncontrolled and often reach out unwillingly. That all passes when she steps inside X-Factor Tower/SHIP and is greeted by a HoloReceptionist (hologram) that states, "Welcome Psylocke. Welcome to X-Factor Tower. So good of you to come. Who shall I ring and inform of your presence?"

Dressed casually for the cold weather, Betsy makes her way through Mutant Town, glancing around curiously as she moves, but keeps to herself for the most part aside from a smile here and there. She pauses outside the Tower to look upwards momentarily before making her way inside, a light laugh escaping her as she's greeted by a hologram, "Havok, please, if he's in."

"Of course." Says the HoloReceptionist. She then steps out from behind the counter and says, "Please, follow me. I will show you to his office where you can wait." - She will then guide Psylocke to Havok's office, which is within the office suite areas just off the reception area.

Nodding, Betsy turns to follow the holographic woman with an amused smile, low-heeled boots tapping against the floor with each step, "Thank you." She pauses at the door to Havok's office and comments, "I'll try not to break anything while I wait."

-----==[ Havok's Office - X-Factor Tower/Ship ]==-----------------------------

As one enters the room, one can't help but notice the warmth and airyness of the office. A large, mahogany desk dominates in the center. The wood polished to a ruddy glow. Behind it is a large, ceiling to floor window that looks out onto the island. On the wood panneled walls are various modern paintings that add to the homey feeling of the office. It is a spacious room that has two comfortable leather chairs that sit in front of the desk. On the desk is a small lap top computer, files, inkwells, and many writing utensils. A vase made of green glass rests on the desk; pale gardenias rest there spreading their luminous aroma through out the room. There is a large bookshelf to the left that is filled with books and to the left is a glass table. On the table is a jug of ice cold water and a few glasses. Seperate from the jug are various pictures of people not normally known by anyone who may visit these halls. The floor is made of shiny hard wood and there is a thick, plush creamy rug in the center, a good place to warm the cold feet.


"Of course, Psylocke." the holographic woman states before departing and pulling the doors shut. The office is elegant, yet simple.

She only has to wait but 4 minutes before the right door is opened and Alex walks in. He seems disturbed, confused, of course he wonders why /she/ is here and tries not to flash back to Australia when he imagines the comparission of Psylocke tricking everyone into walking through the Seige Perilous to taking Lorna out of his life... damn, he thought of it, son of a bitch. He corrects his thinking with a low greeting, "Hi Betsy." is offered.

Betsy remains standing as she waits, idly glancing around the office and clasping her hands together before her. She turns towards the door when she hears it opening again. She wets her lips nervously as Havok steps into the room and inclines her head at his greeting, "It is good to see you, Alex. I hope this isn't a bad time."

After closing the door behind him, his left index finger scratches in front of his ear while glancing to the floor. Looking back up he asks in the same dry tone, "What can I do for you?" trying to get to the business at hand and disregard the niceties.

Taking a soft breath, Betsy lifts a hand to tuck a loose lock of hair behind an ear, "Nothing, really. But I am back in the states, and..I owe you an apology, or well. Apologies, quite possibly. I am sorry, Alex." She pauses briefly before continuing in her British accent, "And I know that doesn't mean much, but I needed to say it, and I wanted you to hear it."

Alex has been in and out of a realtionship with Lorna for ages. One week they're on, the next week they're off. He's used to it. But he's not used to losing her to a fellow teammate (unless it was Bobby who was a valid threat at one time), much less a girl teammate.

However, in this case, being that it's Betsy - someone he has known for years and figures there's more to the story than she lets on... he says with a regretful tone, "It's okay. I mean, we would have probably broken up again after a few weeks anyway."

Shaking her head a little, Betsy comments, "It's not okay. But, with the lingering affects of helping Siryn get over her problem, I suppose my inhibitions were..weaker than usual." She pauses, a small smile curving her lips briefly, "I would like to hope it'd take more than someone catching my eye for me to fracture a team like that. And then run off with them." She gives another shake of her head, "Lorna is doing better, but decided to stay in the UK for a while."

"Probably for the best, and thanks." Alex notes and then tries to elaborate. "I know, or rather the Professor implied, that there was more to the story than you all taking off like that... He said that there was something going on that Liz needed to help work out. So yeah, I'm okay..."

Nodding, Betsy smiles, "Probably, yes. And if you were wondering, I don't think the..affinity for women is a permanent thing. Though Lorna /is/ certainly pretty, isn't she? But, I'm sure you two will have your own chat when she decides to come home." A mischievous smile touches her lips before she shakes her head, "Anyways, I just wanted to come by and try to clear that up a bit, and see how you and the others have been. I already stopped by the mansion and saw Jean and a few others."

Disregarding the initial statement, since he really doesn't want to speculate and think of future entanglements (if they happen, they happen). Instead, he regards the latter aspects and states, "Since you left, they dropped the whole blue and gold team delineations and went with just one big X team. Specializing when needed." then he gets a little more specific, "You thinking of rejoining the X-men?"

"Yes." Is the simple response Betsy gives before elaborating, "Thinking of it. And I believe Jean could use another somewhat responsible adult at the mansion to help with the kids and giving lessons. It is home, after all. And there's a lot of good I could do, both with the X-men and just at the mansion."

There's a brief moment of thought which is often self serving for Alex and his duties/team. "What if I could come up with a better offer, just for the team aspects of your near future?"

Betsy arches a dark brow at Alex's query, "Hm. I'm going to guess you're either about to say X-Factor, or say I need to go back to the UK and Excalibur." She grins, "And that's without any telepathy. So, which is it?"

"The X-Men already have a telepath, Jean. X-Factor doesn't. And we desperately need one. I can't make a formal offer just yet, got to talk to the others. But if you're interested, I'm sure we can square it. And, this will not take time away from your potential teaching at the school."

Betsy nods as she listens, remaining silent a moment after Alex finishes, "Well, I won't say yay or nay right now, I'll think about it though, Alex. Who else do you have lurking around here these days, anyways?"

"Nightcrawler, Mirage, Shadowcat, Surge (our intern) and Sunpyre who is more reserve than anything because of her duties at the school. I'll it by the team... Then will make a formal offer. We are no longer associated with the Government, yet still have amenities and legal jurisdiction to operate within the tri-state area."

"We're also looking for a brick and are doing interviews currently."

"Sounds like a fun team. And yes, I suppose lacking a bit of..muscle, as it were. 'Brick' is so..uncouth, Alex, be nice." Betsy laughs, then hmm's before asking, "So, no mutant registration nonsense if I did happen to join up, yes?"

"None at all." Alex notes, "Your ID will be safe with us." while finally taking a seat on the edge of his desk while still facing her.

"Good. I have to admit, the US government has a tendency to come off as..terribly shady." Betsy comments before offering another smile, "Thank you, Alex. For understanding, and for the offer. I will certainly consider it. Though it seems like I might only be on reserves, with Sunpyre. Then again, I suppose I could limit my time giving lessons at the school, or just do lessons on one thing. Anyways, things to work out later."

Alex will then push himself off the desk and walk her out. With all the formalities out of the way, he states that he'll be in touch after talking to the team and he'll look forward to seeing her again.

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