Iron-O Attacks (MGH)

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American Dream, Network and Topaz

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Subway - New York City

Another victim of MGH attacks

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==[ Subway System - New York ]==

Dirty, dark, dingy, and dangerous. All are synonomous with the Subway system of New York City. The once pristine walls are covered, literally, in graffitie. Most of the 'art' is very good though odd and often ritualistic. Though there are a number of sections that appear to be nothing more than pure evil. Vile drawings of horrors, and words written in languages that are not recognizable. Someone, however, has tried to clean them up at least. As a hazy covering over the darker paints.. angels and heavenly scenes mix in an overlay that is truely unique.. and very New York-like.


So, yesterday? A kid walked into a business that peddled Mutant Growth Hormone in the back room. He took it and, instead of getting a little power and an nice buzz, he turned into a giant, concrete, rampagey monster. Since then, American Dream's been on the case. She consulted with the police who explained that the Oils and Soaps botique was a suspected drug den. She watched closed-circuit television feeds of the area and, after several hours, spotted a rather famous super-hero groupie known as James 'Cosplay' Jones going in and out of the botique several times over several days. Which explains why American Dream is following Cosplay Jones today, hoping he'll lead her to the source of the MGH being dealt at the botique.

So, in civies with her shield in an portfolio case, Shannon Carter followed Cosplay down into the subway tunnels. Perhaps he spotted her. For some reason he got nervous. Grabbed something from his pocket and plunged it into his arm. A syringe! And then? Cosplay Jones leaped down onto the tracks. As he hits the third rail something... very... very strange happens. He changes. Grows. Hardens. In seconds, Cosplay Jones is a ten foot tall, moving statue made of pure iron. Worse? From the way sparks are swarming around his giant, naked, iron body? He's electrified.

Living in the city such as Manhattan makes having a car unnecessary, and Topaz doesn't own one anyways, so for getting around its the cities own public transporation. Sure its dirty, smells and can be dangerous, but her life is dangerous as it is, so using the subway isn't making it anymore so. She stands on the proper side of the yellowline, a few steps apart from the crowd gathered to await the arrival of the next train.

The average, native New Yorkers would dismiss someone jumping down onto the tracks and just pass it off as a crazy, homeless dude. Topaz is nethier a native or average, so she finds the situation quite odd and watches the man jump down onto the tracks, and spots his tail, though isn't quick to recognize her at this distance. She takes a few steps in that direction of talkl, dark and irony, her eyes watching but her empathic abilities moving out and getting a read on both of the individuals.

Network was in her own civil atire on her way back from her day job, when suddenly the train stopped. That alone was not something too unusual, but then light went out. Which on its own was not impossible, but it did not licker on just mere seconds later. That was something unusual - and in this crazy city it meant most times that it eas more than a lunatic that decided to commit sucide, but that somewhere the third rail had been damaged by a hero or villain. Sighing she searched for her case in the dark, opening it and pulling out a bundle of chemical lights which she broke to hand them around in the dark subway. The dim light did not allow more than shapes to be witnessed, but it was more than enough to put on the neatly folded hood of her armor before adding the very few rigid parts to it and shedding down the civillian clothes from her form. "Please stay in the train while I try to check what stopped it and hope to get it running again." she told the passengers before pushing open the door to get out and then closing it once again from the outside. A few steps she did to get up a bit speed in the slim tunnel, then she started to fly down it towards the way the subway had headed - which was also where the incident happened.

The Iron Giant exhibits no emotion but rage. As if driven into a frenzy of pure, unadulterated anger. While the six foot tall blonde that is American Dream seems to be focused. Her mind possessing a similar drive and iron will as many warriors Topaz has read over time. Already, Dream is shucking off her trenchcoat and ripping over her portfolio. Even as she steps forward to issue orders to a nearby police officer, Dream is pulling on her cowl. "Get everyone out of here. Neat. Orderly. Don't let them trample each other." Indeed, people are already grouping at the exit, trying to push their way out. Then American Dream releases her shield, sending it flying. It clangs off the Iron Giant's head and returns to her. And it gets the monster's attention.

The Iron Giant roars in anger, a sound similar to metal screeching against metal, and leaps up onto the platform. Instead of lashing out at the subway customers and workers who are fleeing, the Giant laces his fists together and brings them down, hard. American Dream lifts her shield above her head but, even with its help, she's driven down to her knees by the force of the blow.

Topoz winces as the hot rage from the giant washes over her mental senses, the coolness of Dream's focused calm is a pleasant releif. Hearing the orders that the Avenger as given, the Indian woman steps in to her part. Her wrists circle, the metal bangles and belled bracelets chiming at the movement. A wave a calm radiates outward over the crowd to ease the panic they feel at the situation "Calm and orderly she said." in her smooth accent. Following the crowd she keeps them from going wild and stampedeing with her empathic abilities. The occasional look is thrown over her shoulder. She lets out a sympathic noise as Dream is driven to her knees.

Down from the tunnel the unmistaken howling of Networks electromagnetic hovering engine can be heard, becoming louder and flooding the tunnel with the faint violet-blue light it emits. In broad daylight this can not be seen at all, but down here it is noticeable. When she however dashes out of the tunnel into the lit station where the fight was going on, she had to pull her thursters on full reverse to not crash into the moving steel. "What the..." Howling she came to a stop just behind the turned boy, pushing herself up to the ceiling of the subway so she could look onto the other side. "Captain America?" she asked down to the fighting hero, as she was not able to see more than a bit of the shield from her position.

"Felt that." American Dream mutters. Indeed, there are blue sparks still playing over the shield. When the Iron Giant lifts his fists she rolls out of the way. This time, Iron Giant puts cracks in the floor of the subway platform. American Dream whirls and throws. Her shield hits the Iron Giant in the head, staggering it. The shield then bounces off the wall and slams into the Iron Giant's head a second time. Dream leaps and catches it off the rebound.

Meanwhile, Topaz's efforts work. The crowd slows down. They begin to walk slowly. Orderly. The cop has no problem getting people up the stairs and out of the subway station.

"Felt that." American Dream mutters. Indeed, there are blue sparks still playing over the shield. When the Iron Giant lifts his fists she rolls out of the way. This time, Iron Giant puts cracks in the floor of the subway platform. American Dream whirls and throws. Her shield hits the Iron Giant in the head, staggering it. The shield then bounces off the wall and slams into the Iron Giant's head a second time. Dream leaps and catches it off the rebound. She spots Network from the corner of her eye. "Network! Don't touch him! He's electrified!"

With the innocent bystanders safely up the stairs and out of harms way, Topaz turns and moves back toward the fight. She rocks backward on her heels at the trembling caused by the impact of giant iron fists with floor and a hand placed on a support pillar keeps her on her feet. She is very emotive, another wince and sympathic sound though this time when the shield hits the guy in the head.

When Network arrives she takes a moment to determine whether she is back up for Mr. Irony or Dream. She's quick to determine it is the former.

Topaz could make quick work of this if she knew that this was drug induced, but she assumes this is mutantcy, and she can't fix that. Though honestly she has never tried. She can fix rage. Staying out of hand to hand range she focuses on Mr. Irony, her bracelets and bells chiming as her hands create a graceful dance. Her empathic magic dances around him, as she begins to drain the rage from him.

Network smirked a bit, as she was just about to feel exactly that herself, as the some of the stored electricity discharged into her own electromagnetic forcefield, sending her several feet backwards "Came just in time, American Dream." she commented back, trying to get the flight fully under control again. "Mind me shutting down the power?" she then asked, as she looked over to a power control box, already dashing over to it, evading one of the giants slams by mere inches which again resulted in a storm of sparks and lightning, as the field contacted with the giant, shorting field, flight and strenth enhancers out at the same time. "Fuck!" she screamed as some of her 'screens' turned red, informing her about the damage and the initiated reboot protocols. Pulling arms and head close she ended rolling over the floor towards the control box, crashing into the door of it with her back after a full turn. 30 seconds until shield power restore At least her wireless network adapter and CNI were still online. "Mind keeping it busy?", she asked over to American Dream.

The Iron Giant staggers. When it swings next, it seems more languid. Less enraged. It is no longer roaring in anger. Or roaring at all. In fact, American Dream hesitates on throwing her shield, realizing that the Giant isn't actually trying to hit... anything. It glances around, as if confused. It doesn't attack anyone but, instead, begins stomping off towards the exit.

Who Topaz is, is well known to the Avenger's. Several even frequent her bar, Wanda, the late Bill, may he R.I.P, they may even know that she was dating the latter Avenger. What isn't known is what she is, not exactly, sure they know she is of the magic sort, but the extent may not be as well known, at least not at this point. It's obvious though that she is doing something. Her hands are moving, her eyes are glowing a bright gold "I can keep him calm for only so long. What do you want done with him?" thankfully since there is only one of him she doesn't have to concentrate so hard that she can't communicate.

"Keep it calm and maybe discharge him." Network mutters as she slowly pushes herself out of the bent door and uses the box to stand up very slowly. Now as the enhancers and shield are down, the hit into the wall did actually hurt. Looking over to the powerbox she still grabs into it to get access to the cameras and power on the third rail. Maybe she was at least able to rerout power to the stuck train so it could move back to the last station and fetch a video on what actually happened before she arrived and failed totally in getting to the control box. "Or ask him nicely to bend something around his feet so he won't run before police picks him up."

"He's having a reaction to Mutant Growth Hormone." American Dream says as she rushes to interpose herself between the Iron Giant and the doorway. It comes to a stop, staring at her in confusion. Wondering why she is blocking his exit.

"The last time, it wore off within five minutes. Hopefully it will again." American Dream holds up the shield, ready to take a blow.

"So he is not a mutant himself? Just having a drug side effect?" Topaz moves closer as she asks for clarification "It will probably wear off in the same time it would take me to counter act the drug." she reaches out but in light of the arcs of electricity thinks better of it, the hand dance continues. "Options: You herd him around the subway station while I keep him calm. Or I can put him to sleep.

"Dream, last time we shattered the cement boys fucking leg. Maybe it is like Speed that wear off, but maybe it is like a nutshell that goes away when cracked open instead." Network answered weakly, getting the intel that he did use the syringe on his arm from the stored video feedback. "Maybe it is also dependant on how much they use. I have no idea how much Cemento did use, but this one seemed to have taken a full syringe of that stuff. We have no idea how that stuff is composed. Oh, his syringe... should be over there next to the rails. Maybe some of the drug remained. Better get the stuff to a proper lab. But sending him asleep might make it easier to detain him."

Oh, look down. Or, rather, near eye level since the Giant is nine feet tall. It seems the Iron Giant is, indeed, Iron all over. And he's smiling goofily at Topaz and just standing there, staring at her.

American Dream lifts the shield, blocking her field of vision for a moment. "Oh. Woah. Down boy. At least the Hulk keeps his pants when he grows." She shakes her head. "Network, I don't think we're cracking him open. Right now, he's placid. Let's just keep him from escaping. Ms... Topaz, right? If you can put him to sleep that's a good idea. Network, find the syringe. Don't pick it up. Just mark its location."

Topaz is neither embarrassed by the nudity or the sudden growth of certain appendages. She just focuses on her task at hand, "I cannot guarantee his continued calmness if one or both of you started beating on him again." its stated in a warning tone, and she is relieved when Dream refuses that method.

The hand movements change, direction mostly and intensity, slower, as the empathic magic switches to something else. The glow in her eyes fades and its her hands that start to glow this time as she plays the role of energy vampire, sucking his life energy away, carefully, she doesn't want to over do it, she just wants to make him go into dreamland, not send him in a coma.

Network eyes the screens slowly coming from red back to standard bluish violet one by one as the systems resume operational status in a one by one manner. Checking over at the quadrant where the syringe must have dropped she slowly moves there. "sure sure, but I won't leave fingerprints in any way. Should be right over here... ok, in the next revision I add some lights and night vision for sure."

"We follow procedure. Position might be as important as content. The authorities don't like evidence tampering." American Dream says, keeping a wary eye on the Giant as it lurches forward one more step, arms (and other things) outstretched toward Topaz. Then he falls forward. There's a heavy clanging sound, echoing through the subway station. A moment after falling unconscious, the Giant begins shrinking, reverting back into normal old (and naked) Cosplay Jones.

Quickly moving to the side, Topaz narrowly misses getting fallen on by the naked Jones. She stands still finally, the only movement the rise and falling of her chest as she takes a deep breath in and out. "Do either of you need healing?" she knows American Dream probably doesn't, but it would be impolite not to include her in the query.

"That were not 5 minutes. more like 2 and a half at max. Seems that it stops when you fall to sleep or coma. But no, I am fine, mostly. Just need to see my chiropractor so he can fix that nasty backache I will have tomorrow." Network remarks as she looks around for the syringe still, the last system turning operational again. "Found it... Nine Inches from the rail, 34 inches from the powerbox and two from the Pepsi-can. Shouldn't we pick it up for the avengers labs or one you trust instead of the police labs? They take ages and mister Pym might get the results in hours."

"Dr. Pym is in the middle of another mission and the police are very capable." American Dream admits. She shakes out her arms and offers Topaz a smile. "No, thank you." Then she draws a ziptie from her utility belt and binds Cosplay's wrists behind his back. "Officer," she says to the transit cop who stayed on duty by the entrance, turning away anyone who tried to come into the station during the brief brawl, "You'll need to arrest him formally. Also, please call this in so an investigative team can come in."

Topaz stops just short of a derisive snort at Network, "Oh my priya." she does give a throaty chuckle "I am better than any quack of a chiropractor will ever be." the life energy she has drained is of the use it or loose it variety and since she can't use it for herself she converts it into healing energy and moves within the needed range and sends it following into Network, whether it is wanted or not, its just in her nature.

"Then toss me some chalk, Miss American Dream. Or you have a nick that is shorter for combat communication?" Network remarks, standing close to the syringe. "I can slap an RFID here, but I guess the police has not more than one or two RFID readers yet. Whaa!" As the life energy suddenly hits her back, she straightens it, feeling the bones realigning properly. "Hell, I should buy a subscription of that."

"You're over complicating." American Dream says with a smile. "I'll just tell the investigators where the syringe is when they arrive. You two can go, if you don't want to deal with the paperwork and the authorities. I should be sufficient for a statement. Network, give me your contact information. You've been involved with this twice now. You should get to see it through. Ms. Topaz, I assume I can find you at your bar?"

"Just Topaz please." Topaz then nods "Yes, if I am not there you can leave a message with any of the staff, they know how to reach me." she prefers to remain anonymous, the fewer that know about her abilities the better, so when Dream offers her an out she doesn't hestitate to take it. Not wanting to run into either police or reporters she head toward the opposite exit. It's further away and she moves quickly toward it, but as soon as she is sure the policeman aren't looking she makes a sweeping motion upward with an arm and disappears in a puff of smoke.

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