Interview with Alisha

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Domino and Alisha

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Mutant Town Diner

Dom gets sent to chat with a potential student.

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Emails had been exchanged with the school and a meeting had been set. ...With Neena! The school is a touch low on staff and things have been busy, and with the dissolution of X-Force, Dom has been helping with the Institute. Alisha had been informed to meet Dom at the mutant diner in Mutant Town, and to be on the look for a very pale woman with black hair and a black patch around her left eye. Neena is settled at a booth in the corner, wearing a loose shirt, jeans and boots. She'd instructed the hostess to show anyone looking for her to direct them to the booth, and at the moment, she's leaning back in the booth, idly chomping on a serving of nachos.

Alisha makes her way into the diner and glances around. The hostess recognizes her, since she was in here just recently and kind of made an impression with how much the slight girl ate. She moves over towards where she is directed, "can I have what I had yesterday? I ran a long ways to get here." she says softly and the clothing she wears looks like jogging clothes that has seen better days. She moves over to the Table, "Hello." she says softly when she reaches the booth.

This young woman stands just over five feet in height and bears a lithe build. Not very muscular she is more wiry and agile. Long flowing locks of brown with a hint of red reach down to just past her shoulders. Two green eyes dart about taking in the details of her surroundings.

Domino tilts her head up, bright blue eyes watching Alisha as the girl approaches. Kurt had shared a brief description after all. The black-haired woman smiles brilliantly and dips her head in a nod, swallowing her bite and then gesturing to the side of the booth opposite her, "Alisha, right? Good to meet you, I'm Neena Thurman, I work with the Institute and I've known a lot of the people there for years now. Please, join me, and we can go over a few things, if you're still interested?"

Alisha nods her head as she moves to sit down at the opposite side of the booth, "I am still interested yes." she says softly, "I need help." she shakes her head, "This was all thrust on me suddenly, and having problems dealing with it." she shakes her head a little. This close the clothing she wears looks like it is starting to come apart at the seems. She nods and smiles, "It is a pleasure to meet you." she does offer her hand.

Still smiling, Dom leans forward to take the girl's hand, "It can be hard, and it's good you're wanting help." She's an observant one. Being a spy and all. And so she remarks, "Speed is a little rough on the clothes, I see?" She gestures to the half-eaten platter of nachos, "Help yourself, and order whatever you'd like." Neena lifts a hand to beckon a waitress before she asks, "So. Where to begin.. Do you know anything about the Xavier Institute yet, beyond the obvious?"

Alisha shakes her head, "Yeah, running at speeds over 150 does that." she shakes her head, "The two mentioned there might be something that could help with that though." she eyes the nachoes and then smiles, "Already ordered." and here comes a burger and fries, a sandwich with chips, a bowl of soup and a salad. She cocks her head to the side, 'I know next to nothing, Kurt I think said just that it was a school."

"I bet," Domino remarks with a nod, then a laugh as the food arrives. She starts picking at her nachos again, hmm'ing, "Well, first thing. It is a school. Which means you will still be spending a full day in classes. And probably have more work than you are getting in your current schooling, so I hope you weren't looking for a way out of that. We train people, but that's not it. That comes hand-in-hand with the mundane learning."

Alisha looks at her and shakes her head, "I am no stranger to work, up until 6 months ago I also competed in gymnastics. I am used to hard work." one might realize that 6 months ago was about the time that the mutants got repowered. She starts in on her food.

"Good, because this definitely isn't a shortcut or the easy way out," Domino answers and then hm's. "No powers before six months ago? Maybe for a bit when you were younger and they disappeared, or no?" She waves a hand dismissively, "Not important. You realize you have to live at the school, right? If you want to try running back and forth, you'll have to clear that with the Headmasters personally, and I'm not sure they'd permit that."

Alisha shakes her head, "I wouldn't have a problem with that, could use some time from my parents. They were disappointed when I dropped out of gymnastics without explaining." she shakes her head and then blinks, "When I was younger?...I was a lot better, but then I started having to work harder at it suddenly a few years ago."

Dom nods but doesn't comment further on when the girl was younger, "And good. Are your parents aware that you want to go to the school?" Realizing what the girl had said, Neena grimaces a bit, "They do know you're a mutant, I hope? If not, that might be a little messy." She shakes her head slowly, then comments, "I hope you play well with others? The school is big on teamwork, peaceful resolution, unity amongst ourselves and with the humans, controlling your powers and yourself, and generally staying out of trouble."

Alisha nods her head, "They might know, they know something has changed." she says and shakes her head, "Its hard just to say, hey, mom, dad, I can run faster than most cars and planes if I push it." she shakes her head a bit. She looks at her, "I have been part of a team before."

Dom rubs at her cheek, "You'll probably need to write a note or something, if not outright tell them. I'll have to talk to the Headmistress about how we should handle that, alright?" She chomps a nacho, "There are rules for the school. A number of them. Nothing too crazy. The school is in Westchester though. There's a curfew for the students, and we like to keep track of trips away from Salem Center. Other things.. No boys in the girl dorms and vice versa, try not to kill each other, do your chores and attend your classes, things like that."

Alisha nods, "Well might hav eto work on that, sometimes I can't control my speed and can't stop." she flushes and shakes her head a bit. She nods her head, "I will tell my parents tonight, probably help if someone from the school comes talk to them too."

"Don't rush it. We'll see about sending someone with you. I could go, I guess. Not like they can hurt me if they have a fit. Jean or Emma might make a better impression, though," Domino answers, thinking a moment. "We'll definitely help you work on your power."

Alisha nods and then focuses on eating, she does a good job of putting it away, and one might think she would be heavier than she looks.

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