Interview Over Tea

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Showstopper, Jennifer Kale, Topaz

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Tarot Cafe - Greenwich Village

Richenda has an bit of a job interview over tea

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==[ Tarot Cafe - Greenwich Village ]==-
The Tarot Cafe is set into two main rooms. The brightly lit front, laced invigoratingly with the scent of various types of coffees, teas, food, and a hint of sandalwood, is occupied by tables and chairs and more tables and couches, for places to sit and chat and drink and eat. A 'Mutants welcome here' sign is proudly displayed in the front window, along with the caf 's logo, a deck of outspread tarot cards, a crystal ball, and a steaming cup of something or other. Near the back wall, a counter set out with various coffee beans and loose tea leaves sat near the register, with a board above it. The board lists types of teas, and coffees, and sandwiches, along with prices. The unusual things on the board however, are various types of divination readings for sale. Tarot cards, runes, i-ching, numerology, dream interpretation, and many others are listed. However, behind the register, a bead covered door leads a hallway with various doorways, where you can have whichever fortune you've purchased read. In the opposite direction, a door hides a stairwell, which leads up to the apartment above the caf . Customers, not allowed. But, back to the bead doorway, and where it leads.
Here, the lighting dims, the hallway having a heavier, but not unpleasant sandalwood scent. Each doorway has an actual door, as to reduce the noise level, and keep the calming effect in each room.
The rooms are painted in light blues and purples, with incense burners hanging from the ceiling above the doorways. In the middle of each room sits a table, with whatever fortune telling means the customer has picked in front of it. Whether you need to kneel or sit at the table depends on the room.
For those you have been watching the various help wanted ads in the paper and on-line they would notice that a new one has posted overnight. Staff Wanted - The Voodoo Lounge Is Re-Opening. Staff Wanted. Call - <phone number here>. Upon calling that number it would be discovered that it is an answering service and an appointment is scheduled for an interview. Interviews to be held at the Tarot Cafe in Greenwich Village.

While the morning started out drizzly as she day progressed the weather vastly improved and it has turned out to be a lovely spring day. The morning rush at the Care is over and only a few lingerers are hanging about the shop. One of them is the exotic Topaz. About the only thing that has changed about her in the last three years is her clothing, and even that is still unchanging, style wise. She is ever the wild, colorful bohemian. She sits at a table with a view of the street so she can watch people pass by, that is even she wasn't perusing a magazine as she waited for her first interviewee.

Rainy days mean no motorcycling. Unless one happens to be a glutton for punishment, of course. Chenda lost any taste for that a long time ago, so she's in town courtesy of the train and the subway, with a job application in mind. Her strappy white PVC jacket and coordinated rain boots are oddly stylish, but not much protection against the weather, so she's supplemented them with a red and white yashichi-pattern umbrella. The clashing elements aren't lost on her, but it's what she has.

She pauses outside the door, consulting a slip of paper from an inside coat pocket. Yup, this is the right place. Judging by the activity around the Voodoo Lounge itself, Topaz was right to hold interviews here. Besides, the food is good.

She pushes open the door, pausing inside to shake the worst of the rain off her umbrella and set it into the stand by the door, then thumping the worst of the rain off her boots. As she does, she looks around... and Topaz isn't hard to spot. A smile crosses her face at the sight of one of the few New Yorkers more unusual than herself. She lifts a hand and waves.

The sound of the door opening is enough to pull Topaz's attention away from the magazine she is reading and toward Richenda's entrance. She vaguely recalled meeting the young woman once a few years ago, but circumstances had prevented one and/or both of them from running into each other again. Until now.

Putting the magazing away, she returns the greeting and gets to her feet, holding both hands out, obviously she wants 'Chenda to take them and when the other woman does she will squeeze and pull the girl into a tight hug. Normally she wouldn't hug the people she is interviewing, but this is a special case. "I'm so glad you are alright." she says as she embraces the girl warmly. Richenda will not only feel warm arms around her but would also feel the sisterly concern that Topaz has for the young mutant. "The last few years have been tumoultous times for mutants. I am so happy to see you have come through it whole."
Chenda leaves her coat by the door. The boots have to stay, though; she hasn't got any shoes on under them. Seeing Topaz not only wave, but stand, she smiles and moves to join her.

Taking those offered hands, she blinks in surprise as someone pulls /her/ into a hug for a change! And a tight, warm one at that! She recovers after a moment, hugging the Indian woman back with equal strength and affection. "I'm so glad to see you again, Topaz," she whispers, meaning it. As her friend's contact will tell, she's a bit taller, a bit leaner and stronger, but still much the same waifish young woman from before. "I was lucky enough to pull through. It's good to see you've come back to New York. I would've missed you." The fact that Topaz has come through this terrible time alive? Well, the hug says plenty about how Chenda feels about that!

"Sit. Sit." Topaz gestures to the empty chair at the table as she realizes her from her arms. "Truthfully I never left, at least not willingly, and then only briefly." she pours some hot tea, that smells of exotic spices, from the teapot on the table into its matching cup sitting in front of where Chenda will park herself "Did you end up on Utopia with the rest of the mutants?" she asks her curiousty obvious both in expression and projected ever so slightly. She waves to the counter person and gives that woman and nod and the result is the quick arrival of a platter of breakfast sandwiches cut into bite size peices.

"Thank you. It was a long walk from the subway station," Chenda confesses, sinking gratefully into the offered chair and picking up her teacup, letting it warm her rain- and wind-chilled hands. "I did go to Utopia for a while, actually. But I missed New York too much to stay." She looks up curiously at Topaz. "What happened to the Lounge? I passed it coming here, and Damage Control and construction workers were all over the place. At least, that's what I could see across the street."
Then the sandwiches arrive, with their own scent that's as delicious as that of the tea. She grins at Topaz. "Still lovely, still kind, still the gracious hostess. Are you the perfect boss, too?"

Topaz refills her own cup of tea and sips at it as Chenda responds to her own question. This interview promises to be an odd one. Not very many interviews start out with tea and breakfast. The woman conducting the interview though is a bit odd herself. Her decision on who to hire probably won't be based on anything written on any paper application or answers to the typical interview questions. Those are secondary considerations, primary is the ability to handle job and all the weirdness working in close quarters with a mage, a 1/2 demon and 1/2 angel entails, not to mention the unique characters and creatures the trio would attract to the Lounge. "Perfection is something to strive for, but never to achieve." she refrains from throwing a religious view into the mix, as she knows some people are touchy about such subjects, and while 'Chenda might not be one other those types, it is still bad form "It closed down because I wasn't around to run it. Time as well as vagrants and bored teens took there toll on the empty property so I am having to gut it and give it a make over.

"Sorry I'm late." Jennifer says as she pushes through the door. She's dressed in her silver bikini today, though she doesn't seem all that self-conscious about it. "There was a problem down at the Nexus of All-Realities." She snags a piece of toast and munches on it. "The talking ducks again. Howard's not a bad guy but I'm getting tired of how often his world smashes into our own."

Chenda winces at the thought. She's seen it on too many fairgrounds. "Let me know if I can help? I'm only okay with a hammer and nails, but I swing a mean paintbrush," she volunteers. "In that, I guess I'm still striving for perfection."

She glances up at the sound of another voice. Her eyes widen just a little at the sight of the blonde woman, who is wearing a silver bikini not only in the middle of New York (Greenwich Village, granted), but on a drizzly, breezy day as well! "Um, hi! I guess it /is/ a ducky sort of day out there. Um, you're not cold, are you? I have a jacket you could borrow..."

Another cup of tea is poured for Jen, though in this case a cup has to be retreived from behind the counter, which Topaz does with a simple gesture in the air that causes the bangles on her wrist to chime. Apparently, such displays are normal in this cafe as she lady behind the counter doesn't bat an eye at it. Though if anyone read the mutants welcome sign in the window that wouldn't be a surprise "Nothing to serious I hope." she queries subtly, she has never meet the anthromorphic duck personally, but has certainly heard the stories and knows that he can be a trouble magnet. She then goes onto make introductions "Jennifer Kale this is Richenda Gray and vice versa. Richenda and I meet once, a number of years ago and now fate has decided to do so again.

"Cold? Oh, no. The outfit radiates heat." Jennifer says with a laugh. "I forgot I was wearing it, honestly." She snaps her fingers and is surrounded by darkness that blocks out all sight. Another snap, seconds later, ahd the curtain of dark energy vanishes and Jennifer's wearing baggy jeans that show off her whale tail, a half-tee with the Voodoo Lounge logo on it, and a backwards baseball cap. And sneakers. "Nah, just a dozen ducks ended up in the Nexus. Had to shove them back through. They FREAKED when they saw the man-thing. Feathers everywhere. I should find a spell that uses the feathers of a sentient duck." She slides down into a seat next to Topaz and nods her head towards Richenda. "Sup."

Chenda blinks at the sudden darkness around Jennifer, impressed. "Wish I could do that. It'd make getting ready for work in the morning so much quicker!" She offers her hand to the blonde. "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Kale. Do you run into a lot of sentient ducks?"
She pauses for a sip of tea, her eyes widening in pleasant surprise at the flavor. Spicy yet satisfying, and it warms her down to her toes. "Wow. What blend is this?"

"Probably a lot more than you could imagine." Topaz comments on the sentient ducks question as she sips tea "But sentient ducks is a minor problem compared to other sentient animals." she does give details "Jennifer is my partner?" she isn't sure which would be more applicable "It's a combination of a spicy thai blead with a chai blend thrown in to add a bit more sweet smoothness. I like to experiment.

Jennifer picks up a cup of tea and inhales the scent, then hmmms. She sips and smiles. "See, this is why I hang out with you, Topaz. You make the best tea ever." She takes another sip and then says. "There's one walking around out there named Howard. He tends to show up a lot and, despite having no powers, is still alive and manages to work his way through all sorts of troubles. He and I and a few others did some dimensional traveling a while back. It was a strange time."

"I think this experiment's a success." Chenda nods and smiles to Topaz confidently, and takes another sip. "Should I expect a lot of sentient animals at the Lounge? It sounds like they can be a little tough to deal with."

"And here I thought is was my looks and charming personality, all this time its been the tea." Topaz gives a mock frown, though she projects her amusement and pleasure at the compliments. "Not so much sentient animals no. Mage, demon, mutant, aliens and the occasional extra-dimensional entity as well as an Avenger or two, that's standard at the Voodoo Lounge." she pulls a file folder from the bag at her feet and hands an application and pen over to Richenda "Fill that out. Don't worry about the references section. Are you working now?" the first question that is remotely interview related.

Jennifer smirks a little. "Change your sexual preferences and maybe we can talk about your looks and charming personality." She leans back in her seat, "There's a lot out their in the world. Stuff even the capes and masks don't normally deal with. You'd be surprised how many demons are living in New York City, trying to have a normal life."

Chenda hides a smile behind her hand. Sorceresses or not, these two aren't much different than friends she's had in the past. "Sounds like I'd do all right there, though I'll confess that I haven't dealt with many demons or extra-dimensional entities. But I think I'd pick it up with a little time." Adaptability is something she's good at.

Then the application comes out. Chenda gives the page a look-over. "Is it okay if I drop this off later?" she asks, a little concerned. She's a fast learner, more than ever now, but reading and writing still take more time than usual for her.

Laughing at Jenn's riposte Topaz grabs one of the bite size sandwiches off the platter for herself "Well the hope is you won't have to 'deal' with them, you will just have to serve them drinks. There is a steadfast rule at my place, everyone is welcome regardless of who or what they are as long as they don't cause trouble. There is a lot of magic floating around though and that sometimes attracts trouble so I need staff that also is smart enough to know when to fight and when to flee. I don't expect any of my staff to be heros, just good employees.

"You can drop it off later." Jennifer tells Richenda, "And she's right. Not that you have to worry, in general. There's not much that Topaz and I can't handle together. But there's a point. If you're working with us, you might get caught up in some bad stuff. Shouldn't be a big deal but, occasionally, it happens. Most of our customers are low-level mystics but occasionally some idiot helllord decides Topaz or I will be a good battery to plug into."

"Well, not fighting is something I'm good at," Chenda says. "So is dealing with people, however the word 'people' is defined at any given moment. But I do draw the line at having my blood sucked, my mind read, or my soul threatened, let alone endangered. Wandering hands are also not welcome... at least, not without an invitation," she adds, with a hint of a smile. "Whatever the Lounge is like during peak hours, I seriously doubt it'll be boring. And that's fine, too."

"That's why the bar shut down." Topaz uses her teacup to gesture to Jenn and indicate her last comment "One of the hell lords abducted me for such a purpose. I was in his realm for a while, before Doctor Strange managed to rescue me. After that I served as his apprentice until the hell lord got bored and called of the search for me." she listens to the girl's concerns "I can't promise not having your mind read." Topaz herself does that in a manner of speaking all the time, on an emotional level. Her's is a power that is always switched on "But in the past my regular customers know that my staff is off limits for shenangins.

"Some of the clients will only communicate telepathically. They sort of have to read your mind to some degree." Jennifer says with a shrug. "Lot of species out there don't have vocal chords." She sips a bit more tea and then sets the cup down on the table.

"Well... I suppose I can live with that. Jean used to do it, too." Chenda looks thoughtfully at the application. "As for the rest, hopefully some of the regulars have long memories. It sounds like you have to be /way/ open-minded to work at the Lounge."
She pops a breakfast sandwich bite into her mouth, finishes off her tea, and nods. "I'm in, if you'll have me. I guess that'll have to wait 'til the paperwork's filled out, though. But I can do that while we talk." She uncaps Topaz's offered pen and starts writing.
Sometimes the longest journey begins with a single step. In this case, it begins with a blank marked 'Your Name Here:_________________________'

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