Interview Break

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Havok, Mirage, Nightcrawler

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11/19/12 12:00

Kitchen, X-Factor Tower

The team takes a break from interviewing the mutant brick wannabes

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In the break area (kitchen), Alex states the current status, "So we have like 20 duds and one good one that falls asleep after some exertion. I'm guessing that we've still got 20 more to interview today and who knows what's up tomorrow. Dani, have you contacted Sunspot? Maybe he'd be interested? We don't have a brainwashing clause."

Grabbing herself a soda from the fridge "I haven't spoken to him about this specifically no. But I don't think he would be against a change of scenery, as it were. I'll call him later, though I'll probably not get ahold of him immediately. Cable keeps them pretty busy chasing is on agenda." which seems to be annoying Dani if her tone and expression is any indication.

"That's it, Cable is onto something," throws out Kurt at random, "We just find some kid with the powerset we need, some kid without direction and before he realizes he has a choice, we recruit him, make up something like we've seen the future and need to train him for that future." Then he looks up to Dani Apologetically, "or /Her/, didn't mean to be sexest."

"Definitely a /her/, because I'm totally sexest." proclaims Alex with a grin and explains, "Especially since we need more women on this team. We have to keep in line with the X-Men. Which should be called X-Women."

Dani looks at both guys in turn and rolls her eyes at them "He, she or it can be sleestak for all I care as long as it takes the attention away from me so I can do my job properly." she sips her soda as she goes to sit down.

Going to get himself some ice cream from the fridge when everyone has their drinks, Kurt shakes his head. "It would be hard to take attention away from you Dani. I mean, they'd have to be super hot, and even then, I don't think they could hold a dime on you. You're too fine girl." He fake snaps his finger, looks for chocolate syrup for his treat.

Nodding, Alex agrees with Dani's assessment. "Yeah, she and I are ranged combatants. Kurt, you're like a DPS and Dani's right. It doesn't matter who it is as long as they can take damage and the focus off her and myself. Or we put her in bubble wrap."

Dani chuckles at Kurt as she lounges sidewise in her chair "Sorry Kurt, no matter how much flattery you throw my way I am not going to wear the fur bikini." she pauses to take another sip of her soda "Or at least not for you." she pauses as Alex speaks up "As much fun as bubble wrap can be I think I'd like to save that for packages.

Feigning a sad face, Kurt sighs, "At the least, I still have my own vision of that, I'll have to keep it that way, for now." Then more serious, "What's the chances of finding someone by the time we get a fresh lead on the Serpent Society?" He's hopefully, he pours chocolate syrup on the ice cream, puts it away, starts going through cupboards or storage spaces. He says aloud as if upset, "Where are the sprinkles," but perhaps that's just to see if Ship puts some out for him.

Alex notes the inclination toward himself and checks the time, "We don't have time for that right now, do we?" asking Dani about the fur bikini option.

Dani glances down at her new uniform accessory, the holoemitter hooked into the belt around her waist, she then grins "I have my own personal image inducer thanks to Kitty. Who says I'm not wearing it now and the uniform isn't just illusionary?

Pretending to jaw drop, Kurt does the x-ray eye look over and nods appreciatively. "Kudos," he says, slowing moving a hand towards his belt and the inducer Kitty had mentioned, "Ya, I find being natural rather comforting, thank goodness it appears that I have clothes on, I might have to try a fur banana hammock though, it sounds so, soft and comfortable."

Alex almost got the wrong urge to feel for fur (on Dani's bewb). His hand raised and then he's caught as he looks to Kurt, "Dude, not a visual I wanted." then he goes back to his snack and leans against the counter.

As amusing as Dani finds this conversational tangent she steers it back to someplace where usually clothing isn't optional, except in that once case, the auditions "Are there any people in the next batch of applicants that look more promising then the first batch?

Digging into his ice cream, Kurt let's the idea of the hammock slide. As Dani ponders applicants, he shrugs. Not only is that Alex's ball park, but, "I bet its going to end up, the first batches are not going to be a good fit, we'll have to wait to find a real brick."

"We may have to tour the country like American Idol. Hit the major cities and narrow it down to 10 finalists to bring them back to the base and have a brick-off." Alex notes with a grin.

"Expanding the pool of talent certainly isn't a bad idea." Dani rolls the nearly empty bottle of soda between her hands "But making us and other mutants a target of opprotunity certainly is." something like that would certainly be a target not only for FoH but for other groups as wel, both anti and pro mutant.

"Possibly," ponders Kurt, still finishing up his ice cream. He looks up, "Wait, in this process, is there a swim suit competition." Then using his spoon to point at Alex while he turns to look at Dani, "I don't know, he might be onto something."

Alex was only joking and he grins, "I was kidding. We've got a big enough pool here in New York and if they really want it, they can call us up and we can slide them in - or something."

Dani mulls over the option of going out versus bringing them to us "We could always see about borrowing a brick from one of the hero teams out on the west coast. Do you thing Guido or Lila may know someone out there looking for a switch up? Maybe I will call them after I try to get in touch with Roberto.

Shaking his head, Kurt is dragging the spoon in the bottom of the bowl to get all the melted ice cream and extra chocolate syrup scooped up. "Nah, Alex says they're like being professionals in the music industry, no time for the back up gig as a mutant. Plan B, work on tactics that doesn't involve bricks ... more sneaky, more stabby, less jumping out with flashlights and ninja smoke saying 'here we are baddies, come get us' ...

"That tactic would work with an inexperienced group, Kurt. Maybe with the original New Mutants - but not the groups we're coming up against." Alex says with a smile and knows to get out when the getting is good, he cuts for the door and says, "Let's get back to it."

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