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Surge and Havok

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07/19/12 15:15

Ready Room then Uniform Design - Xavier Mansion

Surge joins X-Factor

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-----==[ Ready Room - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion ]==---------------------------

This room is a testament to the amazing technology appropriated by the X-Men. Within this circular room, banks of sleek consoles line the walls, with a couple of dozen flat displays continuously updating statuses from worldwide locations. Many of those screens, where they meet, can be made into one picture, offering a larger screen image. The center of the room is focused on a massive round table, surrounded by an even dozen seats. On the ceiling over the table is a tiny holographic projector that serves to create any visuals needed. There is a constant undercurrent of humming energy in here.

A side door off this room leads into a private office for X-Men team leaders. The office resembles this room strongly - metallic walls, workstations, and holographic projectors, all drawn off Shi'ar technology.

OOC: Like the Danger Room, students do not have access to this room without a faculty member present. If you're a student and want to be in here on your own, please contact an IC staff member to negotiate thieving a keycard for the occasion... and the cameras watching you.


Having sent a message to Surge to meet him in the Ready Room when she gets out of class, Alex Summers is found seated behind one of the consoles going over information presented on the screen.

Currently Alex is dressed in uniform, basic black, white circle on his chest, with gold belt and bracers. How the bracers don't get in the way - the world may never know.

The console displays the image of Surge and has her vitals to the right. They scroll by with control of the swipe or mouse wheel.

Surge makes her way to the Ready Room after classes. She is a bit nervous with things on lock down and it shows. Lights do dim as she goes by and she adjusts the gauntlets she is wearing a little bit. She isn't sure if she should just go in so does knock on the door when she gets there.

Turning in the office chair, Alex takes note of the arrival and stands. "Nori, thanks for coming."

His words hold little inflexion and don't seem to have an emotion other than to suggest that this is a professional meeting. He'll motion and say, "Have a seat, please." - a rather low key remark, just to move things forward.

Surge nods and smiles, "Hello." she says and then heads over to take a seat. She folds her arms in her lap which have the gauntlets on them. The lights flicker and so do some of the displays. She bites her lip, "Thank you."

Alex remains standing but will move over to the central console and lean against it half seated/perched. "We've known one another for a fe months now and I've been paying attention to your development." Instead of all the potential 'speech type' words, he just cuts to the chase. "I currently have a slot on my team and I want you to fill it."

Surge blinks and just looks at him. She had thought maybe just watching them, or tagging alot, but an actual slot? She looks a bit stunned, "Um. Really?" she asks her confidence does need some work.

"You have a great power set, can actually use them offensively, and are of legal age to work for the government. Which is another subject entirely. Also, you will be expected to continue your studies until graduation. You will be paid for your services and be given certain rights and security clearances. You think you can handle that?"

Surge blinks and shakes her head a little, "Does it matter that its the gauntlets that give me control over my powers?" she asks bit is still a bit stunned, "Might take me a bit to graduate." she flushes and then nods, "I can handle that, was going to graduate anyway."

"A simple yes would have been fine." Alex states with a slight grin. He then continues, "We'll get your processed and cleared then we can get started."

To his left is a console, he taps the shift key and the screen comes to life to display a series of forms that she will need to fill out, "You'll need to answer all these sections."

Surge cocks her head to the side and nods after a blush, "Yes sir." she says and then looks over at the screen and blinks, "Um, okay." she answers.

"I'll be back in about 30 to see how it's going. Then we'll get you a super suit." Alex states as he's walking toward the exit.

Surge nods and moves over to the console to start working on answering the questions. She frowns now and again but is answering them to the best of her ability and trying not to short out anything.

Forty-Five minutes later, Alex walks back into the room and without greeting or waiting for acknowledgement he begins to talk, "I spoke to Val. Everything's good. How goes the paperwork?"

Surge cocks her head to the side, "Val?" she asks not sure who that is and then nods, "I think I got it all to the best of my knowledge."

Sliding into an adjacent office chair, Alex figures he needs to fill in the blanks. "Sorry. I always assume people know what's up with X-Factor and the X-Men. The deal is; the X-Men are a private team created by Xavier to fight evil mutants. X-Factor is a public team created by the government to fight evil mutants and to help the mutant image, publically. We are contracted and paid by the X-Factor Organization, XFO. The organization is a sub department within the NSA. Val Cooper is our laison and our handler."

Surge nods her head, "I understand now." she says and turns to face him a bit more.

With a brief pause, he asks with a slight raise of his chin, "Questions?" - indicating that she may have questions and he will have answers.

Surge thinks for a moment, "Not really its pretty much explanatory I think, we go on misisons for the government? How does that work if we are involved in something and cops show up? This means I do have to register doesn't it?"

"You'll be registered and your identity made pseudo public. We don't wear masks but it's not like our secret IDs are out there flapping in the wind. I assume you'll stick to the code name Surge which will be what you're called in the media. We are a law-enforcement division. We have the right to bear arms, arrest, detain, and use our powers within the boundaries of the law."

Surge nods her head, "Well don't really have a secret identity, not like my family would care." she shakes her head a bit. She nods, "Surge works." she thinks about the rest for a moment.

"Anyway, I've looked at your schedule. We will be working around it for the time being to get you trained and into a team mindset. Training happens daily in one form or another. Mornings start at 5:30. You'll need to go over the prior mission reports and get up to speed on the common enemies of our team, as well as the X-Men."

Surge blinks at the time, "That is early." she murmers and then nods her head, "No rest for the wicked." she listens to the rest and then nods, "I shall do my best to get up to speed as quickly as possible."

"From what I've read, you don't have any problems with speed." Alex states with a grin, "Anyway, let's get you a super suit." and he'll stand and start walking toward the exit.

Surge stands and moves to follow him, "Yeah, stopping is the problem." she shakes her head and then chuckles a bit.

Once in the hallway, "So you'll need something padded?" is the question that comes to mind with her stopping issue.

Surge shrugs, "Maybe, mostly I just need to not get to full speed in places where there isn't room to run." she grins and giggles a bit.

He smiles nodding as he envisions the problem, "It's too bad Quicksilver isn't with the team any longer. I'm sure he could give you pointers."

Surge smiles a little, "Yeah, its just that I didn't used to be able to control it, now I can a bit, I will get the hang of it." she giggles a bit.

Turning into another room, the door hisses open and Havok leads Surge within. The lights come on and reveal a multi sided (near circular) room with transparent doors on each wall. The doors peer into small chambers (closets) showing off countless uniforms of the X-Men. In the center of the room is a dais with a glowing floor and ceiling and before it is a control panel. This is the outfitting room.

Surge cocks her head to the side as she follows him into the room and looks around her eyes going a bit wide.

He points to a side room. "Go in there, put on a blank. It's unstable molecules. So we can design."

Surge blinks and then nods. She does as he says and puts on the blank. It feels a bit weird but she does it, and makes sure it fits around her gauntlets.

The blank is nothing more than a base black unitard of unstable molecules. It fits snugly as a neoprene dive suit would. When she comes back out he's already powered up the machine and dropped down a tri-mirror behind the dais (opposite side of the console that he stands in front of). "So, blue hair."

Surge nods and gets it secured and then heads back out. She cocks her head to the side, and absently touches her dyed blue hair with one of the gauntleted hands, "That ok?" she asks a little worried.

"It's perfect. Helps accentuate the mutant thing." then Alex notes, "I'll do my best to not clash with the color thing."

Surge nods her head and then looks down at the gauntlets. She reminds herself to talk to Cyclops again about talking to Forge. She looks up and nods, "Alright."

Looking over the images on his screen, he asks, "Ok. So you ever given any thought to design? Like certain style, full body, shorts - but may be hard on your knees, high boots, low boots.."

Surge cocks her head to the side, "Um, probably full body, um, low boots, something can run in." she says and flushes.

"As a team," Alex starts off, "We used to have uniforms. But that went out the window pretty quickly. I only recently dropped the blue/yellow for basic black." he pushes a button; the boots change to a blue that matches her hair. Black pants with reinforced knees that rise up to a matching blue belt with a circled X buckle. Her belly is then exposed and the sleeveless top has a black outside and a blue center. <ALA >

Currently Alex is dressed in black cargo pants over his black uniform. The black of the uniform has glowing lines runing around it and upon the center of the chest is a circle where all the lines are drawn to. The circle also glows. He doesn't wear a mask, but there is a pushed back hood that could be one.

Surge blinks as the clothing she wears changes. She looks at it and then smiles as she does seem to like the outfit, "I like." she says softly.

A few more alterations, just for functionality and care that she doesn't actually have vulnerable points to tear the skin off her body if she were to trip on concrete and they settle on her new design.

Surge nods and smiles a bit, "Been hiding the piercing." she looks down at her belly button, "Wasn't sure if the school would find it acceptable."

He roll his eyes and grins, "Yeah, You totally missed us back in the day." and then he powers off the machine.

Surge cocks her head to the side and looks herself over and then looks up at him and smiles, biting her lip a bit.

With the system powered off, the mirror retracts back into the ceiling and he says, "If at any time in the future you want to change it, we can hook you up. I think it's a good start. Did you have any questions for me?"

Surge shakes her head, "Not really, just what are my duties going to be, mostly...helping take in criminals and such, not just behind the scenes paperwork?" she asks

"Once you get caught up to speed with the case files and villain information you'll be going out into the field with me and most likely Dani. First though, we need to make sure you can handle yourself."

Surge nods her head a bit, "Okay, cause I hate answering phones." she is obviously teasing just a bit.

Alex grins, "Nah, that's all back at operations. Anyway, we're done here. Go hit the books and make the other students jealous."

Surge chuckles a little and cocks her head to the side and then flushes deeply.

Alex will turn and walk toward the exit, "Gym, 5:30." and then exits.

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