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Ms. Marvel and Mirage

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Avenger's Mansion

Mirage goes to Ms. Marvel for intel on Serpent Society

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==[ Foyer - Avengers Mansion ]==

Now stepping inside the mansion you find yourself situated in the comfortable and roomy Foyer. This is the axis point of the Mansion and every place branches off from here. While this room is only a starting point of what is to come, the luxurious manner of its looks give the feel of elegance and the upper class. Truly this is a stately manor which the Avenger's reside in.
Around the side of the room several rather large coat racks stand tall along with several oil paintings adorning the walls of the room. The carpet laid out is a lush shag brown color and flows throughout the mansion. Also the high ceiling has a small number of lights hanging from it illuminating the area. Towards the back of the room a spiraling grand stair case ascends upwards to the second level.


Having phoned ahead to let Ms. Marvel know she was on her way, Danielle hightailed it it to the Avenger's place, via winged mount. After being greeted by the butler Jarvis, she waits in the foyer to be seen, enjoying having to look at some different walls for a change.
Informed that a visitor - the Dean of Students at Xaviers' - is coming to see her, Carol Danvers is able to start fighting back against her schedule early enough that by the time Danielle arrives upon Brightwind, she has nearly won her freedom. Just another ten minutes, and at last the black-clad heroine with golden lightning bolt across her torso and crimson sash about her waist and dangling down her right side comes trotting amiably enough down the hallway from the lift to the lower levels. Darned politicos always want their meetings - even their video conferences - to be with the heroes in costume, as if that makes them more important somehow. Otherwise, Carol would have taken that meeting in a reasonably elegant pantsuit. "Good afternoon, Danielle. Welcome to /our/ mansion. I'm sure Jarvis already asked, but can we get you anything?"

While some people would take the time to perhaps snoop around the foyer and adjoining rooms a bit, Dani doesn't. She has stayed where she was put, though she did have a seat. Once Ms. Marvel comes into view though she stands and meets the woman with a smile "Afternoon Carol. Thanks for seeing me on such short notice." she gives a breif head shake at the question "Yes he did. I'm fine." since she is here on XF business and not school stuff she is in her own XF uniform, sans most of the weaponry "After seeing your place here, I think I am going to have to talk to Ship about decorating.

The blonde Chairwoman of the Avengers smiles and shrugs her shoulders. "Honestly, Jarvis is the master of decorating here." Granted, Maria Stark had some influence, but she has been gone for years, long before the Avengers were ever founded. "So, since you're clearly here on X-Force business, Dani, how can the Avengers help you today?" She guides Danielle down a short hallway to a parlor, where they can sit and relax while they talk, and not be in a high-traffic area.

Following Carol down the hallway, Dani glances at the decor as they pass, but waits until they get into the other room before she answers the question, "We would like as much information about the Serpent Society you would be willing to share." she states quite frankly, with little hesitation "They have decided that X-Factor.." she gives a pause "specifically me, needs to be "dealt" with after we interrupted one of their jobs." as she speaks to sits in one of the chairs.

Carol takes a seat, but sits forward when Danielle finally explains the reason for her visit. "The Serpent Society? Mmm. Alright." Carol reaches out to the table in front of her, picking up a Starkpad lying there. Her fingers fly over its surface, keying in an access code which, paired with her Avengers ID's biometric sensors and encrypted keys, unlocks access to the Avengers' databases. "Obviously, you are aware that they are a gathering of mercenaries. They operate together more out of a desire to improve their own lot, bargaining power and resources for joint backup than any truly shared ideals or friendship. According to our latest intelligence, King Cobra is back in charge. Viper is firmly on the outs, and we believe Black Mamba is still trying her hand at being 'good' and is also on the outs with the group." Carol keeps tapping along for a bit, while they talk.

"It didn't seem that way the other day when they attacked me." Dani replies after listening carefully to all that is shared so far, "Though Mamba did warn me and tried to stop them, though by then I was in pretty bad shape." it stings her pride to have been trounced, even if it was their three against just her, "I know the Avenger's have had problems with them in the past and it looks like it is our turn. I don't suppose you know the whereabouts of where they hole up?

Though Dani cannot see it, Carol is assembling a packet of data to send with the other woman, which will be offloaded to a portable secure media when she is done, so Dani can take it back to X-Factor and Ship for her team's usage. "We have two former bases of operation on file, though to the best of our knowledge both are just that - former. One was a former insane asylum upstate. Another was several floors of a hotel here in Midtown. What we have on them, including layouts and security, I'm putting together with the dossiers I have on their members, past and present. I'm also updating our files to let everyone know that they have proven to be active again. Captain America and the Paladin had the most contact with them, recently. But almost all of the Avengers have dealt with them at one time or another. I'll make a note that your impression was Mamba is back with them. That would be news to us."

Dani watches as the other woman accesses the files and relates what is there "Well it isn't much to go on, but it gives us an idea of places to look." she frowns slightly "Or still on friendly terms with them at least. Though I think them all being at the same place at the same time isn't a coincidence." now that she has gotten out the important parts of what needed to be said she leans back in the chair "Havok and Nightcrawler are following another lead to see if they can get some information. I will make sure to send you any new information if they manage to get any.

Carol nods. "Obviously, we would appreciate that." The more intel sharing, the better in most all cases. "Just be sure the boys are being careful. The Serpent Society is not just a bunch of jokes, despite how many here in the Avengers may feel about them. They can be very nasty, not the least of which because they /will/ work together, and pretty well, if they've a reason to do so."

Chuckling "I would have to hire full time nursemaids to make sure those two are careful." Dani replies obviously amused by the comment and beleif that she could do anything about that, especially since she isn't with them "Tell me about it." she puts a hand to her midsection getting serious once more "I've spent more time in the medbay this past month then the last seven months but together, thanks to them.

Ms. Marvel smirks and shrugs her shoulders at Dani's reaction. True, she knows Dani can't just up and control her teammates. But she could at least comm in and tell them to be careful. Of course, that's likely to be about as effective with members of X-Force as it is at times with members of the Avengers. Oh well. "Well, at least you have an excellent medbay and medical staff. And a team to pull you out when you're in trouble." Carol has been a solo operator at times in her career. It inevitably was a messy affair. She doesn't recommend it.

"Yes. I'd still be laid up if not for the advanced medical technology of Ship, from the first altercation even. I'm told they nearly killed me during that one, but I am sure that is exaggeration on Havok's part." Dani lifts a shoulder "That was what started this whole thing, we ran into Fer-De-Lance right after she had killed a local attorney. She didn't take our trying to arrest her well.

The blonde Avenger nods, noting the touch to Dani's tummy, a vulnerable spot for nearly anyone, especially for those who do not wear full milspec body armor. "She is a nasty one, and quite capable." Carol admits about Per-de-Lance. "Hope you and yours can keey each other covered and deal with this. But if you need backup, I hope you know all you ever need to do is let us know, and Avengers will be there to back your play."

"Thank you. If we find their hiding place perhaps a joint mission to capture them may be the best option. Though that will have to be between the team leaders." she sounds somewhat relieved that she doesn't have the responsibility anymore "I'll let him know that you are offering assistance." not that she thinks it would be taken, but still.
Carol knows how Havok operates, and has no real expectations on that front. But she had to offer, and meant the offer as genuine, for what it's worth. "Alright. Just let me ... " Tap, taptap, sliiiide. A small data chip pops out of the top of the Starkpad, and she extracts it and offers it to Danielle. "This has everything we have on them, their bases, communication frequencies and other gear. Whatever use it can be to you and X-Factor, I'll be glad for. Good luck, Dani. I'm glad that you came to me with this."

Dani stands as she takes the chip being offered "Every little bit helps." she may be repeating herself but it is true. The chip disappears into a concealed pocket in her uniform "I should be getting back to Ship to get it processing all this information, before heading back to school from my own afternoon meetings.

Carol nods. "Alright, then. I'll see you out. I should be up this evening for our weekly faculty review. And thanks again for welcoming us and ours to the school." That said, Carol shuts down and secures the StarkPad, and then puts it down and stands to show Danielle out. "See you later."

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