Independence Day in Mutant Town

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Blindfold, Cyclops, Darklight, Manifold, and Vaughn

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07/04/12 21:43

Mutant Town - New York

Blindfold, Cyclops, Darklight, Manifold, and Vaughn all encounter each other in Mutant Town on the 4th

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As America celebrates her birthday, Scott Summers finds himself in New York City, which is packed with tourists and citizens alike, drunkenly celebrating the holiday. However, this section of New York remains as quiet as it usually does. Many human dare not enter Mutant Town. However, that is not a reason to keep Scott Summers away. Having decided to bring David down from the Institute to check in on Franky and Arlane, bodega owners in Mutant Town, Scott stands outside a bodega on the corner as he notes the store is closed and is attempting to reach Franky on his cell phone. He is dressed for the summer humid weather in a brown shirt and black long shorts. His eyes covered by ruby quartz sunglasses.

David is standing outside the bodega with Scott, eyeing the the closed sign with disappointment. "Well, can't say I'm surprised. It /is/ a holiday after all."

Blindfold came walking down the street tapping her red tipped cane as she came down the sidewalk. Wearing a short sleeved shirt and a light shawl around her, a peice of cloth wrapped aropund her head covering her 'eyes'.
As he places the call, Scott, ever vigilant of the surrounding area notes the lone presence of Blindfold. Tilting his head a moment as he examines her, he has never seen a blind person tie a bandana over their eyes. Shrugging, he speaks into the phone, “Franky. . .David and I thought we drop by for a visit. Maybe catch some fireworks.”

David looks and sees Scott distracted, then turns to see what he's look at. He's about to wave until he spots the blindfold. He looks over at Scott, not entirely sure what to do right now.

Blindfold walks over until her cane taps against a foot "Oh escuse me, my apologies, sorry." with an embarassed smile.

Speaking a bit longer on the phone, pretty soon, Arlane comes to the door of the bodega and lets out a loud squeal when she pops it open and rushes out giving David a huge hug. A little toddler steps out behind her, a little boy with a head made completely of water. He peeks out shyly and smiles, “Davie. . .” Rushing out from behind his mother, he goes to hug David’s leg when he spies Blindfold as asks his mother, ‘Why she cover her eyes? How she see?” Arlane shushes her child as Franky a mutant with fire for a head steps out and smiles as he approaches David. Scott for his part smiles sheepishly at the child and approaches Blindfold, “No need to apologize, miss. And little Evin doesn’t know any better.” Arlana apologizes to Blindfold as well.

"Ack!" David says in response to the hug, shocked, momentarily, and returning the hug to both Arlene and the toddler, still looking a little dazed when he disengages. "Nice to see you too," he says in a bit of a weak voice.
Blindfold smiles at the toddler's voice before smiling shyly to the toddler's mother "It's alright I got it alot when I was younger, thank you." hearing someone approach her she looks up at scott "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to intrude"

“You did not intrude at all.” Scott offers to Blindfold, “We were visiting with some friends. I wanted to avoid the crowds downtown, and Mutant Town is always empty anyway, so. . .” he hmmns, “I am Scott. The toddler is Evin. . .his parents Arlane and Franky. . .and that is David.” Not being insensitive to the blind, Scott gestures for everyone to speak their greeting which they all do.

David nods as Scott introduces him and says, "Hello. Since you can't see it, I'll tell you now, I'm incredibly handsome," he says, but he sounds breathy by the end of it, trying not to laugh.
Blindfold smiles nodding to "Yes, that's why I came this way, thank you. My name is Ruth, it's nice to meet you all" softly chuckling at David's boasting, while she folds her cane up.

Shooting David a look, when he states how handsome he is, Scott chuckles loudly, an indication to Blindfold. He sighs loudly when Evin taps his father’s leg. “Daddy, I want to see fireworks.” After Franky and Arlane verbally introduces themselves to Blindfold. Franky decides to appease his son and head to their rooftop apartment to watch the fireworks. He invites present. But Scott waves his hand, he will remain on the street for the moment. As they head up, Scott remains with David and Ruth, “Nice to meet you as well, Ruth. Are you from the area? It is a bit disconcerting that you are out alone, even during a holiday. New York can be a dangerous place.”

David nods. "Yeah," he says, the levity dropping from his voice. "I've been mugged, beaten up, stabbed. New York can be a rough place."

There is a violet glow coming from the distance, that some might think is the start of fireworks or someone's personal fireworks. It resolves into a person as it gets closer though surrounded by a violet glow. In the center of the glow is what looks to be a woman in a black bodysuit with black skin. Long brilliant white hair blows around her hair as violet sparks trail in her wake. She does come in for a landing on the street.

Better than the post office, the Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant delivers come rain, sleet, snow, hail, and on federal holidays. Having just finished up making his last delivery for the night, Vaughn pulls up in front of the bodega, hoping to grab something to drink and maybe something to eat that isn't left-overs from the restaurant. He hops off the moped and, as he takes off the helmet, he looks over at the small gathering in front of it, "Please tell me that the bodega is still open..." Wires running from his right pocket can be seen tracing up to headphones that are now being extracted and left around his neck.

Blindfold smiles to Franky and his family but politely declines "I live in New Jersey with my Aunt, thank you. I just needed to come to the city for a bit." Not seeing the violet glowing woman she hears the moped and turns to 'look' at the rider as he speaks

As Vaughn and Darklight simultaneously arrive, Scott dismissively offers, “The bodega is closed.” Scott moves past Blindfold and David and while he takes no direct action towards Darklight, her entrance and landing warrant more attention than that of the others. This is Mutant Town, so no real surprises. Scott stands in brown shirt and long black shorts with ruby quartz sunglasses as he eyes Darklight, “Quite the entrance.”

David waves off to join Franky and his family on the rooftop, easily making his way through the building, clearly familiar with it.

Vaughn sighs and lets his head drop in all of the melodrama that his seventeen year old soul can possibly muster. "Figures.... Every place is closed..." Scott might be accustomed to such entrances, but Vaughn is not. His jaw drops down, almost in cartoon-esque fashion. It's more of a matter of not being used to such not in any disgust or hatred - well, if he was the type to be bothered, he certainly is in the wrong place. Whatever the others might have said was completely lost to him, at least until his eyes follow the pattern and he catches up.

Darklight turns and glances around a little bit and then looks to Scott, "Hello," she says softly and then smiles a bit. She does flush which turns her black cheeks white and then the glow fades. Her skin changes to a pale olive, and her white hair to black. Her black bodysuit looks to be white now. There is a white mask covering her eyes. "Side effect of my powers." she says softly.

Blindfold turns her head following scott to 'look' at darklight before waving goodbye to David. "You will find something to eat, you're wolcome" she say to Vaughn as if it were fact and not just reassuring him or cheering him up.

“Well, you seem to have pretty good control over them.” Scott offers with a smile, “I’m Scott and this is Ruth.” He looks back to Vaughn, not having caught his name. When the youngster’s jaw drops, Scott chuckles again,
“Not too familiar with Mutant Town, huh?” All these new familiar faces but remains primarily focused on Darklight and then he nods a moment with a slight bit of recognition but he remains quiet on how.

Darklight smiles and then looks over at a couple of the others and then smiles a bit, "I certainly try, who isn't familiar?" she asks curiously.

Vaughn blinks as he cocks his head in confusion in the direction of Blindfold. "Thank-you?" He says in response to her 'you're welcome'. He blinks as he looks between Scott and Blacklight. A somewhat goofy grin eases comfortably across his lips, framed by slight dimple, as he shakes his head, "Don't get many orders this way... So not really... " As a small blast of fireworks boom off behind him, Vaughn flinches slightly from the sound.

Nodding his head as everyone speaks and then pauses. Anyone familiar with telepathic conversation may realize Scott in such a conversation at the moment. He lets out a loud sigh, “Well, at least, I must be off. But it was nice meeting you all.” With that abrupt end to their encounter, Scott makes his way out of Mutant Town.

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