In the Snow

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Showstopper and Mirage

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Northern Grounds -X-Mansion

Mirage and Showstopper talk about Peanut and vacation plans

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==[ Northern Grounds - Xavier Estate ]==

Beautifully manicured, this expanse of lush green land offers a scenic view of opulent gardening design. Hedges, flower gardens, pathways, small ponds and even rock gardens are featured here.

This area encompasses the immediate region to the north of the mansion. Here one can access the memorial gardens, the pathway to the stable, the northern forest and even the main house through side exits. It also connects to the eastern grounds.


It's the weekend, so students and staff alike are free to enjoy the free time in whatever activities suit them. Usually Dani spends her weekends in New York this one is an exception. With exams coming up followed by winter break there is a lot of work to do at the school.

Since is is just after breakfast though Dani hasn't gotten to it yet. Instead she is outside enjoying the fresh snow that fell over night. She is dressed for the weather, in warm ski pants, jacket, snow boots and the other cold weather gear. Her small white and black poodle like dog (named Peanut) bounds around her feet as she forms a snow ball and throws it. This causes him to dash after it. Before it hits the ground the poodle leaps up and bites down on it causing it to poof out in a spray of snow. For a dog of his small stature he runs and jumps faster and higher than other normal poodles. Of course the fact that he isn't a normal poodle is common knowledge around the school, so this isn't all that surprising.

Weekends are Chenda's favorite time at the school, mostly due to the lack of classes. Usually she'd be in the gym right now, but the old restless feeling has her stepping outside to feel the wind, cold as it is, frowning at the horizon to the south. Whatever's bothering her, she can't quite put her finger on it.

So she's caught a bit off guard when she hears the pitter-patter of little feet... four of them, to be exact. Dog! And it's coming closer! She looks around hastily for someplace to take cover.

And then the little black and white dog /sails/ past the corner of the house, chomping down on something that disintegrates in a shower of white crystals. Chenda sighs in relief, shaking her head ruefully at her own nervousness. Afraid of a poodle! Even an Asgardian poodle! "Hey, Peanut!" she calls, kneeling and clapping her hands, though the posture makes her borrowed ski pants and jacket gap, letting in cold air. May as well be nice to the little guy. It's not his fault he sounds ferocious when he runs!

Hearing his name being called the small creature turns and seeing the unfamiliar person, he lifts his nose into the air to sniff in her direction. He may not have encountred the girl before, but her scent is recognizable, from his explorations around the school. With little legs pumping he makes a dash for Chenda though at the last moment stops short to sit down on his haunches. He looks up at the young girl, panting slightly, and gives an 'Arf." lifting a front paw and holding it up. He is well trained and doesn't jump or go crazy excited at new people.

Chenda, who had expected a slurp-crazy dog greeting, blinks in surprise as Peanut not only stops short of her, but sits down and offers his paw in a 'shake' posture. She knows better than to bare her teeth in front of an animal, but she still can't help giggling. "How very dignified," she comments, reaching over and gently shaking the offered paw. "Were you a butler in another life, small one?" she asks, holding her hand close for him to sniff. "And where's your mistress?" Somebody had to throw that snowball, after all!

Only when the girl reaches over to take his paw does Peanut react in a typical poodle fashion. Springing forward he puts fronts paws on her knees and begins to sniff and lick at her face. So he is not so much dignified as crafty. Making you come to him, instead if vice versa.

It's at this point that Dani comes around the corner, already chuckling at the scene that has started to play out, "Peanut!" she exclaims, though with humour "Sorry Chenda, he likes meeting new people."

Chenda, who'd once again been expecting something different, squeals in mock fright and tries to draw back, only to overbalance and end up in an undignified position on her back with her knees up, and a crafty poodle /still/ licking her face! "You sneak... cut it out! Yuck!" she exclaims, trying to shield her face.

And then Dani makes her entrance, just in time to catch her seriously lacking in dignity, once again. At least her pants are still on! "Dani, can you get your four-footed face-washing service away so I can get up?" she asks plaintively, barely holding Peanut off long enough to get the words out. But she's still trying not to giggle, and those dark eyes are bemused, not angry.

Peanut is not a lightweight either, for such a small dog he is quite heavy, easily weighing in at 100 pounds, and he isn't even close to full grown yet.

Dani's laughter grows as Chenda is upended onto her back "Peanut stop it, you are goig to crush her." her own eyes go a little distant as she focuses on the creature. Between the use of her powers and physcically lifting the dog it is removed from the prone girl in short order "You didn't have sausage at breakfast did you?" she asks "He can't get enough of that stuff...even though he knows he isn't supposed to have it." with the dog held under one arm she offers the other hand to help Chenda up.

"No... oof, Peanut, you're /heavy/," Chenda says, helping Dani as much as she can. "I wasn't very hungry this morning, and sausage seemed like a little too much grease on such an empty stomach." Normally she's quite the healthy eater, especially with what her powers do to her metabolism.

She takes Dani's hand and lets the tall woman help her to her feet, pausing to shake the back and legs of her ski pants to shake out some snow that got inside when she fell. "Thanks, Dani," she says, and leans in on her friend's poodle-free side to give her a hug. "I know he's peachy, but how are you?"

"I'm over worked and.." Dani starts to say, but stops, realizing the rest of that isn't appropiate to say to a student, even if if that student is legally an adult "Over worked." she gives a grin. Being that the dog is so heavy she quickly puts him on the ground where he begins to bound around in the snow. He disappears a few times into snowbanks created with the custodial staff cleared the pathways, but he always manages to get himself out either by just barreling through it, or jumping up. Usually the first.

"Do you have plans for the winter break?" she asks, helping the other brush snow off her back.

Chenda grins knowingly at Dani and shakes her jacket at the shoulders, helping to dislodge the snow on it. She distractedly watches the war-poodle cavort through the cold white stuff that she's still getting used to. "None, really. I thought about going out west, but I don't have the money for hotel bills. And there's not enough time to thumb my way out there and get back in time for next year's classes."

She gives one last brush, then pats herself all over, wincing as she reaches her left thigh. "More snow. Maybe I should open my own driveway clearing service," she comments with cheerful self-deprecation. "Just slide down the drive headfirst on my back a few times!"

Dani gives a thoughtful nod "How far out west were you thinking? All the way to California?" her expression gives the impression she may have a plan for Chenda should she really want to get out there bad enough, "Of were you thinking the mid-west. Like the Rockies?"

Chenda shakes the leg of her pants again, a little harder. "More toward the Rockies. I have a couple former classmates out that way, if they're still there. It's been over a year now. But it's not like I can't just email them, if the moon and stars are in the right alignment," she adds. Her difficulty with computers is well-known.

And then she catches that look of Dani's. "Oh, dear... it's that 'I have a plan' look," she comments, trying not to laugh.

She chin taps and then nods "Of course I do. You do know I am from Colorado?" Dani asks, rhetorically of course. "My parents still live out there. Have a sprawling ranch north of Boulder. Back when I was a student and in the New Mutants we would go out there ocassionally for some fun and relaxation." she doesn't mention that they were occasionally put to work too, "I'm sure they would love to have you for company, if you're interested.

"Well, your accent's about right for Colorado," Chenda replies thoughtfully, turning her back to fiddle with her ski pants. She really hadn't known, except for a few unvoiced guesses. Social she is, nosy she isn't. Usually. "I've never actually been on a ranch. Are you sure they'd be okay with it?"

"Pretty sure." is Dani reply, "I'll give them a call this week. Maybe I should go back for a visit as well. I haven't spent much time with them since coming back to Midgard." she shakes her head realizing she used Asgardian terminology "I mean Earth. They are a bit upset that I only spent one day with them at Thanksgiving. I know I will hear about it when I call.

"You might want to warn them that I'm a mutant, and carny-bred," Chenda suggests, perhaps a little concernedly. "Just to be fair. I might be just as strange to them as a guest from Asgard." She knows a little about the place from the time she managed to squeeze in with Thor and Sif after the Manhattan crisis. Finally getting that snow dislodged, she looks after Peanut, watching him demolish another sidewalk-side drift. "Is he always this energetic? Or has it been a long week for him, too?"

Dani gives Chenda the strangest look, "Why would they care if you were a mutant? I'm a mutant, a majority of my friends are mutants. And they will already assume that since you are a student here." she gives a shrug, her attention divided easily between conversing with Chenda and watching the dog "He is always like this. He is still a puppy, will be for years. Like most Asgardians he is very long lived.

"Good point, and I guess most of us are from some unusual places and cultures," Chenda murmurs, blushing. "Sorry. I keep forgetting that this isn't nearly as new to you as it is to me."

She follows Peanut with her gaze. "He's one heavy puppy," she observes. "Is it just me, or does he weigh a lot more than it seems like he should?"

Giving a chuckle "Yes, I've had a few more years to get used to it." Dani gives a trilling whistle and Peanut stops in his squirrel chasing and perks his head toward his mistress. "Yes, from what I have gathered his bones and muscles are more dense then a normal poodle. The muscles in his jaw alone allow him to bite down with one ton of pressure. It's hell on chew toys." Peanut forgets the squirrel for a moment and bounds through the snow back to where the two humans are.

"It makes a difference. It wasn't that long ago that the 'Mutant Menace' was something I wondered about, not something I... One /ton/?" Chenda blinks, looking at the dog with an odd wariness. "He's not bad to bite people, is he? He seemed pretty well-mannered before."

Dani nods in understanding, they have all been in the same position one day a normal person, then suddenly not. "Of course not. He is well trained. His true mistress had a great start at it," she taps her temple "he just needed a little incentive and some more clear communication." if anyone can train an animal to behave, it would be her.

"The way he responds, I would've thought you'd done all the training yourself," Chenda replies approvingly. "I know he's got a lot of growing to do, but once he reaches his full size, he'll really be impressive."

She glances at the door. "I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty cold. Want to go in and dry out, get some hot chocolate? I'll use my Mom's recipe."

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