Getting to Know the Thunderbolts

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Sandman and Spiral

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02/08/13 16:05

Gymnasium - Thunderbolts' HQ - Underground Manhattan

Sandman and Spiral chat

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Friday afternoon and Sandman can be found at the gym of the Thunderbolts HQ, not as fancy as the Avengers gym, but suitable. He lies on a bench lifting weights that measure to the double digits of tonnage. He heaves and yells out with each lift. Dressed in a jean shorts and a black brown tank top, his yells can be heard outside and into the hallway. Clear that he is exerting effort as he works out.

Spiral suddenly appears in the gym with a loud 'pop'. A rarity - she's hardly ever to be seen in here, or indeed anywhere in the Thunderbolts base, normally, preferring to drop in or out as she pleases.

"You appear to be less busy than you were the last time we met." she says drily, looking down at him on the bench with a sidelong glance.

A frown comes across his face when he hears the voice. His frown turns into a grrrr as he continues his work out without really looking at the psychotic six-armed mystic. “I’m always busy. . .Like now. . .I am busy working out!” He continues to lift and then places the heavy bar with weights on the metallic holder and looks at Spiral, “Sup.”

"Less busy, not not busy." Spiral points out. "You are the last person I expected to find in this team." she tells him, a little irked, and cutting straight to the chase. "Here we supposedly do what it takes to get things done, and you never really seemed the sort for that...".

Shaking his head, “Spiral, this is the third time we met. The first time, you were lucky I didn’t bash your head in. Scarlet Witch filled me in on who you are and what you can do. You’ve plagued the X-Men for years and even messed with the Avengers once.” Sandman sighs, “There’s a lot about me you don’t know. I do what I need to when I need to. That’s all you need to know.”

"Yes, how right you are, we are no friends, and yet you are now here, at my back, as it were. What fun that will be for us both.". Spiral does bristle a little at his accusations. "X-Men, pah, that was mostly down to that fat tub of lard who you have no doubt heard of if you know anything about me. And the Avengers, well... they were lawbreakers at the time, but no thanks from law abiding citizen like yourself I guess.".

Eyeing the witch a bit, “I’m here for my own reasons. I don’t plan on being friends with anybody if I don’t need to. Most of you on this team are jerks who couldn’t cut it. I was a jerk who actually could cut it with the Avengers. But this is more my style after all.” Sandman takes a second and exhales, “That fat tub of lard really messed you up, huh. Mojo or Jomo or something.” An odd sorta of response, perhaps reaching out to Spiral or not totally blaming her for her way of existing.

"Who couldn't cut it?". Spiral laughs at that, incredulous. "I do not think I would be applying to join the Avengers any time soon.". As for the tub of lard, she clenches three hands into fists. "And the fat one is going to be danced off his throne when all the threads align, that much is certain, so you need not worry about him.".

“Well, I heard Mojo has done some crazy ass shit to you and the X-Men. Forced you to do all that odd body stuff like you did to Betsy.” Sandman offers, “If ya need help ousting the literal piece of shit, you can probably count on the Thunderbolts. . .as for those who couldn’t cut it. I’m talking primarily about Firebrand but probably the others too.”

"Oh. Him." Spiral says flatly. She's not exactly a fan of Firebrand, either. But then she shrugs. "Meh, a prisoner working for his freedom, a common enough motivation. Probably less chance of stabbing us in the back than Arachne, she has form after all." she smiles coldly. She remembers, oh yes.

"Psylocke, she is much better off these days. Of course she isn't grateful, but then that is the way of these things. Too emotional.". The smile lingers a bit as she thinks back on her finest creation.

“Leave Arachne be. She is here for her own reasons, but she won’t stab anyone in the back. Trust me. She could have already and didn’t. As for Betsy. . .I didn’t see what she looked before, but no matter how hot she is now, still probably wasn’t right to do what you did. And if I were you I would avoid her. You may end up at the end of her mad ninja skills.” He does a pretend karate chop in amusement more than anything else.

"Mad ninja skills that I gave her... see? Maybe I will, but that would be irony. Mary Shelley would be proud in any case." Spiral says, evidently also quite proud herself. "I have already met her a few times upon her return, checking up on her, making sure she's doing well...". Spiral's grin is now a vision of purest insane malice. "She is. A happy person, too.".

Sandman hmmmmns, “Yeah ok. . .I guess that seems weird.” He shudders, “I swear when you smile I get the creeps. Very few people have that ability. . .you are definitely one of them, Spiral.”

"I will take that as a compliment." Spiral tells him. "I suppose working together might not be that onerous, you seem a straightforward sort of man. And all I will do in a team capacity is generally teleport you to where you are needed, anyway.".

“Well from what I hear, you can do a lot more than teleport. Magic’s your thing? And you are pretty handy with a sword or six, in your case.” Sandman laughs as he checks out the arms, “Are those superstrong?”

"Superstrong, hah. How sweet." Spiral mocks. "No, they are just arms, and a curse at that, not a benefit. The same as the dance, in fact, for I am fated to dance from anywhen to forevermore... forever." she says, bitter. "None on this planet would be interested in the company of freaks except to ask pointed questions about their arms." she notes, eying him.

“Hey being a freak, you are at least powerful. People can’t really fuck with ya.” Sandman offers to her note, “Plus some freaks are hot. You got a hot body. And hey, maybe I’ll get to see a difference kinda dance that you can do.” He laughs loudly at his last comment and then resumes his workout.

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