If you don't apologize, you won't get punched.

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Mirage & Havok

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08/28/12 10:15

Rooftop, X-Factor Tower, Mutant Town

They talk, they kiss, Alex does not get punched.

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The day was spent re-arranging itself into a suitable configuration to house the newest X-Factor team. Several floors were devoted to living, others to research, some to training and then the bottom most floors as public relations and offices. The X-Factor Tower, AKA Ship, has devoted the top floor to be an observation deck, secluded hangar, pool (roof linked to top floor), and gathering area. Windows on all sides peer out into the city beyond and sunlight shines down from the glass like panels of the ceiling. Even the rooftop pool is made of the transparent material so blue hued light shines through beneath and those that may swim can be seen from above and below.

This is where one will find Alex Summers. He's in the blue waters of the pool. He wears his swimming trunks and sunglasses. The sun is rising high in the sky and bathing him in the life restoring cosmic energy his body craves.

With other things taking precedence over exploration of the teams new digs, Dani is finally getting a chance to do so. Several minutes are spent on each floor until she finally reaches the upper floor and goes in to check out the pool area. While she does notice the pool occupant she moves to check out the view out the windows before saying anything "Hey Alex. How's the water?" She is dressed casually for the summer weather, cutoff jeans and tank top.

"Perfect." Alex responds with a glance her way, "We're a thousand feet up, in our own building, no ratty kids, no drama, on our own rooftop, in a pool... I mean what's not perfect about that?"

Dani chuckles as she goes to the pool edge and sits. "You might not have the kids and the drama," boots are quickly shed and she dangles her legs in the pool "but I still do, though I can't blame anyone else but myself for that one." she glances up at the windowed ceiling, "Do those open?

"Hey Ship, could you open up the roof?" Alex calls out to the Ship in a query.

"As you wish, Havok.", the Ship replies and the windows begin to retract and open up to direct sunlight.

Alex smiles and replies to the previous remark, "Yeah; someone almost convinced me to use my PhD for something other than research - pshaw. Those snot nose little jerk ain't learning jack from me."

"Nice, guess Ship can keep the snow off in the winter too." Dani frowns slightly before splashing water toward him "Be nice, you were in their shoes once. Just because you may have been that way doesn't mean they all are.

Alex chuckles, "Oh I was a total asshat." is his admission and he continues with one hand on the side of the pool near to her, "I was the orphan kid who went from one foster home to the next, ended up with the Mastersons and they were basically using me to replace their dead kid. So that didn't go over well either. I really didn't straighten up till college, when I learned about geology. Then it's like someone flipped a switch and it all became clear."

Dani grins, biting her lip on the snarky comment that immediatly comes to mind, "I think we were all terrible as teenagers. I know I was." she swirls her legs around in the water "Thankfully now though I am just awful." she jests.

"Agreed." Alex says with a grin affirming her comment and slant toward herself.

"Okay, I might have deserved that one." Dani admits though it doesn't stop her from sending another splash of water in his direction. "How are the neighbors dealing with us being in the area? Have we gotten complaints from the locals?

Splashed, Alex splashes back, but only toward her legs, not wanting to get her soaked - yet. "Well, we haven't seen any protestors at our front door - in fact, noone has come by or complained as far as I have been aware. We're in the heart of Mutant Town, I doubt the Right is going to stop by for tea and the MLF can't teleport in - force fields. So, we're alone, safe, and ... well, right here."

"That would be one tea party I would like to watch, through binoculars from across the street." Dani can't help but glance around at the dangerous words safe and alone, because usually when those or similar words are uttered all hell breaks loose, "You really like tempting fate, don't you?

"More than you know." Alex says with a smile that turns devilish as he reaches to grab her leg. He times it incorrectly and will miss as she swings away. Perhaps she didn't notice as it was an under-the-water move. Or perhaps she did.

Either way Dani is on to him now and laughs at the attempt as she swings her legs out of the water, "I guess today she isn't on your side." she doesn't move from her spot by the pool otherwise, now who is tempting fate.

Understanding - from their last encounter - that her body language suggest she wants to play, Alex will pull himself to the edge of the pool directly in front of her, he'll spring up, grab, and pull her with him as he falls back into the water.

Dani was expecting something, but not that. She lets out a cry of surprise as she is grapped and pulled into the pool. She catches her breath at the last moment so she doesn't shallow pool water if she is taken under. She sputters a bit after resurfacing, pushing her hair from her face "So much from growing up in college." this of course is said amidst her laughter.

The water is salty, not chlorine.

Alex remains close, he wears a smile and his glasses have been lost at the bottom of the pool from the splash-down. His own laughter is interrupted, "College was great... a lot like this."

Since she is already soaked Dani sees no reason to get out of the pool, "I'll have to take your word for it, I never got the chance to go." she gets a peculiar expression on her face "Which is strange when you think about it, considering my position at the school." she then shrugs "But I guess if anyone is going to teach extraplanar cultures it should be someone that has experience with it.

It isn't clear if Alex heard what she just said as he's thinking about other things; rather, her. "That's a good idea." He states as if he's agreeing with something she just said and then pushes her hip to turn her to the back of the poolside. The water is neck deep, so their feet are able to touch. The ledge of the pool is about a foot above the water level and made of some nanotubular carbon fiber.

After giving him a momentary perplexed look at his reply Dani grins "I'm glad you agree. I wasn't sure you would, knowing you aren't much for teenagers, but we could use the extra set of hands." she makes stuff up of course, realizing he has off in la-la land, and seems amused by it.

When her back is to the side of the pool, he makes his 'move'. He draws in close and says, "We've got a new base, a rooftop pool, force fields, alone time... and I think we should probably stop talking." and that move comes as one hand reaches up to the side of her face, the other remains on her hip, and he will 'move' to kiss her.

Yes, there is mild suprise. Dani isn't blind, she has noticed the glances, but she gets looks quite frequently so really didn't think much of it. She has never been one to let an opprotunity to snog pass her by so if it is offered she is going to take it and do her best to make it enjoyable for both parties. Her hands end up resting on his upper arms and she signals an end by pushing away slightly. Taking a second to breath "I won't punch you if you don't apologize." while she doesn't look upset by any stretch, she does look slightly confused as if she is trying to put the clues together.

Pushed back after the kiss, Alex tries to calculate what she just said, "Hang on, what?". She used two negatives and he's trying to sort them out, "Does that mean you'll punch me if I try to kiss you again or if I apologize for kissing you in the first place?"

"The second one." Dani does grin then, "It's bad form and kind of insulting. Unless of course you get hit then its okay to apologize." one shoulder lifts, "I don't make the rules, I just live by them."

His blue eyes are truthful, "I wasn't going to apologize. It's been something I've thought of for a few days now."

"Oh?" which then switches to "Ohhh." as it all clicks into place, specifically the strange behaviour the other day, but she won't say anything about that if he doesn't, "That makes me curious though, as to what your next thought will be and how long it will take for you to act on it."

As if challenged, Alex furrows his brow in a quizical nature. He honestly has no clue what she wants other than to see what he wants... Or that's what he suspects because his hands will move to her hips and drift close again. He's weighed his options.

"I've been better with actions than words - words only jack things up."

"I can respect that." Dani responds as slips away from his hands. By now they have drifted close enough to the edge where she can get out of the pool with little trouble and does so in one swift movement "When you figure out what that will be you know where to find me." with that she leaves the pool area and heads back downstairs.

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