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Phantasm and Night Thrasher

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Knightsbridge - London

Dwayne comes across a poorly attempted mugging of a rock star.

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-----==[ Knightsbridge - London ]==-------------------------------------------

The areas here comprise the tail end of old Westminster's charms. Dotted around the landscape are pubs, pubs, and more pubs. Mostly residential, South Kensington still takes some cues from the main part of Kensington with its aristocracy, but is home to friendly locals who are more than happy to share a pint, provided you're paying. The West Brompton area is part of the former wild alternative scene, with tall three and four story buildings with large bay windows, old townhouses turned into apartments for a younger generation of artists. Earl's Court is perhaps the most trafficked area in this section of London, due to the indoor-stadium style of concert venue, where such greats as Pink Floyd have played (and they let science fiction author Douglas Adams join in with them one night). A large feature of West Brompton is the Cemetery, where it is said that the dead have arisen at least four times in the past 200 years.
Brompton and Chelsea were the homes of the youth of Britain during the counter-culture explosion which counted Mick Jagger and the Sex Pistols as their denizens. Both areas are known for their frequently found pubs, both spirited and still vaguely out there. While the ferocity of the counter culture has died down somewhat, these areas are still home to numerous students and other artists, giving the area a mild version of New York's Greenwich Village. Even more posh and snob-filled is the nearby Knightsbridge, where the poor are not welcome even on a good day. However, Knightsbridge, for all its arrogance, is home to several cultural sites, such as the Royal Albert Hall, the Natural History Museum with its dinosaur skeletons, and the Victoria and Albert Museum.


The evening air in Kensigton has a bit of a chilly aire to it, part of which is contributed by, you guessed it. Rain. In London. What are the odds?
With this being a commonplace weather phenomenon around here, the weather has very little sway with the Friday activities of the locals. This means plenty of folks are enjoying themselves at the local pubs.

After another long day of filming, Mike is making his way back to the place he is calling home during this current stay in England. Although not feeling the need to hide his identity as much as he would back home. His hair has once again found itself being concealed under the knit cap he uses to hide it away. Silly rain.

Dwayne Taylor is in England on business, of course. He flew in earlier this morning for a 10 o'clock meeting... which means he had to catch a pretty early flight from JFK. The meeting is long over and Dwayne is off on a foot tour. A couple of 'assistants' walk behind him in business suits... but clearly these people are company security for the Chairman of the Taylor Foundation.

The tired rocker sighs as makes his way down the street, coming across a small section where there's a bit less foot traffic or at least sufficient enough for a guy wearing a hood to pop out, holding a knife threateningly "Your Money o-"

THWACK! There's not much time for the mugger to finish his statement as his head gets shoved into the nearby building wall in reaction.

How anticlimatic.

Dwayne's got his hands shoved into the pockets of his pants. He's walking along the side of the street, casually glancing towards some old store fronts in this posh section of town. One of the suit-clad men takes a couple of steps closer to Dwayne and says, "It's getting late, sir. The Hotel is a few blocks from here... you have a meeting in the morning..." He reminds Dwayne. The young Chairman waves a hand dismissively, "I'm a Nightowl."

The would be mugger lifts up his hand, pressing it against his head, "OW! THAT HURT!" Based from the tone of voice and that he seems surprised by the feeling, it's apparent this guy is very much new to his chosen occupation.

Mike doesn't look all that apologetic to the mugger, bringing up a foot to kick the wrist of the knife holding hand, causing for another yelp of pain. "If you don't like the pain, then don't do something so stupid as pulling a knife on other people, you asswipe." Mike snaps, voice raising, not at all caring if others hear. He's not the one trying to be a mugger (and failing horribly at it) after all, "Cause I sure as hell am not cooperating with you. Drop it!"

The Suit arches an eyebrow at Dwayne and is about to reply before both he, the other suit and Dwayne turn their head at the sound of raised voices. The two suits with Dwayne close the gap between them and Dwayne and flank him. Dwayne, to their dismay, starts to briskly head in the direction of the voices. The second suit calls out, "Sir! You should really consider just getting to the hotel!" Dwayne raises a hand to quiet them. Dwayne calls out, "What's going on?!" He's not in the alley but he's hoping his voice carries.

The stunned but still knife holding mugger's attention slips towards the voice, to which Mike patiently waits until the atten- who are we kidding? Mike uses the opportunity to bring his hand up and shove the guy back into the wall, much harder this time. "DROP IT."


Dwayne hurries up to the entrence to the alley with his suits in tow. When he gets to the corner, he stops and holds a hand out for the suits to stop. The suits do so with quizzicle, what the ---- are you doing looks. Dwayne turns the corner and stops the mugger becoming the mugged. Now Dwayne's face has a quizzicle look, "Is there a problem here?"

Mike's eyes follow down to the dropped knife. "Goooooood boy." Mike praises, tone of voice channeling the spirit of a Dog trainer. He kicks the knife away from the mugger's feet, causing for it to skitter of all places, towards Dwayne. He turns his head, looking towards Dwayne. "Not anymore," Mike replies, "Our friend here is reconsidering his choice in occupation." He turns, looking towards the befuddled guy, "Aren't you?"

Dwayne lifts a foot up as the knive skids over towards him. When the knife is close, Dwayne lowers his foot down as if he were kicking at the back end of his skateboat. He hits the knife just the right way, it stops skidding and flips up into the air. Dwayne catches the blade by the handle and arches an eyebrow. Dwayne calls out, "William; Take this for me." He holds the knife out and one of the suit-clad men came around the corner and takes the knife from the young Chairman. He says to Mike, "Well, it's never too late to make a good decision..." he says in regard to the possible former mugger.

The would be mugger looks from Mike to Dwayne, to William, to the other guy and then reverses the order. "I- uh..." He frowns, "ok..."

Mike studies the mugger before glancing over towards Dwayne, "What do you think? Sincere?"

"Of course he is-" Dwayne begins as he starts in closer to the two of them, "-he's British, afterall. Their accents just drip with sincerity." He glances at Mike and then back to the Mugger, "At least he'll have a change of heard for the rest of the night." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a smartphone, "Need me to call the boys in blue? Or whatever color they wear here."

And apparently the threat of the law being brought in is enough to get the mugger to break his stuttering, "Oh come on! I didn't take anything!" The mugger protests, "I didn't even get out a threat before he hit my head on that wall!"

"And people like you are the reason why these guys have to show IDs to get a fucking butterknife for the kitchen." Mike snaps, eyes rolling, "Idiot." He looks over towards Dwayne, "Yeah, give 'em a call."

The hightech smart phone is activated with a swipe of his thumb, "Yeah, sure. I've got it." Dwayne touches the screen a couple of times and raises the smart phone to his ear. After a second, Dwayne responds to someone on the other end, "Yeah, uh, I'd like to report an attempted mugging. Or whatever it is you blokes call it here." He puts added emphasis on the word 'blokes' as it using it were foreign or forced for him. He gives his location and shuts the phone down, "The men and women with the billyclubs are on the way." One of Dwayne's suits tries for his attention again, "Sir... your meeting in the morning?"

As Dwayne busys himself with the phone and Mike looks to Dwayne, the mugger starts to walk off, only to get yanked back by the collar, "Nope! You're waiting here." He glances back over to Dwayne, "Funny running into you here. It's got to have been years since we last ran into each other."

Dwayne is getting pulled away but stops, "You know what guys? Head on to the hotel if you guys need forty winks, ok? I can take care of myself. This is England. There's nothing here I can't handle." He turns back around to look at Mike, "Yeah? I pride myself on my memory but-" Perhaps it is their location that's keeping from making the connections of recognition. Finally, "You're a musician... yeah. Yeah. You've got a good memory. I thought you were a U.S. act?"

Mike smiles. "I live in the US. But everytime there's an album released I try to at least include Europe in on the touring deal." He looks to the mugger and basically pushes the guy to the ground, making him sit while they wait, "Although this time around I'm here for a movie shoot." The mugger cranes his neck, eyeing his attempted victim again before muttering a curse.

"A movie, huh? Branching out away from music?" Dwayne asks while shoving his hands into his pockets. His eyes drift down to look at the mugger before continueing, "Seems like the way a lot of musicians are going. Being dynamic is the excuse I am told." He offers a friendly smile before jerking his head to one side over his shoulder, "My employees were right, though. I've got another meeting early in the morning. I should probably get going. You in town for a while for this filming?"

"Yeah. Have a couple more weeks til my parts are done with." Mike answers, gesturing towards the mugger, "You go ahead, He's not going to do much until the police get here. And good luck with your meeting."

Dwayne nods, "I'm in town for some business with the Foundation. I'd like to touch base at some point while we're both in town. I'll buy you a drink." He turns around and raises a hand to wave over his shoulder, "Stay out of trouble."

"I'll do my best." Mike calls back, giving a tilt of his head to the leaving man. He then glances over to the mugger who is starting to crawl. "You, stay still." Upon settling, he smiles. "Better."


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