Ice in the Mocha

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Iceman, Scarlet Witch

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08/16/12 21:30

Grapevine Cafe - Upper East Side

Chance meeting between Iceman and Wanda

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Scarlet Witch - Iceman RP Log
Marvel Untold - Scarlet - Thursday, August 16, 2012, 9:21 PM

-----==[ Grapevine Cafe - Upper East Side ]==---------------------------------

This beautiful cafe is down to earth but retains an ounce of splendor. Light music dances in the cool air as quiet waitresses waltz to and fro taking orders of sandwiches and sodas. The tables are rather nice, made of elegant glass and curling silver metal with matching white chairs. At the counter is a main menu where one can pick up to go orders and pay one's check.

It's fairly late in the evening, though the Grapevine is still open for a few night owls or the like. Wanda is one of these, sipping idly on a cup of coffee which would probably horrify Jarvis... if only because she was slipping out of the mansion to get it. Nearby she has a copy of the New Yorker, which is open on the table, and occasionally she bothers to turn a page, skimming the magazine while she hums a soft melody to herself.

Even the Iceman occassionally wants something hot and caffeinated. Which is what finds him wandering into this little cafe. Halfway to the counter, he glances at the woman sitting with her magazine and, then does a double take. With a little laugh he detours, delaying his trip to the counter to walk over to Wanda's table and say in a teasing tone, "Man, you never know who you'll run into in this town."

Wanda chuckles a bit, "Well, it's been a little while, hasn't it?" She looks a bit amused, "Don't tell Jarvis I'm getting coffee here, he'll be positively heartbroken." She sighs and leans back, looking wryly at Bobby, "And don't tell me you came all the way from Westchester for an espresso."

Iceman shakes his head, and smiles, "Your secret's safe with me." He gives her a playful wink, as there are so may secrets here that go well beyond coffee. HE shakes his head again at he comment, "Nah, a college buddy was in town, and after a day running around town playing tour guide, I needed a cup of coffee." He pauses and grins, "Speaking of which... back in a minute." He turns then to go acquire a drink.

Scarlet Witch smiles a bit, shaking her head as she waits for Iceman to get his coffee, steepling her fingers in front of her as she sets the cup down. As an afterthought, she takes her magazine and tucks it into the purse by her side. Then, she waits, looking amused at the coincidences chasing her lately.

Iceman walks back over with his coffee and settles into the seat opposite Wanda. He sips at his coffee and then smiles, "So, how are ya?" The question is casual, and so is the smile that goes with it. Just catching up with someone he hasn't seen in a while.

Wanda laughs, "Oh, doing better... going back on active duty with the Avengers. Carol ran me ragged yesterday for my physical, I have sore muscles that I didn't even know I had. But, she's taking it seriously." She sips her coffee, then looks at Bobby, "And what about you? Are they still color coding Blue and Gold? Because, you know, Red would be a perfectly valid color..."

Iceman laughs at that, "Eh, I look better in blue. Even though the put me on Gold." He smiles, "Kinda nice being back in Westchester. Place has changed a lot though." He shrugs, "But hey, that's the least of the weirdness around, right." He lifts his coffee in a silent salute to the all the strange happenings that surround the lives of mutants as strong as either one at this table.

A laugh at that, as Wanda raises her cup to match the salute, "Bobby... you aren't kidding." She then takes a long sip of her coffee, "After recent, well, you know. I just had to go get my head together, figuratively. Which helped a lot, I think. I don't know what would have happened if I just kept pushing on and pretending everything was alright."

Iceman nods. He lowers his voice in a conspiratorial tone, not wanting to be overheard as he says, "Someteimes the bad guys are the easy part to deal with. I mean, them I can just tell to chill out." He sips at his coffee and makes a face for a moment, though it seems more like the bitterness is in his thoughts than his coffee. "Simple problems are for other people."

Wanda keeps her voice low also, then smiles faintly, "How does that song go? 'Mutant Mutant Angst Angst?'" She shakes her head, "Len was humming it before he started one of my sessions, not sure where he got it from, but it seems rather fitting, sadly." She finishes her coffee, then sets the cup down with a wry expression, "But I think you need to either embrace it, or keep running from it. And I'm tired of running."

Iceman nods at that, "Yeah, well...." He glances away uncomfortably for a moment, "I tried normal. Didn't last. Though, they, how many in our line of work can do their own taxes?" He gives a wry smile, "Can't run away from yourself. Even your brother isn't that fast." He flashes her a smile, "There are up sides though. I mean, I neer have to drink a warm beer."

Wanda nods a bit, "I can relate to that... all too well." She looks a bit curiously at Iceman, "Didn't think you had taken that sort of break. But then, you tend to be a bit lower profile than I always was. And yes, you can't run away from yourself... it took me a bit of time to figure out that's what I was doing."

Iceman chuckles at Wanda, "Yeah, first time I left the team, Xavier got me a scholarship out at UCLA. Not that I kept out of trouble the whole time, but I did get a job as a CPA for a while." He shakes his head, "But you know how it goes. I swear that that little "x' is really a slightly cock-eyed crosshair."

She chuckles at that, "You don't have to wear the 'x' for that... I think when Vision and I 'retired', fighting some villain with a grudge was a chore on par with taking out the trash." Her eyes blink a bit though, "Wait, you actually /got/ a CPA? My skill with numbers... well, um, I let Vision handle /that/. Not exactly my strength."

Iceman grins, "What, you thought Hank was the only one good with numbers?" He grins, "Though I can just see the two of you, one doing the dishes, the other busy kicking some villain's butt." He mimes washing dishes, then lifts one hand and says in a falsetto voice apparently meant to mimic Wanda, "Oh, honey, could you pick up milk while you're out?"

Wanda sticks her tongue out at Bobby, "You are /not/ making me regret those hexes from the bad old days, you know." She then laughs, "It was a bit easier of a time, it just... didn't work, really." Her laughter fades, a bit of regret visible on her face as she continues, "I mean, it was just too much, and... I think we both needed to start fresh."

Iceman reaches across the table, offering Wanda a friendly hand. "If it's any consolation, I just got dumped for being too weird by a girl whose family involves cybernetic samurai and Yakuza bosses."

Wanda takes the hand, giving it a friendly squeeze, "Cybernetic samurai and Yakuza? That sounds like quite a story." She smiles, "Think I'd be welcome to come visit Westchester sometime? A few of the kids came down for our ice cream social yesterday... apparently Bill made quite the impression on them."

Iceman gives a wry grin, "Oh, a story and a half, but not the kind I'll tell in a cafe. And I'm betting Bill makes a big impression on just about everyone. Hopefully with the kids, the hammer wasn't invovled." He smiles, "As for a visit, showing up unannounced up there is never a good idea, but with a little advance warning, I don't think you'd be turned away. At least, I wouldn't turn you away. Good way to get yourself hexed, right?" A playful grin and an impish litttle twinkle in his eyes. Even in a fairly serious conversation, this is still Bobby.

Wanda shakes her head, "Well, it's good to know that you being incorrigible is a constant of this universe." She smiles, "And I'll make sure to call up in advance. I'm pretty sure the number is still in the mansion." She then stifles a bit of a yawn, "Anyway, it's getting late, and I should head back. But it was good to see you, Bobby."

Iceman grins, "Always a pleasure, at least since you stopped trying to kill me." He moves his hand to his forehead, tipping an imaginary hat to her, then grins again, "And if I stopped being incorrigible, you'd think it was a clone, or an alternate reality Bobby, or... something. And haven't we had enough of that sort of thing?"

Wanda laughs again, shaking her head as she rises from her seat at the booth, "Oh, I haven't seriously tried to kill you in years... and that's a good point. If I see you being serious, I'll make sure to hex you twice." She smiles and waves to Bobby, taking her purse and walking out of the cafe.

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