I Scream, You scream ...

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I Scream, You scream …

Carol Danvers, Shannon Carter

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08/15/12 15:00

Office, Avengers' Mansion

Carol and Shannon come up with an idea for a celebration.

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Carol Danvers, current Chairwoman of the Avengers, looks up from her paperwork with a sigh, putting down the Starkpad she has been working from for the last good while. As befits the sensitivity of the data she's working with, it locks immediately when it detects it is no longer in her hands. "I want to thank you, Shannon, for all of your help. There has been a lot of paperwork to deal with, given all that has happened and everything that is changing around here. I know paperwork is no fun, and keeps you out of the gym and the simulator. I want you to know your efforts are really appreciated. You've been an excellent XO."

"I'm just glad I can help." Shannon says from her own position, across the room. She's got a Starkpad in her hands as well, and hasn't put it down yet. "Really, though, you should consider hiring an assistant. Maybe recruit someone from SHIELD to come and help you with the paperwork. I can't believe the hoops you have to jump through just to add a new member. And the length of the mission briefings is staggering."

Carol makes a face at that. "I don't think I want to invite Fury in to be aware of every little detail of what's going on with us." Which doesn't mean that Fury is /unaware/, but he has to put forth /effort/ to find out. Hiring a SHIELD agent to be her assistant would make it entirely too easy for the old one-eyed spook. He'd probably feel cheated. "The Foundation has offered to find me someone several times. But honestly, I don't want someone I don't know, someone I don't trust." Hence, her enjoyment of working with Shannon, as unfair as that has been to the other woman. She can't exactly ask Jan, despite Jan being /excellent/ at this kind of detail work. "The paperwork is pretty awful.'

Jan did this for years. The only person who has had a longer tenure as Chairperson is Steve. "I guess so. I meant, more, recruit a SHIELD agent to come work for you. If they leave SHIELD. Headhunt. That sort of thing." She finishes scribbling in the last bit with her stylus, then slides the tool into the slot designed to hold it. "Maybe we can train Cassie Lang to do it. If she's anything like the woman from my world, she'll be super smart."

Carol shrugs a bit, shaking her head. "I don't know. A SHIELD agent I like would probably be darned unlikely to quit to come be my assistant and do my paperwork." And if they did, she wouldn't want them or like them as much. Catch-22, thy name is Carol Danvers. Then she laughs lightly, smiling. "That would be rather amusing. I think Scott would rather Cassie not get quite so embroiled in all things Avengers just quite yet. But I would enjoy spending more time with her. And she is a very, very sharp little cookie." Carol sees elements of herself as a young girl in Cassie.

Shannon smiles. "It was a trip, seeing her so young. She's OLDER than me, where I come from." She shakes her head. "Working with her dad in his firm. What he's running now, in my world, is a major multinational firm on the level of Endo Electronics."

Carol nods, smiling. "I'll bet it was. Even trippier than the first time you meet each of us in this world." World. Timeline. Whatever. "She's a wonderful kid, from what I can see and what I know. Bright, quick, active. I look forward to seeing who she grows up to be." Assuming, of course, Carol survives to see that. She purses her lips. "Those folks at Endo Electronics have made some serious headway in a short span of time. The contracts they seem to be securing ... I know they were big before. But now they're going to be just that big and that powerful here in the States. Pretty damned impressive." Carol has read the intel reports. She is aware that Ms. Suzanne Endo is now considered to be part of the cabal known as the Hellfire Club, closely associated with Sebastian Shaw. Shaw and his allies are making a killing in the aftermath of Ultron's attacks. There's going to be a price to be paid for that at some point in the future. It won't be pleasant.

"Mmm." Shannon says, watching Carol. Recognizing the calculations. The worries. "Okay. Work's over. Come on." She gets to her feet. "You need a break. We've just been through a major event and we came up on top. Which means we get to celebrate. And THAT means gourmet ice cream."

"Hmmm?" Carol murmurs, blinking before she looks up at the now-standing Shannon. "What? Gourmet ice cream?" Truth is, she knows there's always more to do. But somehow, Shannon offering gourmet ice cream is enough to break her away, making her stand up and leave the Starkpad behind. "OK. Sounds good to me. We should get some for the others, too."

"THAT is a great idea." Shannon links arms with Carol. To make sure the older woman doesn't wander back to her paperwork. "There's a place near here that does all sorts of exotic flavors. They have a line based on famous chocolate lines like Godiva. Plus, I hear their mango is to die for."

"Godiva chocolate ice cream? That sounds both amazing and ridiculous." Which means that surely Carol must try some, if only to find out. "It's so hard to remember that you're so young as you are." It's the maturity of being a woman who has faced and fought for the world. Hard to see her as a frilly college coed, despite being of an age with them. "Alright. So let's go get us some ice cream. And we'll pick up an assortment to bring back to the Mansion for everyone else.

"Great idea. I'll get the gardner's cart. Its within walking distance, so we'll load it with some ice packs and carry all the ice cream home in it." Shannon says with a bright smile."

"Alright, alright. Gardener's cart and icepacks. You go get the cart, I'll head to the kitchen for the cold packs and meet you out front." Carol agrees, and with duties divvied up, she heads off to the kitchen. As such, she'll appear at the front doors of the mansion, coming out by jutting her hips to lead, arms loaded full of a large bag of blue coldpacks.

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