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Tanya, Logan

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Damaged Subway Station in Manhattan

Logan takes cover to heal and then meets Tanya

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It's been a long couple of days. Almost thirty hours at this point, fighting. Doing nothing but fighting.
But that's nothing new to the X-Man known as Logan. He's spent the night moving amongst the shadow creatures, ambushing them, slaughtering them where he can. He's faced nightmarish monsters, lost himself in his berserker rage, yet even a man like him... he has limits.
Even now, as the sun begins to set on the city, promising another night of pain and violence, the Wolverine drags himself out of the alleyway. He holds an arm around his waist, blood seeping from his injuries, his intestines threatening to fall out there upon the sidewalk as he almost staggers down the street.
He casts his haggard gaze upon his surroundings. The city's definitely seen better days. There's nowhere to take cover, several buildings have collapsed. Just need a few minutes... just a few.
Distantly there is the raucous cry of the shadows, gibbering and roaring as some of them rush along the streets of the city, perhaps even looking for him. Then, in an instant, he espies the sign for the subway station.
Pulling himself over to the stairway and down he takes cover at the entrance there, an alcove in the rubble that blocks him from view. He passes into the darkness of the station, kneeling there, his breathing heavy and pained with each movement that he must take.

Something snorted in the darkness down the station's way. Pitch black from lack of power, a normal prerson probably couldnt have made out the dark brown and black shaggy horse standing there. As the animal sensed Logan and betrayed his presence, another figure appears. In the faint light, only her eyes glittered and the curved blade she held in one place. The darkness of her outfit blended fully into the shadows - a blackness so dark it was a shadow itself.

But as her own eyes found Logans' form in the light, the blade went down, as a heavily spanish accented voice echoes over "You're hurt badly. I think I have some bandages left. I mean you no harm, I am a friend trying to get people to safety. I'm surprised there was anyone left."

The man's eyes shoot towards her, and what little of his expression she can see is grim. His features are torn, haggard. He's older, and has definitely seen better days, but then surprisingly when she speaks he heaves a small 'heh' that burbles from his mouth, a single bubble of blood as he shakes his head.
"Now I know m'losin' it. Let you and a freakin' horse sneak up on me. Perfect."
Logan slowly sits down fully, resting his back against the wall and wincing as he moves. His rough and gravelly voice lifts as he growls at her sidelong, "M'fine darlin', go find someone else who needs yer help. Or better yet stay hunkered down here. S'rough up top."

Her smile twisted a little bit as she replies "Actually we were just not moving until I was sure you werent going to hurt US. All animals will go silent and still when threatened." She strides towards him, but slows and stops. A moment of uncertainity not seen in costumed heroes flickers on her features "I'll save them then, if you're sure you're okay. And yes... yes it is. We were taking a rest... I was going to go back out, but there are just... so many." she shuddered, glancing down to her hands. THough it was hard to see there was body fluids on them - whatever those creatures bled, if anything. And she had a few sore spots herself. She watched him move, wincing alongside him sympathetically "Well if you will not take my help, I will stay here for a few more while you catch your breath. Fair? Being 'tough' doesnt impress me."

A low rumbling 'heh' comes from him as he lies back, and there in that sliver of light she might see the sliced clawmarks upon his face slowly knit together, the blood flowing down his features halting as he shakes his head slowly.
"Then I reckon it's a good thing I ain't tryin' ta impress ya, darlin'." Even as he says this she can hear the pain in his voice, but he's a friend to pain.
His eyes close for a moment and he murmurs, "There's a shelter down the street, I'll take ya there. Just gimme a sec ta get m'self tagether."

She crouched beside him, the horse remaining where it was standing a distance away. She then paused, looked away, and then back "I would just end up attracting attention to it, but its good to know where it is." she admits "I can tell you've been fighting these creatures. Regrettably, so have I. And if they grew too close to those people, I would need to fight them again. " a pause, and she continues "Usually I get a 'too dangerous for me, go home' speech at this time, so I'll pretend I got one though and just say its not something I can control very well. At least this way, I can ensure nobody else gets hurt. I've been playing smart though. What's your name?"

"Logan," He says this and then winces severely as he shifts to the side. He lifts his hand and gore drips down from his palm, the blood flowing freely. The X-Man shakes his head and growls low to himself, trying to focus on the moment, on the presence of this woman before him. He looks back at her then, something feral flashing through those dark blue eyes of his as his lip curls into a growl. For a moment she might get the impression he was one of those creatures, or perhaps possessed as there's a gleam of fang right there.
Then he shakes his head again, frowns and adds, "They're formin' up fer somethin', hardly any stragglers aroun' anymore. You'd do best stayin' ere." But to his credit, he leaves it at that and most likely won't say anything more on the subject.

She tensed at the look, her body shivering a little bit. She licked her lips and continued "Thanks for the tip. I'm no good against hordes. The thought of them organiing though doesnt make me feel good about our chances. Not on my own. I'm Tanya... or Sombra, depending. I havent decided if I am 'secret' or not." She explains with a sheepish smile. Her eyes trail to the blood now staining the wall "are you SURE you dont want at least something to keep that from bleeding out? That cannot be good." She pulls a glove off to rub at one stained cheek as she asked this.

"I've had worse," Logan lowers his eyes and grimaces, but if she looks she can see that the bleeding is slowing, though it's taking much longer than the superficial wounds he had upon his features. The mutant opposite her in the shadows of the subway grimaces, shaking his head slowly. His nostrils flare and he takes in the scent of his surroundings, gauging her, the horse, the possible scent of nearby creatures. It's clear at the least, and whatever she might be feeling or thinking, she's not planning to ambush him... so that at least is good.
"Sombra, you a cape?" He asks, meaning vigilante of course.
You paged Tanya with 'If you'd like I'd appreciate any insight he might gain from her scent in regards to her emotional state as well as physical.'
Tanya pages: She smells strongly of horses. She's also afraid, but is full of adrenaline. There's also ... Not sure how to put it. Anger scent? She's tired, sore in places with a few bandaged wounds, though the armor's covering it. She's been crying too.

"I'll believe you then." She seemed doubtful, but wouldnt push it as she shifted on her toes, still crouching there. She stared intently at his face, noting the flare of nostrils. She then paused at the question, and looked away uneasily. A cool draft came down the subway tunnel from the darkness, drifting the smell of blood, sweat and fear towards the man. She was nervous, that is for sure. Very uncomfortable as she admits "Yes, I am. Although unlike many, I do not go out every night 'hunting.'. " a pause of uncertaity, as though not sure how to go further. The horse seemed to doze, and her eyes fell on it, bfore she relaxed - taking that indication of the relative safety of the area.

"Oh don't do me any favors, darlin." He smirks and laughs a little, but the chortle shifts into a scowl of a wince. Logan wipes his hand upon his already blood-stained shirt, or rather what tatters remain of it. If this were any other situation she might think this guy was homeless, his clothes so ratter and worn. But then again there's his physique which is powerful and precisely defined though covered with matted fur, marred by faint spatters of ichor from the creatures.
Lifting his head his gaze drifts towards the glow of fading sunlight at the entrance to the subway station, a few shadows flickering past as multiple creatures rush by none stopping to look down into the subway. He falls silent as they move, but then listens for a time. A moment passes, two... then he says. "They're gone."

She had turned as well, her entire demeanor changing as the creatures came into audible range. From uncertain young woman to panthress almost - tense, crouched, her hand on the hilt of her blade, face intently watching those silhouettes. She then slowly relaxes, sighing in relief "... For now." she adds ominously to his comment. The horse had tensed too, lifting his head, before relaxing again.

"What do you mean 'favours' though? " she asks, turning her attention back to Logan once more, raising a masked eyebrow. The physique indeed had been noted. Hell, it was hard to miss, and she kept her own suspicions of who or what he was inside.

"Meanin' I don't care if ya believe me er not." And to be fair he probably doesn't, considering the amount of pain that he's in. He shifts in his place against the wall, leaning forwards slightly as he opens and closes one hand, frowning absently at something. He slowly twists his head to the side, the joint crackling with a faintly metallic resonance. "Never trusted capes, can't believe that someone who dresses up at night and runs around ain't just a lil bit crazier than most." Though as he says this he grins a little, a smile that'd almost be charming if it weren't for the trickle of blood out the corner of his mouth.

She was trying to avoid thinking about that bit of blood, and she shifted once more, back into uncomfortableness. Then a bit of a bitter laugh came from her "/I/ agree entirely. Not about the untrusting but the rest. We are crazy... even those who cannot help it. This was definitely not on my 'what I want to be when I grow up' essay in school. What about yourself then? You aren't a regular soldier, and you seem to be more witful than someone who is just trying to hide from these demons."

The old mutant grimaces and wipes a forearm over his mouth, clearing that blood and smearing it upon his arm. He looks away, lifting his eyes towards the entrance of the subway and watching for a time, though he does share a few quiet rumbling words with her. "Yeah, it's because I'm an X-Man." He looks back at her and lifts a hand then adds, "Ta-da." His features sour as he looks back to the threat of the stairway that leads far above. "Though let's be clear here. No cape."

Sombra's eyes look that way each time Logans' did... despite barely knowing him, she somehow trusted his own instinct over her own. Her own being constantly distracted by the creatures in bad ways. At the mention of X-men, her head comes about sharply, and then at the 'tada' the woman couldnt help but smile a little bit, nodding. "No cape. I understand. I know some of the X-men. You focus usually on other mutants to keep them from taking over the world or other such things. You usually do not deal with 'crime' outside with that. Is that right?"

"Kinda," Logan grimaces as he coughs a few times, covering his mouth with one rough and gnarled hand. He shakes his head and looks back up, blue eyes narrowing as he looks across the way at her. "But afore I was an X-Man, I still did what I could. In my own way. Which, ta be fair, isn't always nice."
At that he smirks to himself and then slowly, slooowly starts to push himself to his feet. His legs press him back against the wall and move him upwards, leaving a smear of blood on the wall as he rises.

She looked almost a little bi squeamish as he coughs... either quite new or simply not made to be a cape at all. But here she was, anyways. A nod of understanding that. As he stands, she moves to her feet as well, watching... one arm out slightly, lahtough she wouldnt interfere unless he asked. Meanwhile, she replied "I wanted to be in the circuis. And I was for a time. Fate.. had other plans. If we ever meet again, maybe I'll give you all the dark secretive details, Logan. " she offers, with a touch of dry humor.

"Hah," Logan doesn't seem quite ready to go yet, but at least all the pain wracking him doesn't blunt his sense of humor as he says lightly. "So you wanted to join the circus as a lil girl. Cute." He finally straightens up and perhaps to her amazement the gaping wound across his belly has fully closed. Sure there's still blood upon him, and sure he's pretty terrible looking. But now he just looks like a guy who's seen bad things, and not so much a guy about to die.

"I ended up doing that actually, until my... until I did this. Someday I'll get back to it." she stared at him a long moment in the face, as though expecting the man to keel over. Then her eyes widen further as she notes the stomach wound. Then back up again "... That is... I can see that trick being useful and yet possibly annoying at times." is all she could say, any form of mystique gone.

"Annoying?" Logan's eyes slide over towards her and she can see his brows narrow. His expression is wary, grim, but some element of amusement alights in his dark blue irises. Nobody's ever called his healing factor 'annoying' before. He starts to move across the way towards her, his eyes holding hers as he cocks his head to the side quizzically. "Alright, I'll bite." Those canines he has might make that more of a threat than he intends, then he adds. "How do ya reckon it'd be annoying."

"... Well..." she starts, a little bit awkward now as she looks to the door, and then back. Think. Then she replies gibly "If you ever had your appendix out, the doctors would have to break a record to get it done in time. And it would just grow back. That and with such a skill, many would have expected you to become a Cape or hero I bet if they found out." She did take a step back as he approached, not turning away though, her hands half raised placatingly.

The twitch of a half-smile perhaps robs his features of some of that severity. "Yeah, the name's Wolverine. Professionally." Though he doesn't stop until he's invading her personal space, perhaps he just has no sense of such a concept, or perhaps it's a way he gauges someone to see how they react and how it makes their body shift. His nostrils flare again faintly as he takes in her scent, then chuckles a bit. "Annoyin', fancy that."

Tanya takes another step back, then her jaw tenses and she doesnt move back any more. Her adrenaline had gone up, as had her fear, but both were under control right now. The horse, curiously, was now watching Logan VERY attentively from where it stood. It was mongolian in breed. She offered a small smile to him, taking a steadying breath "Wolvering. I will remember that if this ever happens again. Although hopefully it will not. There are better ways to meet people... and allies." she agrees, her hands now at her sides again, perhaps having an inkling of the proper way to react to this man now. A glance to the horse, and a guesture and it flicked an ear before going back to its' business. "Are you leaving to go and fight them more? Or to take me to 'safety' even if I shouldnt go?"

And the stocky man she'd been talking to, perhaps only then she might realize how short he is as he looks up into her eyes. His lip's curled with a tinge of amusement, but he does not back away, perhaps enjoying her reaction. When he stands so close she can pick up the way he smells as well, the hint of steel, and blood, and sweat. He shakes his head once then finally turns and steps away. "Yer a grown woman, Sombra. Do what ya like. But I tend ta work best on my own. Seeya around," He says this levelly as he plants a foot on the steps and begins to climb.

She doesnt move as he turns away. Only when his foot touches the step does she replies "Good battle then. Take care. And good luck. You do the right thing." she approves, not as though he needed her approval. But something had to be said as her arm lifts to wave to him. And then the woman too turns away, to her horse. With a leap she was in the saddle, waiting there, watching him... her own actions perhaps held in reserve until she saw what he would do. No sense putting them BOTH in danger, right?

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