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Move it!

Phantasm, Armand, Real Estate Agent

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Manchester Apts

Mike goes shopping for a new home that's NOT prone to crazed people attacks.

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-----==[ Manchester Apts - Greenwich Village ]==------------------------------

This three story apartment complex was made nearly fourty years ago, during the years, its still managed to keep a bit of the old-fashioned charm to its surroundings. The lobby is done in rich burgandy, with gold trim around the edges, the floor is tiled, offering a waxed finish to it, shining and tending to *clink* as heels make their way upon it. A few security cameras are situated around the area, as well as located throughout the building itself. The door to the staircase is located at the back, leading to the different floors, while the manager's office can be found to the left.


A bit smaller than the building they currently live in, the Manchester Apartment building seems comparitively small and along with that, a lot less apartments. It's been a long search and Mike looks over to Armand tiredly and then to the real estate agent standing outside an apartment door. Fiddling with her keys, she is taking her time finding the right one, "Now, this one has been vacant for a few weeks. But, we do have other floor plans in the building."

Armand stands at attention, that is...the young man is eyeing the Real Estate agent for a few moment, idly suckling on a tootsie roll pop and just quirking an eyebrow as he sighs softly, shaking his head slowly. "At least there is nothing of the smell of dead animals, non?" He shrugs helplessly before then looking back to the Real Estate. "It has a good kitchen, oui?"

"It will fit most people's cooking needs." The agent replies, getting a key out, "Mind you this is one of the more basic studios that they have on hand ready to show." The key is found! With an upwards lift, she momentarily displays her achievement before sliding the key in the hole, tumbling the lock and granting them access in. As the door opens, the view of the kitchen becomes readily apparent as it is almost immediately to the right of the doorway. The almost due to the bathroom having taken up the immediate area. "Alright, before we step in all the way, you have the bathroom. Kitchen's a little dated, but functional..."

Mike tilts his head, glancing in curiously as he starts to shuffle in when the agent provides enough space in the entry way to do so. "Smaller than the others."

"Pardon?" Armand has to ask as he hears 'most people's cooking needs' but he's being a good sport at least as he peeks intot eh apartment and then he looks from the bathroom then to the kitchen and he follows behind Mike. "...perhaps my English is a little lacking, but is 'little dated' the same as 'old and busted' in the common vernacular?" He makes his way further in to examine the kitchen blinking and running his hand over a counter. "Oui, is smaller..."

Mike nods, looking over to Armand's expression before turning to the real estate agent, "He'd prefer a more up to date kitchen"

Yes, there is a bit of a downsize from your previous home with this one but you're getting your investment in the location and additional securirity of the building." The agent replies, smile faltering as she looks to the unamused expression of the pair, "But mind you this is just one of the places here that is or will be up for sale in the near future. One of which is the result of a remodel on the second and third floor." She looks towards Armand, "New. Kitchen."

"It is not size that is already mattering, I am not that big...and Mike has not the childbearing hips, but the functionality of the place...we cannot be very secure if we cannot eat the decent meals, non?" Armand places a hand on his hip as he looks things over and then looks between Mike and the Real Estate agent, blinking slowly. "I do understand what 'remodel' is, but merci." He gives a polite nod and looks to Mike. "I have lived in boxes before, you know I am not /that/ concerned."

Mike eyes the real estate agent, nodding at Armand's assessment. "Second AND third floor? That, doesn't sound like a studio."

That's because it isn't. Anymore." The agent replies, smiling, "It's really two studios on the third floor and one on the second joined by a staircase and added doorways. It's marked down considerably because the upper floor is not entirely completed. Off to the corner of the building, and with this building being three stories, that does allow you the opportunity to set up the cornermost room as a studio for your work without disturbing the neighbors." The smile widens, "The owner is also looking for a quick sale due to where they want to move which leaves room for negotiating the price down more. If you want, I could arrange a visit to check out that residence."

Armand hmms softly and tilts his head to the side as he listens and then he looks to Mike before crunching down on the lollipop with a soft snort. "It sounds interesting non?"

Mike hrms, crossing his arms as he looks to the real estate agent. He looks to the studio apartment once more, glancing to the window and the scenery outside, biting his lip. "How much are they asking?"

"700." The agent replies, smiling, "And it's negotiable too."

Armand just blinks and stares at Mike and then the real estate agent and then back to Mike before he finds his lollipop stick very very interesting.

The musician just stares at the real estate agent, brows lifting. "700." He repeats, "And all those studios you showed us was-" He pauses, looking to the nodding real estate agent. He sighs. "Hell. Yeah. Get an appointment set up. Might as well see what made them mark it down so much."

Armand sighs and shakes his head slowly before he mouths the number to himself and then nods firmly. "Next time we are doing this, I am bringing a picnic basket." He looks down and chuckles sotly.

Mike nods, stepping back through the door, not even giving the studio anymore of a look, hands stuffing into his pockets as he looks to the agent that is already tugging out her phone.

"Alright." She replies, following Mike out of the apartment.

Armand turns to follow after Mike and the lady with a thoughtful expression. "Just so we can have snacks as we look around, it is the only way to truely know if a place will be nice."

With all three out of the room, the door is closed and locked up, leaving the studio apartment alone once more. Aww. :(


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