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Richenda Gray, Armand, Krista

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Brooklyn Hazleton Mall - Brooklyn

Chenda and Krista are at the mall and run into Armand

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[ Brooklyn Hazelton Mall - Brooklyn ]

Name a store, and it is probably located here. Fashion, electronics, music, books.. it's all here, complete with the big names. Quite simply, nothing less would suffice for the Brooklyn people. The Mall is two levels of shopping bliss for one and all.. the storefronts lining the walls in a large square, the center of which consists of a large plaza with adequate seating for all. Another ring of stores rests above the former ones.. a wide walkway circling the second level of the Mall. Escalators nearby ferry people to and from each level, and there never seems to be a slow moment in trade. Above, the clear blue sky is visible, as the roof is practically one large pane of a substance resembling glass, but ten times stronger.

Morning in New York, too late for commuters but not quite late enough for lunch. The streets are less crowded than usual, owing to the clouds darkening the skies and the rain dampening the pavement.

In the Hazelton Mall, though, rain doesn't do anything but bring more people inside to shop and add the tang of dampness to the entranceways. Chenda Gray is just passing through one now, holding the door for the person she invited along with her. "Whew! Sorry, Krista, this picked up faster than I thought it would!" she says apologetically, trying to catch her breath after a long, fast dash for the doors.

Krista hurries to keep pace and catch up with the taller girl, and manages to go through the doors before the sprinkling of rain becomes more a deluge of water. "That's what happens when you listen to the weather man." she shakes the rain drops from her light jacket, not that it is particulary cool enough for a jacket, but she wears one just the same. Her gaze scan around the mall interior and the crowds of people that have came for escape from the rainy weather.

"Good thing we hit that lull between the subway station and here," Chenda agrees. "And that wasn't the weatherman, that was me. Usually my weather sense is a lot better than that, though." Between Salem Center and The Big Apple, she can't always keep it calibrated. "Looks like a lot of other people had the same idea as us."

She lets another passerby in, then hops inside out of the now-heavy rain, letting the door fall shut behind the two of them. "You're not too wet, are you?" she asks, brushing beading drops from her windbreaker and hair.

"Can't hit 'em all right." Krista passes through the breezeway with Chenda "I'm fine. Though I think the first order of business is to get a coffee." she continues into main area of the shopping center, glancing this way and that maybe looking for a spot to get that hot beverage "After that I'm game for just about anything.'

"No, but I can try," Chenda ripostes playfully. "I could be a little drier, but I've been worse. The food court's got coffee; they had at least three places last time I was here, and all the restaurant counters serve the stuff, too. I guess that'll be our first stop." She nods in the direction and steps off, following her forehead and offering a guiding hand to Krista. The crowds aren't thick yet, but they're growing, and two small people could easily lose each other here.

There is only a momentary hesitation on taking the offered hand. It's not like Krista is going to be stared at any more then she already is just for being a dwarf/little person, whatever the proper term is these days. "And when was that?" she asks as she allows herself to be led in the proper direction, as she seems to look in multiple directions at the same time, which is altogether possible for her.

"About two weeks ago!" Chenda calls back, picking up her pace now that she doesn't have to worry about leaving Krista behind. She's starting to smile. She loves New York, and she especially loves this place, where she can blend into the crowds and lose herself... and anyone looking for her!

Before long they pass by a railing and enter the food court proper, which is much less crowded than the rest of the mall due to the hour. The counters are still opening up, save for the coffee places, which are up and doing a decent business with people trying to cut the chill of outside, but nothing resembling the early commuter hours. "Where to? I think Sahib's serves the best coffee, but there's also Starrett's Premium and Mapleton."

"Sahib's is fine." Krista replies as she looks around the food court to find the coffee place in question, before letting go of Chenda and heading in that direction "So what are your big plans for summer vacation? Or is this it? Mall Crawling?" she stops in front of Sahib's and peruses the menu options.

Chenda sighs softly. "Not travel, that's for sure. The school won't let me get farther away than this without supervision," she replies. She stifles giggles as her friend steps away and turns to follow. Turnabout's fair play, right?

Krista archs a brow up at Chenda "Really? You're 18, and adult? What can they do about it if you decide to go to farther than Manhattan?" she glances back up at the menu, then pulls what looks like some sort of hand heldPDA out of her jacket pocket and begins tapping various icons on it, resulting in a downloading status bar to appear on the screen.

"I may be 18, but they definitely don't think I'm an adult." Chenda's tone is just a touch sour. "If I had any money, their opinion would be a moot -and distant- point, but I can't afford a place to live, and that's the first obstacle. So I stick around and save up."

Nodding Krista orders a coffee frappucino type of drink from the barrista, pays and steps aside so that Chenda can order something "Isn't that how it is with all adults that have taken on either a parenting or teaching role? They seem to always see you as a kid until you prove otherwise. When will you be graduating from this naziesque school?

"My own folks didn't," Chenda replies, her eyes growing distant for a moment. She quickly shakes off the reverie and frowns. "I don't know. Considering the kind of scholar I am, it might be never." She places an order for a mocha espresso and moves over next to Krista to wait for it, undoing the top two buttons of her damp jeans and running her thumbs around the inside of the waistband to unstick them from her skin. "Yuck... I'll never get used to all the /rain/ on this side of the country."

Taking her frappucino Krista grabs a straw from the holder and pokes it into the frozen drink so she can imbibe some of the heavenly concoction "Are there any particular subjects that are giving you problems? I may not seem to remember any personal stuff from my pre-accident life, but I can remember that I was pretty smart in the books department. Maybe I can help.

"Hmm... literature, for one, and history. They're both such dull stuff," Chenda replies, grimacing faintly. "And advanced math is a /pain/. I can do accounts and stuff like that, but anything beyond that, forget it." She does up her buttons again and looks down at the counter, where her espresso should shortly appear. "That's right, you mentioned an accident," she adds, keeping her voice down a little due to the public place. "You do seem smart, Krista. Definitely the kind of person I'd ask for help."

The coffee arrives, and the gypsy girl puts in a straw for her first sip. "But I did promise to help you first! So let's find that busking spot I mentioned. Should be on the second floor, near one of the big anchor stores."

Once more Krista allows herself to be lead around the mall, as she sips on her icy drink "Yes, history and literature can be very dry. Math though I am a wiz at. If you ever need a tutor, just let me know and I'll do my best to help you get a passing grade.

Once more Krista allows herself to be lead around the mall, as she sips on her icy drink "Yes, history and literature can be very dry. Math though I am a wiz at. If you ever need a tutor, just let me know and I'll do my best to help you get a passing grade.

A rainy morning in Brooklyn. Not that it matters in Hazelton Mall, as the rain stops about three floors up against the gargantuan skylight-thing.

Chenda is leading Krista around the mall, up a flight of stairs now and towards one end. "You could? I'd owe you big-time, Krista!" She weaves through the crowd and around a kiosk selling watches. "Not far now. It's just around this corner, in front of the Lacy's outlet. There's always a crowd around."

There's a young man/woman whoever who makes his way into the area, his hoodie zipped up and he still wears shorts as his hair has been pulled out of his face and he wears a comfortable knit cap...Armand makes his entrance, mostly in the Mall to avoid the darn rain...he is somewhat soaked. But he's here, fidgeting with the wrapper of a breakfast bar and muttering to himself in French.

Krista scurries to keep up with Chenda or else she is liable to lose an arm, since she is being dragged around by the hand. As they move through the mall her eyes continue to scan the stores and other shoppers. Suddenly stopping, before they reach their destination, "Wait." her head cants and and she gazes through the crowd "I think I see someone I know.

Chenda, for her part, is jerked to a halt by her own hold on Krista's arm. Good thing her mocha espresso has a lid! "Geez, Krista, yank my arm off!" she mutters, wincing. "Who is it?" she asks, following Krista's gaze. It isn't easy; neither she nor Krista exactly stick out above the crowd. Which does give her an idea. "Need a boost?"

Armand turns slightly as he hears faintly a familiar voice as he pauses in mid-bite of his breakfast bar, nose wrinkling as he looks around with a curious expression. He clears his throat and hmms before he continues walking along warily, humming some random popular pop song with a sway of his hips. Its good to be in from the Rain. It really is.

"Sorry." Krista grins apolgetically to Chenda "That's okay, you don't need a hernia on top of a dislocated shoulder." she begins to head in the direction that she last seen the familiar person, bringing Chenda along with her "Were you in the city for the shadow demon siege?" she asks as she moves quickly over to the decorative fountain so she can stand on the ledge and get a better view over the crowds.

"I'm a tumbler. We learn to lift people," Chenda replies, though she follows Krista rather than arguing about it. The mention of the siege makes her shudder. "At the beginning, yes. I've never been so scared in my life."

She peers around them, frowning at the unfamiliar faces. "Who did you see? Even a description might help."

Armand stops abruptly, looking over his shoulder and peeking through and around unfamiliar faces before catching a glimpse of the familiar diminuitive figure with a slow blinks and raise of his eyebrow as he raises his hand and waves polite like where he stands just in case she can't see him, getting jostled by somebody else passing by he doesn't move out of the way ove. "Mon Petite!"

Krista holds a hand up to indicate height "About this tall." and goes on to give a brief description, mostly noting long dark hair and darker skin, similar to Chenda's own "Oh there!." she points on seeing the hand waving and hearing the distinctive accented voice. Hopping off the fountain ledge she moves through the crowd, Chenda still in tow "Hi Dante." she greets when she gets near enough

"Long dark hair, dark skin... if it weren't for the gender, you might've described me," Chenda teases, and leans against the fountain's rough edge so Krista's not so hard on her arm and shoulder. "Wait, you see him? Where?" She tries to look... and then Krista hops down and runs off, nearly taking Chenda from her feet again. As it is, she spins her around in a hurry! The gypsy girl's jeans, snagged on the edge of the fountain, are pulled open by the motion. "Krista, wait!" she calls, one hand full of hand and one hand full of espresso, following along as fast as she can. At least all the running is keeping her pants from falling down!

They arrive in seconds, Krista first, then the blushing girl with bright white panties showing above her displaced waistband. "Um, hi Dante," she says with a slightly sheepish smile, putting her knees awkwardly together so her jeans will stay up. She gingerly tries to tug her hand free from Krista's.

Armand flashes a grin where he's standing, nevermind it's around the breakfast bar chunk he has gripped between his teeth, taking a moment to chew quickly and swallow as he blows a kiss and then nods politely to Chenda as well, taking in her appearance and her situation with a thoughtful expression but no judgement, just a small smile. "Ahh, Bonjour Mademoiselle...s." He looks between the two and gives a polite nod. "It is good to have being see y-bah, it is good to see you in a situation where there isn't life or death, oui?" He looks back to Chenda. "And you Mademoiselle, we have never met but I sure our relationship will be even more ahh...here, let us balance the scales." He tugs up his hoodie a bit, undoing his belt and loosing his waist band a bit. "There we go...let us be comfortable, all drama and such the least we are deserving oui?"

Chenda nods back, a little too quick to be perfectly polite. "Bonjour, sir," she replies, knowing one French word but not the other. "It's wonderful to meet you in peaceful surroundings. Please, do not try to match me perfectly," she adds, a bit sheepishly. Her jeans are open down to the last button. "I don't think Security'd approve." She manages to get her hand free, but that still leaves the coffee. "Um, could you hold this?"

Armand hmms thoughtfully and reaches out a hand to take the coffee if allowed and he shakes his head. "Non, they would not...my undergarments and not nearly as socially acceptable as your own. They are sadly, invisible." He chuckles. "Take your time, I shall stand in front of you to preserve your womanly eh, modesty..." He nods slowly to both girls and turns to be...a bodyguard.

"I didn't think 'undergarments' and 'socially acceptable' could be used in the same sentence, actually. Okay, a friend of mine would disagree, but she just wanted company while she was sunbathing," Chenda says with a wry smile. "Please, do keep the invisible undergarments um... non-visible." She hands over the coffee, steps back a bit so she'll have room to use her hands, and goes to work on her buttons. "Thank you so much. I owe you one."

"Mm, I tink it depends on your profession, location and the situation...oui." Armand has to agree as he does up his shorts again and then, smooths down his hoodie, still holding the girl's coffee in his other hand. "I am Armand." He offers after a moment. "As in that's my name and such, you are hanging out with Mon Petite...my little amazing lifesaver Krista, so you must be good company."

"Armand... wonderful to meet you," Chenda replies, struggling with her buttons. "I'm Chenda. Actually, it's Richenda Gray, but everybody kept dropping the 'Ri', so I just went with the flow. Two-syllable names are just cooler, right?" She finishes with the buttons quickly and unclenches her knees. "So Krista saved your life? How'd that happen?"

Krista grins up at Armand, who she calls Dante for some unexplained reason "Good to see you survived, after we got split up during the shadow demon think I was worried." an eyebrow goes up and she facepalms at both Chenda (who she already knows has pants issues) and Armand and there undie problems "Yes, please keep the underwear under wraps." she gives a shrug to Chenda seeming equally interested, "When did I save your life?" she questions trying to think back on each other the encounters "You mean when I beat the demon with a moped?

Armand has to place a hand on his hip as he tilts his head to the side. "....I tink Richenda is a beautiful name, it really flows together...as beautiful as the person it was bestowed upon." He chuckles and arches an eyebrow as he looks between the two young women. "I'm alright, I was worried about you as well during our separation but I am figuring you'd be okay...or so I hoped." He nods quickly. "The moped, the running through the park when we first met...the convience store, you are good at making sure you and then I am not dying in scary situations."

Chenda puts a hand over her mouth gingerly, trying not to giggle. "Your friend is a flatterer, Krista, and the underwear /is/ under wraps," she teases gently. "It sounds like you both had quite an eventful time... was it during the shadow demon invasion? I know they scared the crap out of /me/! By the sound of it, you two were right in the middle, too!"

Pulling the hand help PDA out of her pocket again, Krista taps the screen and a series of icons on it "Yes, should I have warned you about that?" she asks rhetorically as she thumbs quickly back through picture after picture "I have pictures." she holds the device out so both Chenda and Armand can see. They are very crisp pictures, no movement blur at all. There is one of Armand trying to drive a van with a demon on the windshield. The one after that is similiar only now there a moped apparently being held up by the picture taker and Logan jumping on the demon with his claws. There are more pictures of the whole convenience store debacle, flames and electrocutions included. In a few it seems that whoever has the camera is laying on the floor (or something) because everything in the store suddenly seems huge, before going back to normal.

Armand's other eyebrow raises as he hears the word 'pictures' and he just chuckles softly as he sees a glimpse of his driving attempt and he coughs softly, shuddering at the memories before bowing his head. "Trust me Mademoiselle Richenda...I am sure the crap was scared out of both of us, no matter how close to it all we happened to be." He waves a hand vaguely.

Chenda peers at the pictures. "Wow... that's quite a knack with the camera you have, Krista!" she says, before frowning thoughtfully at the image of Krista holding up the moped, including Logan making demon fillets. "Wait... You've met Logan? Both of you?"

Krista is taking the picture, so its only her arms and hands that can be seen in the pics and maybe occasionally her reflection in glassy surfaces and in those she doesn't have a camera in hand, "It's cybernetic," she taps the cheek under her grey eye, the one with the scar crossing it "It doubles as both a camera and binoculars" she thumbs back to one of the pics with Logan in it "You mean him? He never gave us his name...at least not to me." she looks to Armand to confirm "How do you know him?

Armand nods slowly as he takes note of Krista pointing to her eye and he blinks before just giving a small nod, peering back at the Logan picture. "Logan? Ahhh..Monsieur Kitty Cat...ahh...I have seen him once or twice, he is usually not in a good mood." He sighs and scratches his head. "He did quite the number on the demons, oui." He takes a deep breath.

Chenda's eyes widen a little as Krista points out her eye. "Oh... that's still very good framing," she says. "It's almost professional quality."

Oh, right. Logan. "Yes. He's a teacher at my school," she finally explains. "Though I'd better not mention the name Monsieur Kitty Cat. He'd either grunt in irritable tolerance or threaten to carve me up for dinner for letting it leave my mouth!"

Krista hmmms at this new bit of information "I see." she pulls the device away for a moment and she hits a few more icons on the screen before handing the device back "I have a few of you too, Chenda." the one on the screen happens to be of her running from a coffee shop ladies room without any pants on. "I think we should get you some suspenders while we are here.

Chenda blinks and looks at the photo, then blushes. "I was drying my jeans, Krista," she murmurs. "With the hand dryer. And then some nut burst in with a gun and I didn't have time to put them back on."

Grinning at her blushing freind "I won't show you the ones from the zoo then." Krista pulls the device away and pockets it once more "Though since you are anti-overall I highly recommend suspenders. There is bound to be a store in this mall that sells them.

"I wasn't anti-overall 'til I moved to New York. People kept telling me they were unstylish," Chenda replies quietly. "But if you insist, let's go look for suspenders. Do they make them in my size?"

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