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Tanya, Armand, Loki, Phantasm, Seth, Amora

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Aziz Pizza - Little Italy

While Loki observes hidden away within a pizza place, others move about grabbing their pizza.

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-----==[ Aziz Pizza - Little Italy ]==----------------------------------------

In a time of every business trying to be different, trying to offer some visual gimmick, Aziz Pizza has gone back to the basics. Red- and white-checkered cloth covers the tables, with matching padding on the small, wooden chairs. Mister Aziz himself, an Iranian man looking to be in his late thirties, can usually be spotted behind the counter, either ringing up a customer, or tossing some dough into the air, or taking on any other job that an employee might do. Behind the counter, there's a menu on the wall detailing the sizes of pizzas, toppings, and other such expected things. On the counter, between the two cash registers, there is a chalkboard where an employee can jot down that day's special. However, Aziz Pizza is most well known for its twenty-nine minute guarantee--if a delivery order isn't there in twenty-nine minutes, it's free.

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[O] - Chinatown and Little Italy - N

The Pizza joint is quite busy for this time of day, and mostly full of young people. A lone god sits at a table by himself, a red glass full of water being twisted between his fingertips. The dim light makes him difficult to spot with his dark green and black clothes. For once, he is not causing mischief but rather observing, and it's questionable as to whether or not the other people actually see him or if he has blocked his presence from the minds of the non powered humans.

Tanya comes striding in briskly, covered in 'mud' in places as she knocks her boots off before stepping onto the floor, glancing about before she heads to the counter "Hi yes. Meditteranian, easy sauce, stuffed crust. Medium please, to go." she requests with one of her dashing stage smiles. As the young teen behind the counter goes to start working she leans there, glancing about once more.

With the busy status of the establishment, it'd probably not be the best time for Mike to be heading in to the place but here he is, dressed down in his thrift-store attire and knit cap. Hands tucked into his pocket, the darkly clad musician ends up waiting behind Tanya to wait for his turn to order. Studying the menu, his fingers shift in his pocket, grabbing at the contents. His jaw clenches. Ugh. Prices these days.

Loki isn't really in the mood to cause any trouble like he did the other day, and settles on messing with Mike by flicking a finger and having a napkin turn into a small origami bird and flap around his head as if trying to find a way outside and Mike's head is in its way. He doesn't have to cause full scale trouble to seek revenge on the mutant child. It is only when he runs out of water in his glass that he decides to let his presence be seen, which startles a waitress into dropping a paper menu on the ground. Loki reaches down and picks it up, holding it between two slender fingers as he smiles. "My apologies, miss." and then those green eyes are watching Mike and Tanya, mostly to see what they are up to rather than locking them in his sights.

Tanya turns about, eyes catching sight of the little flappity in surprise, blinking in shock. But not alarmed either. This WAS New York City after all. Then she spots Mike behind her and smiles, sidestepping "I've ordered already. Its your turn. " her accented voice comes pleasantly, guesturing to the till as the teen returns again. She shifted, sensing someone watching her but not seeing who yet, really

As the origami bird takes flight, Mike's head sways back, clearing the way for the bird. "The f-" He starts, head tilting to look to the bird before he looks back to the counter at Tanya's indication. "Uh, slice. Bacon and Beef." He requests, reaching into his pocket to pull out the wadded up bills to pay for the order. He glances over to the bird, seeming, not so much shocked, as curious to it's source before looking back to Tanya, frowning a bit. "...You look familiar."

The bird lands on Mike's head, turning back into a simple piece of paper. The trickster grins to himself, waving the waitress over and whispering something to her, pointing at the pair at the counter placing their orders. She nods and breaks into a smile herself, unable to resist his charm. When the young woman reaches the counter to put the next orders in, she goes to the register to take Mike and Tanya's slips but says "Your order has already been paid for. Is there anything else I can get either of you?" she asks, getting someone else's change.

The fuuun has arriiiiiived! Okay not really. But Armand enters the establishment, carrying carefully a plastic shopping bag with a cakebox in it and he looks around thoughtfully, most of his hair tucked up in a knit-cap and he wears his hoodie jacket and actually jeans, no shorts today as he looks around thoughtfully and sighs softly. Pizza. Food of Legend.

Tanya is distracted by the bird as it turns into a paper again, not able to help smiling a little bit as she moves to reply to Mike. And then the waitress returns, and she blinks once more "... but I already paid the young man." she notes, a little bit puzzled now at the double pay. Did she do things backwards by handing her card to the teen before the food was made? Was America backwards like that? "Who paid for it?" she looks at Mike again.

Mike blinks as the bird lands on his head and soon reaches up to remove it from the top. "Wh-" He pauses, the familiar figure entering into the restaurant drawing his attention long enough for him to get in a wave and a smile of greeting. The smile vanishes however as the waitress speaks up, telling him of the free meal. Eyes narrowing, Mike's head turns quickly, looking into the dining area for a certain, irritable face. Not finding it, his expression seems a bit confused before his eyes rest on Loki. His head tilts questioningly.

Not long after people arrive, there are a couple customers who are about to enter, but... they step away from the door, and start moving down the street at an accelerated pace. And, a few seconds later, the reason becomes evident: a familiar face, already known to at leaste three of the faces here assembled, is entering the establishment. Yes, the boy from yesterday, Seth, who is visibly a mutant. And people look on, and they stop eating. Some gasp. Others mumble. But the overall silence is just deafening. Seth looks around casually, trying to ignore the room's attention. He heads for the counter...

Loki is usually the one that stuns a room into silence, so when Seth does it, he's reasonably impressed. It's a wonder that the managers haven't recognized him yet and called the police, though the god of mischief is dressed down enough that he wouldn't draw that much attention to himself. So what could he possibly be doing here if he's not planning some sort of cunning scheme? He has found that places that draw large crowds of young people tend to be great sources of information, as teenagers tend to have looser lips than the adults, and he can use that information toward his own end. For example, one girl tells another that the security in their building has been out for days.

"I'm not sure..." she says, looking out at the patrons and not seeing the man again. "Dark hair, green eyes, though."

Armand looks around and he waves to Tanya and Mike with a small nod of greeting before he catches sight of Seth making his entrance and when everything gets quiet and folks start being all 'omg, do you see that?' and such he just sighs softly and closes his eyes before tugging off his hat and letting all that hair tumble down to his lower back and then it fades from dark brown to a silvery white color to match Seth's almost and he takes a deep breath, holding his cake box carefully. "Mon Cherie! There you are!" He greets Seth...loudly. "I have been waiting! Do you know the marriage licenses they will not give until we turn 18? But I still having made our wedding cake so we can still have the fake one. I have been besides myself, I tried on the dress and mon ass /still/ looks huge...but I will adjust it...your tux has come in as well!" He opens his arms. "Come, give us a kiss mon cherie, it has been so long! Then we'll get a table, are you hungry? I am, perhaps they have breadsticks!"

Tanya hmms a little at the Counter Girl, then nods "I guess I will need a refund then on my card please." she notes, since she had already paid. She glances to the two odd-colord-haired folk in the room and blinks in surprise, before turning to get her refund. She wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth, and a mutant with glowing eyes and white hair isnt all that alarming really in New York City, where Thing and Hulk go for coffee publically and have no troubles getting service.

She does though, start to scan the room more intently, to find this dark haired green eyed man. HEr own green eyes blink.

Mike frowns, looking towards Tanya and frowns, looking to the waitress and setting his money for the food down. "If he changes his mind, that's payment for the slice. Otherwise, that just goes to the tip jar." Just in case. Mike looks over to the incoming Seth and then towards where Loki is. Oh /hell/. Mike steps over towards where Armand is and smiles, "Congrats you two!" He leans in closer, murmuring into Armand's ear, "Lordy's here, keep the boyfriend in check."

Tanya raises an eyebrow at Mike, guesturing in a 'what did I do?' way. A giggle at Armand as well, and she waves to the odd frenchman before her eyes finally catch sight of perhaps the only other green-eyed-dark-haired person in the room. Left to her own devices, she turns to walk towards him, asking "Are you the gentleman who bought my pizza?"

Loki just kind of stares blankly at Armand, mentally going over his last few shenanigans to make sure he didn't somehow mess with the kid's head and forget about it. The waitress smiles and hands Tanya the money back. "He was sitting right over there. I don't see him now, though. Pretty cute, I say. Not often you get one that looks quite like that. Maybe he was Irish or something?" she waves to Tanya and runs off to wait on another round of tables. Loki can't remember ever making Armand that crazy, so he must be bonkers on his own, which just works out to his advantage. As long as Armand doesn't shout his name in this crowded place, he should be safe.

Seth just... ehrms at what Armand replies. He produces the worst happy smile in history (prize awarded), and approaches. "Why thank you..." Small choke. "...darling!" Bad poker face ensues. "Why, no way?? Your ass looks fine on just about anything... certainly those measures are not the right ones??" And he's closing his fist as he approaches Armand. Once near him, he asks, "...Who exactly are you?" And that's when he notices the God of Mischeif. "Aw, shit...", he mumbles under his breath.

A small nod is given to Mike as he takes a deep breath. "Ahh! Merci!" Armand smiles and he blows a kiss to where...Loki is, even if not everybody can see him and he turns back to Seth. "...I am the ass kisser of Gods I believe is something of similar to what you called me." He hisses when Seth is close enough before just smiling softly and fluttering his lashes. "You know just what to say, always so sweet! I know mon Father was a bit rough with you yesterday but you know...he just isn't sure if you are marrying me just for my lack of money." He chuckles softly before muttering. "Do not start in trouble glowworm...I like you, we are just playing it easy and you are not alone...hm?"

Mike moves his head back from Armand and smiles to Seth before turning back over to the counter to grab the slice of pizza he ordered. He looks to slice and then to the person at the register, "Oh can I get a cup of water with this?" While he waits for that he looks to Tanya, "See a lot of interesting things in New York, huh?"

Loki is doing recon, so he isn't doing much to draw attention to himself. Armand and Mike seem to have spotted him, so he pretends to be a bit aloof, leaning against the counter as he continues to listen for juicy tidbits of information as relayed by the teenagers with big mouths. It is an excellent source of information, even if it is not the most elegant. He is currently wearing a more simplistic version of his usual armor, the pants, boots and undershirt, mainly. He takes a deep breath and figures he had better address Armand before he freaks. "Hello, Armand."

When the girl approaches him, he lifts both brows and says, "Me? Of course not." but doesn't otherwise pay her much mind. She is just a random stranger, afterall, and is of absolutely no interest to him, yet.

Tanya lifts a single eyebrow back at that, pursing her lips. But she had no reason to believe he was lying after all, and nods with a smile "Sorry for disturbing you then sir. I just wnated to convey my thank you to the anonymous gentleman. " she notes simply. As he greets Armand, she turns to look at the color-change frenchman again "Ah, is that your name then? And yes, it is MUCH more... diverse... you could say, than Spain."

Seth starts making his request, as he mutters to Armand. "I just want to get my slice of pizza and be off with it. If civil can be kept until then... so much the better." And yes, he's in his defensive mode. He looks again at Loki through the corner of his eye. And now, the person at the counter is backing away from him. He's just looking at the person, a young waitress, and she's backing away. He sighs, trying to put that behind him, and makes his order. After which, he's replying to Armand, "Oh, your father isn't so bad, once you get to know him, darling!" Returning his attention to the waitress, he notices she hasn't moved from her place, and is trembling visibly. "Oh god... Is there an earthquake in New York going on right now? My apologies, I mistook you for the waitress, but you're the resident sismograph..." He looks at the other waiters. "Could I get an order from someone who isn't about to faint, /please/...??"

The center of attention in the room shifts. When the door opens, for some reason, almost everyone present (who is an NPC) turns to look at the blonde woman who walks inside. She defines beautiful in much the same way that Captain American defines America or the Hulk defines anger. She embodies it. Dressed in green, designer jeans and a white off the shoulder, flowing peasant top, this woman seems as if she just stepped off the cover of Vanity Fair. Or the magazine publisher really wishes she did. Amora the Enchantress crosses the room, walking to the counter, and stops next to Loki. She looks to the young woman behind the counter who Seth was talking to. A woman now looking like she might have a different reason to faint.

"Pizza. For every person in this room." Amora says, her voice holding an oddness to it, as if her words each mean more than the dictionary definition.

Armand rolls his eyes at Seth, pausing as he looks over to Loki at the greeting, almost dropping his cake bag and he clutches his chest for a moment, exhaling softly. "Ahh, yes...Larry...I was looking for you, Father Larry, as the priest, I wasn't sure if you were still willing to doing the wedding...I wouldn't ask just anybody you know..." Then he blinks and looks between Mike and Tanya, nodding to the woman before turning to look to Seth and he starts to rebuke the waitress in his usual soft...charismatic way before he looks towards the door and...the woman who enters just makes him take a deep breath as he blinks slowly. "...see, everybody wants us to have free food on our engagement party...my luminescent lovenugget..." BlinkBLINK.

Having obtained his water, in a to go cup despite his not asking for it to be to go, Mike gives a mild smile to the hidden message behind it and reaches over to grab a straw, stabbing it into the opening. The smile fades as he hears Seth and glances up, looking to Seth and then towards Armand. This is probably not going to be a very, pleasant meal if he sticks around.

When the blonde woman strides in, Mike's eyes set upon her. Ok, maybe it won't be so ba- Annnd then she's next to Loki offering free pizza. Mike blinks, "That's a lot of free pizza today."

Looking towards Enchantress as she enters, Tanya sighs a little bit, and smiles "Thank you. Mine is already paid for. Twice." She notes "But maybe next time" And finally that pizza arrives too and she picks it up off the counter, along with soda pop she had ordered but just never mentioned in her poses before. She then focuses on Mike "It was nice running into you again. Ahah! Dracos!"

Loki winces visibly as Amora comes to stand near him. "Hello, Amora," he says, trying to give her one of his bright smiles, which just looks more like the worst fake smile ever. When Armand continues along his crazy train, he lifts a finger and points at him. "I had absolutely nothing to do with that, he has gone crazy all on his own. I am here simply for the endless source of information that comes through the doors of this establishment."

As the newly arrived Asgardian speaks and makes that offer, Seth can't help but look at her... And now his lingering eyes are betraying the gay facade he's playing with Armand - or rather, been imposed on him by Armand. Yes, right now, he's not even replying to Armand. Hey, boys'll be boys, right?

Amora snags a lock of her hair with two fingers and pulls it before her eyes. "Still blonde." She murmurs. Then she checks her hip. "No sword. Loki, dear, do I look like Sif? Do I seem like the sort of person who would care if you drove an entire room crazy? In fact..." She turns to the waitress. "You. I give you permission to give into your mania. Go have fun." The poor pizza worker stares for a moment and then runs into the kitchen. A moment later, there is shouting. Something to do with sauce and nudity.

"Drago." Mike corrects a bit quickly, voice a bit low in the response. He shakes his head looking towards Tanya, "Still, close." He graces her with a practiced smile, "And it's nice running into you as well..." He doesn't go with the 'again'. His attention switches over to Loki as he makes the denial of the making Armand crazy. "Uh. That IS normal Armand." When the shouts of nudity and souce comes from the kitchen, Mike looks over to the opening, and then down to his slice, somewhat glad it came through before the naked happened.

Armand just places a hand on his hips. Free Pizza. Loki talking about craziness and...Amora distracting Seth, he can relax now as he takes a deep breath, taking his cake box out of his bag and carefully setting it on the counter, opening it carefully to peer inside at the simple devilsfood cake and he exhales softly as the cake isn't too squished or...messed up. "Oui...Crazy like a fox..." He murmurs.

Loki /grins/, turning to Amora. "Now THIS is turning into a party!" he says, clapping his hands together. At the rate everyone seems to be losing their temper around this wretched city, I half expected you to join the line of people attempting to smash my skull." he pats the back of his head ruefully. "I just finished healing a few days ago, so be gentle." he laughs as the chaos begins. "Ohhh I love Humans...so much fun."

Seth snaps out of his reverie, just in time to see the waitress run away like mad, stuff about nudity. He looks at the two Asgardians. "You know... those two are still going to be trouble...", he directs to the people closest to them, those being Armand and Mike. He gets his free order.

Armand nods slowly to Seth. "...Oui..come and have a slice of cake. My boss is letting me make it as he teaches me tings and so I have it now. I don't have an oven in mon hotel room..." He gestures to Mike as well. "Is Devils Food Cake, I am tinking it is appropriate..." He looks between Loki and Amora warily before looking back to Seth and Mike.

Pizza slice in hand and cup of water in hand, Mike strolls over to where Seth and Armand is and looks over to Seth, "As long as they're not hurting anyone, let them be." The musician then moves towards the dining area to grab a table to sit at.

Loki claps his hands to either side of his face. "But it's such a pretty face!" he says, then laughs, emerald eyes sparkling. "Of course I am, my dear Amora. Look where you are. We are in a place which serves more round food to a bunch of teenagers who are simply a neverending font of sensitive information. I don't even NEED to wear a disguise here. Besides, if they do not recognize me by my sheer greatness, then perhaps they deserve a little chaos thrown their way. So, what are you doing with yourself these days?"

Amora takes a brief moment to sooth things over with the owner. By the time she's done, the poor man is convinced that his employee left on her own and is working hard to fill the gap left by her absence. "This and that." She says to Loki. "I enjoy time on Midgard, away from Odin's baleful, one-eyed gaze."

Seth looks between the other two teens, and he looks at the time. "Uh-oh..." He grabs his pizza slice and soda. "I'm sorry, gentlemen, but the fact is I got a few places to be. Like I said... I was just here for the slice of pizza." He proceeds heading out. "See you around, I guess..."

Armand takes a moment to nod politely to Seth, watching him exit before he exhales softly and picks up that cake box and carefully transports the cake over to Mike's table, setting it down on the table, even without an invitation.

Mike glances up, giving a slight nod of acknowledgement to the other mutant, seemingly accepting Armand's joining the table rather easily. Blue eyes shift, looking to the departing Seth and then back to the Frenchman, "Your boyfriend's leaving."

Loki wrinkles his nose. "Yes, have you ever seen what is under that eyepatch? I really wish he would put a monacle there and draw an eye on it or something." he mock shudders. "I haven't been up to much either. Came back from the dead, tried to rob a bank, got captured by the Avengers, apparenly pissed off one of them enough to give me one heck of a head injury, but you know how we Asgardians can heal." he knocks on the side of his head. "Good as new." he then sighs wistfully. "I wanted to go back to Asgard to see what Odin's reaction would be to his wayward son alive again, but I have the feeling he will not be pleased to see me. Odin really needs to read up on modern parenting techniques."

Amora actually checks her watch, which is a gorgeous little piece with diamonds inscribed around the band. "I have a meeting, I am afraid. We shall catch up later." Amora withdraws a small roll of bills from her pocket. Two hundreds and placed upon the counter to pay for the pizza. "I just had to step in, Loki, and let you know I was aware of your presence."

"He is too young for me I am tinking maybe..." Armand drawls softly before settling down at the table and gestures to the cakebox, cutting a piece with a fork and gesturing in quiet invitation as he sighs softly. "Do you know, I tink maybe I should give up on the taking care of gods thing...it may prematurely age me." He lets his hair fade back to the usual dark brown color.

Mike raises a brown as Armand makes his observation regarding taking care of Gods. "Naw..." He replies, tone very much sarcastic, he shakes his head. "Seriously I think that'd be a good decision," he adds in, voice low, "Last thing we need is you having to wear a straightjacket."

"Unhelpful as usual." he sighs and watches as she leaves. "If everyone is not aware of my presence by now, I am not doing my job properly." he frowns at Armand and Mike. "Who says I require a mortal babysitter? I am centuries older than you...millenia, even."

Armand just nods slowly to Mike. "I am already a joke." A wry smile as he carefully tugs his knit cap back on and his hair seems to be...tucking itself up into the cap for the most part and he eyes Loki for a few moments. "My lord...I am hardly a babysitter, just a simple...believer..." He offers delicately. "But I fail you often so I have been tinking how to improve." He looks back to Mike. "I may flunk out of school."

Crap. He's paying attention to them now. Mike glances up to Loki, but opts not to speak regarding the babysitter comment and instead looks over to Armand when he mentions school, "That's not good... How come?"

Loki strolls over to them and folds his arms over his chest. "Don't feel bad, Armand, you are merely typical of your race." by which he means a joke. "Perhaps you should begin attending classes...unless you would like to join me...then you wouldn't have to worry about it."

Armand points to the cake box. "I baked a cake." He offers before looking to Mike and he blinks slowly. "Because...I have never attended it." He shrugs helplessly. "It is all the way in Mass-masseiu...Mass-a-chew-sets." He has to slow down to pronounce the state clearly. "I am being tired after work!" Then he looks back over to Loki and arches an eyebrow. "Because you could provide me with a viable education?"

"Massachusetts?" Mike repeats, frowning, "Why are you working in New York when you have school all the way over there? There are schools over here too." He takes a bite of his pizza and chews quickly, just in case he needs to leave quickly for some reason.

"I can provide you with resources, and the wisdom of a millenia. You know, you have so much more potential than they are letting you explore, Armand. I am willing to help you both gain what every mutant wants. All I ask in return is that you keep the Avengers off my back." (Loki)

"Okay, you remember when I first got to the city and the man that I tried to save? And he is giving me money and saying thank you...well he comes to talk to me about a school for 'special' people like us. Then I am going to Massachusetts for a meeting at a restaurant to meet some other students and talk about it...and then I am having pizza all in another meeting to talk about it and I still saying then...I don't know, so he takes me on tour, and talks about safety and security and all of that for of course eeh, I do not liking the word 'mutant' but he saying it...and then talking about all the benefits such as luxury and not having to be a hero and such..." Armand talks quietly and quickly. "So finally I am saying yes, oui, because I am still wary but tired...he says transportation is not a problem but I make a deal I will only attend if they giving me none of the luxuries and I don't stay out the dorms there. Because New York is my new home. He say fine. And then he makes my stomach hurt and get worried when I agree, he asks me if I can lift the chair a girl student is sitting in with my hair..." He trails off and looks over to Loki. "I will continue to do what I can to keep the Avengers from attempting to blast and spank you my lord. This I will promise, hm? And we will see what you can be giving me, so that I do not turn 18 and still be dumb."

As Armand describes the school, Mike's brow lifts, but upon Armand babbling into practically going for Loki's offer, he starts shaking his head, lifting his hands in a halting motion towards the haired mutant, "Hey hey, there are other options for the education thing. Don't go jumping into things so quickly. As for the man you saved... did he give you a name?"

"Ahh...oui. Monsieur Manuel de la Rocha I am believing. I shall...well it is weird, he is an odd man but...generous and...kinda feeling like being trapped by spider in a web as a fly without knowing it." Armand offers a wry smile before getting to his feet and carefully closing his cake box. "I must go, attempt to sleep before tinking about my future..." He gathers up his box and looks to Loki. "My lord. Do not get pulverized, hammered, or blasted please...I have a large delivery of eggos still I must get to you..." Then the long-haired one is making an exit.

Loki frowns, clearly taking offense to the way Armand phrased his agreement to keep the Avengers off him. "Er, yes...thank you, Armand." he looks to Mike and just smiles. What is he smiling about? Loki will never tell, he just enjoys unsettling people like that. "Farewell, you two." and he's gone in a puff of smoke.

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