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Havok and Mirage

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Frost Bank - Mutant Town

What is thought to be a bank robbery, is something else completely

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Logfile from MU.

-----==[ Penthouse Level - X-Factor Tower/Ship ]==----------------------------

The Penthouse level is three floors (45 feet high) subdivided into three distinct areas; the pool area, the gathering hall, and the lounge.

The floor itself is wide open and allowing flow between those areas without walls or major obstructions. Additionally, all four sides, including the roof, is made of polarizing transparent metal. This allows for sunlight to stream in from all directions, visualization into, out of, or one way, and of course total polarization preventing light completely.

The Pool Area - The swimming pool is a marvel of alien technology. It occupies all 45 feet including has roof access. As a standard pool, it is sunken into the main floor of the penthouse, but then has static and flowing water areas which allow for movement from the lower pool to the rooftop pool via swimming or back down via waterfall/slide. This is made possible by gravitational adjustments by Ship allowing the water to stand vertically, diagonally and horizontally. This means that if someone were to wish to swim from the penthouse floor to the rooftop, it would be possible. The pool area also offers a 'outdoor kitchen' area where one can prepare full meals.

The Gathering Hall - This area is malleable to serve whatever purpose deemed necessary. Presently it presents as a dance floor with stage. However, it can take the shape of a great dining hall, a basketball court, volleyball court, tennis court, and so on.

The Lounge Area - This area is devoted to the relaxation part of the top floor. Where those can sit back, relax and watch a very large projection screen. The area is near to the pool. Walls can be constructed to block out light, noise, distractions and so on.


SHIP intones. Excuse me, Havok, Mirage. There is an alarm at the Frost Bank located three blocks from here. Police are on the scene, however it has turned into a hostage situation. Reports indicate strange, insectoid sounds being emitted from within the structure.
Havok furrows his brow and says to Dani, "Looks like a job for /us/. Come on. Let's go check it out." and he's already out of the pool, grabbed his towel and eying his super suit.

"Someone needs to have a talk to these criminals about thier bad timing." Dani comments about the news of a crime in action. Climbing out of the pool she quickly towels herself off "Is there a hostage count, SHIP?" she digs through her gym bag for her uniform, apparently it is actually two peices, the top half and bottom half being secured together by a hidden zipper.

Pulling on his uniform, Alex listens as SHIP states, "Police are estimating 45 hostages within the bank. That includes personnel and patrons."

Alex states, "Can you bodyslide us into a back room of the bank?"

SHIP responds, "That is within my range and trajectory, yes. Prepare to slide."

Strapping on what little assorted weaponry she can carry in a gym bag, a couple of knives and a 9mm, Dani moves over to where Alex prepares "Think we should have the banks floor plans downloaded to our phones?" she pushes her belt down so it is secure on her hips and makes sure the safety strap on its holster is free.

SHIP notes, "Upload complete."

Alex glances and moves to Dani, "You need all those weapons?" is asked with a smile.

Half a second after, SHIP slides them into an office suite in the rear of the bank.

A voice can be heard from the lobby since the office suite hallway door is open to the outer area. The voice is somewhat weak, male, and wheezy, "No no, I didn't want that. No, don't do that, you'll hurt the poor creature. You don't understand, they mean you no harm..."

There's a panicked woooooooo sound from the patrons of the bank as if a large weapon was pointed at them all at once.

Alex moves quietly and quickly down the hallway toward the exit. He moves to the side of the door and peeks beyond to get a look at the room.

"I certainly hope I won't need them." Dani puts a hand to the holstered handgun as they disappear from the SHIP and reappear in one of the bank's back offices.

Following behind, Mirage takes a position on the other side of the door and gets a quick look at the scene and the criminal. Catching havok's eye she gives him a 'Seriously?' type of look. Making a gesture she indicates the half wall of the teller line, asking if he wants her to go that way.

Handsignaling for Mirage to go down and behind the teller line as she indicated, Havok affirms her suggestion.

The 'criminal' has knelt down and is observing something on the floor, "Don't worry sweetheart, the big bad humans won't hurt you. They just don't understand that you were here first and it's your right to be here more than theirs."

Crouching low, Mirage waits a moment for the right time to make her quiet dash behind the tall counter. The criminal crouching down to talk to the floor provides that. Moving quickly she crosses a finger over her mouth indicating to the hostages behind the line to not say or do anything that would give her away.

Hostages are all crouched down or are on the floor. They're very fearful of the guy talking to the floor.

Once Mirage takes her position, Havok moves in perpendicular and is fully intending to gather the bad guy's attention as he calls, "Hey, excuse me, hey there. Over here. I've got a question for ya."

Alex remains behind a bank of chairs but with the criminal in his direct line of sight. Making the criminal stand and turn his right flank to Mirage.

The criminal stands and looks at Havok, "Oh dear, you weren't supposed to come. You're just going to make things worse."

Mirage does nothing to bring attention to herself or the others behind the counter. Her thinking is that they will try to negotiate first, or at least find out what this guy is capable of and then if necessary she will take him down in a suprise attack from behind. She will look at the floor as she waits for the go signal, to figure out what he is talking to.

At the criminal's feet is a large beetle.

Alex says, "Easy there buddy. No one needs to get hurt."

The criminal says, "No one, or no thing? Have you no respect for the insects around you? If it were not for them, we would not have a world. And mankind, as all knowing and all powerful paves over the natural environment, arthropods are wiped out. I am only here to save this poor creature from being crushed. So stand back! And leave me alone!"

Insects, Mirage's power is more miss than hit when if comes to the insect part of the animal kingdom. She has little trouble using their senses, though sometimes interpration takes a bit because of multiple eyes and stuff. Communication though is difficult at best, insects may as well be alien as far as understandable communication goes.

Is a strong temptation just to take him down now, but all these people are scared of a weird guy with a large bug for a reason, though to Mirage it isn't an obvious reason, so while Havok does his best to parlay with the bug guy she tries to figure that out.

Mirage's phone lights up and demonstrates imagery while the audio comes through the com (to both she and Alex). The video shows the bug guy running into the bank and yelling, "NOBODY MOVE!".

The security guard leaps into action and the bug guy takes him down by pressing a button on his cassette recorder (on his belt) and pointing his gloved hand toward the guard. The guard collapses and skids along the tile.


Essentially, everyone in the bank thinks it's a robbery. They hit the floor and alarms are pushed.

The bug guy continues running around pushing buttons on his recorder and various sounds are emitted. Finally he finds the bug and starts talking to it. Someone tries to move and he zaps them with some sort of incapaciation ray. This goes on for a short period as police arrive, then finally X-Factor.

Havok raises his right hand and states, "We're just here to help. You have a pet that you need to get out of here? Is that what it is?"

The bug guy says, "I'm just trying to save this poor poor creature and noone cares whether they crush it or now. It makes me sad and angry all at once."

Once it all comes clear what is going on here Mirage relaxes some. She understands where the guy is coming from, if it as any number of animals she would probably be trying to rescue it too, just not by the same means and probably much more reasonably.

Despite the reasoning behind the man's behavior he is still in trouble, bank robbery or not. He's in a bank with a weapon which at the very least is a felony. At this point Mirage is loath to shoot him. She leans over and whispers to one of the hostages, instructing them to say out loud that they don't want to hurt the bettle.

The hostage of course gives her a peculiar look but after a nudge from armed woman he speaks up, "We don't want to hurt the bug." at which point Mirage ducks behind the counter so she won't be seen by the Humbug.

The bug guy wheels around and looks for the person that calls out.

Havok says, "Hey buddy, eyes over here. She's right, no one wants to hurt your bug. So how about you put down that fancy weapon of yours and we'll escort you and your bug outside?"

Peeking over the counter Mirage will wait until the bug guy is turned back toward Havok before she comes into view again. She doubts the guy is ready to listen to reason yet, but there is something she can do to make him quite happy and ready to do so. She isn't sure what the greatest desire for a bug loving guy is but she figures she's about to find out.

The bug guy sort of gets a sad look on his face as he hears Havok's words and he looks around at the room of innocent bystanders who are all afraid of him. He inhales deeply and sighs. He then comments, "Spider-man said something like this would happen - people just don't understand me..." He then removes his utility belt and will go down onto his knees with a collection jar for the bug.

Mirage's attack strikes true and he starts to smile. The illusion is seen by all in the room which is a room filled with bugs doing their buggy things. The bug guy looks around, smiles, and is in bliss.

Everyone else in the room panics because the room is filled with icky bugs.

Bounding over the counter at the sudden reaction to the imaginary bugs, Mirage heads to the exit and calls outside to the police, "We are coming out. Hold your fire." she will then open the door, and move out of the way to allow the panicked bugphobic people out.

People scatter and flee from the bugapalloza and flood out of the bank. Leaving the bug guy, Havok, and Mirage and two unconscious individuals within.

Havok walks over to the bug guy and says, "What's your name, bro?"

The guy looks up after he's gathered his little friend into a collection jar, "Spiderman called me Humbug - guess it fits."

Once the room is clear and the guy on his knees the illision fades. Mirage leans out the door scanning the police that have surrounded the bank. She says nothing to them just gives them the 'one minute' gesture and comes back in, pulling the doors closed behind her. "All this to save a bettle?" her tone is perfectly neutral, she doesn't want him to feel like she is attacking him. Crossing the lobby she goes down to one knee so she is eye to eye to him

Humbug sighs and nods, "Insects are the most successful of the animalia kingdom. Most diverse, and most resilliant. Humanity wages war against their kind out of fear and loathing. Humans do not understand that the arthropoda are far more advanced and have just as much a right as any other animal."

Mirage holds a hand out "May I?" she obviously is wanting to see the bug in the jar "What were you planning on doing with him once you rescued him from here?" she makes subtle gesture to Havok, indicating that he should probably cuff him once the bug is handed over.

Havok has moved across the room and behind Humbug when Mirage glances to her companion.

Humbug offers the plastic collection jar and says, "I intended to relocate him across the Hudson to a more wooded area where he can enjoy the fallen trees. That's what he munches on and makes his home within."

The beetle appears as a rhino.

Carefully taking the jar, Mirage studies the bug with no hint of fear or distaste, curiousty would be the best description "Fine Humbug. You will go peacefully with us and I will see to it that your rhino looking beetle is released in an appropiate home."

With the jar in hand she stands back up, letting Havok cuff the man, since hers are MIA. She will go check on the unconscious people while he is doing that.

The zip tie is in place before she finishes her sentence and Humbug nods quietly. Humbug will be led out quietly.

Mirage will find the other two waking up, a little disoriented, but just fine.

Police will rush in and the area will be made secure.

Statements were given and the bug relocated. Back at the tower on the top floor, Alex is found sliding back into the warm waters of the pool.

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