Hug It Out

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Arachne, Scorpia and Black Panther

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09/12/12 01:12

Lower East Side

Arachne engages Scorpia.

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-----==[ Heaven's Arms - Rooftops - New York ]==------------------------------

The open air greets one on this vast roof. Set near one edge is the steel door that leads down into the apartment building, and a few yards to its left is a medium-sized flower garden, with a small sign near it. To the door's right are a series of air conditioning units, emitting a soft, almost melodic hum as they go about their work.

If one goes to the edge overlooking the street, they have quite a view from the chest-high lip that lines the building. One can see much of Hell's Kitchen from that perch, though much of the time there isn't much to see beyond the homeless and run-down buildings.


Nefarious things are afoot upon the rooftop of the Haven's Arms apartments. It's evening, perhaps after 1am and alarms roused police to the corner of 18th and Abrams where the ATM of a Circle K convenience store was ripped out of the back wall. The assailant was never seen. Until now.

Standing upon the rooftop is the diabolical green armored form of Scorpia who is known to be clinically insane and in love with Spider-Man, Force, Hydro-Man, Sandman, and anyone else she can get her dirty claws into. Now, she is seen ripping into the secure part of the ATM that lays upon its back on the rooftop. Apparently she's very strong and her claws would not be fun to play with.

Normally she wouldn't respond to such a minor thing like the stealing of an ATM machine, but it had been a slow night and the evidence left at the scene pointed to some other suspect besides the usual gang thugs. So after a short discussion with the police Arachne took to the rooftops to start a search for the culprit, hoping that the person couldn't get to far carrying the bulk of an ATM.

Leaping from building to building she finally spots the perp several buildings away and begins to circle around the adjacent buildings to get behind Scorpia.

Villain in sight, Arachne leaps onto the buildings ledge behind Scorpia. There is a hand gesture, more out of habit then necessity, and a net of psychic webbing flows rapidly across the surface of the rooftop, to flow under where she is kneeling to attack at the ATM machine. "Resorting to petty theft now? Isn't that low, even for you."

Surprised, Scorpia will be flat footed and not get her full three attacks per round. She spins around, tail swings behind her but lashes itself over her shoulder. Her eyes widen and she announces, "Spider-Woman! No, not Spider-Woman, but a female playing the part of a spider. Hah!" in a ton of surprise and interest. She smiles and takes a step to her left away from the web and the ATM. She crouches, ready to spring. Her voice pitch seems varied as in the rising and falling tones of the insane, "Tell me, pretty. Who does your hair?"

"A salon on 5th, but they have a strict no crazies policy. You would never get in." Arachne remains on the ledge, ready to move herself should the woman decide to attack her. Her hand moves and the webbing flows across the roof and under Scorpia and makes it cling and flow up the woman's legs in an effort to anchor her to the roof with the stick webbing.

She was poised to leap when Arachne cast her webbing. Though it hit Scorpia, it did not entangle her to the rooftop. Instead, it caught her mid leap. In mid leap, her tail blasts Arachne with electrical energy. Then the blade of the tail arches back upon Scorpia herself and blasts the webbing from her legs.

Scorpia then lands directly in front of Arachne and stumbles into the heroine as their bodies collide. It appeared that Scorpia was about to lick Arachne's face, but missed.

The blast hits and starts to send Arachne back over the ledge, so she grabs at the closet thing out if instinct, in this case that would be Scorpia since the villianess practically fell into her. She does nothing to stop her fall, just holds onto the costumed villianess tighter and attempts to twist so that when the impact happens Scorpia hits first.

Scorpia is grappled, she smiles even wider and says as her arms go around Arachne's torso, "Awe, I didn't know you felt this way about me." She licks again trying to lap across Arachne's face and misses.

Arachne keeps hold of Scorpia and does nothing to break free of the other woman's grip. She does seem to take offense to the attempts to lick her though and slams her head forward to headbutt the villianess in the face.

"BITCH!", Scorpia exclaims as she's head butted in the face. She does not seem to care that they are falling perilously toward the ground. With her hold on Arachne firmly established. Scorpia intends to use that to her advantage and attack with her claws. The raking attack across Arachne's back does 24 more points of damage and cuts into her skin. "I'll teach you who is the top arachnoid!"

In addition to the claw attack, her tail whips around and strikes at (but misses) Arachne's head. It does serve to make them spin in the air as it weighs just as much as a person.

The claws digging into her back hurts, and Arachne grits her teeth. Even with her dense skin she will probably still need to get the resulting cuts stitched up. "It certainly won't be you." more of the psychic webbing sprays from her hands, and begins to coil around Scorpia's arms and chest, hopefully to secure the arms to the chest.

Annoyed that she's bound, Scorpia screams and her tail goes nuts lashing about. The first and third swing hits Arachne for 30 points each. "I WILL KILL YOU!" is the only frothing words that come from her mouth after the scream and tail flogging.

"I doubt it." Arachne says between clenched teeth as she is pierced by the stinger at the end of the woman's tail. Since the two are pretty much bound together by the webbing that wraps her opponents hands, she now works on making it so the tail of the costume doesn't pose a threat, she makes a grab for the tail and yanks, hoping to rip it off but will settle for just holding it so it can't be used against her.

Another scream comes from Scorpia's wide mouth. One of frustration and annoyance. Her tail is grabbed and she snarls. The tail tries to lash around, it's held fast but it releases another electrical pulse straight into Arachne.

That's also when Scorpia squeezes Arachne tightly in a bear hug. And not the loving kind. "Die BITCH!".

Scorpia can squeeze just as hard as Arachne, they both have equal strength of being able to lift 10 tons and with major effort lift 25 tons. However, this hug only does 1 ton of force (14 points of damage) - for now. She's so pissed off that she can't focus.

The ground is coming up fast, Arachne needs to twist just right to align it so that Scorpia lands on her tail/back.

The shot of electricity from the tail quickly causes Arachne to let go of it, which is just as well since she will need to get a firm grip for her next maneuver. Grabbing the woman by the shoulders she pushes away enough so she can wrap a leg around Scorpia's legs. That done she makes a quick twisting motion with shoulder and hips to flip around so that the crazy lady will cushion her fall.

When Scorpia's tail is released, it lunges backward and serves to act as a spring to cushion the impact. Though with the additional weight and awkward hugging going on between the girls, Scorpia's back still strikes the ground and she lets out an ooof. There's really no where to roll, her arms are secure around Arachne's torso and all she can do is squirm.

Arachne would like nothing better right now then to just fall into the sweet oblivion of unconsciousness, but she hasn't won yet. Once more webbing comes from her hands, wrapping around the prone woman's neck and fanning out around and over her legs, the sticky substance adhering her to the ground "Stay still you." she commands as she does her best to keep the woman pinned down, with webs and her own physical strength.

Writhing on the ground, Scorpia cannot get the leverage nor muster the strength to push and break the bindings. She screams, unable to do anything.

With the bad gal securely pinned by her webbing, Arachne squirms from between Scorpia's bound arms. She certainly isn't going to unbind them to get free, so it is her only option. She will then call the guys at Code Blue to come pick up the villianess and haul her away.

Arachne will discover that they are positioned within a back alley behind an Italian restaurant. The quiet hum of the Black Panther's sky cycle is heard and it's noted that he descends into the alleyway just a few yards away. His voice cast as he seems perched upon the seat ready to leap - just in case, "It seems I am too late. You have captured your very deadly prey."

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