How to Make Peace With a Goddess

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How to Make Peace With a Goddess

Emma Frost, Suzanne Endo, Sally Blevins

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08/16/12 13:00

World Monitoring ROom, Hellfire Club

Suzi discusses business with Emma, and then discusses Amora. Sally appears for a bit.

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-----==[ World Monitoring Room - Hellfire Club - New York ]==-----------------

Located in here can be found a large computer table, complete with holo-projectors and satellite link-up to the world band monitoring system. Behind a thick reenforced door in a doubly reenforced room is the main computer center, the best that money can buy, steal or manufacture just for the Inner Circle. The walls are lined with all sorts of monitors and terminals, comprising a complex comm array which keeps the Inner Circle in touch with each other or the lastest breaking news. Off to one side away from the noise and bustle of the main section of the room is a small station that's manned twenty-four hours a day, is another very high-tech set up, which while it looks like a computer, is used to track and locate mutants, and even non-mutants at times.

Emma Frost
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[O] - Lower Level - Hellfire Club -

"Well, to be honest, Emma, the thing I'm most concerned about is that it seemed as if Amora was - once again - quite cross with me. Looking back, I suspect I know why. But it becomes rather difficult to apologize to a woman who doesn't bother with a cellphone or other 'modern' communications, and who has been in-absentia since the incident." Suzanne Endo comments to the lovely blonde businesswoman at her side. They sit comfortably ensconced within the World Monitoring Room, letting news and other feeds play out across the screens around and behind them, while they lounge comfortably together, sipping fine wine, eating a light lunch. "It seems we vascilate wildly between being quite alright with one another, and being quite put out with one another. A difficult state of affairs for an alliance, made even moreso when, frankly, she does seem to be incredibly powerful." And in ways Suzi can't combat or ameliorate. Darned stupid magic!

"I can see how that might happen," Emma replies softly, taking a sip of wine. "Technology and magic seem to be uneasy bedfellows most of the time, and Amora is very much her own person. There are times she has aggravated me half to death just by that habit she has of getting bored when the sensible thing to do would be to wait."

"Still, it need not lead to complete impasses..." she continues softly. "Though how you could combat the potential for an impasse must be your own decision. I could provide you a hint or two."

Suzi sighs just a little bit, an expression of moue upon her lips. Then she sips more of her own wine, and nibbles on a date. "True enough. We do seem to operate on entirely different understandings of the world around us. Sometimes I can inuit tiny snapshots of what something might mean to her. But ... in general, it's all just so alien to what science and life have taught me." And as a techhead, science is very much Suzi's life. "I suspect the failure lies communication. But, naturally, Amora considers herself - or seems to - quite above the need to make herself understood, certainly in advance. Or to bother to understand another's perspective. So it seems to lie largely upon me to manage whatever I can of peace betwixt us." And clearly, given she has chosen to broach the subject at all, Suzi wants to build some measure of peace between them. They are to be allies, after all.

She wouldn't be good if she didn't know how to combat some things. Her arrival for one, not known until just before the door was opened. Sally having been in her forcefield, shielding her from the more hidden talents of Emma. Dropping it just before she opens the door, here in the underbelly of the Hellfire club, she casts a glance to the two women, before moving to a station away from the monitor's of the room, leaning over instead of sitting, she taps away at the keys, inputting her access codes to bring up the monitoring logs for that particular station.

"She can be difficult to get along with, in that regard. I've found only a few bits of common ground, most of them rather small. But they do work," Emma replies to Suzi. "After all, in many ways she /is/ above some matters. She's lived many lifetimes to our one, after all, and has mastered disciplines that we were taught were nothing but smoke and mirrors. That's no small thing."

Sally's entrance gains a thoughtful look, then a hint of a smile. "How is your bodyguard working out, by the way? I hope well." She steals an idle glance at Sally, smiling impishly.

"Too true." Suzi offers, nodding. She is well aware of the differences between herself and Amora, and how those play out. She's just hoping to find some of those small common ground bits, to smooth this over.

"My 'personal assistant' is working out quite well. She has proven exceptional in her learning curve and adaptability. And I do love her initiative. Not to mention the benefit of her use of her talents." Suzi offers, smiling warmly as she too gazes at the hard-working Sally Blevins.

The aformentioned 'assistant' looks up from the workstation, slipping a USB stick into an open port, "Emma, Suzanne." she says in a polite greeting, eyes flitting back to the screen, several more commands typed in, "I didn't mean to intrude." she offers in a polite tone.

"You need not worry about /that/... you're not intruding," Emma replies, with a faint smile. "You're almost the model of discretion, really."

She looks back to Suzi. "As for some of the things that put her in a better mood... one is the fact that she is a goddess of love among the Asgardians. Pay homage to her at times. It will probably help your standing with her."

"You are not intruding, Sally." Suzi also affirms. She has come to expect Sally to be present in her most private councils, and thinks nothing of it. She has trusted the woman with her life; trusting her with a few quiet words is next to nothing after that.

Suzi glances at Emma with a bit of consternation. "Pay ... homage?" As a woman raised in Communist China, that's a concept that is rather outside her experience. "Pardon my ignorance, but how would one do such a thing?" The first ideas that come to mind for Suzi aren't exactly the sorts of things she's comfortable assuming. So she'll ask.

"Well, I won't intrude much longer, i'm almost done over here, and have to be back at the firm, just in case." she offers to the pair of women. She still having to lead a second life here and out there to retain her ties to the X-men and their school. Sally smiles to the pair, "Though, we should all get together some time, I should be free tomorrow after a few work things."

"I'll consider it. I may have to return to Snow Valley soon, but if not I'll do my best to attend," Emma replies to Sally, smiling that same small smile. "Good luck at the firm."

She turns to Suzi. "It's not so hard, sometimes, though with your background it may take some adjustment," she adds, matter-of-factly, turning her attention to her telepathy to privately convey to Suzi just what she's thinking of.

<< I'm not sure how strict your upbringing was with regard to intercourse between partners of the same sex, but that is basically what I'm talking about.>> She follows this with a few images of gentle love play between two women, transmitted to Suzi's mind in turn. These are rather chaste, though the impression is given that they are also just the beginning. << Of course, this sort of thing isn't for everyone... >>

"I would like that, Sally. Send me an SMS when you're free, and I'll make my way over." Suzi offers, nodding to her 'personal assistant.' "See you later." she offers to the younger blonde, a light smile on her lips. Clearly she favors Sally with that trust and at least some measure of friendship.

Emma's words bring Suzi back to refocus on the other woman, leaning closer as if she expects her to whisper, before that voice appears in her mind. She holds still, amazed at the sensation of the other woman's thoughts merging with her own. That too was completely outside her experience until now. She lets the others' thoughts play out, but is still not sure how to project her own thoughts back. As such, her 'thoughts' become words from her lips, if spoken softly.

"My concern was more about a lack of familiarity with /religion/, Emma. Raised in the bastion of Communism, I've never known or had much use for it in any form. I would not know where to begin to 'worship' or 'pay homage' to someone as a power or deity." Suzi explains. She doesn't seem embarrassed by the other thoughts, but neither does she elucidate upon them. "Still, I can see how what you suggest could ... serve, given that which is apparently vital or important to Amora." Amora, of course. A derivation of what would be the root of several Romance languages for 'love'. It should have been more obvious.

"Religion has little to do with it, honestly. Though a goddess she may be, mainstream concepts of worship seem to hold little interest to her," Emma replies, nodding. "If any. She seems to prefer direct interaction to prayer and other forms of communion." Her telepathy comes alive again.

<< Just think what you want to say, and I will sense it, >> comes a soft explanation. << That's all there is to it, as long as I've initiated telepathic contact.>> Emma explains, telepathically.

She looks back to the screen, and pulls the usb drive free, before logging off from the station, "I hope to see the pair of you tomorrow then, Suzanne, Emma. Have a good day." she says to the pair, rising, and moving to leave the room.

"You do the same, Sally." Suzi responds.

"Mmmm. Alright." Suzi offers aloud, if softly. Then she tries 'going over' what she wants to say, as if preparing for a speech. "< So, it is because this would be a form of personal, unstructured 'worship' that this might be of value to Amora, and worth pursuing as a means to make peace and common ground? >" Suzi considers that for a bit, mulling it over. "< An idea worth considering. Not exactly my norm, to be sure. >" She doesn't seem disgusted or upset. She is, in the end, entirely too pragmatic for that.

"Take care, Sally. I hope I can be available," Emma calls softly after Suzi's 'personal assistant'. She looks to Suzi with a faint smile. "Precisely. Of course, she also seems to be fond of it for its own sake, and not always just because it's paying homage, but I doubt that sort of worship is ever far from her mind."

Given what Suzi herself experienced while 'joined' with Amora through the magical ritual used to enhance her mind while hacking the Sentinels, she would have to agree, and does. "I suspect you are quite correct. It is not exactly what I am used to, myself." Suzi has had to work hard to be taken seriously in a field largely dominated by men. She has not hesitated to use her attractiveness as a tool, but has never let it slip past that to using her /sex/ for advantage, knowing that it would undermine everything she was trying to achieve. But she has to accept that in this case, and especially with the personage in question, the rules are likely quite reversed. "Thank you, Emma, for your advice. I appreciate the added perspective."

"It's nothing Suzi, truly. Given who we are, what we do, and what we're up against... well, women of our character, our positions, must look out for one another if we're all to thrive," Emma replies. "Though I've enemies and allies enough, I prefer to add allies to the list than enemies. And I've a feeling you would be a powerful ally. Maybe even a friend."

Given that their association began with the violation of one of Suzi's most closely-held personal secrets, one might think there would be no chance of these two women remaining allies except in the most pragmatic sense. But it certainly appears that assumption would be incorrect. "I should hope that as well, Emma. I realize that, especially in the wake of all that has been revealed lately, the idea of 'testing' gifts such as your own would be extremely distasteful, I would like someday to learn more about the ... 'physics', if you will ... of how they work. I have some interesting ideas that might be of use, if I understood more." That said, Suzi finishes her wine and stands, offering a warm smile to the blonde. "I know you need to get to Snow Valley. I will be in touch again soon. For now, however, I should get to Staten Island. We will both profit best if I stay close at hand while these projects are begun."

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