How Near is too Near

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Mirage & Havok

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08/22/12 15:33

Xavier Mansion

Havok and Mirage talk about the previous day's mission.

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Catching up with Dani as she walks past the volleyball courts, Alex will offer his towel as she didn't seem to have one in hand when she departed, "Hey." he'll say casually during the handoff.

"Oh thanks." she presses it against her face then runs it over her hair "I don't think the janitors would appreciate me dripping through the hallways. You saved me a sternly worded memo." all this as she continues to walk through the various activity areas toward the building.

"I'm pretty sure they wouldn't say anything, for fear of being zotted by those arrows of yours." Alex notes and then makes sound effects to follow, <plunk> <zap> <thud> "Wake up 3 days later with a really bad taste in their mouths and the need to walk funny."

Dani shakes her head in denial as she laughs at the joke "I think I'm going to need to hire a PR person to work on my bad reputation." her brow furrows slightly, "Or do you think it works for me?" certainly having a reputation like that couldn't hurt when it comes to the students.

"Completely sexy." Alex says in a quick response without actually thinking of the wording or how it may be taken. He says nothing else, waiting to get punched again, or something.

Silence meets the comment, but it is a short lived one with Dani doing nothing but pausing at the entrance to the building to eye Alex specutively "I can live with that." she says finally an amused grin lifting the corners of her mouth.

Breathing again, Alex smiles and lets out a chuckling sigh of relief. Once in the hallways of the vast mansion, Alex notes, "Anyway, I just wanted to tell you. Yesterday you were really great."

"It didn't feel really great." the smile fades, "Not the injuries," is quickly added "I lead us right into an ambush. I should have known better. I even said as much." like most good leader types Dani is kicking herself for what seems like a rookie mistake.

"Wasn't that the point of the mission?" Alex asks in retrospect, "I mean, we were the bait, that was Kurt's plan all along."

Dani immediately shakes her head "Not like that it wasn't." her free hand comes up to her forehead "I'm being stupid aren't I? They jumped us, they got captured, everyone lived. Mission accomplished.

"No, you're not being stupid at all. If anything I'm blowing it off as another win because we're either that good or that lucky." Alex states, noting his own folly. He then adds with a minor correction, "But, that's just it, we did pull it out. Because we're that good."

Silence again as Dani ponders the words while they pass through the hallways, "And that lucky. And thanks. You could work on your aim though." she teases, preparing to dash ahead in case of retaliation.

"My aim?" Alex exclaims with a raise in his voice realizing that she's teasing him about his missing, "Oh no you didn't." he says and will lunge to grab.... grab what, she's wearing next to nothing and a belt would be the perfect grab point - her waist.

Certainly there is something to grap onto, those bikini tops do have straps across the back so its pretty easy to grap that, and it will keep her from going anywhere. Thankfully it has a sturdy hook so no wardrode malfunctions "Hey!" she cries out as she finds herself grapped, though it is hard to get out through her laughter.

He pulls her back and to the side where her back will go to the wall. He's not thinking how this could look or what hormones are going through his system. Instead, he steps into her personal space and says with a smile, "I'll have you know, I was having an off day.... not everyone can be /on/ all the time like you."

Dani looks left, right and then back at him "An off day, yes of course what was I thinking." she smiles and nods as she flattens herself against the wall, probably getting ready to make an escape.

There's a sudden clarity. His right hand on her hip, left around her right wrist. Havok sort of freezes and then as he gets a concerned look on his face he says, "I'm standing too close aren't I?" knowing that there could have been the crossing of a line and he quickly releases her and takes a step back. "Sorry...." is said quickly as he looks down and off to the side.

She seems more confused by the sudden change from playful to all serious as she steps from the wall, "No apologies necessary." her tone reflects the confusion on her face "I think I will go down to medical and have Leyu rebandage me." she pushes the towel into his hands before she rushes off leaving him standing alone in the hall.

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