How Hard They Fall

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Loki, Armand, and the Super Adaptoid

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06/04/12 12:00

Central Park, Manhattan

The Adaptoid smites Loki and kicks him to Jotunheim

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-----==[ Central Park - New York ]==------------------------------------------

Stretching half a mile wide down two and a half miles of the island, Central Park is the green heart of Manhattan. Despite an occasionally ugly reputation, fewer than a hundred crimes occurred in the entire park last year, and fewer than half of those were committed by strangers - the legendary Central Park mugger is a thing of the past. Instead, the park is a thriving place, filled with artificial lakes, footpaths, joggers, playgrounds, sculpture, children.

There are dozens of landmarks within the Park: the Great Lawn where open-air concerts and rallies are regularly held; Cleopatra's Needle, the obelisk donated to New York by Egypt; the Alice statue north of Conservatory Water, its giant mushroom usually swarmed by climbing kids; Belvedere Castle and Bethesda Terrace and Literary Walk and the Delacorte Theater and one of the last stands of American elms in the northeast - nearly two thousand trees protected from plague by their isolation.

Near the south end of the park, the Imagine mosaic in Strawberry Fields is frequently marked by flowers or candles left by visitors. Nearer the north end, the Reservoir covers a hundred and six acres, almost an eighth of the park's total space - though it no longer provides drinking water for New York residents, a decision that has cut down significantly on the number of supervillain attacks on the Park.

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Okay, technically speaking...this could be far more awkward than it actually is but Armand has chosen today to visit Central Park, dragging a cooler behind him as he a few bags...packed with yellow boxes of frozen waffles and his usual bags draping off his body. He moves along quickly as he find a pretty empty piece of lawn to start setting his belongings down, a plastic tarp is spread out before a green picnic basket is spread out on top of the tarp.

Loki found out after the pizza parlor trip that walking around even in partial costume is a good way to get shot at by humans that have the uncanny ability to recognize him anywhere. Maybe it's the hair or the eyes, or the way he just sort of stares right through people until they're unnerved enough to pull a gun on him and take fire. Fortunately, the bullets they use are small calibre enough that they don't even put a scratch on him, but they /sting/. So today, he is wearing a fine dark green suit with a celtic looking silk scarf and a walking stick with a serpent's head. With his hair slicked back and a pair of fake square glasses perched on his nose, he should be able to squeak through moderately unnoticed. Coming silently behind Armand, he says "What are you doing, dear Armand?"

Armand doesn't quiet have...a heart-attack but he was busy unpacking the yellow boxes of Eggos from a bag and kneeling in front of his cooler to take out a tub of whipped cream when Loki decides to greet him and the tub of whipped cream goes flying as he jumps and fumbles a bit with clutching his chest and spinning around to just stare at Loki, blinking several times. ""

"Art using waffles?" he asks, tilting his head to the side, catching the flying whipped cream tup with one hand, snatching it out of the air. "Is this a school project or something you have decided to do on your own?" he turns to look around the park, scanning the area for other students setting up displays.

Armand's eyes roll a bit as he carefully slips a plain black apron out of his backpack and works on tying it on before rummaging around in his cooler where...he has brick trowels and spatulas for some reason and he selects a trowel. "Non. It is just something to do." He arches an eyebrow as he opens up a box of waffles and kneels on his blanket to start unwrapping and laying the waffles out beside each other in a straight line. "I tink I am losing my mind a bit maybe."

"Probably," he says. "But that's not always a bad thing. Sometimes when you lose your mind, you find bigger and better things." he taps his chin with his serpentine cane. "That doesn't look like much fun. What are you going to do with the waffles?"

When he gets a straight line of frozen waffles, he uses the trowel and the whipped cream to slather/smear some whipped cream on the waffles to create a later before he starts on another layer of frozen waffles, opening up a box and stacking them on top of the whipped cream/waffles layer. "I am going to make a house. Or a chair. I haven't decided yet..." Armand shrugs and continues his work.

Descending from above the tree line, the supervillain known as Force in his token green and yellow super suit makes his presence known. The direction of the descent is toward Armand and his little picnic setup.

The supervillain is quite known and recognized by the public. Then again, green and yellow seem to be favored by the evil beings of the Marvel Universe so it's easy to identify them at range. Anyone in the area (NPC-wise) who takes note of the flying/descending Force will start to move away and give lots of space.

Force announces, "Armand, I suggest you move away from the godling named Loki. It is time he is sent back to his Frost Giant relatives - in a box."

Loki lifts both brows and turns his eyes skyward as people begin moving away, looking back at Armand and ready to answer his question when the voice is heard. He turns slowly to face him, that wicked grin spreading across his features. "Godling, is it? What is this, fool? You mean to threaten me with extradition here, now? Oh, I think not..." his eyes are locked on Force, his body language tensing like a snake preparing to strike. His illusion fades and leaves him standing in his regal armor, though sans helmet.

Armand's expression darkens as he hears a voice he cannot recognize and...he has to pause in smearing whipped cream on his current layer of waffles to just stare up a the new...creature and he just stares with wide eyes, lips forming a tiny 'o'. "Non! I suggesting you go away so I am to finish my waffle house! This is /rude/." He makes shooing motions with the trowel before noticing Loki's armor change and he sighs softly. "...oh mon dieu..."

The form of Force shifts just as his feet touch ground only yards from Loki and Armand. The new form is totally green in hue and displays aspects of the Juggernaut wearing Loki's horned helmet while carrying Thor's mighty hammer in his right hand. He has a cloak and the trappings of a god while standing a good 7' tall. The weight of the figure makes impressions within the sod. He leans forward and takes steps toward Loki.

Loki will immediately recognize the individual's powers from days prior. The man known as Phillip who duplicated Loki's image. In addition to this, the being also possesses vast amounts of power as he takes this rather odd amalgam of various persons. The powers are Asgardian and quite magical. The hammer that he carries is a perfect match for that of Thor and even the physiology is strikingly similar to that of an Asgardian. Loki will realize that if and when he's hit, he will feel it.

"Yes, 'Godling'!" is exclaimed by the Super Adaptoid.

Those steps close the distance between the Adaptoid and Loki. The hammer is raised and brought against Loki's chest with such force doing 130 damage and knocking Loki back at least 100 yards. The shockwave will emit from the strike likely knocking Armand back <his decision>.

Loki blinks, eyebrows raising as the transformation takes place, then his face contorts into a deep frown, and a rage for the man daring to copy him. He was looking for this guy. His body instinctively starts forward when he sees him coming forward, but he tries to take a sideways leap to avoid the attack, finding that his reaction is a split second too late.

"This is going to hurt..."

His last thought explodes into white light as the hammer connects with his body, sending him flying backwards as a 500lb projectile, slamming through a street lamp which falls over with a spray of sparks, sending more people running, crushing a bench and coming to a rest in the middle of a mobile hot dog cart. Its contents are sent flying in all directions, buns and dogs showering down on the crash site. Loki is stunned and /extremely/ surprised. He grunts and lifts his head to see what the hell hit him. "Oh, that was so not fair..." he groans, a bun sitting atop his frazzled hair.

He knows he probably couldn't withstand another blow like that, so he waves his hands in front of him and prepares an eldritch blast as he pulls himself out of the wrecked hot dog cart. The blast is sent to distract him long enough to prepare his next move.

The shockwave sends waffles and cream flying and Armand isn't that heavy really so it isn't hard to knock him back falling on his ass with his eyes widening a fraction as he just processes what he witnessed, brow furrowing and he sees that Loki has gone flying as well before he looks back towards Super Adaptoid and trembles a bit, with fear...rage...uncertainty, who knows, so he does French, panting softly and getting to his feet shakily as he stares between the two. " this is different...a super powered bully...brilliant."

The bolt sails from Loki to the Adaptoid and hits squarely in the chest. This does not slow him down as he's already intent on his next move.

Oh, he's pissed. He's /really/ pissed. Nobody takes his powers, then just walks up to Loki Laufeyson and swats him aside like a ragdoll. His forehead is marked by mustard and a bit of pure red Asgardian blood, his eyes practically glowing with rage. He lifts a hand to wipe the ketchup from the side of his mouth and prepares another eldritch bolt. This guy can do him some real damage, and he knows it. His mind races as he scans the area for routes of escape or at least enough debris or objects to cause the adaptoid confusion. "Nice try." he says, "But not, I think, quite good enough." His arm snaps out and a bolt of energy is released from his very core, hopefully having enough juice to give him time to get into a better position.

Armand sighs and just takes a deep breath and then another deep breath. "Lord Loki! There is no dishonor is fleeing to survive!" The little man calls out as he is tugging his little prepaid phone out of his pocket and he calls out again. "Y-you! Super Powered Death Thingie! Y-you must stop now or I'll call...I'll call..." He stares at his phone. "...who the hell am I going to call?!" He just starts dialing numbers in his speed-dial.

A few steps with the hammer spinning in his hand, he releases the hammer toward Loki. Then he leaps into the air, the Adaptoid has full intention of closing the distance between himself and Loki. The leap comes in time as the Eldritch Bolt wizzes beneath the Adaptoid's feet. Loki seems to prepare for the attack albeit the attack is not deflected it strikes true sending Loki reeling and into near unconsciousness. The god is down and the Adaptoid stands over him (100+ yards away from Armand) with the returning hammer in hand.

The Adaptoid says, "I strike thee down, arrogant godling. I now send you back to where you belong and suggest that you stay there. For if I find you on Midgard again, meddling in human affairs, then what transpired today will not result in just your eviction. But your true death."

It is then that the Adaptoid spins the hammer over Loki. An aperture opens to the frozen wastes of Jotunheim. The Adaptoid then kicks Loki's midsection and sends him sailing onto the stone floors of the great hall.

Armand lowers the phone as he sees Loki go down..and he can only watch in horror as everything happens and then when he's /kicked/ sailing through some type of aperture he just drops the phone and stares at SA with an expression, not of fear but of a disbelieving wariness. "...what are you?" Not who...just what...

Turning on his heavy heel, the Adaptoid looks to Armand as the portal closes behind him. He answers in a booming voice, "I am the Super Adaptoid and an Avenger, and you would be wise not to play with evil godlings that are decidedly bent on world domination or destruction. Beings that would have you as their slaves and playthings." With that, he spins his hammer, casting it upward and leaps into the air. Then is gone as quickly as he arrived.

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