Hotamini Hoedown

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Deadpool, Gogo, Hawkette, The Phantasm, Sandman, Scarlet Witch, & (emitted) Hotamintanio, Black Crow, Puma, Nanabozho and Calumet

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01/19/13 00:40

Central Park - New York

Hotamintanio continues with the attacks of the Anasazi (Native American gods)

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It is a quiet evening in Central Park. A slight chill starts the holiday weekend off for New Yorkers. And the January winter is enough to keep people from going out. So the park, is pretty empty aside from the homeless who have gathered about looking in bins for food. A few tourists are also out and about snapping pictures of the historic landmark that is Central Park. So caught up in their own business that no one plays special attention to a larger than usual crow that flies overhead and perches itself on a tree branch. The black crow coos and caws as mist begins to billow into the park. An usual sight in New York City, but to the homeless concerned more about their survival and tourists concerned with capturing the perfect picture. It may go unnoticed.

Kate Bishop is running her nightly patrols, despite the chill in the air. Times like these, the scarf around her neck is for more than just decoration. She takes a perch up on a tree, despite the leaves having all but flown south for the winter. She's paying more attention for villains of the two-legged variety and doesn't even notice the large fog-bearing bird.

The black crow is not completely unnoticed as the much larger, and frankly, much nicer looking corvus corax, otherwise known as Northern Raven flies into the area to perch upon another branch, opting NOT to hang out with his bird bretheren as is the way for the solo natured creature. The purplish black Avian fluffs up as he prepares for the cold evening of people watching. Now, the human IN the tree does take note which causes for the raven's head to tilt to the side curiously.

The mist begins to billow about until it is finally noticed by a few photographers who begin snapping pictures of the preternatural mist. It stops short of the Alice statue and begins to take a humanoid shape. The mist becomes solid forming bones, muscles, tissue, flesh, fur, and hair. Suddenly, an entity that is a cross between a Puma and human dressed in Native American garb appears. It sniffs in the air and growls, loudly. The homeless vagrants look up and are startled, but make no move to flee. The tourists snap pictures. Puma continues to growl and finally leaps into the air into a crowd of Asian tourists, claws and fangs extended as he prepares to rip them apart. The black crow watches and caws.

Kate Bishop notices Puma-man and rolls her eyes. "Seriously? We can't just deal with average dirtbags, we need to import fancy ones? I'm gonna have to tell Clint about this.." She thinks to call, but realizes that it would take him too long to get there. "Ok.. New York's got a difficult enough time without scaring away the tourists." She says as she pulls out a blunt-tipped around and nocks it, taking aim.

Not the most studied on all that is 'Ho shite' the Raven is not all that certain what is going on. All he's got to go on right now is what he sees in front of him. Something that's pissed off and getting ready to attack people. Wings spreading, the raven flies off of his branch, flying full tilt at the Puma-man. Beak first.

The Puma leaps and then stops short of attacking the tourists who begin to flee from him. Finally! He sniffs into the air and looks towards the homeless people are gathered by the trash cans, but as he looks at them, his expression seems to offer sympathy towards them. Continuing to sniff, he turns towards the trees as the raven comes flying towards it. He rises and grins and then charges towards bird, but is looking past it at the range of trees, in particular the one Kate is perched on.

Kate Bishop grumbles as she sees the figure shift in his posture. As he runs towards her, she realizes the timing has to be perfect. She lets the arrow fly and then tries to jump out of the tree before the.. figure.. reaches her. If she lands well and in time, she switches out her bow for her rapier. No wisecracks this round, its all business.

When the Puma doesn't attack the tourists and instead is charging in his direction, the Raven's speed falters fas he switches gears, flying upwards and flipping around in flight to look behind him to figure out if he's fleeing or charging something else.

With surprising or perhaps expected grace, the Puma simply stops and simply catches the arrow in his hands and snaps it easily. He growls as he watches Kate. Speaking in an oddly feline human voice, “I would rather you just run, little girl.” With the rapier drawn, he shakes his head and all but ignores the raven and the crow, whose eyes are glowing red at the moment. Puma gets on all fours and charges at Kate.

Kate Bishop grimaces at losing yet another arrow, but is then angered as he speakes. She raises an eyebrow at the being. "Then you've picked the wrong little girl." She says as she takes up a stance which is part martial arts kata and part fencing. "It's time to make Cat Chow."

Yep. He's still attacking someone. Confirming the situation, the Raven flies full tilt towards the Puma beak first with the full intent of making his presence known once his beak breaches the crature's body

The Puma makes his charge ready to lunge and leap at the girl before him, when the speedily flying raven’s beak makes contact with his furry skin. He rolls to the side swatting at the bird. He continues to sniff, “Not real.” He grrs as he stands and takes a stance of a martial artist, surprising for a humanoid puma dressed in Native American garb. The stance would be a cross between karate and tae kwon do. He gestures for Kate to come at him as his licks his own fangs, “You’re my cat chow, girl.”

Kate Bishop makes her way for the Puma and begins with an opening lunge. "You're a bit out of place. What do you want here in the Big Apple anyways? Catbox isn't big enough?"
Beak in, the bird rolls with the Puma but soon finds himself ignored as the question of his existence is brought up. The raven shifts to his talons and flies at the Puma once more, getting ready to peck him some more, "Real enough."

A small jingling noise is heard behind Puma. And a figure appears from behind a tree. It's the Merc with the Mouth, fully armed and ready for battle, Sort of. He's standing behind the 'puma', jingling a cat toy. "Here, kitty kitty kitty! Kitty kitty kitty! Come here you stupid cat!

Puma’s sense match nearly those of Wolverine, but not quite, so as the not-so-real real raven flies at him, Hawkette lunges at him, and Deadpool appears behind him. It is a matter of priorities and the priority is the girl. He is still in the karate pose so when Kate lunges forward, he attempts a slash with his claws attempting to rake her with them.

Ignoring the others for the moment, the crow takes flight and begins to caw almost menacingly at all present, but seems to fly specifically towards the cat toy that Deadpool has brought with him.

Kate Bishop takes the slash and feels the tear as her flesh scratches. Between the leather of her costume and the last minute chance to attempt a duck, she's lucky that that's all she got from it. "Dammit, you're not answering me..." She reaches for the wound and notices the slight blood on her hand as it weals up. She looks around, for the first time realizing that she's not alone. "What in all of Zandru's Hells is this?" Now she's confused and takes a defensive stance this time. "I ask again, what's your issue? or, like any other criminal, you don't need a reason to tear up New York?"

Oh, IGNORING him eh? The Raven adjusts his path, flying at the Puma's eye. That should be nice, squishy, and vulnerable. One of his wings appears to shift, seeming sharper, and more claw like.

Deadpool blinks. He stares at the crow flying at him. "Hey, weren't your eyes white last time?" Deadpool asks, while dodging the crow.

Finally arriving on the scene, The Avenger on patrol this evening arrive with fellow hero, Gogo. Sandman using his sandstorm to carry himself and Gogo onto the park. “Ok Gogo, ready yourself. Watch out for the Puma. He is strong and his claws hurt. Think you can take him, if I drop you in?” The sandstorm looms over the park and at quite the height literally hovers itself and its passenger above the fight.

The crow caws at Deadppol as the antihero dodges his swoop. It then continues onto a flight path towards another tree.

Puma laughs having cut Kate, “The wound hurts a lot more than you let on, girl. . .” before he can continue, he is slashed across the eye by a suddenly sharpened wing of the raven and falls back away from Kate and Mike, but towards Deadpool, but blood seeps from one eye as he suddenly starts to slash wildy as he backs away, growling and howling in pain.

Mist suddenly starts to come back into the park from the opposite end. This mist more noticeable and moving much quicker, but not quite at the fight yet.

"How am I supposed to know if I can take him based on that description? But if this is a test of self confidence, then sure! I can take him!" Gogo laughs as she is carried into the park. She wiggles and shifts trying to get her feet under her in that crazy storm, "Um, Geronimo? Launch Fighters? Go! Shoot!"

Seeing that his attack worked, the Raven continues, the other wing shifting to match as he flies after Puma, ready to swipe his clawwings once he can get another opening in. He could say something funny but, he's probably used up his turn allotment and there's a Deadpool present. Why be redundant?

Kate Bishop smirks as Puma is flipped the bird right in the eye. She sheaths her rapier and pulls out the pair of battle staves. Again, she wants information, not a kill. As Puma is disabled she goes on the offensive again, looking to end this fight. The population of Heroes in the Park is getting too large for the young woman's comfort. "Again, What. Do. You. Want. Here?" Each syllable is a swing with the staves.

Figures. Even the other players rely on Deadpool to be funny. "Hey, Fish-breath! Aren't you a few hundred years late to be going on a vengeance kick?" He shouts at the Puma. "And same to you you Poe-reject," he says to the crow.

As the gathered heroes assemble onto Puma, Phantasm is able to strike him again with the sharpened wing, allowing Hawkette to get in her strikes with the staves. With each strike, Puma is struck but then lashes out with blind slaw slashes until leaving him wide open for Gogo who is suddenly dropped from on high by Sandman.

The crow who is on the tree continues to caw loudly trying to draw everyone’s attention to the mist which is now forming into a large man of dark skin wearing a wolf skin as a headdress and appearing to resemble a Native American of yore. A bow adorns his back with a quiver of very sharp looking arrows. “I am Hotamintanio, the god of war! I will have my vengeance!” He fires off three areas in a rapid motion with his superhuman abilities. One aimed for the raven, one aimed for Kate and one aimed for Deadpool.

Gogo plummets from the sky like an big orange bomb. She doesn't really have much control of where she lands, and it would seem that Sandman aimed her rather well. Rather well if the goal was to have her belly flop on poor old Puma. It's not a pretty attack, but it works none the less. She gives a loud grunt upon the dusty landing, then says, "Ouch?" As the dust settles she starts to peel herself off the ground, checking on Puma.

Kate Bishop steps back, trying to give Puma the chance to answer her, when the Native American Mars shows up.. "Oh what the hell, is it Halloween already?" She sees the arrows and does her best to tumble out of the way. As she rolls back, she takes out three of her own, this time with regular sharp tips. Stakes are too big to be pussy-footing (No offense, Puma) around. She lets them fly just as Gogo lands on Puma.. "Ok.. It must be Halloween... The Great Pumpkin just arrived.."

Unfortunately, or fortunately for Phantasm, he was pretty much on Puma when Gogo landed on the cat guy. Squished down, he does little of anything except get pushed further into Puma. Wings and all. As Gogo peels herself off, there's a bit of a Raven pancake against Puma. The wings are not visible as they are IN Puma now. Sorry man. "HeyGogo~uh."

Deadpool is unable to get out of the way of the arrow in time, and is hit by the arrow, unfortunately for someone. However, the arrow is sharp it goes right through him. Deadpool stands still momentarily, while his wound heals, and says, "Oh god. I was penetrated by a furry." He then draws a katana and rushes the war god. "I don't like gettin' pricked!"

“Crap. . .First Olympians. Then Asgardians. Now. . .um. . .I don’t know how to say it, so as not to offend.” Sandman curses as he watches the arrows fly. Kate easily dodges hers and it strikes the Alice statue in the park ripping the statue apart in two. One strikes Deadpool, but he is apparently fine. The last one aimed for Phantasm misses as the hero as he was squished by Gogo into Puma. The arrow strikes a tree and literally knocks it over.

As Kate fires off her arrows, her aim proves true and simply bounce off the dense skin of the god. “Black Crow. . .you continue to disobey!” Hotamintanio fires off an arrow towards the crow and as it tries to fly away. It is struck and falls to the ground, but no longer in a the bird form, but in that of an Native American mystic dressed in the style of the crow.

Hotamintanio charges toward Deadpool as the merc with the mouth rushes him, “Nanabozho would have words with you, foolish one!”

Sandman landing near the fallen Puma, “Ok this has gotten outta hand. Gogo, get that girl outta here. Phantasm check on Puma and the other guy.” Sandman is uncomfortable giving orders, but this is probably the best route. Better to save people than fight a god.”

Puma is unconscious from the surge of attacks on him.

Gogo hops to her feet, trying to assist the bird out of Puma. "Sorry about that. I don't have a lot of control over the whole falling onto badguys from the sky thing." Then Sandy is landing and giving orders and Gogo looks about with her glowing eyes to look for the woman needing rescuing. They settle on Kate, "Her? She doesn't look like she needs rescuing to me." But, she is bouncing into action even as she says it. A single leap sends her over to Kate, her bare feet thumping into the ground heavily as she offers Kate an arm, "You call for a taxi, lady?"

Kate Bishop blinks slowly as the arrows just bounce.. "Merde.... That's not good." She sees Puma incapacitated and then turns her attentions towards the God of War... "Um... Hercules? Shazam? Anybody?" She grumbles as Gogo arrives, not wanting to retreat. "I.... guess. You guys have this, right? I don't want to leave and have the whole situation go fubar."

"Rii-" With help from Gogo, the bird wrenches a wing out of Puma and is soon peeled off of Puma like a fruit roll up from a cellophane wrapper. Damn, how much do you WEIGH, girl? Balling up his wing with a feather sticking out like a thumb, he wraps his beak around it and blows, inflating himself. "It's alright. Didn't feel a thi-" With Gogo leaving, he glances down at Puma, nudging him with a foot. "Yeah, he's out."

"Yeah, well, I have a few words for Bozo too! Slice, dice, and julian fries!" Deadpool shouts back at the god of war, slashing at him with his katana.

"Hey. . .um. . .Hawkgirl, Hawkeye would kill me if I let you get hurt, so better to scoot and stay alive. Let the rest of us, get potentially killed fighting an angry war god." Sandman shouts to Hawkette, "Ok, Phanties, check out the other Indian dressed like a bird.â He leaves Puma alone as Sandman goes to take on the god as well. Rushing towards Hotamintanio in a fully hardened sand form.

As the katanas strike Hotamintanio, the blades do no damage and may even break against the god's hardened skin. He looks down at Deadpool and raises the back of his hand. He shouts a curse in his tongue and then attempts to backhand Deadpool and stomp his feet on the ground sending a little shockwave which breaks apart Sandman and cause the park to shake a bit and sends a localized quake towards Gogo.

"Looks like we gotta go!" calls out Gogo as she spots the quake rippiling through the park towards her and Kate. With that threat racing their way she snatches up the archer and bounds into the air. Leaping up and over the problem area, headed to a nice landing zone out of the way. "Well, Sandman is pretty tough. Seriously, you have to have special attacks to stop him. I'm sure he's got things under control. Sort of. Maybe."

Phantasm, seems oddly untouched by the shockwave as he sees her move off. Unfortunately, he can't really do that with Puma in this form so- Damn man, good thing you're out cold for this.

Deadpool's sword breaks, and he sees the backhand coming. "Not aga-" BAMF! Deadpool is blasting off again! Hahaha

Sandman is torn apart by the little shockwave, but is already working on bringing himself together. With Deadpool bitchslapped away and Gogo leaping away, Hotamintanio laughs victoriously. “I have only just begun.” He teleports away just as Black Crow begins to come too. Looking about confusedly, the mystic forms back into a crow and begins to fly off. Puma remains unconscious and this area of the park is pretty much destroyed. Reappearing next to the unconscious Puma, Hotamintanio returns ready to scoop up Puma.

Gogo puts down Kate Bishop once she's out of the area of danger, then she goes bounding back to help out. But by the time she comes thumping back to the combat zone, it pretty much looks like everything is over. "Well...crap. Did we win?"

A little startled by the sudden appearance by Hotame- Hotamitane- Hota, Phantasm swings his Claw/wing at him. "The f-?!" Gogo's answer remains unanswered as he's a bit distracted.

And suddenly Deadpool appears, still flying from the blow before, but in place with a wrestling style drop kick with both feet aimed at Hotamintanio's chest. "Conservation of momentum, bitch!"

Sandman is currently a pile of sand on the ground as part of the park is in ruins. The fight is not over as Phantasm’s sharpened wing does nothing to the god who is suddenly dropkicked over and falls onto the unconscious Puma’s body. He utters something in his native tongue as he falls over. Uh oh, the god of war is mad now!

Gogo sees that things are definitely not over as her head stops rattling from her landing. Instead, it doesn't look like the home team is doing that great. She decides to get in on the frey, running over to wear the indian fellow has gone down. She steps, hops, and tries to incorporate some of her wrestling into her crime fighting, giving him a body slam. "Why are we fighting?" she asks.

Considering his wings didn't do much against this guy, Phantasm lowers his wings, glancing around the scene to see what's going on. "Because he's being an asshole."

Deadpool hops off the godling, flips and charges back for another kick. "And he broke my sword. You know how much those things cost?"

With the barrage of attacks, Hotamintanio is caught off guard, he is easily lifted by Gogo and slammed into the ground followed by the kick from Deadpool. The god getting agrees yells out. He punches into the ground attempting another stronger quake localized in the area surrounding him. Sandman is starting to form together and the quake shakes him apart again.

Not really being much help dealing with this particular God but seeing that Gogo and Deadpool seem to have him handled, Phantasm flies over to the pile of sand. "You okay, Baker?"

Well, it didn't seem to knock the guy out and the earthquake business is pretty annoying. Gogo tries her hand at some good old fashioned wrestling, trying to get Hotamintanio's arms trapped and/or busy, so that he can't go around punching the ground anymore. Full Nelson maybe? Something more modern? Anything to stop the ground from shaking, "Jeez! I agree birdy! How do we stop this guy?" She tries for an open handled slap, always good for getting attention, "Hey! What's your deal!?"

Deadpool is momentarily thrown off his feet by the 'earth quake' punch, but pushes himself back to a standing position to face the godling. "What the hell is up with all these aggro furries? Was there a convention I didn't hear about?"

Any back-up arriving onto the scene, will find this section of Central Park in utter ruins. Trees have been knocked over and ripped from the ground. There is a smashed statue. Puma, the Native American antihero is knocked lies unconscious on the ground near a tree. The ground has been turn apart by minor quakes. Gogo and Deadpool are in pitched battle against Hotamintanio, the Native American god of war. Sandman is nothing but a pile of sand on the ground, while Phantasm in his raven form checks on the Avenger.

”You dare attempt to restrain me, orange one.” With strength in the range of the gods, Hotamintanio flexes his body and easily gets out of the hold Goge has placed him in. Reaching for a tree, the god literally yanks it up and attempts to smack Deadpool with it.

A disembodied voice responds to Mike, “I am ok, but this guy is making it hard for me to keep myself together.” Sandman’s body is slowly coming together again. “I’ve called for back-up. We need the big Avengers guns for this guy.”

"It's probably a good thing Phantasm can fly. Especially with these earthquakes going on. Still in the air, he glances to the pile of sand, "Yeah, it's gone to a boulder fight and I'm not one."

A voice calls out, "I hope I'll do in that regard." Scarlet Witch flies into the park, gesturing towards the raging god as she then says, "Yes, your people were oppressed, but so were mine, and you don't see me ripping up the park now do you?" She lands near the pile of sand and Mike, glancing over her shoulder as she says a bit quieter, "I'm not sure how much I can do, stay ready."

Deadpool dodges the tree. "Why are you gods so stupid? The people who hurt your people died hundreds of years ago, you idiot!"

"What this guy needs is someone who can throw him into the Hudson or something." Gogo keeps on fighting, but this god is certainly out of her league, "These trees are ancient guy! Your people, my people, the other people, they all enjoy them. What are you accomplishing?"

Sandman is fully formed now and is by the Scarlet Witch and the Phantasm, “That’ll do, Wanda. That’ll do.” Continuing to swing the tree to keep Deadpool and Gogo at a distance when the hex bolt strikes it. The tree suddenly grows heavier and heavier, even heavier than the god can carry as he starts to lose balance and drops it and himself onto the ground. With that, Sandman shouts, orders, “Ok, stay on him!” His sand form already elongating as he stretches over, “Gogo and weird guy, press the attack on him. Witch, prep another hex to send this guy outta here. Phanties, I’m thirsty, grab me a beer.”

Phantasm eyes Sandman, "Considering you spent most of your time here lying around and there ain't no one by that name out here so you can get your own damn beer after you're done." He scowls, flying on after, "Besides, do you THINK I carry cash on me like this?"

"Weird guy?" The merc replies indignantly, "I'm Deadpool, damn it!" he replies. He draws a pair of pistols, and opens fire on the god. "Pew pew pew!"

Scarlet Witch arches a brow at Deadpool, then shakes her head as she launches another hex bolt, at the ground this time, near the feet of the god. "Considering the fact that I'm a gypsy /and/ a mutant, I definitely do understand your frustrations, but this is NOT the way."

Wanda's hex bolt strikes the ground beneath Hotamintanio's feet and a hole forms into which he falls into sending him away from the group. Hotamintanio finds himself in his home of Maski in his dimension of Shipolo. Waiting for him are Nanabozho and Calumet, the other gods planning the next attack.

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