Horsing Around

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Horsing Around

Wolfsbane, Mercury

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Stables Pathway, Horse Field, Stables

On a snowy day, Wolfsbane and Mercury chat and feed horses.

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Snow falls on the grounds, some of it enough to stick in places but not enough to really do much else with. Wolfsbane's come out to enjoy the weather, but she's doing so as a wolf right now. To what extent? Wandering along the path to the stables, leaping up here and there to catch snowflakes on the tongue.

Mercury is walking down the path to the stables without actually noticing. She's just wandering aimlessly, apparently distracted with something in her mind as she walks around the snowy area of the school grounds. So distracted she is, she does not notice a brown wolf amidst the white snow.

Senses alert the 'animal' to the fact someone else is around. Whether it's by sound or perhaps the scent of metal or clothing, ears perk and lead to the creature moving toward a tree to watch from a less obvious place. Eyes focus and pick out who it is, then her head angles a bit to one side as she moves quietly toward another position.

Mercury is wearing quite a lot of winter clothes as she walks slowly through the snow, still unaware of the animal stalking her. She shakes her head softly and sighs, bringing a gloved hand up to rub behind her head. Slowly she walks, past the stables and around it, and she seems to be on her way to head back toward the mansion, if not stopped.

That's the time when the wolf bounds out of the undergrowth, snapping a few thin branches in the process of leaping at Mercury to pounce! Someone must be playful today, though instead of crashing hard toward the girl there's almost a gentle side to it.

Mercury hears the snapping of twigs Wolfsbane's charge causes, and when she turns around to investigate she finds herself with a face full of brown fur! She ends up losing her balance and falling backwards, but thankfully the snow breaks her fall, "W-Wolfsbane!?" she gasps, surprised, "You scared me, for a moment, there!" she says, blink-blinking, as she looks a the wolf atop her.

There's just enough piled up /right there/ for a softer landing in addition to the calculated leap. Seems Mercury's good and padded anyhow, even if she could get hurt from it. Looming overhead, the expression of the wolf makes it look like she's...laughing? Seconds later comes an impulsive slurp at the forehead, then she hops back to sit and stare.

Mercury closes her eyes a bit at the lick, and she has to chuckle, "Well, at least you're lighter this way." she jokes, shaking her head softly, then she slowly sits up, "Ok... let me sit up, before I literally freeze on this snow." she says, smiling. "So what's up, little wolf?"

In about the blink of an eye the wolf is again half human, blue and yellow costume flowing over her as Wolfsbane crouches a few feet away with a mischievous grin. "Sorry, I couldna resist when I saw ye wandering by yuirself," she explains, enough of the wolfen appearance in her to reveal a tail that still thumps a couple times. Then, "Ye can freeze oot here?"

Mercury chuckles, "Well, yes. Not immediately, mind you, but my body is all liquid metal, and, yes, I can freeze." she nods softly, as she brushes as much of the snow as she can from her clothes, "Especially buried in the snow for so long." she smiles, "I'd rather avoid that." she winks.

Wolfsbane rises from her crouch, glancing down the path in the direction of the stables with a brief sniff before returning her attention to Mercury as the falling snowflakes thicken just a bit, right around the freezing point. If she's affected by the weather, it doesn't show at all. "Ye learn something new every day, I guess," she grins, moving over to bat at a portion of snow that was missed.

Mercury chuckles gently, not minding the help to get the snow off her, "I'm pretty sure I told you about this, before." s he says, nodding, "Got a warmer place for us to be, if you wanna chat?" she asks, smiling.

"I must have forgotten," Wolfsbane admits, shaking a few bits of excess snow off her hand, glancing up to catch another flake on her tongue this way instead of as the wolf. "We could go back inside, or th' stables have a bit o' cover instead. How's yuir training been going?"

Mercury chuckles softly, smiling. "The barn is fine, I guess." she says, nodding softly before stretching gently, "And my training? It's going fine, it's moving along fine, I guess." she says, smiling.

Wolfsbane can't help herself, grinning over a costumed shoulder at the metal girl. "Everything's fine, ye guess? It could be worse, I'm sure. Have ye ever ridden a horse before?" she wonders as she moves along the path, feet bare.

Mercury chuckles, "Shut up." she says, smiling, as she's teased about her evaluation of her training sessions. But at the mention of horse riding, she arches one eyebrow, "I'm a city girl who used to be a cheerleader. You tell me if I have ridden a horse." she chuckles as she follows Wolfsbane into the barn. "I just wanna get out of the cold."

You go to Horse Yard - Xavier Estate.

Mercury comes in from Stables Pathway - Xavier Estate

"I'll take it as a nae, but ye've done some chores around here, aye?" Wolfsbane wonders, looking as if she's considering just jumping over the fence to show off before opening the gate instead. She leads the way over to the closest stable, adding, "Dinna worry, nae chores in mind for ye right noo," as she grins.

Mercury blinks, then arches one eyebrow as the gates are open, when Wolfsbane mention chores, "Yes." she says, then she relaxes when she mentions no more chores, "Come on, I haven't done nothing wrong, no reason for more detention." she shakes her head softly. "So what do you got in mind, then?"

Wolfsbane laughs. "I'm just an X-Man, na a teacher. I dinna have anything tae do with punishments," she says, explaining it the way she sees it. That doesn't mean she can't report people if something's going on that shouldn't be. "I just felt like being oot o' th' mansion for a few hours an' went for a run. I'm na quite ready tae go back in yet." She enters the stable at that point, where it's still cool but not like it is outside. "But come tae think o' it, ye could help me feed a few o' th' horses."

Mercury sighs softly, "I knew it." she grumbles softly, "Sure, I'll help ya." she says, shrugging her shoulders once, "I've never done that before, though." she points out. At least inside the barn there's no wind and it's *slightly* less cold than outside.

"Och, dinna complain. I could have ye cleaning oot stalls instead," Wolfsbane replies with a wide grin, too much to be truly serious. "We'll just give them a few carrots today. It'll give them th' chance tae get tae know ye a wee bit as well. They like th' people who feed them, but a few o' them act like children sometimes." She enters a small side room and rummages around in a fridge for a bag with the carrots inside.

Mercury sticks her tongue out this time, "No you can't. Like you said, you're not a teacher to dish out punishment and tasks to the students, here." she says, and crosses her arms in front of her chest, in playful defiance. "Take that!" she smirks jokingly.

Wolfsbane rolls her eyes, squinting at the reaction from Cessily as she pads along the main floor, still keeping more of those features of the wolf in place, even in her face where there's a partial snout. "Come on," she answers, motioning as she hands the student one of the two bags in passing, leading the way toward a few stalls where their inhabitants poke their heads out at the sound of voices.

Mercury chuckles, but follows, anyways. "Y'know." she says as she follows next to Wolfsbane, "This isn't what I had in mind when I went out for a walk. All I wanted to do was to clear my head a bit." she says, as she looks at the horses.

"An' have ye any?" Wolfsbane wonders, glancing to the side as she takes in the sight of Cessily, bundled up as she is, a note of curiosity in her question and perhaps some hint of concern as well. She reaches one of the first horses and reaches out to stroke his nose a few times. "Hullo Banker. Aye, 'tis me. Ye remember muh scent, right?" she asks, taking a moment to ensure the horse isn't going to be jittery with him before she offers the carrot. "Most o' them are used tae me, but a few are skittish."

Mercury watches as Wolfsbane and the horses seem to know each other already. "You come ot the barn a lot?" she asks, tilting her head softly while she watches Wolfsbane feed a carrot to one of the horses. "And, uh, yeah, cleared it some. You kinda interrupted the process." she chuckles, smiling.

Wolfsbane draws claw-tipped fingers back when Banker gets a little too close with his nibbling teeth, scolding him light-heartedly afterward. Short as she is, most of the horses strike imposing figures but she's got a way of returning it. "Every few days a' least. I grew up knowing how tae ride horses. Where I came from, they were more common than cars in some places," she explains, then she walks on to the next stall. "This one's Stoney." The coloration should indicate why. "Go ahead an' give him one. An' is there anything I can help with by listening?"

Mercury goes to feed the grey-colored horse, carefully feeding it a carrot, "It's just about my parents. I miss them, but I wonder if they miss me at all." she says softly, keeping her eyes on the horse for now while feeding it, and she sighs.

Stoney seems more laid-back than Banker, a calm horse even in the way he takes the carrot. Wolfsbane suggests, "Give him a rub behind th' ear..right there," as she points at the spot. If she does, Stoney goes into a state of bliss, lower lip actually hanging a bit. "Ye said things went poorly, right? I'm sure yuir parents miss ye, nae matter what happened."

Mercury decides to follow the instruction and goes to rub behind the horse's ear, and she seems amused at the horse's reaction, and she smiles. But the mention of her family makes her sigh again, "Yeah. They were... very happy to ship me away." she says softly.

"Lazy lips," Wolfsbane grins, watching as Cessily 'attacks' the spot behind the horse's ear, the carrot already chewed up. She quietly moves ahead to handle the next one, skittish as she described before she can convince him she's not there to eat him, and another carrot is offered up. "They'll remember th' better times an' wish ye were still around, even if things are bad noo. That's muh hope, a' least."

Mercury leans her head back a bit and she stops caressing the horse, turning around and walking away from it, "They... kinda do wish me back. But without my mutation. They want their daughter back, their daughter from before my mutation appeared." she sighs, shaking her head softly.

Wolfsbane stops with her back to Cessily, tail still present as she glances over her shoulder for a moment before returning part of her focus to the steed, giving him a few rubs along his snout, up between the ears and along the mane. "Then we can pray for th' day they grow past tha' an' accept ye for what ye truly are, which is still th' same person ye were before yuir change. It's na changed who ye truly are."

Mercury chuckles, smiling, "Thanks. I hope for that every day. I really hope someday they'll accept me back the way I am." she nods softly, her smile a bit sad, though. "Can we head back inside? I'm starting ot feel a bit colder now..." she says.

Wolfsbane nods slowly, offering the student a sympathetic look as she says, "Just give me a couple more minutes tae finish here." There are a few more horses to at least give a carrot to. "Ye can go on ahead an' I'll catch up, unless ye want tae wait." One way or another she'll return what's left of the carrots to the fridge in preparation of leaving for the mansion.

"Sure." Mercury says, as she pulls her hood back over her head and she stuffs her hands back into her pockets, "No, I can wait, no problem." she smiles a bit, and she moves to sit on a haystack to wait for Wolfsbane.

Sure enough, it's done in short order and the remainder of the vegetable is left where it'd been earlier, a hand rubbing behind an ear of hers. "I'd offer tae race ye back but I have a feeling it'd be unfair," she smiles.

Mercury chuckles softly, smiling, "Yeah. I'd win in a heartbeat if it wasn't this cold." she says, smirking ruefully before just shaking her head softly. She then stands up and dusts off her behind to get the hay off. "Are we done?" she asks.

"We'll put tha' tae th' test when th' weather warms. Nae way ye can beat me in a race," Wolfsbane offers the challenge, a hand briefly touching the girl's arm to help indicate it's time to go. "Aye, let's head back." On they go.

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