Hooves are better than extra arms

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Hooves are better than extra arms

Phantasm and Spiral

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Mutant Town

As Mike's sketching out ideas for a show set for a local part, Spiral pops in nearby.

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-----==[ Mutant Town - New York ]==-------------------------------------------

Mutant Town, also known as District X or M-Town, has become the mutant haven. This section of town located just south of Hell's Kitchen and slightly west of Chelsea doesn't judge you based on your race, species, or appearance. It accepts all mutants no matter their powers or the way they look. Most all of the businesses in this 10 square block area are mutant run and caiter to mutants. Ranging from convience stores, clothing shops, restaurants, night clubs, specialty shops and general stores. The buildings in this districts are rarely over 6 levels tall and most offer housing for mutants on the upper floors. There are even public schools dedicated to educating mutants - for those who have been oppressed elsewhere. Other public services include a local police and fire department. Overall, the area is fairly run-down and needs more upkeep. However, this is a section of town where mutants can feel safe and welcomed.


With the sun being out to counteract the cool 67 degrees of the New York temperature. It is quite a pleasant time to be out. A light jacket is justified in the shade while stepping into the sunlight helps demote the jacket to being no more than tied around the waist. With this in mind, parks all over the city are experiencing their share of people enjoying the greenery. The park in Mutant Town bears no exception.

One such person, not looking all that mutanty to begin with, sits on a decorative rock, legs crossed and sketchpad opened to accomodate his activity of choice. Mike's lengthy hair is pulled back into a ponytail, the ends of it tucked into the collar of his shirt, giving it the appearance of being shorter than it rally is.

Spiral has heard about this Mutant Town place. Maybe somewhere where six arms won't feel all that out of place? Maybe Mojo was lying to her when he said that there was no way Earth would put up with a freak like her?


Arachne gave the wrong answers, despite her friendliness. So Spiral teleports away from her - to Mutant Town, to have a look. She's not exactly a mutant technically, but the only people who would likely care about that are scientists, so if she's going to fit in anywhere, it'd be there.

... The six armed troublemaker appears out of thin air in the park with a soft 'ping', pompom boots and all, not too far away from Mike, and looks around. She soon spots Mike there - unfortunately he looks pretty normal, so her lip curls a bit. "Hmm.".

The musician's ears pick up on the nearby sound that's abnormal to the usual park goer sounds and glances up. A brow above one pale blue eye arches as he sees the woman who wasn't there just a moment ago before he looks back to his sketchpad where a half finished drawing of the center of the park resides. "Teleporter?" Mike inquires, already assuming the answer to be a 'yes'.

You have left channel Public.

"Dancer." Spiral corrects, walking over to him. "You have the right number of arms. In fact there doesn't look to be anything unusual about you at all..." she says, a hint of disappointment in her voice. Glancing around the park at whoever else happens to be walking by, some of whom do look a bit freaky, most of whom do not, she shakes her head, almost imperceptibly. Her lower arms go to her hips.

With white eyes that glow with an eldritch light and six arms, Spiral is instantly recognisable. She carries herself with exaggerated, maybe even megalomaniacal confidence; her face often twisted into a distinctly unfriendly expression as she swaggers around like she owns the world. But she is no common thug, moving as she does with a dancers grace and always elegantly poised.

Her usual attire is a figure hugging blue suit that leaves her six arms - three on each side - bare, revealing that two of those arms are in fact cybernetic. Not really big on adornments, the suit is rather plain except around her calves, where she has white fur trimmings. Her silvery hair is quite long, past her shoulders, and usually a little bit wild, but she often wears an open faced silver helmet in a vaguely Greek or Roman style which keeps her hair in check. When in combat those arms are often employed wielding three silver swords.

"Ohh a Dancer." Mike gives a nod, looking up to the multi-armed woman once more as he gives her a smile, takng note of the attire, "Yes, I could see that. You do seem to have have the proper physique to keep in constant motion." He looks back to the sketchpad momentarily before threading the pencil back into the spiral of the pad before looking back to the woman. "And everyone's got something a little, 'different' about them. Just some aren't quite so close to the surface."

"It looks quite poor here." she observes, looking over the houses on either side of the street. And it's true, it does look a bit run down. "So I assume the other humans don't get on with the inhabitants here all that well.".

She shrugs, with a thin smile. "I am only curious, is all. It doesn't really matter - I dance anywhere, anywhen. But I would like to know more about this place... once I knew, but I have been made to forget.".

"Mutant Town?" Mike asks, the tone to his voice a bit surprised that a woman who is sporting four extra arms and is in the middle of a place with others of her type does not seem all that aware of where she is. "It's... Mutant town. It's kind of like Little Italy or Chinatown. Only with Mutants. Not everyone here is one, but it's mostly that."

Spiral nods. "I had heard of it, when I was walking around in this city, even more confused than normal, thanks to an old associate's little game." she agrees. "But the humans do not generally like mutants. Does that even extend to mutants such as yourself? Assuming that you are one. Your humanity appears to be quite intact. The right number of everything.".

Mike's smile remains, not confirming nor denying the possibility of him being a mutant. "Regardless of what group you talk about, you're going to run into your share of bigots. Some just fear the concept and the what-ifs brought out by stories that were designed to scare them." He looks to Spiral, pale eyes looking towards Spirals, "Did you know, that technically blue eyes are the result of an old OLD type of mutancy?"

Spiral's eyes glow! "Yes, yes. I know all about evolution, biology, cybernetics." Spiral says, a little irritated. "But this is about what humans think, not about the science. And I am correct, then.". She casts her mind back (forward?), to the Mojoverse, and Mojo's many taunts about her appearance.

"Meh. Are there human police types here?" she wonders. "I wonder if the sorts who get obsessed over cages are here, too.".

At Spiral's response to Mike's offer of random trivia, the musician's smile fades a bit as he glances back to his sketch pad, pulling out the pencil once more. "I believe the local precinct is primarily human if not all. But they do have that X-Factor group that set up in the area if there's a situation that requires a different touch." He brings his pencil towards the sketch, "Not sure what you mean by cages."

"X-Factor." Spiral echoes. "That doesn't sound so appealing.". She sighs a little, looking around at all the two armed folk, irritated. "No place for me here, then. No place anywhere, anywhen, aside from somewhere with peace and quiet. No matter. I think I prefer to dance with my own thoughts anyway.". But she is curious enough to slowly walk around behind him, to get a look at whatever it is he's drawing.

The sketch is of the center of the park but without the people which gives a bit of clearing to the drawing, but there's the addition of what looks to be the start of a stage being added to the center. Something not present outside of the drawing. "I wouldn't say there's no place here for you." Mike replies, looking from the drawing to the center of the park, "So long as you don't cause problems for others, you should be fine. I have a friend who has hooves for feet and he just fits in great around here."

"Hooves for feet... better than nothing, but not so unusual it seems to me.". When you got six arms and glowing eyes, then 'unusual' is a high bar. Plus, Spiral seems rather hard to mollify.

"I shall leave you to your art." she declares, unimpressed with Mutant Town. And she begins to dance, twirling around ballerina-like with her arms forming strange patterns in the air as she goes. Ripples in reality quickly begin to appear around her, like a heat haze at first, but developing into a vortex as she continues to dance.

With the movement to the side of his vision, Mike turns his head to watch the woman's dance. When the ripplies start, the pencil begins to lower as the musician starts to shift his legs to allow the need to move from his spot if need be. Mutant town or not, this is still weird.

Weird, perhaps, but in this case not very threatening. She continues to dance, until the vortex covers her from view - and then, quite abruptly, the vortex disappears. Taking her with it, presumably, as she is gone.


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