Holiday Plans

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Scarlet Witch, The Vision

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12/24/2012 14:00

Den, Avengers Mansion, Upper East Side, NYC

Wanda and Vizh talk about Christmas and New Years plans

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It's a slow morning, the day before Christmas, but still, the Avengers are the Avengers. Right now, Wanda's putting the finishing touches on wrapping a present, the contents disguised under wrapping paper and a golden bow that is just getting placed on the box. The Witch smiles a bit, then hrms and wrinkles her brow as she stares at the box, wanting the wrapping of it to be just right.

Into the Den floats the Vision. The Synthetic Avenger is floating in from a side room as he phased through the wall from one of the adjacent corridors. Vizh solidifies and greets the Den's other occupant, "Merry Christmas Eve, Wanda."

Wanda smiles, "Vision! I was hoping I'd see you about." She checks her wrapping one last time, then turns to face the synthezoid, "And Merry Christmas. How are you?"

The Vision offers the slightest smile and quirks his brow a bit at the admission Wanda wanted to see him. He answers her, "I am as well as can be expected Wanda. How are you?" He notes the wrapping, "Finishing up for the Holiday tomorrow, I take it?" He steps over towards a small bookshelf and slides a volume from the shelf. He tucks it under an arm and heads towards a seat near where Wanda has parked to wrap presents.

Wanda was just sitting on the couch, a stack of books and boxes in front of her that she's been busy wrapping. She smiles up at Vision, "Yes, exactly that. I'm doing... well." She pauses, then looks at the presents being wrapped and still in the process, "Just finishing all this up before tomorrow. And I already got yours wrapped, so you won't get any hints." Her lips quirk a bit at that.

The Synthetic Avengers shrugs his shoulders at her, nonplussed, "Christmas is merely a day away, Wanda. I think I can excercise a bit more patience in order to get to tomorrow." He settles down onto a chair, as to not get in the way of her wrapping on the couch. He places the book on his lap and opens it up. He looks up from it and says, "I get everyone's presents towards the beginning of the year, so I do not need to hurriedly wrap them come Christmas Eve."

Wanda just... blinks, "You..." She gives Vision a wry look, "You get all our presents for the next year, right /after/ Christmas the year before?" She shakes her head, "How did, I mean, I didn't know that." She blushes a little bit, as she realizes she should have known that.

The Synthezoid shrugs his shoulders, "And why not? It seemed like a logical enough time to do the shopping. After providing gifts to people, you get immediate feedback on what they liked and did not like from that years gift exchanging." He pauses and adds, "Besides; There are after Christmas sales meant to clear out holiday overstocked items." He smiles slightly, "Also, it allows me the chance to simply observe, humorously, everyone scurrying about at the last minute."

Wanda hmphs, though she doesn't look offended as she smiles back to Vision, "As /you/ know, I do my shopping earlier than most. I just procrastinate on the wrapping of such things." She looks a bit haughty at that, then chuckles, unable to keep a straight face for very long with that, "Though, your way is admittedly logical, but what people want could change over the course of the year..."

Vision tilts his head slightly in a nod of concession to her point. He responds, "Yes; I suppose there is a weakness to my method. It appears I must hope, than, that no one changes over the course of the year." he pauses and adds, "Also; Keep gift receipts. Just in case."

Wanda can't help but laugh softly at that, "Always a good policy..." She quirks another smile as she looks at Vision, "That is the tradition of Boxing Day, after all."

"Oh yes, Boxing Day." The Vision says in agreement. He then, briefly, looks down at the book opened up in his lap. He grabs it and raises it up, showing it to Wanda, "Speaking of tradition. I try to read the Christmas Carole every year. Wonderful story."

Wanda smiles a bit warmer at Vision, "Now that... I did know." She tilts her head, "And it is a wonderful story. Dickens at his best, I feel."

Vizh nods in agreement, "The best, yes. Very enjoyable. Well written. Certainly something worthy of being re-read every year." He gestures towards the gifts that Wanda has been wrapping with the book. He says, "Do not let me distract you from your task. I did not have the intention of coming here to be a distraction."

Wanda laughs a little, "Talking with you is /never/ a distraction. Or at least not an unwelcome one." She keeps wrapping, her nimble fingers lightly wrapping up and concealing all sorts of goodies for the other Avengers. As she does so, she asks, "So... ah, are you seeing anyone? I mean, we never really talk about that sort of thing."

The Vision is flipping through the pages of the thick volume, apparently attempting to locate a specific scene or spot in the story. He stops and glances up towards Wanda. He answers her after a second of thought, "I am sorry, it took me a moment to parse the meaning of your question. No, Wanda. Presently, I am not. I will probably be here at the Mansion while everyone else is at Tony Stark's New Years party." he gestures towards a television set, "Probably watch the ball drop-" He pauses before suggesting, "-or maybe I'll fly over to Times Square."

Wanda ahs, and nods, "I wasn't sure. Okay." She smiles, "And well, I'll be going to the New Year's Eve party as well, I think. Though I'm not sure if I'll get the short straw for monitor duty that night."

The Vision tilts his head to the side and shrugs his shoulders, "Go ahead and go to the party. If you are scheduled for monitor duty, I will go ahead and fill in for you. Since I have no other real plans."

Wanda blinks, "Well, that's very kind of you, but I don't think it'll be that necessary... knowing Carol, I think she'll be taking it herself. Though, I worry about her, I think she's taking too much of the leadership burden onto herself."

The Synthetic Man arches his brow a bit, "I have not seen much of Carol recently. Is she taking on too much? Perhaps, if she does do that, I will relieve her of the duty than. Everyone should enjoy the Holiday as best they can." A pause and he adds with another shrug, "I guess we will have to wait until New Years Eve to find out who I get to relieve of the duty."

Wanda laughs softly, "Yes, well, you should have an opportunity to relax as well." She hmms, "I think she just needs to unwind a little bit, and she's not taking much of an opportunity to do so."

"I'm unwinding now." Vizh says as he lifts up the book. He adds, "And New Years Eve? That is a great opportunity for our Chairwoman to unwind." Vizh allows his statement to fade off and he turns his attention to his book. He quietly reads.

Wanda finishes wrapping the gifts, singing quietly to herself. A wordless melody, with a definite Christmas quality about the song as she smiles, finishing the bow on the last before she leans back in the chair, "No more gifts. Whew!"

After the bit of silent reading, Vizh looks up when Wanda declares for all in the room her successful completion of that task. Vizh nods, "Ah, yes. I remember how that felt when I had my last gift wrapped in March."

Wanda gives Vision a dirty look which needs /no/ translation, then laughs a little, "Well, alright, I shouldn't put it off quite THIS long, true." She hmms, "And thanks for the New Years Eve party, I... I might be having a date for it. Maybe." She sounds a little unsure of that.

The Vision shrugs at her, "It has been a long year, I hope you enjoy its send off. I understand that Tony Stark throws an impressive party." He glances back down at the book he chose to read. As his eyes are on it he asks, "How are you unsure that you will have a date to the party, Wanda?"

Wanda chuckles, "Not sure if he'll be back in time for it, is the thing. I've been corresponding, and..." She pauses, and looks over at Vision, "Well, honestly, I wasn't sure if you would be okay with it. I don't want to cause problems, or at least, any /more/ problems."

The inhuman Vision looks up from the book and quirks a brow at Wanda. He shakes his head, "Whatever you do will not cause any problems for me, Wanda. Unless you are doing something malicious to me." He offers a slight smile, "You are allowed to do what you want to do in order to enjoy yourself." He pauses, "The only way it would be a problem for me is if yourdate is the Grim Reaper or Ultron." He tilts his head slightly and looks sternly at Wanda, "If your date is either of those two individuals, Wanda, than I will shut my book and we can have a long, hard discussion."

Wanda blinks, then laughs rather heartily, "Oh no, not either of those, thank goodness. It's... well, it's Steve. If he's back, anyway. We've been corresponding, while he's been away." She smiles at Vision, "But thanks. I appreciate it."

There is a little surprise on Vision's face, "Steve?" He pauses and asks as clarification, "Captain America?" He humphs and shrugs his shoulders, "Enjoy the party than. Definately not the Grim Reaper. He will certainly be a more stable date."

Wanda smiles a bit, "Hopefully I will, and yes, he would be a very stable date." She looks over at Vision, then makes a bit of a gesture, levitating the packages and having them fly out to rest underneath the tree, "And hopefully Tony won't be using that remote control mistletoe again."

Finding humor in her last statement, Vizh humphs, "And another reason for me to stay in that evening, I think." He offers another smile and stands up out of the chair. He lightly closes the book and heads on over towards the bookshelf that the book came from.

Wanda smiles back, "I should probably get onto monitor duty, I'm pretty sure Julia is looking for an excuse to get some last minute shopping done herself." She rises gracefully to her feet, "And thanks for the company, Vision. I... I appreciate it."

The Vision pulls his cape around him in classic fashion. He inclines his head at her, "You do not need to thank me, Wanda. You know I enjoy spending time with you." A pause and he offers, "Enjoy monitor duty. Give Julia my regards." The Synthezoid's density changes and he phases down through the floor.

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