His Pal Josh

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Richenda Gray, Night Thrasher, Cockroach Hamilton

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11/04/12 Evening

Hell's Kitchen, NYC, USA

Screams draw Richenda and Thrasher into an alleyway where they meet a man who talks to his gun

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Evening in New York. It's not late-late yet, but it's getting there. The streetlights that work aren't doing a lot to cut the gloom here in Hell's Kitchen.
It's been a while since Chenda Gray's been in this part of town, but the memories aren't pleasant. The first time she was here, she had to trick and outrun some rather dumb thugs. The second time, she had to save the lives of the same two dumb thugs. She's hoping for a more enjoyable trip this time, making her way down the cracked sidewalk on her way to visit a friend. Though her clothes fit in here well enough, her skin and long-legged West Coast gait stick out a little, a fact that she's subconsciously aware of.
She's not the only one. More than one set of eyes has noted the newcomer, and is taking notes: Slightly exotic, pretty enough, clothes that fit well, confident demeanor. The overall conclusion points to a fish out of her usual waters.

The evening time can always be described as colorful. Despite Daredevil's efforts and the efforts of other so-call Street Heroes or Vigilantes, crime still runs rampent in New York's Hell's Kitchen. The tell-tale shouting and screaming in the distance betrays that there is an act of violence, or at least of aggression, occurring in one of the nearby blocks of the Lower West Side.

There is a muted scraping noise up towards the rooftops of the various buildings included in Hell's Kitchen. The sound of hard wheels rolling and scraping along the poured concrete and gravelly rooftops of this neighborhood. The wheels belong to a slick-looking Skateboard being ridden by a dark-armored figure; Night Thrasher.

Despite the fact that this isn't her neighborhood, Chenda can't help wincing in sympathy with whoever just screamed. This part of town can be a little rough. She starts to turn...
...and stops. She wouldn't want somebody to abandon /her/ when she was in trouble. "Oh, I know I'm gonna wish I hadn't," she murmurs, pushing the peaceful little coward she knows she is into the back of her mind and beginning to run towards the sound. In her excitement, she doesn't catch the sound of wheels rolling above her, the rasp and scrape blending into the background of her mind with her own footsteps.

The sound of the shouting and screaming seems mobile, as if the screamer is in motion. It would not be too much of a leap in logic to think that the screamer is running through the narrow alleyways or streets of Hell's Kitchen. If one listens carefully another noise can be heard. The noise follows or coincides with the shouting. The noise is a high-pitchened hum in nature.

The skateboarding vigilante skids to a stop along the gravelly surface of a roof. He raises a gauntlet up to his helmet and taps something on the side of his head. After a moment of, presumably, listening, Night Thrasher changes direction and boards from rooftop to rooftop as he heads towards the noises and shouts.

Realizing that the screamer is moving, Chenda pauses, resting her hand on the rough brick corner of a building that makes up one side of an alley, to try and figure out where the distressed person is going. In so doing, she picks up another noise that's definitely odd. What's that... /hum/? "A scream machine?" she speculates to herself.

She shakes her head, wincing at the thought. "That screaming's too real. This is a real problem." And she takes off again, trying to use the maze-like alleys to get ahead of the screamer. She glances up at a sudden sound of something on concrete, but after a moment dismisses it. Maybe it's nothing. She can hope!

The screaming and frantic shouting continue until it suddenly stops in mid-shout. The screaming ends at the same time as another high-pitched hum. A sound of impact or a crash follows the end of the shouting.

Up above Night Thrasher continues to careen over the rooftops, until he gets to the edge of one particular four-story building. He hops off the skateboard, kicks it up into his hand and places the board on his backpack. Thrasher kneels down at the edge of the rooftop and looks down into the opening below. A small, ten-foot by ten-foot square opening linked by two alleyways. The doors of several of the adjacent buildings open up into this little area, providing a back-door to these various buildings. Fire escapes from these buildings lead into this opening. Below Thrasher there's a scene of destruction. large metal trash cans have been dented, part of the facade of these buildings have crumbled under an impact. However, there's no sign of the screamer.

Even in mid-dash, Chenda's eyes widen as the sound of the screaming cuts off, followed by a crashing sound. "Oh, fudgesicles..." she says aloud, looking ahead to the end of the alley she's in, then taking a turn toward where she last heard the screams.
She clatters to a halt at the end of an alley where two of them cross, gasping a little. It was a long run, despite the condition she's in. All she can see is dented trash cans, damaged building facade, and rubble scattered around the alley. But no one who could've done any screaming. No one who could've been /making/ anyone do any screaming, either.
At least, not until she sees one shadow that's a little too person-shaped to be part of the buildings above her. She looks up, eyes wide, mouth open and panting, right at the costumed vigilante. "Hey! Did you see anyone here just now?" she calls, tension harshening her voice.

The New Warrior turns his head at the arrival of Gray. He purses his lips, casts a glance to quickly scan the ground below before leaping down off the edge of the building. Thrasher lands on a fire escape, bounces up, flips over the railing and lands on the ground of the clearing below. He remains in a kneeling position for a moment, before standing erect. He starts fiddling with his gauntlet's forearm and slides out a small flash light. He activates it and starts shining it around the darkened corners.

Thrasher answers Gray, "I didn't see anyone. I certainly heard a couple of people. They were gone by the time I arrived here. By the looks of it, this is where the noise stopped." he pauses before adding, "I've got this covered and I will make sure the authorities are alerted."

Chenda blinks as the armored man drops from the building, making the descent quite acrobatically. There aren't many people who can match her for that kind of skill! "I heard some kind of strange humming sound," she says, looking over the rubble in the alley, making no move to leave. "It sounded kind of mechanical, and it always started around the same time someone screamed."

The beam of the flash light illuminates a darkened corner of the clearing. Chunks of brick and concrete blocks have been taken out of the wall. These chunks pockmark the facade of the building, leaving chunks of debris on the ground at the corner. Conveniently enough there are some shotgun shells littered around that same corner.

Thrasher heads over to the corner after briefly glimpsing this. He humphs in response to Gray, "Mechanical; Yeah. Sounded like something powered via compressed gas. Or maybe hydraulics?" He pauses and gestures to the corner he is going to, "Got some shotgun shells over here... not sure if this is related."

"Maybe," Chenda replies tentatively. The mention of the shotgun shells draws a nod, and the gypsy girl moves over, picking one up between her fingers so as not to leave any fingerprints on it. "It's not cold," she murmurs, holding it up to Night Thrasher. "If it'd been fired, it'd be warm, but it should be colder than /this/. And I don't smell any gunpowder at all. There should be a little of a smell..."

Thrasher is kneeling down and running his fingers over the pockmarks in the facade. He then raises a hand to his helmet and taps at the side. He narrates for Chenda, "Running in infrared mode. See if I can see something." He stands and looks around the area, scanning. He briefly regards the shell that Chenda holds up to him, "I concur. It would lead one to believe they were recently fired. The spread of the damage on the building indicates a lot of firing, though. I don't recall hearing a shotgun firing this much..." He kneels down beside the trashcan and examines the damage on it.

"I know one thing, I didn't hear any gunshots at all," Chenda says, frowning at the surroundings. She's no detective, even if her senses are keen enough. "But everything here says a shotgun was fired, a lot." She contents herself with keeping watch, just in case whoever it is comes back. /That/ she can handle.

Night Thrasher grunts at the conclusion that Chenda comes up with. He stands up out of the kneeling position and places a gauntleted hand on the lid of the trashcan he is examining. He props it open with an audible screach of protesting, rusted metal hinges. Thrasher glances inside.

There is a high-pitched humming noise a moment before the door to one of the adjacent buildings is forcefully opened. There are sounds of impact; Both against the door and the sound of the door slamming against the wall after it is flung open. Whisps of smoke obscure the newly opened doorway. The slightly startled New Warrior spins around away from the trashcan and facing the opened doorway.

"*Grunt* to you, too," Chenda mutters, frowning into the darkness of one of the alleyways. Surely there must be some sign of what did...
*THUMP-WHACK!* Okay, she'd know that humming sound anywhere! The gypsy girl spins in a swirl of black hair, a power-seed glowing in her hand instantly, ready to throw. She looks at the newly-opened door, and within. "That was it! That humming sound!"

"Get outta here!" Night Thrasher demands to Chenda when he notes that after door opens explosively, she's still here and... displaying power. A pair of escrima have, some how, found their way into Thrasher's gauntlets and he's holding them in a defensive position.

"Well, well, well... what do we have here, Josh? S'pose we weren't quiet enough with our last mark? Attracted us some attention." From out of the light smoke steps an african-american man wearing a brown trenchcoat tied up at his waist with a belt, brown wide-brimmed hat and some workboots. In his gloved hands, he's holding an improbable-looking futuristic six-barreled shotgun. A gas-canister is attached in front of the trigger.

"Nice reflexes," Chenda compliments casually, glancing sidelong at Night Thrasher, then at the man stepping out from the blown-open door. "Safe bet. Do you usually go around blowing pieces off of buildings?" she asks pointedly, returning the man's gaze confidently. Mostly. "What happened to those people you were chasing?"

Behind Thrasher's visor, he arches an eyebrow. He vocalizes to his helmet softly, "Who is this fool?" hoping he can patch into the Warrior's network and pull up a dossier on this guy. Thrasher starts sidestepping away from the trashcan and towards one alley entrence to the open area. Thrasher calls out loud enough to be heard, "I don't know who you are, but this is your second mistake. Put the gun down!"

The trench-clad man focuses his attention on Chenda, "What's that Girly? I'm working. I'm told to find a person and shoot 'em dead." He pauses, "Well, actually, Josh here-" he hefts the odd-looking gun up a little to indicate who 'Josh' is, "-did the shootin' dead part." He flashes a smile full of pearly whites. 'Josh' is then pointed towards Chenda and that whine can be heard starting back up.

"You talk to your gun? Wow, what a TV show that'd make," Chenda muses, trying and failing not to smile in amusement. "Still, you're wandering around shooting people, and that would /not/ make a good TV show. I guess something'll have to be done about that part, too. It's just not nice to do things like that."
She glances over at Night Thrasher. "Oh, you might want to pull up your socks." And with that, she casually flicks her power-seed at Josh's owner's face, where it bursts in a blinding flash of light! Not that Chenda's watching, as she's already somersaulting out of the line of fire and summoning another power seed.

The power seed that's thrown in the man's face bursts and does exactly as Chenda wanted it to; Dazzle him. Despite the man's dazzled state, he doesn't pull his finger off of the trigger. The six-barreled shotgun, 'Josh', spits fire out of each of its barrels in quick succession. The spray of shotgun shells is sent in wild directions due to the trench-clad man's current inability to see strait.

Thrasher's eyes widen as Chenda goes into gung-ho action, "Woah." He calls out and springs into motion as the shotgun starts peppering the confined area. He takes a couple of quick steps forward and he leaps. Hydraulic assistance in the joints of Thrasher's armor allows him to move faster and jump further than a normal person. The escrima sticks slam down on the futuristic-looking shotgun in an effort to force any further shots down into the concrete.

Chenda quickly ducks as the man looses a volley of unaimed shots into the general area. By amazing good fortune, they all miss her! But he won't miss forever, not her and not the masked man, so she rolls to her feet and hurls her power-seed at the concrete at his feet, where it bursts in a powerful concussion blast. Hopefully she can knock him off his feet while Thrasher takes the shotgun out of the fight!

The man with the gun struggles against Thrasher and refusing to lose his double-handed grip on his shotgun. He fights against the escrima pushing down on the gun, "Josh ain't going to be stopped this way!" The gunman rears back and blindly thrusts his head forward in a crazy attempt to headbutt the helmeted hero. Be-hatted head slams against helmeted head and the man cries out in pain and rears back.

The explosive result of the power seed tossed Thrasher off of the stoop outside of the door that the two had been on. The gunman is flung backwards, back through the doorway and into the building he had emerged from.

Oops... maybe her friend was a /little/ too close for that power-seed. But Josh's owner is down now! The gypsy girl sends another concussion blast his way, to keep him honest, and moves to help Thrasher up. "Come on, we've almost got him!"

The New Warrior is more startled by the power seed's results than the headbutt from the shotgun wielding man. He landed a few feet away from where he was previous fighting. He rubs the back of his neck and stretches it to the side a bit. He looks towards Chenda, "Useful talent you've got there." He puts one of his escrima into a slot on his backpack assembly. With his newly freed hand he goes to a pouch on his belt and pulls out something that he palms. He stands up, "Kinda wish I had a file on this guy... but I'm not sure who this is."

Inside the building there is a groan followed by a question, "Josh? 'Course you're alright. You've been through more." The man is talking to his gun again. There is a hissing noise and a spent compressed gas cartridge is tossed through the opened doorway. More words, "There we go. All better."

Chenda smiles in relief. "Sorry," she says quickly. "Um, might want to turn away for a second." She has another power-seed in hand in a blink. "Is it just me, or does he only get weirder with every ten seconds?" Lifting her hand, she hurls the glowing yellow sphere through the door into the building. Instantly there's a brilliant flash, a loud bang, and a concussion. She's instantly on her feet and dashing for the door!

There is a loud 'oof' as Chenda's next power seed does its thing inside the building. The concussive force is enough to vibrate the door that was originally blown open on its hinges. There is a crash due to the explosion inside the building as something heavy sounds like it collided against something inside.

Thrasher gets up off the ground and follows Chenda into the building. What the two of them see is a hallway with a series of doors. The wall lining the hallway has a large hole blown through some drywall. Groaning comes through the hole. The trench-clad man is laying in a heap of broken drywall and office furniture that occupied this room prior to the trench-clad man's 'arrival'.

Chenda peeks in, noticing the hole right off. "Oops... well, they needed to remodel, anyway," she says, thankful for the dim light hiding her blush. "And at least Josh's best bud is down for the count. Maybe the cops have something on this guy." She carefully toes Josh away from his owner's hand, so that neither one gets ideas. She has no illusions about the fact that Josh is the brains of this operation. "Though I think I'd better be gone before they show up. Cops don't tend to like me."

Night Thrasher narrows his eyes as he visually scans the hallway upon entering. Noting the hole in the wall, he'll open the closest door to get into the room that this man was blown into. The objects he produced from his belt and returned to their holders. He pulls out a wire in their place. He kneels down next to the trench-clad man. He starts to tie his wrists together, "It's over, guy. Time to meet the boys in blue. Maybe they can figure out what you did here today."

"Good luck with the cops," Chenda says, turning for the door. "Oh... almost forgot." She pauses to pull out a pen and a notepad, writing something down quickly. "Just in case you need to contact me later, or something." She sticks it to Josh's owner's back in full view of Thrasher, then hurries out. Someplace else to be before the badge-toting types show up. Anyplace else, really!

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