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Spiral arrives!

Spider-Man, Spiral

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New York

The former Rita Wayword arrives in New York, and gets saved by Spider Man!

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Another evening in the great city of New York. Across the skyline most city dwellers see the occasional helicopter flittering by, sometimes there's a plane's flight route taking it up and over from Laguardia. But sometimes, if they're lucky, the occasional on-looker will espy the blue and red flicker of the Spectacular Spider-Man darting in front of a skyscraper.
Today's no different, though with the low-hanging clouds and the threat of rain it'd make it just a smidge harder to catch sight of the amazing wallcrawler. He's in motion, enjoying the purity of speed and the moment as he leaps off the side of a building. His lithe form extends, one hand darting out to fire a webline with a /THWIP!/ even as he starts to plummet to the ground. The line catches, snaps taut, and converts his descent into a smooth swing upwards.
It's while he's dashing sideways across the windows of a skyscraper that he pauses just long enough. One hand loops around a flagpole and he swings around it once, twice, three times to land in a perch right there. He cocks his head to the side, listening... and there it is. The subtle tell-tale tingle of his spider-sense. Something's up, and there's no hesitation. The next instant he's moving in that direction.

So one day Rita was about to follow her beloved Longshot into the Mojoverse and help in whatever meagre way she can to overthrow Mojo's tyranny. But presumably something went wrong, as rather than end up in the Mojoverse she seems to have ended up in some sort of nightmare alternate Earth, where mobile phones have shrunk down to tiny specks and legwarmers aren't fashionable.

And that's just the beginning. She has /six freaking arms/, something which caused her to scream her head off when she realised. Having stumbled around New York for a few hours though the arms actually seem to be the least of her worries, plagued constantly that she is by visions - some things she recognises - herself, Longshot, people past and present, but more besides, strange worlds and strange places that flash into her mind unheeded.

Staggering around almost totally out of it, she has at least had the thought of grabbing a coat from a dumpster and wrapping it around herself to cover up those arms (four of which are hanging mostly limply by her sides), but in her dazed state she doesn't actually realise the arms aren't all thats distinctive - the glowing pupilless eyes attract attention too. Unwanted attention, as mutants aren't particularly popular around these parts.

Before too long she finds herself in an alleyway, four street thugs gathered around her. Timid at first, for mutants are scary, but as all she's done is shrink away from them and act like she's drunk, or high, or worse, their courage is growing, and they are closing in.

Depending on what part of town you go to the city's homeless contingent can actually be a strong bastion of hope and revitalization of the human spirit. But then again there are other parts of the city that have individuals with dark pasts and even darker habits. The four men that have managed to blockade the woman in the alley are most definitely the latter.
A rough growl comes from one of 'em as he gestures with a grubby hand forward, "A'right lady. Give us yer stuffs. Muties like you aren't wanted."
One of the others, this one shorter than his compatriots steps forward, "Yeah lady, like that jacket. S'warm jacket. It was mine, you stole it from me!" He reaches forward even as Spiral draws back clearly trying to divest her of her belongings...
Of course that's the moment when her eyes flash and he catches sight of them, it makes the shorter vagrant draw up short, a look of fear flashing over his features.
"S'amatter Tommy. Get it from her. S'just a mutie. If she could do anythin' she already woulda by now."
Yet even as they discuss her fate, they're moving to bracket her, closing in and reaching out with grubby hands seeking to get what they can.

She probably actually did steal it too, given she pretty much stumbled right into the dumpster and happened to find the coat in one hand, she took it almost without thinking about it, and then promptly wandered off. And if someone was shouting at her to stop, well, she's been hearing shouting, talking, and more besides inside her own head for the last few hours and likely paid shouting right here by her no mind at all.

"I... stole it?" she asks, sick to her stomach but still just about able to talk. Backing against a wall instinctively, she looks over them all with her pupilless gaze, but she's more exhausted than anything else, not giving any resistance when the coat is tugged away from her, revealing all those muscular arms, and the shiny metal arm too. But they all hang limply at her sides, unthreateningly.

And then she screams when she realises that people are reaching for her, tugging the coat off of her completely, revealing the blue getup beneath. All those hands reflexively snap into motion, and bat at her assailants, quite strong even as they flail wildly. Especially the metal one.

It's at the shriek that she might hear another voice now, but this one coming from on high. "That's my cue,"
And out of the sky he drops, with the speed of light he arrives just in time. One moment she's being swamped by reaching grubby fingers, men grabbing at her clothes, then at those wildly flailing arms, as if trying to just make sure she's not able to resist. There'll be a loud, /THWOK!/ as that cybernetic fist connects firmly with one man's jaw, promptly knocking him back to fall onto his rump with the clatter of crushed garbage and a displaced trash can lid.
That's all the time they get, however, as in the next instant Spider-Man's on them. There's a double /THWIP!/ as two weblines fire out of the dark attaching to the back of two of the men. Men who are abruptly hoisted into the air to dangle helplessly from the fire escape above even as Spider-Man lands, his own descent and _yank_ on the weblines enough to pull the men up into the air a good fifteen feet.
That leaves just the one man who is suddenly alone as he turns with widened eyes to look upon the arrival of Spider-Man with dread.
To which Spidey simply says, "Boo."
Those hands drop away from Spiral and without further ado the last vagrant starts to beat feet, rushing away from her.

Spiral really has no idea what is going on around her as chaos briefly erupts. It's all too fast for her to track in her addled state, and all too unbelievable at that. Webs? She leans back against the grubby brick wall, unheeding of what the muck on it is going to do to her blue clothes, and stares at Spidey for a moment with her glowing eyes.

But no, that can't really have happened, she decides. It must have been another vision. She lets out an incredulous laugh, and then crouches down, looking around for the discarded coat, which she picks up and wraps about her shoulders again. "Oh, god, whats going on..." she mutters, looking around the alley, and then up to Spidey again. Hmm, he's not disappeared yet. She backs away a little, not sure as to his intent. "What do you want..." she mutters. "Where am I.". Something tugs at her - one thing at least she does remember. "Where's Longshot?" she asks, voice louder.

And indeed, he's still there. He's dusting off his hands as the two men above continue to dangle, slowly twisting with the sway of the webline. Not quite looking at her at first he says sidelong, "I think you're safe now, ma'am." He gestures with one bewebbed hand upwards as he turns to face her. "That should hold them until the authorities arrive... are you okay do you need..."
And then he draws up short, those mirrored lenses in his mask reflecting her eyes back to her but unable to display the incredulity that's suddenly gripped him save for perhaps a subtle shift behind the mask from around where his eyebrows would be.

"Spiral?" He asks this openly, even as the truth is verified by his own eyes. Instinctively he's back on his heels, hands coming up as if to hold her off from a sudden attack, though not menacing. "I thought you were... but what?" His head cocks to the side and this strange short young man in the tight red and blue outfit is clearly surprised to see her. "I mean you... what's going on here?"

Things are getting weird again, as Spider Man mumbles various things that make no sense at all. And in truth, someone in a mask doesn't make a whole lot of sense in the first place, really. Spiral just reaches out with one hand to ward him off herself, as he lifts up his arm, the rest of her arms going back to being limp down by her sides.

"Longshot, I was talking about /Longshot/..." she tells him, a little irritated. Nobody makes any sense!

And now she feels like she's going to throw up or something - almost like vertigo, an unfamiliar sensation for a stuntwoman. "OK. ...Bye." she tells the vision in the Spider Man costume, and starts walking off down the alley, her other top hand steadying her against the wall. That at least is solid, and real. She concentrates on that, and tries to blank out the sensation of extra arms, sometimes batting against one hip as she walks, the arm in question twitching a bit as she thinks about it. Part of her thinks its probably not a good idea to just wander around until she gets results, but she can't really think of anything else to do...

There's a moment of hesitation as he stands there in that alleyway, his silhouette limned by the distant light of the street lamp at the mouth of the alley. He cocks his head to the side curiously, then a voice comes from one of the swinging men above.
"Go call the mutie catchers, Spidey. Get that freak offa the street."
A flicker of irritation mars Spider-Man's body language as he glances up. "Yah, keep the streets safe for upstanding citizens like you. No thanks, buddy. And careful who you call a freak alright, or I'll show you my mandibles and ovipoisitor." That having been said, Spidey starts off down the alley after her and calling out.
"Spiral, wait up! It's me, your umm, ahem, Friendly Neighborhood... Spider-Man?" He closes the distance with a half jog. "I hope this isn't, like, you know, a trap and stuff and suddenly your governmental pals aren't going to jump out of the shadows and yell surprise happy defenestration day or something. But, are you... okay?" Part of him kicks himself for that last part, sounds so lame. Gawd.

Spiral is in no mood for wisecracks, her head hurts enough. But as he runs over to her, she pauses. "Governmental pals?" she repeats, confused. "I got no idea what you're talking about. Look.". She looks around the alleyway, and then focuses on him. "Where are we? This is Earth? Something's gone wrong.".

She glances down at her shoulder, and shivers a little. "Very wrong... I'm not supposed to be here. Where are we?" she repeats, and starts wrapping the coat around her body, nudging her lower arms with the upper ones until she cajoles them to wrap around her waist.

But with someone to talk to she doesn't seem quite so out of it anymore, at least. "Spider Man?" she wonders, curious. "Where's Longshot? Has he gone? I got... scrambled?".

"This is Earth. I mean, so far as I know. I suppose... you know, nevermind. Yeah this is Earth." Spider-Man relays this in his inimitable manner, standing there in front of her. He cocks his head to the other side curiously as he consider her. "And this is New York. Hell's Kitchen to be exact. Not a good neighborhood. As you've kinda discovered I imagine."
He holds up a hand again, but this time not to try and fend her off, but perhaps to try and allay her worries. "And sorry, no idea where Longshot is. But I um, I mean I can call the X-Men if you want. Some of them actually take my calls. I know, crazy huh?"

He's back to talking crazy again, so Spiral just sighs. "What? You know him?". She latches on to that, at least. "But he really shouldn't... we were going to rescue the slaves.". She frowns at Spider Man, and just shakes her head, finding it hard to concentrate.

"He didn't do that? It must be a different Longshot..." she wonders, having seen many versions thereof, some fantastical, maybe some not, this last few hours. "Oh god. What am I going to do. I guess I have to find him, even if he's not /my/ Longshot." she decides, thinking aloud, and almost ignoring Spidey standing there for a moment.

But then she focuses upon him. "You'll help me find him? Thank you, um... Spider Man.".

"I um, well... sure." Spider-Man knits his brow for a moment as he gauges the wisdom of this course of action. But really he can't let her run around in the 'wild' in such a condition. "First thing's first, though."
He extends his hand towards her, palm up and trying to smile in what he hopes is a disarming manner even though she can't really see it behind the mask. "Let's get you off the street and some food in you, then I can work the phones and you can gather yourself together. Alright?"

Spiral kinda gets the idea, and she's not oblivious to the notion of masked heroes. No doubt he is one. "Alright..." she sas, thinking that some time to get settled is probably a good idea. And food is probably a good idea, too.

She reaches out for his hand with one of hers, the four extra ones remaining wrapped around her middle. This is probably a bad idea, but it probably does beat just wandering around aimlessly and in a state.

With a gentle motion he eases that arm over his shoulder as he turns his back to her, clearly the intention of letting her put her arms around his neck and get a grip. Over his shoulder he says, "Alright, hold on." And even though he's shorter than her and thinner, she might be able to sense the strength in him as he crouches just a bit with the muscles of his back shifting subtly under the costume.
Then, as he gets ready to make the jump he tells her, "Oh hey, also if you could like, not stab me or break my neck, that'd be pretty great too."
And perhaps before she can react to his light jibe, there's that /THWIP!/ again and the webline fires. Almost instantly it snaps taut and _suddenly_ they're rocketing up into the air. For an instant it's a blaze of speed, the world blurring before them as he catapults them up into the air. Gravity starts to grab hold of them again but he twists, other arm darting out for another /THWIP!/ as he fires another line, zipping them forward with a jolt. After that, however, it becomes some easy swinging.
"Sorry about that, not like, the easiest way to travel I know." It's clear he's done this before, falling into that rhythm. He's warm, very warm, almost as if his body tempterature is more than it should be. And there's this faint scent of paper or old books, but also steel and sweat to him.

Spiral oddly enough doesn't react unduly about being suddenly yanked through the air at great speed. She just stares at the world flying past with her blank eyes, merely chuckling a little. She is actually flying, she realises, in a manner of speaking, but the feeling of vertigo hasn't changed a bit, and overpowers any disorientation she might suffer from taking a trip on Air Spiderman.

Her arms remain wrapped around his shoulders, without strangling or stabbing. Presumably if she wanted to she has a few spare arms to do that, but the spare arms remain wrapped around her middle, uncomfortably in fact, her forearms all hard and bony and in the way. More uncomfortable for her than him, they are sticking into her midriff after all.

"Where are we going?" she asks, voice quiet and conversational, possibly not audible over the sound of webs and wind.

"Well," Spidey takes it easy with the swinging, making the turns take a second or two, and not trying any fancy acrobatics. "I was figuring on getting you out of the neighborhood since it's really a bad kinda place to be." The traffic flickers by below them, lights against the darkness and the white noise of the travel a constant beneath them.
"There's this really good falafel place a few blocks from here and the local Y has this rooftop arboretum and pool thing going on. Figured you could chill out while I go grab some food for you, then you can stuff your face while I call the X-folks."
They make another smooth arching turn, then he glances over his shoulder. "Sound good?"

"Alright, I guess..." Spiral replies, voice distant, mind wandering. She's not entirely sure what he's on about, but figures if it means she can meet up with Longshot then it won't be so bad one way or another.
She looks down at the street below, mostly oblivious to the lights and the cars and the people flashing past. With her eyes looking like that, it's hard to tell just how focused she is at any given point.
"I just want to know what's going on... Everything's a mess. Everything... broken." she tells him. "And I've got... arms.". She clings to him a little more tightly as her head spins.

"Yeah..." Spidey says this a little on edge, but tries to be supportive, even as they swing through the heart of the city. "You do at that."

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