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Alex and Kurt Break-up

Cyclops, Havok, Mirage, Nightcrawler, and Wolfsbane

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07/06/12 14:39

Med-Bay - Sublevel - Xavier Mansion

Kurt reveals he is working with Hellions and gets kicked out of X-Factor

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Seated on a chair in the med-bay, Scott sits in pajama pants and shirtless with gauze and bandages wrapped about his chest and back after yesterday’s little ‘accident’ in the Danger Room involving Sabretooth’s claws. The X-Men leader has a variety of files and a laptop with him with various dealings concerning the Institute and the X-Men. Doctor’s orders are that Scott should rest and relax. . .so much for that. His visor seems to flash red every now and then.

Wolfsbane is also down in the medlab after what happened, kept for observation overnight. The diagnosis was a cracked sternum and a few ribs, plus no small amount of bruising. Fortunately, no damage to internal organs. In the first day of the aftermath, she's been on some medication to help with the discomfort but breathing is normal enough and she's alert.

Thank goodness he was only down in New York City keeping an eye on the celebratory post 4th of July anti-mutant rally. Sadly for him, it was more keeping an eye on hotheads in his own group from actually doing something than preventing any undo kindness to anit-anti-prostesters showing up from Mutant Town. Regardless, Kurt is in good spirits when he bamf's into the medbay, wearing t-shirt, loose pants, no shoes and being a ceiling elf. Dangling from the ceiling, and mostly out of the way, he arrives in such a manner to not be in anyone's way, then calls out in general, "Scott ..." before looking around to find the man flashy red visor.

After a long morning and afternoon of helping Beast with his part of trying to figure out what went wrong with the danger room as well as help with rudimentary repairs, which pretty much just consisted of handing tools and acting as a gofer, Dani strides into the medbay to visit the occupants. She carries a small basket and brings it over to Rahne. In contains a few comfort snack foods for the injured wolfgirl.

It is lucky that Kurt was no where near the incident, he could have gotten another broken leg or something. Also lucky was Alex. Mostly because Kisha was able to pull the plug - otherwise he'd be street pizza with the tread of the Juggernaut across his face.

Looking up and noting that Dani had brought food for Rahne, Scott hmmmns nods and then looks to Alex, who did not bring his big brother anything. He goes back to typing away on the laptop, but with a free hand waves to Kurt. Without really looking at him but speaking in a stern voice, “Kurt, how’re things at the Massachusetts Academy?”

Wolfsbane is propped up with the bed fashioned such that it provides a backrest, padded with pillows for soft support. She could probably be up and about but early on the decision was made to allow her to rest up and let her body's enhanced healing get to work. Glancing up as she waves a hand at the aftereffects of Kurt's arrival, she looks toward the door as soon as she senses Dani near, smiling at the scents of whatever's in the basket. "Hullo Kurt, Dani." A pause, then, "Alex," when he arrives. Then she studies Scott.

A look to the other injured party, "Rahne," says Kurt with a smile, but returns his attention to looking down at Scott, shuffling along the ceiling for a more conversational distance but not quite 'looking over shoulder' to see down at whatever he was working on. Well, he hadn't fully told the team, but its out, so he runs with it. "Its official, Selene wants to throw me in for an occasional training session and religion classes," he explains, "I find the class interesting, given her history, but she probably knows I'm tolerant of faith in general." Understanding his Catholic preferences even, that being assumed around the room most likely. "The faculty for fall is shaping up with a few more additions, some new students, others leaving the school for personal reasons. As in, officially none of the old Hellions are around now, I have to meet all the new ones."

Setting the basket on the bed next to Rahne, within easy reach, Dani studies the injured young woman a moment, she doesn't have to ask how she is doing since she can probably feel it for herself "This place is probably getting old by now, don't you think?" her mouth quirks up into a slight grin. She glances to Scott for a moment, probably to ask if he has any ideas about what happened with the danger room, but she is sidetracked by the MA question "You'll need to add Amora to your list of people to watch, she is in that little group now."

Alex doesn't know what to say. He hears the remark from Scott to Kurt, then as his tiny little brain puts two and two together, his expression turns from concern to a growing anger. He looks to Kurt, raises his right hand to about eye level, index finger extending and says, "Seriously?".
His question is likely rhetorical as he shakes his head and now has to consider security issues. He intends to drift toward Scott's bed and not pursue the Kurt threat at present.

Listening in on Kurt’s report, “As Dani has added, I understand that Amora the Enchantress has some dealings with the school, meaning she will have ties to the Hellfire Club. I understand you are there on good faith, but it is implied that if something goes down, you can count on the X-Men and X-Factor, Elf. Also, I would like you to keep an eye in particular on two students that is has come to my attention that are attending the school there. Tom Jones and Takara Kelly. Both are unofficial allies.” Scott makes no overt mention of wanting Kurt as a plant or spy or anything like that. Once again, he does not look directly at Nightcrawler during the conversation. A disappointed expression crosses his face as he stares at the monitor of the laptop and closes it as Kurt is close to him. Looking up at the other members of X-Factor, “Alex, Dani, are you both ok? You got off injury free yesterday, but how’re you?” Leaderly concern for his ‘family.’

Wolfsbane gives Kurt a brief smile before she frowns in the most general of ways at the talk of Selene and the Hellfire Club, not to mention the Hellions. Dani could pick up on the discomfort even more clearly than anything her expression givs away. "Thanks for thinking o' me with th' snacks," she says, adding, "I hate it in here, aye." A quick look is shot toward Scott again. "Any idea what happened in there? Th' safeties were off?" She's not saying a whole lot else right now, but she can't be feeling great after Scott's invitation last week prior to healing and now another injury.

With a nod to Scott, Kurt responds, "Will do, met Takara. And yes, it remains in good faith, but as I offered to Charles, I'll go through any clearance that is needed when I return should the suspicion arise of the comprimise of my mental facilities." Saying, he knows he's walking into a house of telepaths and will submit to X-er telepaths and the like to see if invasion or tampering has occured. "It will be once a week at most to teach the class and conduct the training, Selene knows my obligations to Charles' Dream as well as to X-Factor, they both come first. I'm thinking after the fall out between Charles and Emma here, she'd rather not be unduly forward." His own opinion, not being a telepath. "I'll report back to you anything of suspicion," as he knows there is suspicion over the reopening of the school and any new Selene cults. Then he sort of hangs about to listen to the next conversation about how everyone is and how everone is doing.

Dani isn't so much disturbed by the subject of the HFC/Hellions as moderatly upset in a more simmering anger kind of way, she still hasn't let go of what has happened in that regard. She has said all she intends to on the subject, anymore and she is likely to say things she would rather not say. "Other than a bit tired, I'm well."

With the additional information of Amora (the Enchantress) being involved, Alex almost laughs. "Seriously? You want /who/ do to the mental scans? Jean? I mean come on, you're all rubbing elbows with Amora now. You know, the same Amora that caged and tortured Illyana. An evil Asgardian Goddess... you hanging out with Loki too? Do you remember the Asgardian Wars, when we all fought against those people, and nearly lost? Then there's Selene who tormented the New Mutants all those years, nearly killed them, and of course she's some evil psychic vampire that sucks brains. Oh and Emma, who is on par with Xavier - who is not here to scan you by the way - and far more powerful than Jean (no offense Scott). All of these people are members of the Hellfire Club - /HELL/ fire. Dude, seriously? You just compromised our entire organization, all of them and are now a security threat. You could be programmed by any number of them to do whatever they wanted and we'd never know jack about it. Just like they reprogrammed Jean and caused the whole Phoenix debacle."

“Thank you, Elf. That would be appreciated.” When Alex goes off on his little tirade, Scott simply shakes his head making no obvious expression to give off his thoughts, but simply adds, “For my part precautions are being prepared. However, Alex is right to bring it up, I guess his reading of what happened in Asgard since he was not actually there like the rest of us in this room, give rise to a number of questions. Kurt, Alex has valid concerns and you should address those privately with him as your team leader. “ With that done, he addresses the question of the Danger Room, “Beast and Dr. Nemesis are looking into. Preliminary scans show nothing wrong with it. The Danger Room will be off-limits to the students and X-Factor until we figure it out. Beast and Nemesis will be running different scenarios and the X-Men will be taking turns as guinea pigs until we find out for sure. Alex, I left a message for Valerie about finding some sort of training spot for X-Factor in the meantime, but hopefully Hank can figure this out sooner rather than later.”

If Dani's simmering beneath the surface, Rahne's picking up on it and it's being added to with the things Alex says. "Aye, what's th' deal with all tha'? As much trouble as they all are, why is Kurt in there doing..teaching or whatever, with th' risks as high as they are? We shouldna be having a thing tae do with Selene or any o' them." As for Asgard, she at least does the good thing and doesn't talk about it or Hrimhari, listening to what Scott has to say about the questions Alex raises along with what's known so far about the Danger Room. "Well..I'm oot until I'm healed up. Again. I'm na off tae a great start an' I've na even given ye muh answer yet about last week's thing."

Despite Scott's desire to move the topic along, the room seems full of X-Factor over X-Men blue at the moment. Kurt turns towards Alex, but said for all in opposition "And perhaps it is forgotten I have fought Selene on several occasions as well as fought alongside Selene with the X-Men. She nearly killed me one of those times, but again, fighting Nimrod, she brought reinforcements to help. Maybe its forgotten that I nearly died that day as well. Seriously if we want humanity to coexist with us, we need to learn tolerance and, perhaps someday, forgiveness of our own kind. Otherwise, we're merely demonstrating to humanity that its Okay to want kill each other off, and I'm sure that would only help the hate groups in favor of exterminating us." Then as if that doesn't help enough, "There are good kids in that school as well, I'd rather the learn some of the Dream so they know all options available to our kind, not merely what the Hellfire Club might want them to learn."

With a hint (or a deluge) of anger behind Alex's voice, he exclaims, "Oh, if that's how you feel, then why don't you go ahead and invite her to our team. While you're at it, invite Sabretooth, Apocalypse, his horsemen, Sinister, S'ym, Nastrith, the Marauders, Nasty Boys maybe even Cameron Hodge... Yeah, the moment I believe that a tiger can change his stripes is the moment I believe those people can be heroes. Or even /good/ for that matter. They don't want tolerance, they don't want to achieve a common ground with normal humans. They want to oppress them, exterminate them, to turn them into slave labor and/or a food source.

"You've already been manipulated. And it's really convenient that it happened the very moment Xavier took off for space.

"This excuse to 'protect the children' is nothing more than an excuse they gave you. Cause if you really wanted to protect the children you'd get them out of that environment. You're only allowing them to be in danger - because there's nothing you could do as an individual against those people. Can you even conceive teleporting the students to safety, maybe bringing them here and away from those villains? Or have the psychic blocks been installed where you cannot even think about it?"

“No worries, Rahne. There was no way to have anticipated what happened in there. Gambit and Jubilee are in a simulation right now while Beast and Jean are monitoring. So far, no problems.” Scott stretches a moment and gets a pained look on his face and winces a bit, “It’ll be my turn with Bishop next.” He stands up and carries the closed laptop and moves it to the side of a bed reserved for him to recover and then over to Rahne’s bed, “Don’t let what happened dissuade you from the offer? It still stands and the rest of the X-Men agree with me.” He offers a smile and then loses it when Kurt and Alex have their discussion, which to be honest, is one they need to have. So Scott remains silent.

"Ye shouldna be back in there until ye've healed," Rahne tells Scott, then she looks between Alex and Kurt as the other Summers brother goes into more detail about his feelings, and makes them very, very clear. She doesn't stay out of it. At one point she took orders from Alex, whether by choice or not. "Kurt..ye have a point but so does Alex. Selene's nothin' but pure evil. Even if she helped ye before, it was because it served whatever purpose she had a' th' time. She's th' last person anyone should trust in any way an' th' longer ye're around her th' more likely she'll sink her hooks intae ye if she an' th' rest o' them have na already done so. I dinna like this one bit." Scott gets a short nod afterward. She's momentarily distracted, shifting in place with a small grimace. "Maybe next time I'll actually hit someone in there," she does say.

Shaking his head some, Kurt is not wholly in disagreement with everything that Alex is indeed hinting at. "Oh, I never said I thought any of them where heroes. Whether they've changed their stripes remains to be seen. To me it sounds like you just want to be reactive to anything that may come from them. If you want to pull out Takara and Tom from that school, be my guest, they have plenty of free time spend in Boston. By all means, go and grab them if that's your take on the situation." Then he comes off the ceiling in a summersault to land on all fours in a crouched position. "If you assume they will always do bad and that the should be locked up forever, or worse, than I cannot blame the humans for not wanting to tolerate our kind because you're acting no better. What, are you worried I've spilled Government secrets - as I recall, I have none Alex, we do Val's dirty work, no questions asked, I don't have access to those secrets. Literally, I have more access to the Massachusetts Academy than I do to the real operations of our team's purpose other than apprehend mutants because someone in the government told us to go get them. Are we any better?"

Staring at the ground as the two argue back and forth, Rahne will pick up the conflicting emotions that the arguement is bringing up. On one part she does argree with Alex, but she can undersand what Kurt is saying as well. She maybe a simmering pot of anger when it comes to the Hellfire Club she knows that none of the current students are innocent in the whole thing. She'll notice Dani's white knuckled fists. Sending a thought of apology to Rahne, Dani leaves without saying a word to anyone else.

Alex notes. "Don't throw up Straw Men in an argument, it only reinforces your delusion. As for the students; That's up to Scott and Jean. I don't run the school nor do I have dealing's with the students. For all we know, they've been corrupted too. But you do have a point. And since you're either not willing or capable of helping your fellow mutant - that everyone else in this room seems to think are in danger - then maybe it is up to the rest of us to do something about it."

"Further, how can any of us trust you now? With Selene and her buddies pulling your strings and the rest of us unable to determine if you're on our side or not.. Consider yourself benched. I can't trust you to have the team's back and until we can, you're off operations."

With that, Alex turns and will depart the room. He's done with conversations about things that only seem to be running in delusional mind controlled circles.

Nodding, “We all have our off days, Rahne. Sometimes how what we try to do and what actually happens are two different things. Sometimes, it feels like a toss of a coin or a roll of a dice are determining our actions.” Scott laughs at his silly thought. When he catches what Kurt says with interest. He scratches his chin and then goes to climb into his own bed, but listens to see how Alex counters and that was not quite how Scott would have done it, but Alex is right with everything he has said. He looks to Kurt for his reaction.

Wolfsbane flashes Scott a briefly annoyed look at the talk of chance, but she nods with a resigned look. "Ye're right in th' end." When Dani starts to go and things begin to reach a head with the way Alex reacts to Kurt's position, right or not, she grunts as she gets to her feet gingerly and makes to follow the Cheyenne. "This is between th' rest o' ye. I need some fresh air." Sore or not. The things Dani brought for her to snack on are brought with her and she heads for the doors out to the hall.

Turning as Alex walks out of the room, Kurt looks at Scott, "I don't blame him for that reaction. In fact, if you want me out of the sublevels in the mansion, I understand completely. I'm in it for the students, and if everyone thinks Alex's plan is the best, by all means, lets get them out, check their brains for tampering, or lock them up. Until such a time, I'm trusting in my faith and planning to try and teach those students something of what I know. And yes, I do think it is a lion's den and I don't know what game Selene is playing by inviting me to teach at the school there. Who knows, maybe they did learn something after the Hellions were all but killed by sentinels - at least enough to try and keep the younger generation alive. If playing it by their rules saves more mutants somehow, I'm going to participate."

Turning as Alex walks out of the room, Kurt looks at Scott, "I don't blame him for that reaction. In fact, if you want me out of the sublevels in the mansion, I understand completely. I'm in it for the students, and if everyone thinks Alex's plan is the best, by all means, lets get them out, check their brains for tampering, or lock them up. Until such a time, I'm trusting in my faith and planning to try and teach those students something of what I know. And yes, I do think it is a lion's den and I don't know what game Selene is playing by inviting me to teach at the school there. Who knows, maybe they did learn something after the Hellions were all but killed by sentinels - at least enough to try and keep the younger generation alive. If playing it by their rules saves more mutants somehow, I'm going to participate."

As everyone else leaves the room, "Give Alex some time. Again, he has valid concerns. But they will be addressed. I trust you, Kurt. I do not trust the Hellfire Club, so Jean will be scanning you as you come in and I already have some ideas for precautions. And if you do end up turning against us, we'll do what needs to be done." Scott adds, "While you are on break from Alex's team and when you are not at the Massachusetts Academy, I may make use of your free time for some missions." his visor flashes red as he begins to remove it and reaches for the ruby quartz sunglasses.

Kurt nods to Scott, "I'm yours to command." There is a grin on his face, despite all the reactions, he's as ever optimistic. "If you want to pull the plug at any point on my teaching there, just say the word and I'll inform them of my regrets to accept the position in full. You know my reason as much as I trust your decisions without jumping to accusations," in reference to Alex's reactions perhaps. Then he gives his own salute, not the one fingered kind, "I'll let you get some real rest, hopefully." He is swamped with work as it seems anyways. Then ending the salute, he bamfs out.

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